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    Re: Apres L'Ondee EDT vs. EDP?

    Thanks, I guess I must have a sample of the parfum. Too bad, I've used it up and it's wonderful!
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    Apres L'Ondee EDT vs. EDP?

    I recently received a little sample of Apres L'Ondee from a friend, which wasn't labelled as to whether it was EDP or EDT or what. I absolutely loved it, which surprised me since I'd read that it had...
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    Re: What is FdB "Soin de Parfum"?

    Gotcha, thanks!
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    What is FdB "Soin de Parfum"?

    Hello all! I'm looking to buy Feminite de Bois online and I came across something called FdB Soin de Parfum. Anyone know what it is? Moisturizer? I know "soin" means "care" and its used for...
  5. Re: but what if cologne/perfume is only ONE of your many addictions??

    I think it's our obsessions and enthusiasms that keep us going... life would be terrible if we were practical 24 hours a day. It's the extra stuff, art, music, food, that makes life worth living.
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    I'm a female and I think Dior Homme is incredibly sexy on a guy. I also love Gucci Pour Homme, it smells like a fantastic lumberyard. Mmmmm lumber.

    Personally, a guy's cologne doesn't have much to...
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    Re: SotD Sunday 20 September -09

    Shalimar... I have a cold (but can still smell things, yay!) and it's so warm and cozy. I didn't like it at first but now I'm really into it... I'm considering a decant of the EdP.
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    Re: Lasting power of FM Carnal Flower>>>>>

    I find that Carnal Flower starts out as strong and green and eucalyptus-y, like a Hawaiian florist's shop. This phase doesn't last very long, though and the scent settles down to a much more warm...
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    Re: Pipe tobacco frag? (Not Tobacco Vanille!)

    Thanks for your suggestions, I'll check those out. I've never heard of the Bogart Pour Homme, sounds interesting.

    Does anyone know if there's anywhere in Vancouver you can buy Demeter? Just...
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    Pipe tobacco frag? (Not Tobacco Vanille!)

    Hi all, wondering if you had any ideas about finding a pipe tobacco fragrance. My BF carries around pipe tobacco in his jacket and it smells wonderful. I'd like him to smell of it without the jacket...
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    Re: S O T D Saturday 12 September 2009

    Givenchy Amarige. Mmm gardenia-y. I bought a 30ml yesterday despite Mr. Turin's unflattering advice ("wear it only at home and tape the windows shut.") No-one tells me what to do! ;)
  12. Re: Vancouver Basenotes Worldwide Weekend Meet-Up 2009

    I'd love to try both BdI and CdR in parfum strength, maybe I'll have to get dressed up and go back to the Chanel boutique!;)
  13. Re: Vancouver Basenotes Worldwide Weekend Meet-Up 2009

    Excellent writeup and pics, that was a fun day! Nice to finally meet some fellow BaseNoters, and thanks for the samples nsamadi and sharviss.

    I also smelled Chanel No. 5 for the first time that...
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    Tips on mailing samples?

    I couldn't find a section that seemed appropriate for this question, but I thought you lovely people could help... I've never mailed perfume before, and I have samples that I want to mail. How should...
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    Re: Emperor of Scent

    I agree: I'm reading "The Secret of Scent" right now, and yikes is it technical! Much more so than "The Emperor of Scent". I was hoping he would talk more about perfumes instead of molecules; "scent"...
  16. Re: If money were no object, what expensibe bottle would you buy?

    For the summer, definitely Carnal Flower. The 100ml! I can dream can't I? I've used up my sample and sometimes I just sniff the empty container... and sigh.

    I would also love Feminite du Bois,...
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    Re: Vancouver, B.C Canada

    I went to check out the Sephora downtown today, I couldn't resist. It was really busy! The line up for the cashier was massive. There were no smelling strips left on the women's side but there were a...
  18. Re: Estée Lauder Private Collection in Vancouver?

    Well, I'll check out Holt's too while I'm downtown. I want to smell the Frederic Malles there. The SAs there are pretty overbearing though, they can tell I'm not a big spender! They must be on...
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    Re: Today I bought >>>>> JULY 2009

    Yohji Homme EdT 50 ml

    Found this weird little store in my neighbourhood that has several bottles, including 100mls, and had to have it.
  20. Re: Estée Lauder Private Collection in Vancouver?

    Cool, thank you, I will!
  21. Estée Lauder Private Collection in Vancouver?

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew where the EL Private Collection is being sold in Vancouver? The Bay, Sears, Holt's?

    Generally whatever I ask the SA's about, they give me a blank look and...
  22. Canadian with samples to swap, curious about shipping

    I'm not sure if this should be the swap section, but anyway... Here's a few of the samples I'd like to trade, they're all pretty much full except the few drops I tested, and they aren't all carded:...
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