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    Re: Best men's moisturiser

    How are the Jack Black products anyways? I have very sensitive skin so shaving often irritates it easily. The current moisturizer I use, while it works great, tends to make my face a bit greasy after...
  2. Re: Fragrance recommendation for college student?

    Will look into those. Thanks.

    I've also been looking at Marc Jacobs for Men ( It's gotten some pretty good reviews on other sites as just plain smelling...
  3. Re: Fragrance recommendation for college student?

    I actually tried prada amber pour homme once in store and wasn't too into it. Mugler cologne I have yet to smell...
  4. Fragrance recommendation for college student?

    Hey guys. I'm sort of getting bored of the fragrances I have currently, so I'm looking for a new one. What I am looking for is a good clean scent I can wear easily to class/work. I need something...
  5. Re: Which of these colognes would you wear around a new girl?

    Appreciate the replies guys. Looks like I'll be going with MI for sure. And for everyone saying it wont get me laid, and all that, trust me I know. The last sentence of Neurosis' post is basically ...
  6. Re: Which of these colognes would you wear around a new girl?

    why except the versace? any reason specifically? it's an aquatic so thats why im curious

    btw I just turned 22 and she's 19 so thats why I listed the frags that I did. The weather where I live is...
  7. Re: Which of these colognes would you wear around a new girl?

    Lol thanks, I don't expect it to. Just want her to like the way I smell so she will get closer to me duh! =)
  8. Which of these colognes would you wear around a new girl?

    Topic says it all. Out of the colognes in my list, which would you choose to wear around a new girl that you're trying to get with?

    - chanel allure sport
    - creed MI
    - versace man eau fraiche
  9. How long do you wait after spraying on your fragrance before you go out?

    Topic is the question, how long do you wait to go out after spraying on your fragrance?

    I'm asking this because this one girl I work with, no matter what cologne I have on, almost always freaks...
  10. Re: Your best people pleaser/just plain smells good frags

    Yeah Code is another one I could add to my list, but I don't know if I'll be wearing it for a while now though. I was shopping in a Levi's outlet store the other day and in the area where I was...
  11. Your best people pleaser/just plain smells good frags

    Hey guys, just wondering what some of your best people pleaser frags, or just frags that just plain smell good, and stuff that generally everyone likes and wont take an "experienced nose" ie A*Men,...
  12. Re: Do people stop smelling their own scent after a while?

    Sorry to bump and old thread, but I suffer from this as well

    I'm wearing A*Men today, and have had it on since 6:30AM. Right now I can hardly smell it, and only get whiffs of it every now and...
  13. Re: Chanel Platinum Egoiste or Chanel Allure Homme Sport?

    I have both and prefer Allure Homme Sport

    If you're in highschool or college go with Allure Sport. It's a much safer scent for school and things like that. Platinum Egoiste is a stronger, more...
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    Re: SotD: Friday, 12th November, 2010

    Paco Rabanne Black XS

    Good smell (synthetic but who cares) shit projection and longevity =/
  15. Re: Sillage monsters and sillage wimps. Best and worst.

    Montale Black Aoud
  16. Re: Youtube Review & Appreciation Thread #70 : A*men (Angel Men) by Thierry Mugler

    Excellent review once again Marc. I can't even begin to describe how many fragrances I've tried and bought because of your reviews, and also from the reviews from the other guys in the youtube...
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    Re: Does age matter when wearing cologne?


    If you feel you can pull it off, go for it.
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    Re: How Many Sprays Of Le Male?

    double post =X
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    Re: How Many Sprays Of Le Male?

    I actually tried 2 to the neck, one to the chest yesterday and liked it better than one on the chest, one on the neck. That's what I was doing for a little while when I first got this and was...
  20. Re: Fake Le Male found at local flea market (photos enclosed)

    Let's hope so.
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    Re: Bulgari Aqua Revisit

    Ehhh Aqua didnt work well for me, so I swapped it. It's extremely salty/sea-weedy on my skin
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    Re: SotD: Thursday, 11th November, 2010

    Wore Le Male today. It's gone now.

    Not wearing anything atm, but I did spray my A*Men sampler on my hand about an hour ago.

    Tommorow most likely Pure Malt =)
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    Re: How many sprays??????????????

    2-5 for me, with only up to 4 on exposed skin. I always do 1 shot to the chest, let it dry, then do the rest after I get dressed.

    For my stronger frags (le male, pure malt, and angel men)
    1 on...
  24. Re: Fake Le Male found at local flea market (photos enclosed)

    ok, now i'm confused. the bottom of your tin looks the same as the one in the pictures posted by MFfan, but he's saying its a fake, yet everyone in your thread is saying yours is legit. lol wtf
  25. Re: Fake Le Male found at local flea market (photos enclosed)

    hmmm. I'm hoping they just updated the packaging then. I just sent a youtube message to a popular youtube fragrance reviewer (robes08) who happens to have a few genuine bottles of le male. I asked...
  26. Re: Fake Le Male found at local flea market (photos enclosed)

    How sure are you about the hyphentated "jean-paul" on the bottom of the can? Here is a picture of the cans from the two bottles I own

    The can on the LEFT was bought at an outlet mall's fragrance...
  27. Re: Le Male Terrible longevity are short only on me?

    I have a legit bottle and it doesn't give me more than 5 hours...which really sucks because I absolutely love the smell. I put some moisturizer lotion on my neck the other day before spraying it on...
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    Re: rochas man Fake?

    I dont think anyone would be faking Rochas Man to be honest. That looks perfectly legit to me.
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    Re: le male....the silliage/longevity monster?

    I dont really smell it anywhere to be honest...

    Wore it again today and couldnt smell it on myself after about 5 hours. I stood about a foot away from my friend and asked her if she could smell...
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    le male....the silliage/longevity monster?

    Just got my bottle of Le Male in the mail yesterday and wore today for the first time. I don't see what everyone is saying about this being a crazy silliage/longevity monster? it's got good silliage...
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    Re: How Many Sprays Of Le Male?

    Just one spray on the neck. Make sure to put it on 20-30 minutes before you go into a crowded area such as a classroom or work, because it is very strong at first and most people will probably find...
  32. Re: Mugler rubber flasks - How do I get a consistent spray?

    Just tried this. Works excellent. I cut the rubber over the sprayer off completely so the sprayer is exposed and it works flawlessly now.

    thnx :D
  33. Re: Paco Rabanne 1 Million is the sweetest perfume I have used

    I know this thread is old, but I just came across it searching on google. This is how I use 1 million

    I just got this fragrance about 2 weeks ago and let me say, it is very potent on my skin and I...
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    Re: Armani Code serial # doesnt match

    Well, not quite lol. I actually bought it from Walgreens. It's a large chain drug store I guess you could say. They have an entire fragrance section. They carry about 50-60 frags. It smelled...
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    Re: Armani Code serial # doesnt match

    This is the first bottle i've owned of Code. I did however smell it in a magazine on one of those little scent strip things and it smells about the same. I just found it odd how the codes didnt match...
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    Armani Code serial # doesnt match

    Just bought a 1.7oz bottle of Armani Code. I bought it from a retail department store, so I didnt even bother checking the serial #'s to see if they matched (I do this with all bottles I buy online)....
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    Re: Chanel Platinum Egoiste Serial #/Code?

    Yeah mine says 124.450 not 124.460 and there is no 4-digit number anywhere on my box that corresponds to the one on the lower back portion of my bottle

    here are some pics:...
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    Chanel Platinum Egoiste Serial #/Code?

    Hey guys, just a quick question regarding Chanel Platinum Egoiste. I just got this fragrance off ebay a few days ago. I dont think I have a fake, but I found something a little odd. I don't seem to...
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    Your summer frag's?

    What do you guys have for summer fragrances? I'm looking to add about 2-3 to my list so let me know what you suggest or if you think what I plan on adding is worth buying

    Currently I have
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    Re: Where to buy cologne online?

    super fast shipping, 100% authentic bottles. Use coupon code "TIM9" at checkout to get an extra 10% off your order
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    Re: Which YSL scent to get?

    As someone near you if they can still smell it. You probably get used to the way it smells after smelling it for a few hours. It looks like i'll be getting L'Homme. Would you say its a safe blind...
  42. Thread: Longevity?

    by Bryann9182

    Re: Longevity?

    what kind do you suggest?
  43. Thread: Longevity?

    by Bryann9182


    Do you guys have any tips on how to increase longevity with fragrances? I have fairly dry skin so thats probably why they dont last very long. With Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey i've heard people say...
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    Re: Which YSL scent to get?

    I also heard L'Homme smells a lot like Dolce and Gabanna The One. Is this true?
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    Which YSL scent to get?

    In a debate right now between getting YSL L'homme or YSL La Nuit de L'Homme. I smelled L'Homme in a Sephora and liked it a lot, but I heard it has weak projection and weak longevity. I have not...
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