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    Re: Bond No.9's, Chanel AHS, more...

    Updated. Please no more L'Instant De Guerlain offers... :)
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    Re: Virgin Island Water. Is it still worth it?

    There are differences, the sample vial I originally sampled from had that prominent Coconut note which was spectacular. Also sampled it at Nieman's and it was much the same. I later ordered a bottle...
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    Bond No.9's, Chanel AHS, more...


    Got these bottles up for swap:

    Dior Homme Intense (Black Collar) 100ml, 95% full with cap no box.
    Bond No.9 New Haarlem 3.3oz, 97% full with cap and box.
    Sean John Unforgivable...
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    Re: Favorite Sephora Scent

    Im sure Black Orchid wins on BaseNotes, personally, I'll stick with the generic, boring, but oh so effective L'Homme!
  5. Re: Another DHI Reforumlation Thread (Probably the last one) sum it up, you're saying I shouldn't blow over $100 to buy the current form of DHI and just wait for the "new" reformulation? Hmmm...
  6. Re: Niche V Designer - What gets you more compliments

    Definitely designer. Though I do own a couple of universally appealing niche scents which tend to gather compliments quite well (Chergui, New Haarlem, VIW...). But yeah, designer scents are built to...
  7. Re: I Came This > < Close to Getting Fahrenheit 32 Yesterday...

    One of my favorites! Love the blossom up top, is a bit powdery throughout but translucent enough to be worn on cooler summer days/nights. Aside from the powdery notes, don't see the similarities with...
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    Re: Best Issey Miyake Summer edition and why?

    I'd go with 2009. Though I've only tried 08, 09, and 10. I've heard good things about this summer's edition and am anxious to sniff it, the bottle is gnarly!
  9. Re: The Reason Why Fahrenheit Is a Good Choice for a Summer Scent

    Good suggestion, though I'd chime in by saying 2 sprays of Fahrenheit 32 on a warm summer day would be just as nice!
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    Re: What else smells like Dior Homme Sport?

    On my skin, Versace Eau Fraiche
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    Re: Your Summer romantic/date scent?

    Depends on how hot it is and what time of the day this date is happening.
    Super hot day: VIW
    Warm evening/night: Chanel Allure Edition Blanche
  12. Re: Dior Homme Sport (awsome smell) What is the top note ?

    To my nose, DHS's drydown is strikingly similar to Versace Eau Fraiche's. And the Versace can often be found at discounters like Ross and TJ Maxx. The Dior not so much. But DHS is definitely the...
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    Re: Virgin Island Water. Is it still worth it?

    I just ordered the 2.5oz tester on Fragrancenet too! At a lowered price I think it's totally worth it. Granted it has limited use opportunities, but it shines like no other during those extreme...
  14. Re: New Fragrance - Connected Kenneth Cole Reaction

    Hmmm...well, the original served it's purpose but just came off a bit cheap, this may work!
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    Re: YSL's L'Homme Eau D'Ete EDC

    It's in my current Top 5. Though like others have mentioned, If you already own L'Homme, L'Homme Eau D'Ete might be a bit redundant. I actually swapped out my L'Homme bottle for L'Homme Eau D'Ete,...
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    Re: Your favorite Old Spice Deodorant / Bodywash

    I've been using Komodo for the last month or so. It smells shockingly similar to ADG to my nose, lasts at least 24 hours, and anytime I lift my arms to do anything I get a fresh whiff of the stuff....
  17. Re: You ever REALLY want to like a fragrance but...

    Le Male

    Back when I first got into fragrances a couple years ago, Le Male was one of the first bottles I purchased. Having heard how popular it supposedly is with the ladies I gave it an honest...
  18. Re: What do you do with all your free Exceptional because you are for Men samples from Fragrancenet?

    Shoe deodorant.
  19. Poll: Re: Allure Homme Blanche vs Fahrenheit 32: Battle of The Lemon Vanillas

    I like the vanilla/citrus creamy combo swell. But all I get from Chanel EB is heavily synthetic citrus, that's it! Fahrenheit 32 is one of the more versatile scents out there IMO, vote goes F-32.
  20. Poll: Re: Which of the summer fragrance should consider buying

    I'd definitely consider Versace Pour Homme. Pleasant, appealing scent that should last at least 5-6 hours on your skin. Good compliment getter.
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    Re: What colognes do you hate?

    Le Male always tops that list for me, Dior Homme often challenges it, though.
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    Re: Bond No.9 Fragrances Synthetic?

    Bond arguably projects a bit more synthetic feel, but I don't see that necessarily as a negative. It definitely helps with its sillage and longevity, which in most cases exceed Creed standards. New...
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    Re: Issey Miyake Summer Edition 2011

    Bottle's worth the purchase on its own!
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    Re: Chanel Allure Homme Sport vs Dior Homme Sport

    Allure Homme Sport, for a fresher scent, stands out to me. Dior Homme Sport is a pure citrus bonanza to my nose.

    Don't fall for the YouTube hype! A month from now you'll be sitting there with a...
  25. Re: What cologne do you think is the best for spring?

    Brooklyn Bond No.9
  26. Re: Looking to try some Bond No. 9 scents that could be a summer daily wear fragrance.

    I own both Wall Street and Brooklyn, and I honestly don't think either matches up with any of the frags you listed. Wall Street and Edition Blanche both have sharp, prominent notes (Blanche=Lemon,...
  27. Re: What is your go-to fragrance for each of these situations...

    Office: Been using Kenzo Power lately, but also lean towards L'Homme.
    Romantic: When I was in a relationship, I went with Chergui. Single me does New Haarlem.
    Casual: Mostly Chanel AHS, but just...
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    Re: What Next for Collection?

    If you can handle the harsh opening of Dreamer, you should be able to handle Pure Malt. It's a good occasion scent. Also, you should definitely grab Rochas Man. It can be used in similar occasions as...
  29. Re: What is the official fragrance of a young professional?

    Kenzo Power.
  30. Re: Is your favourite designer fragrance missing from my "to test" list in my wardrobe?

    Saw Kenzo Tokyo on there but not Kenzo Power, that my friend, is a mistake! Nice, fresh, masculine rose. You don't smell that combo often. Also, you gotta hurry up and try Versace Pour Homme, that...
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    Re: Day-to-day fragrance

    This works! You should also look into Chanel Allure Homme Sport is you find the original Allure too cloying for everyday office use (which I agree with). It works extremely well, nice citrus,...
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    Poll: Re: Which popular niche gourmand do you prefer?

    I personally prefer Chergui by a hair, but New Haarlem gets double the compliments. Although I do feel New Haarlem is a bit more versatile, I can picture myself even wearing it for a summer night...
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    Re: The Dreamer vs. Bulgari Aqua

    Out of the three, Dreamer has gotten me more attention (overwheingly positive). The top can be rather harsh, but if you use it mostly in cooler temps (under 65 F), it should be tolerable. Dry down...
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    Re: Which Bond Fragrance Would You Purchase First?

    New Harlem

    One, because it's Bond's best and an absolutely glorious scent. Two, if you check the discount sites, it's typically priced a few dollars lower than the other quality Bond's out there....
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    Re: Best bargain you've ever found?

    Hanae Mori HM EDP = $13 US
    Chergui Serge Lutens = $70 US
  36. Re: What was the last STUPID purchase you have made ?

    Body Kouros. Basenotes loves it, not for me though. All I got was a medicinal note. Not good.
  37. Poll: Re: How often do you wear fresh/"sports" frags ? POLL.

    Its been very nice here in the Bay Area the past month, typically clear skies, high 60's. I'd feel a bit out of place if I wore "darker' "powerhouse" fragrances at this time. Fragrances like Allure...
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    Re: Just blind bought...

    The trick with this one, I believe, is to not spray around the front of the neck. Maybe one spray to the back of the neck, one on the chest and wrists, and you're golden! Also, I would never use it...
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    Re: Where to find YSL Kouros

    Pretty much any standard mall fragrance store will have it available. It never fails.
  40. Re: Looking for something similar to MR and Wallstreet?

    For Wall Street, I find Kenneth Cole Reaction quite similar, maybe even smoother. I own both and often find myself pick Reaction over Wall Street.
  41. Re: Someone talk me into buying Body Kouros

  42. Re: Looking at my wardrobe, what should I take to Vegas?

    I don't know, any halfway decent stripper who's spent more than a month in Vegas has probably sniffed ADG a dozen or so times just that night! I'd say 1 Million, but so many European tourists flock...
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    Re: La Nuit De L'homme

    If you're 17 La Nuit is perfect for that type of occasion. I have a cousin who is 18 and always brings her friends around, I get along with them well since I'm not much older than them, and they've...
  44. Re: I have finallly entered the world of niche fragrances!!!!!!!

    All I get on my skin is clove, clove, and more glove. I've heard the sticking points of this scent are the middle and basenotes but I don't get any of it. GF hates it, and I've never had the...
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    Re: Pure Malt vs. La Nuit

    There's room for both. Though if forced to pick sides I'd probably pick Pure Malt for the club (due to the infamous A*Men projection) and La Nuit for a date (sweet, comforting scent for intimate...
  46. Re: What is the best designer aquatic on the market?

    From my experiences, longevity is pretty solid. Typically around 6-8 hours, even more so if sprayed lightly on my top clothing. My gf doesn't complain now when she has to wash my clothes! lol. Since...
  47. Re: What is the best designer aquatic on the market?

    I totally forgot about that one. Nautica Voyage is probably the best value around for aquatics. Very appealing and can be had for under $20 in a lot of places. A pretty safe blind buy, most people...
  48. Re: What is the best designer aquatic on the market?

    It's more hated on here than your constant posts (no offense, I enjoy them), but Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme Marine is BY FAR my most compliment scent overall. I own ADG, more than half of your top 10,...
  49. Re: YSL la nuit de l'homme vs dolce gabbana the one ?

    Like both, would often choose La Nuit for a night out, but overall I'd probably go with The One. Greater versatility. Day, Night, Summer, everytime.
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    Re: La Nuit De L'omme

    Definitely works for that age. It's definitely sweet, which would appeal to others that age, but never cloying I don't think. About te sample, can't u just save some cash by going to the local mall...
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    Re: Help me make my next purchase!

    Judging by your Top 10 list, I don't know if any of those particularly fit with your style. I suppose I would go with PE if you're looking for a "classy, professional" fragrance. Gucci PH just...
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    Re: Hanae Mori H.M. EDP spotted at Ross

    $14? I got it for $20 there about two months ago, and that was a GREAT deal. $14 is a no brainer!
  53. Poll: Re: Best fragrance out of Musc Ravageur, Creed Silver Mountain Water, Body Kouros

    All three are quality fragrances, but both Musc Ravageur and Body Kouros can be offensive to some (both are to me). SMW much more versatile.
  54. Re: Just blind bought Paris Hilton Men..... what to expect?

    To me the scent smells like a cheaper combination of Sean John's Unforgivable and Ed Hardy's Love & Luck. It's a pleasant scent, and apt for someone your age. Longevity wasn't even an issue on my...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: November 2010

    Acqua Di Gio

    Never thought about actually buying this thing, but it was on clearance at the local Target. $28 for 1.7 oz. Seeing how that same bottle size hovers around $50 everywhere else, minus...
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    Re: Annoying experience at Macy's lot seem easily annoyed. Most of these folks are working for $9-10 hour/MAYBE with commission. Probably have some 18-year old supervisor hounding them to open credit accounts for customers....
  57. Thread: A lighter A*Men

    by Trillz

    Re: A lighter A*Men

    Someone before has stated that Blue Sugar is light version of A*Men, never had a chance to sniff it myself, though.
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    Poll: Re: The essence of sex final round

    Out of the two, I'll go with Body Kouros. Only because I can't get on with Musc Ravageur.
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    Re: Hated Frags That You Love/Like?

    Bvlgari Aqva Marine. Actually has a negative review ratio here on BaseNotes, but in the real world actually does very well.
  60. Re: What fragrance do you use the most sprays of when your applying??

    Polo Double Black. Love the scent, similar to The One, but doesn't project nor last very much.
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    Re: Chanel Allure Homme V Dior Homme

    Out of those two, I'd go with Allure. Dior Homme get's a lot of love here on BN, but it screams "old" to me. At your age, Allure should do fine for a date, semi-formal scent. Really though, you...
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    Re: Today I bought - October

    Mind if I ask where you got it? Been looking to at the very least sample this one, but it's nowhere to be found. I'd probably buy it blind if I could find it at a halfway reasonable price.
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    Re: Today I bought - October

    Took my bi-weekly Ross safari and found a couple decent deals:
    Hanae Mori H.M. EDP 1oz.= $20
    Le Male 2.5oz = $29.99

    Its the second time I saw the H.M. EDP, but last time it was $30 at a...
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    Re: Pure Malt layered with Body Kouros.

    Never really thought to layer anything with Pure Malt (don't think it lacks sillage), but I do own both PM and Body Kouros. Sounds interesting. Ill give it a go this weekend!
  65. Re: the old good times: what did you wear when you was at high school?

    My HS years were 98-02', so ofcourse I rocked the CKOne and Acqua Di Gio! Worked well back then, suspect it still does.
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    +1 Well...maybe wouldn't say "can't stand it" but definitely never plan to own it despite the popularity with the ladies. I used to go to a barber a few years back (before fragrances had any priority...
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    Re: Allure Homme Sport longevity issues?

    Think your issue has more to do with "nose fatigue". I used to also typically lose the fragrance on myself maybe 2-3 hours in, but I found that spraying on the chest helps a lot. You spray on the...
  68. Poll: Re: What cologne to wear at a night club with young girls?

    I'm 25, so a good percentage of girls I deal with are around that age. And yeah, most girls haven't responded negatively to it, but I wouldn't put it in my top 5 of compliment getters. The ex REALLY...
  69. Poll: Re: What cologne to wear at a night club with young girls?

    Most girls that age aren't down with BODY Kouros, doubt any will respond positively to O.G. Kouros. But that's just my experience.
  70. Poll: Re: What cologne to wear at a night club with young girls?

    The top of Musc Ravageur isn't very effective on the women that age, it's been a put off for most women I've come across that age. Magnetism just isn't very good IMO, Lolita Lempicka definitely has...
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    Re: Pure Malt vs 1 Million.

    I've owned both. Pure Malt is definitely legit. Smokey, boozy, caramel and wood.
    Purchased 1 Million as a blind buy a few months back through all the hype of it as the essential "party" scent....
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Vol. 2

    Just picked up a bottle of this at Ross also. What a steal! Was considering getting the EDT at Sephora for $30ish, wasn't completely in love with it, but getting the EDP at $20? Sure love it now!
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    Re: Favorite Fragrance with a Number in its Name

    D&G 1 Le Bateleur

    Think I'm the only fan this bottle ha ever had :/
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Got one today for Ed Hardy Love & Luck. Three yesterday for Euphoria Intense. Don't blame them, Euphoria Intense is one maybe 4-5 fragrances that have me constantly sniffing myself like a labrador.
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    Re: top 5 90's fragrances

    QFT! I'd probably just replace D&G By Man with The Dreamer. And CK One will always rekindle those middle school memories!
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    Re: Anyone order from

    Funny that you mention this. I just noticed the same thing with the pricing of Black XS, too bad I bought a short while ago, could have got the bigger bottle for the same price I paid for the 1.7oz!...
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    Re: le male vs vasace the dreamer

    Pipsta hit it on the head.
    Similarities only lye in sillage and appeal to women. I definitely agree with you on Le Male though, too powdery for my liking.
    One thing I definitely do recommend...
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