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    I'm hoping to learn more about Barbara Orbison's...

    I'm hoping to learn more about Barbara Orbison's Pretty Woman. Barbara is, of course, Roy's widow. I wonder if she'll make other fragrances with the titles of his songs. Blue Angel? Blue Bayou? ...
  2. Thread: Mary Quant

    by Doctor Mod

    Re: Mary Quant

    The cap logo looks authentic to me. (Trust me, Doctor Mod is a child of the 60s!) From what I can recall, Mary Quant's cosmetic items were, um, on the high end of cheap, so I doubt that it would...
  3. Re: I love Craig Ferguson cuz he's brilliant — hear him talk with Paris Hilton about perfume

    "Well, uh . . . We're done." [Now, Miss Hilton, you may leave the building.]
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    Re: The Most I ever Spent ...

    $225 (plus shipping) on By Kilian Back to Black.

    It was worth it!
  5. I love your beautiful "deconstruction" of this...

    I love your beautiful "deconstruction" of this fragrance as well as your concept of "journey," in the sense of the journey within one's mind that a fragrance evokes as well as your description of...
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    Re: Have scent, will travel? Probably not.

    No! Fragrances? Don't leave home without them! I can't imagine traveling without them.

    Most of my travel is related to professional activities--I just pretend I'm going on vacation. (But...
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    Re: Perfumes that just smell awful on you!

    Givenchy Amarige: It started out rather pleasantly on my skin but within an hour turned ferociously horrid.

    Serge Lutens Daim Blond: I know that a lot of people love it, but it smelled like a...
  8. Re: Article: New men's fragrance: Kanøn Norwegian Wood

    Sort of like Häagen-Dazs.

    And it's not just linguistic fetishism but also Beatles fetishism. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Norway, nothing to do with canoes, nothing to do with the Beatles. ...
  9. I think a line of fragrances called "Scents of...

    I think a line of fragrances called "Scents of the Soul" is a wonderful idea. In antiquity, perfumes had a spiritual significance and function that has long been forgotten in a puritanical world...
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