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    Need help with Mugler cologne

    I recently received a 10.2 oz bottle of Mugler cologne for my birthday. I really enjoy it but my wife made the mistake of ordering the splash version which I tend to over apply. I was just wondering...
  2. Re: Newbie needs help on deciding new scent!!

    Yes I have tried NR and even though I liked it my wife loathed it. She said it smelled like concrete when it starts raining......Go figure? Thanks for the suggestion though.
  3. Re: Newbie needs help on deciding new scent!!

    Okay, checked out both the Drakkar and MR. I really like the MR but also want something that evokes confidence and sexuality and got that a little with Drakkar. I am really confused. Does Drakkar...
  4. Re: Newbie needs help on deciding new scent!!

    Thanks everyone. I think I am probably going to go with MR. Thanks for all your help!
  5. Re: Newbie needs help on deciding new scent!!

    Okay, one more question and then I may go with MR. How is the sillage and longevity? With them lightning it up I want to make sure it projects well and stays with me. Thanks for all the advise!
  6. Re: Newbie needs help on deciding new scent!!

    Really thinking about going with Modern Reserve unless something changes my mind. Still a little uneasy about wearing with t-shirt and jeans, feels like a polo shirt and khakis frag to me but I...
  7. Re: Newbie needs help on deciding new scent!!

    Look like Modern Reserve seems to be the most suggested. My only concern is will modern reserve work well with jeans and a t-shirt also? Seems like a more sophisticated scent to me.
  8. Re: Newbie needs help on deciding new scent!!

    I tried that and really like them all but have to decide on one.
  9. Newbie needs help on deciding new scent!!

    Okay guys, I need your opinion. My anniversary is coming up and I want to get some new cologne. I am not really into niche so I have narrowed my choices down to three and need your opinion. Keep in...
  10. Re: Tommy Bahama Set Sail for South Seas--WHAAAAT!!!

    St. Barts is much nicer. I have been stockpiling it and have about 7 bottles now. I really wish they would make this a permanent scent. If any of you have a 3.4 oz at least 95% full, I have some very...
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    Re: John Varvatos at Costco?

    I love Varvatos. It is my second favorite scent (next to Gucci Envy) but I believe the Vintage is even better. I usually layer the vintage on top of the original. It smells great!!
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    Re: John Varvatos

    You can purchase the Body oil at any local Wal-Mart. You apply it after your shower and this allows your skin to be more moist and it retains the smell longer. Works for me!!
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    Re: John Varvatos

    I too have this problem. Even scents with good longevity seem to disappear on me due to my dry skin. I have found a solution though. After I shower I apply Neutrogena Body Oil to my skin and find...
  14. Re: Sorry, but what really is the sexiest male fragrance!?!?!

    I am relatively new to posting on BN but have lurked here for a long time and have come to find one of the more sexy scents that tend to drive women wild but also comes across as classy is Gucci...
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    Re: Bois 1920 line

    I recently received samples of the Classic 1920 and the 1920 Extreme. Very nice scents. They seem to have great longevity too. Does Extreme smell like Micheal by Micheal Kors to anyone else?
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    Re: burberry summer, any comments?

    I agree, very light. I beleive one of the lighter scents I have ever worn. Really not happy with this one.
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    Re: New Allure vs L'Eau D'Issey PH

    I beleive the new Allure Sport Cologne would be a safe blind buy. It smells great and even if you are not overwhelmed by it, it would make a nice scent to wear when you just can't decide what else...
  18. Re: new allure sport vs original allure sport

    No, the silver bottle is the old allure sport. The newer allure sport cologne is in a clear bottle like the original allure and in my opinion is much nicer than the original allure sport. It is...
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    Re: looking for inexpensive cologne

    One that comes to mind right off the top of my head is Live Jazz. It can easily be found on ebay for less than $20.00. Good luck.
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    Re: Allure Sport Cologne Sport (Seasonal?)

    We must share the same taste. I too absolutely LOVE this scent as well as Polo Double Black. Great taste you have there.
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    Re: Allure Sport Cologne Sport (Seasonal?)

    Thanks, I was hoping so!
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    Allure Sport Cologne Sport (Seasonal?)

    I really like the new Allure Sport Cologne Sport but I was wondering if anyone knew if this scent is only going to be seasonal or if it is a limited edition? If so I plan on stocking up because I...
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    Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    I am still relatively new to BN but I have really enjoyed all the great advise i have received from here. With that being said I would recommend Kiton. I was not sure about this one at first but over...
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    Re: Eternity Summer 2007

    Checked at my local Dilliards and although they did not have it in stock, they did have a tester bottle they had received. Very different from '06 edition. It is much lighter. I had a problem with...
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