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  1. What a great interview with this interesting man,...

    What a great interview with this interesting man, who has obviously been the best choice for Guerlain. After all those trustworthy statements, the only comment that irritated me is that Jicky's...
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    Re: Jicky EDP refill bottle

    The refill bottle (same goes for Mitsouko, Shalimar, Nahema etc.) is lovely, except for the primitive cap. I wish the refill EdT bottles were so nice. The clumsy golden cage of the EdT is OK for...
  3. Re: Mature Men (45+ ) What are your top 3 fragrances?

    45 in March 2012

    Jicky EdT in the colder season (warmer season: evening only)
    Eau Sauvage EdT in the warmer season
    Guerlain Vetiver, vintage EdC (I own the vintage EdT, though)
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