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    Re: Recommendations for male fragrance?

    Xeryus and Yatagan both feature artemisia and woody notes in fairly spare settings. But the similarities I see might be the parts you're not as keen on. Maybe if you could describe what you like...
  2. Re: What is like Chanel Nr. 5 that I can buy from Luckyscent?

    Not available at LuckyScent, but Balenciaga's Le Dix reminds me of a more "grown-up" Chanel No. 5

    Don't buy it blind, because it seems to be more of an acquired taste than the Chanel.
  3. Re: Looking for that "mysterious" fragrance...any ideas?

    Most people are too shy or too polite, unless you're wearing something truly awful. And don't rely on reviewers' comments too heavily as to what is truly awful - No one gives me even an extra inch of...
  4. Thread: Bogart

    by Hob Dobson

    Re: Bogart

    You should get a Basenotes medal just for knowing that Bogart and Bogart Pour Homme are two different fragrances!

    I have the "green bottle" version - which is a good fragrance featuring...
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    Re: which rose scent ...

    For me, it's a very close call between No. 88 and Dark Rose, as to which is more feminine/masculine. There's just something a bit less nice lurking under the Dark Rose (maybe a synthetic musk that I...
  6. Re: King of the categories?(Ie:Gourmand, Aquatic). Losers?

    Knize Ten (oriental leather)
    Yatagan (aromatic/animalic)
    Sequoia (wood)
    Habit Rouge EdC (oriental)
    Prada Infusion D'Iris (soapy iris)
    Bandit (woody green leather)
    Serge Noire (camphor,...
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    Poll: Re: Frags + Zodiacs !?

    Arrived in the mail yesterday!

    OK, so I might procrastinate just a bit... but a couple of the "frimps" show promise: Casanova, and Fenris Wolf

    Not dispelling the Libra or Aries stereotypes...
  8. Re: King of the categories?(Ie:Gourmand, Aquatic). Losers?

    I hate them because I do not want to smell like a cucumber or melon, no matter how popular they are. The fragrances that do remind me of an actual body of water usually don't feature calone or...
  9. Re: Is Yatagan suitable for daytime and or daily wear?

    Yatagan is one of the best I have for handling what passes for a hot, humid day here in southern Florida. It's even fine for office wear as long as you don't overdo it - but that's true of most...
  10. Thread: Wood shop

    by Hob Dobson

    Re: Wood shop

    There's also Yatagan (pine), Hinoki (incense cedar), Sequoia (redwood), Passion Boisee (cedar), Bandit (the orange blossom and petitgrain notes overwhelm the leather at first) and many others. It...
  11. Re: Dark, earthy, sensual, masculine... But clean an fresh?

    Dark and clean, but YMMV on "sensual": Encre Noire
  12. Re: Warm, Confident, Open....yet.................Masculine

    Habanita does fit the description ... +1 Otherwise, I was thinking of Knize Ten.
  13. Re: Gift for wife: best Chanel or Guerlain parfum?

    The catch is also not to get something she'll consider "too special" to wear, or "too formal" for general wear. That's yet another reason why it's good to bring her along for her input.

  14. Re: Best scent for this occasion with this outfit?

    My inclination would be either one of the Dsquared Woods or Terre de Hermes.

    Depending on the style you want to project, just about anything goes with denim, especially woods, leathers, and...
  15. Re: What is your favourite L'Occitane fragrance?

    I still enjoy wearing Eau de Vetyver, but the Labdanum EdP has grown on me a bit.
  16. Re: I don't know which colognes to ask for for Christmas. There are just so many colognes!

    To be blunt, your peers are most familiar with the top sellers, and will feel the most comfortable complementing you on what they recognize - whether it really works for you or not. And that's OK! ...
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    Re: Slumberhouse

    I ended up getting a set of samples myself (Jeke, Vikt, Grev, Rume, and Ore), and so far I'm liking Vikt and Jeke the most.

    At first sniff, I'd say that Rume is accurately described on the site....
  18. Re: YSL kouros is it the worst you have ever smelled

    On a test strip, stuck in my shirt pocket: Wow. This sour pine note just keeps going.

    Skin patch test from a sample, one hour later: Nothing but powdery amber! :undecided: A bit sexy/dirty, and...
  19. Thread: Chanel?

    by Hob Dobson

    Re: Chanel?

    Just to show how different tastes can be - I don't care for Chanel N°5 EDP, esp. not when the EdC and Eau Premiere are available, but do like Platinum Egoiste.

    Chanel N°19 EdP is my favorite -...
  20. Re: Does everyone want monster sillage and longevity?

    My SoTD (and preferably also my deodorant) should pass out after, not before, I do.

    On the other hand, if you're too far away to hear me speak clearly, you clearly don't need to know what I'm...
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    Re: Tobacco for Women

    Along with The Perfumed Court, many online retailers and some perfumers provide samples. Usually there's a fee, but it's rather cheap compared to the price of a full bottle, or the travel and time...
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    Re: Need perfume/ colonge with silage

    First off, LOL @ mesaboogie's description of Quorum. It doesn't seem to project far when I wear it, but if you can't smell it after 12-14 hours ... try pressing down all the way on the sprayer next...
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    Re: Is The Third Man really an 80s powerhouse?

    I tried it from a TPH sample and was put off a bit by how much "throw" the amber-rich base had. Then again, it could have just been a matter of circumstance that people out in the hallway could...
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    Re: 'Rugged' daily wear fragrance?

    +1 Yatagan, or Xeryus if you want a drier, woodsy scent without the castoreum

    Bandit for a dress shirt under the leather jacket; Or Black, Bogart, or Knize Ten if the feminine label is a problem....
  25. Re: Why are Black Phoenix perfumes so expensive?!

    It looks like a bidding war between two overly-enthusiastic Neil Gaiman fans.
  26. Re: Masculine scent with dominant realistic cinnamon note

    Smokestack (BPAL) is officially unisex - but is the sort of dark and dirty cinnamon and clove scent that doesn't play well on many women.
  27. Re: Turn your Swag on. What is your most unisex Frag you can pull of with Confidence.

    I don't actually wear many things that were intended as unisex, so in that sales category ... Musc Ravageur? When it comes to fragrances intended to be sold to women: L'Heure Bleue.
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    Re: Which Serge Lutens for a man?!

    That's the other unisex - the one for all the genders to avoid! :coolold:
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    Re: Niche in Denver?

    Not in Denver itself, but Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (Parfums des Beaux Arts) is located in Boulder, CO.
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    Re: in need of help

    You'll likely hate Zagorsk, but the other CdG Incense Series are still worth sampling. Beyond that, it just depends on what you're looking for in an incense fragrance - if it's something "churchy",...
  31. Re: Why do people buy full bottles instead of samples?

    If you're asking about blind buys - usually because it's cheap, not available for easy sampling even from TPC, and/or I could probably resell the bottle as easily as I bought it.

    If asking about...
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    Re: Which Serge Lutens for a man?!

    First, find the ones you like which develop well over the course of a full day. THEN worry about the assigned gender, if you must. After all, it won't matter either way if you hate how it smells. ...
  33. Re: Which fragrances smell closest to your clothes after a bonfire?

    A few that won't break a budget:
    Cade essential oil
    Breath of God, Lush (was B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful)
    The Death of Autumn, BPAL
  34. Re: Fun Challenge: You are constrained to 1 fragrance house.


    Ten (oriental leather chypre)
    Forest (aromatic fougere w/chypree' accents)
    Two (crisp violet and jasmine masculine floral, nearly as long-lasting and sweat-proof as Ten)
    Sec ( bright...
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    Re: Mint as a fragrance note

    Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier's Centaure features mint without it reminding me of toothpaste. Overall it strikes me as fitting in with the "barbershop" fougeres.
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    Re: pinaud clubman.

    Another reason to be careful is that it's got more presence than some EdTs. +1 on the talc. I'm surprised it isn't mentioned more often as a "reference" lavender.
  37. Re: Natural Smelling Masculine Powerhouse with Longevity & Projection

    Vetiver oil dabbed behind the ear can make it through a couple of showers. It's a very good thing that I like the stuff and have no allergy/sensitivity to it. Even the grassier versions tend to be...
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    Re: $1700 bottle of Creed huh?

    More like a $510,000 gift FROM Erwin.


    If you can afford $1750 for a bottle of limited-edition perfume for your wife, you would be expecting a high-quality bottle (lead crystal isn't...
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    Re: What's good RIGHT NOW?

    L'Anarchiste (Caron, 2000) is pretty much cedar, citrus, and musk.
    Serge Noire (Lutens, 2008) - charred spices and woods
    Iskander (Parfum d'Empire, 2006) - spiced citrus. Frankincense isn't...
  40. Re: Recommendation Needed: It's 5AM and just rained in a quite forest.

    BPAL's Deep In Earth, and Xombi, have a good damp earth accord, but they may not have the early AM coolness you're looking for. Knize Forest may be worth trying, along with CdG's Zagorsk (if you...
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    Re: Fragrance with lasting power.

    Today's (Pinaud) Clubman aftershave lotion is definitely still noticeable, over 12 hours after applying it. Like the Energizer Bunny, it's not the biggest or the loudest, but it just keeps going.
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    Re: Best Cold Icy fragrances

    Monotheme's Scottish Lavender, for a bracing rendition of lavender. Not very long-lasting, but inexpensive and *cold*
  43. Some of the prohibition violations could be...

    Some of the prohibition violations could be triggered by batch variations in natural materials (e.g., safrole). Or the reporting could be based on finding an allowed component of a prohibited gum or...
  44. Re: What are some of the best quality/price deals on frags for those who like fresh and/or green ?

    I bought my replacement bottle of Bogart (different from Bogart Pour Homme, and harder to even find) for a bargain price, but there's nothing cheap about how it smells or how long it lasts. On the...
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    Re: The year-round Florida Fragrance?

    For literally daily wear, pick something you like enough that you won't be sick of it quickly but also cheap enough that you won't mind not being able to smell it once your nose adjusts to blank it...
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    Re: "Heavenly dry-down"

    Knize Ten and Quorum can easily take that long to really hit the basenotes. K10's base is definitely worth the wait for me.

    Now, if we were looking for an eternal drydown, Musc Ravageur would be...
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    Re: Synthetic oils vs the Real Deal

    I think you are mixing different issues together.

    Many, if not most, "authentic" designer and niche colognes include a lot of synthetic materials. Aside from price issues and current tastes, it...
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    Re: Daily wear fragrances; Missing anything?

    Your initial picks are good. Even so, I'd recommend taking your time, sampling widely, and taking some risks (Kouros does work well on a number of guys, or you wouldn't still be hearing about it!)
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    Re: "Poor man's" choice - need help

    As with anything on eBay, it depends on the seller. I've done well, but in at least 3 of those cases I know I was buying from Basenoters.

    FWIW, if you really like a somewhat sweet, deeply rich,...
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    Re: Looking for grey/beige "safe" office scent

    It's hard to get more office-neutral than Pure Cedrat - citron, cedar, light synthetic musk. It might be worthwhile to try Habit Rouge EdC. It's a bit vanilla-sweet, but not too sweet if you don't...
  51. Re: knize ten - just blind bought, mistake or not?

    Knize Ten is complex enough, and develops slowly enough through a long drydown, that you may need more than just a couple of ml to decide just why you love or hate it. In that respect, 15ml sounds...
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    Re: Pour un Homme and Troisieme Homme

    I have to spray a bit more than usual to pick out the celery note over the pine straw/sawdust. On the other hand, I might be spraying it a bit too lightly to really get the castoreum/leather (unless...
  53. Re: Fougère / citrus classic fragrance for men recommendation?

    At some point, it looks like you're going to have to start ordering samples! However, where I live, discount mall kiosks and the local flea markets have a broader selection than I would have...
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    Re: Overwhelmed and Under-educated - HELP

    Or, rather, sample fragrances the way you'll be wearing them before committing to a purchase. Some fragrances do still come in "splash" bottles. It hasn't often made a difference for me, but with...
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    Re: Lately I'm into manly scents

    That just means that both will come across as more "manly" on the average guy than a lot of what's being pushed on the men's side of the aisle. I haven't given either a full wear, but I recall...
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    Re: Am I anosmic to vetiver?

    You're correct. The vetiver essential oils I have are very subtle and slightly woody when sniffed from the open bottle - not a single one of them is rancid (one of them is in fact a good, aged,...
  57. Re: List all the fragrances that you think smells like from the Medieval Time?

    L'Anarchiste isn't far off from an orange studded with spices to make a pomander. Your mileage may vary regarding how much the musky base reminds you of a less air-conditioned time.
  58. Re: Ack! Can't stand husband's Irish Spring! Help me find a solution?

    Whole Foods' Vetiver & Cedar soap goes well with a lot of fragrances. Their Linden soap is a bit sharp, but is a nice "pick-me-up" quality for a morning shower. Dr. Bronner's Peppermint oil soap and...
  59. Re: what are the greatest designer toBacco fragrances?

    This, along with Tabac Blond, distinctly includes the scent of cured burley tobacco.
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    Re: Quality Colognes for under $25 (1.7+oz)?

    It depends on what you like, really. In that price range I've purchased Bogart (aromatic/herbal green leather), Quorum (tobacco, leather, dark woods), One Man Show (dry bitter incense), Grey Flannel...
  61. Re: Most expensive frag purchase with ZERO regret?

    I don't so much regret purchasing Profumi del Forte's Tirrenico, it's that gravity and a bathroom floor won out before I got to use it much. :embarassed: Monocle Scent One: Hinoki was probably my...
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    Re: so I've been wondering...

    Not all lipsticks smell alike around the world, so some folks associate DH's iris with lipstick, but not all do. Maybe even the majority don't? If you or your family didn't use the brands of...
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    Re: Do you really wear one fragrance a day ?

    Same here, unless for some reason I need to take a shower.
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    Re: A little complaint

    I always figure the wardrobe ratings as how much the person likes or respects the fragrance. I may be wrong to do so, but in that respect I wouldn't expect anyone but a masochist (or a professional...
  65. Re: Fougère / citrus classic fragrance for men recommendation?

    Grey Flannel - more floral and mossy than citric, but it's one of the better-projecting fougeres.

    MPG Garrigue - herbal, mostly inoffensive, but you might find it refreshing

    Jules, Or Black,...
  66. Re: Question about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils: do they all contain dye?

    Dragon's blood resin itself is red, which is one of the reasons it's been used in cosmetics and other products over the years (Wikipedia link). Unless there's an uncolored synthetic replacement...
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    Re: What's the ultimate Alpha Male scent?

    I take it you haven't tried the Synthetic Series?
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    Re: Bug spray = ?

    Going by some of the reviews I've read, Europeans use some fine-smelling bug sprays.

    Oddly, the term isn't so commonly used for citronella (traditional mosquito repellent), cajeput...
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    Re: Overrated Fragrances

    Some fragrances do seem to have misleading ratings and reviews, either in the popular media or here.

    One Man Show. The opening is much more sharply "perfumey" than I expected, but given the...
  70. Re: what is your longest lasting cologne at least 10+ hrs?

    I have a few like that, but they're usually in a style or strength that's supposed to fade quickly (e.g., Florida Water). Jolie Madame is an exception, but it's a beautiful dark violet and leather...
  71. Re: Knize Variations - which will take me over the threshold

    Knize Ten is one of the fragrances I own that I never worry about coming across as too butch or too soft or whatever. (If I'm undecided on what to wear, it's a toss-up between K10 and L'Occitane...
  72. Re: Best projecting and long lasting colognes out there . .

    Not all of them, just the masculine EdC- and EdT-strength fragrances, and I think that's because the mainstream market was traditionally dominated by eaux de cologne and EdC-strength fragrances.

  73. Re: Worse,Cheapest,Strongest, Nastiest Scent out there?

    Paris Hilton's Heir comes close to encapsulating everything I hate in recent popular colognes.

    For some of the others, the key to making other people miserable is overapplication, with extra...
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    Re: Some of the most classic scents...

    You might be interested in the stylistic recreations that Scents of Time has developed. I'm not sure how far Histoire de Parfums goes in recreating period styles, as opposed to creating modern style...
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    Re: A new everyday fragrance

    Or maybe it would - it all depends on what sort of style the guy wants to project. From what I care to recall of my high school days, there are always some guys and girls who are *way* too serious,...
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    Re: OIL fragrances .

    1. They can, but as with the alcohol-based fragrances it depends on how much you use, how/where you apply, and what's in the fragrance to begin with. As cacio says, they can take a while to warm up,...
  77. Re: Fragrances that are under $100 that can be mistaken for a niche fragrance

    Is it any less insulting to characterize most, if not all, niche fragrances as mediocre efforts sold at an excessive markup?
  78. Re: Fragrances that are under $100 that can be mistaken for a niche fragrance

    This is a little bit unfair, because there are numerous niche lines and attars that easily come in under $100. MPG tends to be forgotten, but I think Centaure only cost me $80 or so.

  79. Re: The meanings of the different scents, especially in relation to Turin/Sanchez and Creed

    They provide a description of their experience with a fragrance, based on their professional experience as perfume developers and/or reviewers. It may not be perfectly objective, but neither is the...
  80. Re: The meanings of the different scents, especially in relation to Turin/Sanchez and Creed

    It's a little confusing, but there are thousands of different materials in use, and multiple physical and chemical properties that affect how much of each can be used and how strongly the human nose...
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    Re: Hi, I'm new, need advice please?

    Some day, you might want to try a sample of Habit Rouge EdC. Like Shalimar, it has a fairly strong vanilla note in the opening, but for me the frankincense included in HR makes it the much more...
  82. Re: Female Caron frangrances for men: Recommendations

    If you can find them in perfume or extrait concentration, N'Aimez Que Moi (an old-fashioned rose, with a good bit of depth and history), Alpona (a hesperide chypre? It's one of the very few scents...
  83. Re: Guys, I'm hit bad. Also, barber shop clean colognes

    Pinaud Clubman is what my barber uses after a regular haircut. It may not be very sexy, but it's not expensive either.
  84. Re: Recommendation for a woody, spicy winter scent?

    I think a similar idea was the inspiration behind Monocle Scent One: Hinoki. However, it's a bit expensive and not easy to get. Usually when I'm in the mood for cedar, I'll wear Chanel No. 19 (the...
  85. Re: Your favorite/overlooked feminine perfumes for men?

    "Plush" isn't the word I'd use for Chanel No. 19 :) However, if you enjoy the hyacinth in No. 19's opening and want to try something similar with a soft leather note, try to find a vintage bottle of...
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    Re: Herbaceous/Modern Masculine Fragrances

    Knize Forest - has many/most of the notes and accords you're enjoying, although it may not smell exactly like your local forest. It's not easy to find, but is offered at a good price when/where...
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    Re: CdG Series 6 : Tar - Blind buy worthy ?

    It opens pretty much like a new can of modified bitumen roofing adhesive, which is a fairly industrial smell but not a bad one. UNike the inspiration material, it doesn't require turpentine, soap,...
  88. Re: Driest, harshest fragrance that comes to mind

    One Man Show
    The Scales of Deprivation
    Comme des Garcons x Stephen Jones EdT
  89. Re: The worst smelling fragrance you have ever tried

    Givenchy Gentleman, after I've been wearing it on a warm day. A lot of the standard chemicals used for a patchouli note manage to sour into "good lord, hasn't he heard of soap?" on me, but this is...
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    Re: whats a good Cologne for $60-80 dollars

    Seriously. That covers scents as widely varied as Encre Noire, Aramis, Habit Rouge, and Yatagan ... Because skipping over the overused aquatic/marine/fresh scents still leaves a lot of room, it may...
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    Re: Androgynous, gothic scent advice?

    To be fair, given the topic title, there isn't much somber or black or androgynous about L'Anarchiste. The orange peel and cedar leaf combination tends to remind me of Christmas - but if you're ever...
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    Re: perfumed court decanters: is it legit?

    As far as I can tell, they sell the real thing.

    I've had one order go astray, but they made good on it once I called it to their attention. They may not be as cheap as others would like, but...
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    Re: Fragrance for camping/birthday...

    Aelopile, by BPAL. Bugs seem to hate it, but it lives up to the description of citrus and steam grates.

    Otherwise, stick with the classics: Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus or Peppermint Oil Soap, Avon...
  94. Poll: Re: What are your favorite Comme Des Garcons fragrances?

    The only CdG I've liked that hasn't been mentioned is Series 6: Synthetics -Tar, which is best worn on a hot day. Series 1: Leaves - Lily is nice ... and of course it's "soapy", with just that...
  95. Replies

    Re: Givenchy Xeryus: Vintage vs. New?

    Same here - besides, the bottle is nice enough to be worth the extra effort - no lavender or tonka, so from the start the formulation's not a fougere, and certainly no significant amounts of clove or...
  96. Replies

    Re: soap & deodorant

    I'm still mostly alternating between English Leather and Grey Flannel deodorants, and usually one or both works well with most of my rotation.

    Today I used my Knize Ten deo stick instead, which...
  97. Re: Fragances for specific personality and purpose

    The most expensive perfume to wear is the one that stays bottled up, waiting for the right occasion and never being used. Murphy's Law suggests that that right occasion is most likely to arrive on...
  98. Re: Just had an opportunity to sample Czech and Speake no.88.

    I like it, although I'd probably like it more if the drydown were more dominated by the "joss-stick" sandalwood than the "soapy" rose note. I tend to wear it most in an air-conditioned office, so...
  99. Re: Most complex fragrance you have ever experienced?

    For me that would be Quorum, Knize Ten, and Ma Griffe, but even more so Knize Forest - it only rarely develops the same way twice. The downside is that it seems to be a bit more hard to "get" as a...
  100. Re: I heard 'real musk' is out of this world... Has anyone smelled it?

    When talking about the trade in natural products, IFRA is not the only international regulatory body that applies.

    Specifically, CITES lists all musk deer species in Appendix I and II of the...
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