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    Caswell Massey Fragrances

    After the recent poll regarding Caswell Massey fragrances I've decided to get a bottle or two for my birthday next month, nothing like getting older and having to buy your birthday gift if you want a...
  2. Re: How is your summer weather? Is it affecting your fragrance choices?

    Another Maryland resident checking in, and I for one love the slightly cooler weather! It's given me the freedom to get some extended wear out of scents that I would normally have on reserve for...
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    Re: 2009 Fall Radar Screen

    Ok not to derail the thread but can anyone tell me when Terre D'Hermes EDP is coming out? TdH is one of my all time favorite scents and I hadn't heard of this, is it going to be exclusive anywhere to...
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    Re: How should a cologne be advertised?

    Your approach is pretty much the polar opposite of what I would do but I would love to see ad advertising campaign done in this manner, because it has an elegant simplicity that crosses language...
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    How should a cologne be advertised?

    The recently closed thread regarding the 'controversial' ad for M7 got me thinking about cologne advertising and the problems associated with it in general.

    First, let us consider ads for other...
  6. Re: Well I sniffed the new Express Men Reserve -

    Haha at first I thought this was a joking post because of the pure arrogance in the wording, but then I saw that you were from the Hamptons so I'm guessing you weren't kidding.

    I smelled it and...
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    Re: Some news on Havana

    I'm a little lost, when is the relaunch set to happen, or has it already happened?
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    Re: Help me choose a new buisness scent!

    Thanks for all the great choice so far guys! I am going to swing by Nordstroms tomorrow, pick up a new fragrance to go with the new suit before I head back up on Saturday for another week. I think,...
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    Help me choose a new buisness scent!

    I work for a fairly large pharmacy chain and we've had a good run lately, we just bought out a chain in New Jersey and I was sent over to help with the transition and train the new people. When I was...
  10. Re: Need some help with a woman's perfume: What goes best with rose?

    Hmmm it might be interesting to try and make a sharp and a sweet take on the same theme, I could try one mix with the mandarin and wood and one with frankincense and patchouli! I know she would...
  11. Need some help with a woman's perfume: What goes best with rose?

    I need some help creating a fragrance and I am open to any and all ideas! I've made a few scents for myself in the past and I'm familiar with the basis of a good masculine scent, however I've never...
  12. Re: Which of the following goes best with a linen suit?

    Thanks for the advice, I was going to wear Guerlain Vetiver but for some reason I ended up putting it down and grabbing Hugh Parsons instead. Seemed to work for the best, I agree that Vetiver IS more...
  13. Which of the following goes best with a linen suit?

    Greetings all, been away for a while due to some health problems but I am happily recovering nicely and returning to my hobby.

    I have a date this evening, first in a while and the temperature is...
  14. An enligtening conversation I had with a non scent fanatic friend

    I was at work today and one of my buddies came over and asked me what I thought of his fragrance, it was something by Nautica.

    I was truthful with him and said to me it smelled ok but very generic...
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    Poll: Re: Guerlain Homme -vs- YSL L'Homme

    I think that the two are shooting at entirely different targets really. YSL L'Homme is a rarity from the house, a quiet discrete office scent that has zero risk of offending.

    Guerlain Homme is...
  16. Re: Burr gives Viridian by Parfums des Beaux Arts (Dawn Spencer Hurwitz) four stars

    But that's just it, I know he's not an idiot I just don't understand what he's trying to do.

    Describing a fragrance without saying what it smells like is like describing a painting without...
  17. Re: Burr gives Viridian by Parfums des Beaux Arts (Dawn Spencer Hurwitz) four stars

    "Most niche scent makers do forgettable work"

    Oh come on, really? I'm very critical of many niche scents when they ratio of quality to cost verse designer is sometimes skewed, but to use such a...
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    Re: Heavy fragrances?

    I would like to recommend Rochas Lui. Others have described it far better than I could in the directory, but it is a dry, semi sweet oriental with a somewhat spiritual feel to it depending on your...
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    Re: Sweet/Sugary/Gourmand Scents

    I'm throwing in my vote for Cannabis Santal as well, in my opinion ( and in pretty much direct contradiction to the obvious marketing schtick of the name) it's a reserved gourmand for grown ups. It's...
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    Re: NEW: John Varvatos Artisan.

    I'll swing by and pick a bottle up this weekend as a valentine's day gift to myself!
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    Re: Querelle by Parfumerie Generale: WOW

    That is one of the many things I like about this scent: It took me a while to like it. I've learned that the things in life that I'm crazy about from the get go I normally lose interest in over time,...
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    Re: Querelle by Parfumerie Generale: WOW

    I'm reading the PG appreciation thread right now and I'm noting your obvious enthusiasm for the house so I would like to ask your opinion on this: I'd like to order 2.5ml samples of the following...
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    Querelle by Parfumerie Generale: WOW

    Querelle is one of the scents that makes me wish I had a more refined vocabulary to describe what I am smelling, in line with the more esteemed posters on this board. So please bare with me while I...
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    Re: Best masculine florals for men

    Mike: Part of me still feels a little reserved about wearing scents marketed towards women. I do wear a couple of them now, such as Tabac Blonde and Baiser du Dragon, but a feminine floral is too far...
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    Re: Parfumerie Generale appreciation

    Count me in as another fan of Querelle!

    I picked up a decant from TPC last year in September I believe, wore it once, didn't like it and promptly dismissed it.

    Then when the weather got...
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    Re: Best masculine florals for men

    Thats perfect, I'm looking for a stronger floral smell while still being masculine. You see like a lot of guys I simply was not comfortable at all with florals when I was younger, now that I'm...
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    Best masculine florals for men

    After wearing a sample of Narcisso Rodriguez for men for a few days now, I've determined that I love it and it's quite bottle worthy, and will be picking it up this weekend along with a few other...
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    Re: Burberry The Beat FOR MEN

    I don't think it is on the same level quality or versatility wise as TDH. I can see it working well in Spring, Winter, and Fall but the heat and humidity of the summer might make it too cloying.
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    Re: Burberry The Beat FOR MEN

    To me, it's a mix of Narcisso Rodriguez, TdH, and Coriolan. The violet from Narcisso, pepper from TdH and a bit of the fruity 'feel' I get from Coriolan. It's a very nicely done scent, got it at a...
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    Re: Do you guys also tend to dress the part?

    It's funny that I saw this post because I was thinking of this earlier in the week. As of late I've had a sort of style epiphany in regards to both how I dress and what I wear.

    When I was younger,...
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    Re: Leather and lavender?

    This may be a little harsher than you're looking for but on my skin, Trussardi Uomo is a leather and lavender POWERHOUSE. It's got huge projection and insane longevity, but it is very eighties and...
  32. Re: Torn between Costume National Scent Intense or Kenzo Power

    On me, Costume National Intense was a very dense semi sweet, boozy amber fragrance with monster projection and longevity. Had a bit of a naughty feel to it, I loved it!
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    Re: A masculine vanilla based scent?

    So after me saying in the opening post that I dislike vanilla scents based on an over exposure to Pi, you recommend....Pi?


    I will check out the other recs, I've had my eye on decants of...
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    A masculine vanilla based scent?

    Over the years I've developed a sort of unfair bias against vanilla due to over exposure to it in such scents as Pi and Le Male. However I realize that the rejection of such an important note on the...
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    Encre noir: In praise of cashmere woods

    Have you ever noticed that wearing a certain fragrance will give you a better appreciation of another fragrance because you 'grasp' a certain key note better?

    For me, ST Dupont Noir helped me...
  36. Describe the fragrance you are looking for in 2009

    Well it's a new year and I thought it might be an entertaining thread if we all described our dream fragrance for 2009. I'm not talking about a 'real' fragrance you're looking for a bottle off, say...
  37. Re: Today I Bought - January 2009; HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS :)

    Just bought Fresh Cannabis Santal today. Perfect grown up gourmand!
  38. Cannabis Santal: A gourmand for those who don't like gourmands

    Allow me to preface this review with a caveat: I am not a fan of gourmands anymore. I understand their appeal and can recognize when one is well put together but on me they are often too sweet and...
  39. Ava Luxe scents: Which are the most 'masculine'?

    I'd never heard of this house before really, but after Galamb_Borong's post on Incense Noir I was compelled to investigate.A few of the scents on the website intrigue me, such as Cafe Noir, but there...
  40. Re: Have you made anyone so into fragrance like yourself in 2008?

    Yes, and I didn't even realize it. I live with two other guys and I just noticed that alot of my bottles are at waaaaay lower volume than they should be, it turns out the lads have been helping...
  41. Re: Guys...What perfume that women wear drives you crazy???

    Of all the things, Calvin Klein Euphoria. For some reason the patchouli drives me nuts!
  42. Re: Help me pick out a fragrance for a first date

    I get what you're saying there. If you're still interested, here is the museum:

    And the restaurant we're going to afterwards:
  43. Re: Help me pick out a fragrance for a first date

    Also, I can't believe I forgot this: She loves ancient mythology, so Antaeus will win points in that regard as well!

    Now I just need to figure out what to wear clothing wise and I'll be set!
  44. Re: Help me pick out a fragrance for a first date

    Thank you so much! That makes perfect sense to me and I can't believe I didn't think of it that way from the beginning. Antaeus has plenty of longevity to carry through the entire date, it makes a...
  45. Re: Help me pick out a fragrance for a first date

    Thank you for the compliment on my collection! I was thinking of Antaeus or Rive Gauche.Since she favors Chanel the Antaeus might be a good fit! I only wish I could have gotten a bottle before the...
  46. Help me pick out a fragrance for a first date

    Good evening all, I'm a little embarassed to even have to ask this question, so bare with me here. I just got out of a long term relationship so it's been a while since I've been on the dating scene....
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    I liked Dirty English, what is similar to it?

    I just got a bottle of Dirty English by Juicy Coutore as a christmas gift, and I like the combination of smoky notes, incense and woods, sort of like a mashup of Gucci Envy, Pour Homme and an autumn...
  48. Please help me select a fragrance for a 20 year old woman

    Firstly, allow me to wish everyone a happy and blessed holiday season. I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas and spending time with their loved ones.

    In regards to my question, I need to...
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