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  1. Re: Most worn in September and Third Quarter

    I haven't been keeping track for a quarter yet so all I've got are my September stats:

    Cuir de Lancome (3)
    Gucci by Gucci (3)
    Nude (3)
    Bvlgari Black (2)
    Kelly Caleche (2)
  2. Re: Why do some basenoters hide their wardrobes?

    I haven't been a member long but had intended to check out the wardrobes of some of the more senior members one lazy saturday. Sometimes if a review intrigues me I'll follow it to their wardrobe or...
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    I tried this while out shopping the Saturday...

    I tried this while out shopping the Saturday before LaborDay. I ended up covered with a lot of stuff that day but I remember this being 'pretty'. I can't speak on longevity or anything like that. I...
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    Re: Hi everyone!

    Excuse my abscence. Had to work.

    No, not yet. But I am adding it straight away to the list of things to try. I've enjoyed most woody things I've sniffed and I'm finding that I do have a taste for...
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    Re: Hi everyone!

    Hello! Pleased to meet you teardrop. :grin:

    I'm new here as well, though not as familiar with the forum (discovered it recently). I'll be following your thread to note any more suggestions. Autumn...
  6. Re: SotD Friday 03 September - Synchronised Jacques Cavallier Day

    Hello everybody!

    My first synch day! :vrolijk_26:

    After researching Jacques Cavallier I wasn't sure I'd be able to participate (n00b...small collection, sigh) but towards the end of the list I...
  7. Re: Do you keep your scents in their boxs?

    Thank you for the welcome! I'm having a ball roaming around! :)
  8. Re: Do you keep your scents in their boxs?

    Oh yes! I am so excited to join this community. I have no friends who are lovers of fragrance as I am. They like it but I don't think they put the thought into that I do or troll the internet looking...
  9. Re: Cologne and deodorant vs natural body odor & pheromones


    I shower regularly and apply my scent at least once occasionally another later in the day. I find my partner compliments my fragrance more times than not toward the end of...
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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm new as well.

    I have no advice because I'm only starting to gain knowledge in this area too. What I'm finding is really helpful for me is what knit_at_nite mentioned. I'm...
  11. Re: Finally a bassnote supporter thought I say Hi!

    Hello! So very nice to meet you!

    I'm brand spanking new, so I don't know the logistics or behind the scenes stuff but this 'supporter' status sounds quite important and a worthy goal. :)...
  12. Re: Do you keep your scents in their boxs?

    Hello! So nice to meet you, I'm new as well. In fact this is my very first post. :thumbsup:

    I am not sure where I read this but I recall that the bathroom is not a good long term storage solution...
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