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  1. Re: Looking for fragrance to fill out my top 5

    Thank You for all of your suggestions!
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    Re: Unforgivable Flanker Thread

    I prefer the original and actually like it better than Multi Plat. However, Creed MI is one of my all time favs and Unforgivable just isn't as good to me. Very good designer/celebrity fragrance...
  3. Looking for fragrance to fill out my top 5


    Last time I tried this, I was introduced to another favorite by testing the recommendations given to me here on basenotes.

    1. Frapin 1270
    2. Creed MI
    3. Creed Royal Oud
    4. VS Very Sexy...
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    Re: Check it Out! US only

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    Re: Check it Out! (US only)

    New Stuff!
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    Re: Check it Out! (US only)

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    Re: Check it Out! (US only)

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    I am going to be.....

    a grandpa for Halloween. What's the most grandpa"esque" fragrance choice that won't clear the room?
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    Re: Check it Out! (US only)

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    Check it Out! (US only)

    Interested in Jardins D'Amalfi, Frapin 1270, DHI, and Lumière Noire. What I have up 4 swap...

    Creed Erolfa 2.5 oz tester (95%)

    Tiffany For Men Sport 3.4 oz (99%)

    YSL L'Homme 2 oz (99%)...
  11. Re: Looking for another personal "gem"

    Thanks for the recommendations! I haven't tried any of those except GIT....I need to give it another try though. Thanks to everyone!
  12. Looking for another personal "gem"

    Hello again basenoters!

    I am in the mood to find another personal gem for my collection. The fragrance bug has definitely bit me, not that it has ever stopped biting me. Alright, so my top three...
  13. Re: Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme Chanel for men

    I really want to try this. Does anyone know the release date and what store it will be sold at?
  14. Re: New Fragrance: Hugo Boss - Boss Bottled Sport

    Does anybody know the release date for this and which store(s) will have the exclusive selling rights? I was at Macy's today and asked about it and they looked at me like I was crazy.
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    Re: Viktor & Rolf SPICEBOMB

    I just got it! To my nose, I smell a mix of Pure Malt and La Nuit...I think Reckoner is right on the money (minus the headache part, at least not yet :) ). I'm really liking it so far. It has a...
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    Re: Unforgivable Multi Platinum

    MI or SMW > Unforgivable > Multi Plat....IMO
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    Re: low negative reviews

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!
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    low negative reviews

    Hey Basenotes!

    I was wondering what fragrances have a large posititive to negative review ratio. I don't want to be missing out on any gems out there that are highly rated. I think I've seen...
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    Re: What is Aventus similar too?

    To me it smells very similar to RL Purple Label!
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    Check it Out! US only

    Prices include shipping. What I have 4 sale...

    Bentley For Men 2.0 oz (99.97%).................................$70

    Victoria's Secret Platinum 3.4 oz (99.8%)....................$35
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    Re: Creed Silver Mountain Water

    I actually swapped someone and ended up with a fake SMW. They later told me they bought it on eBay. I knew the second I smelled it that it was not the real stuff. It seemed like it was a really...
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    Re: I have a ?

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    I have a ?

    So I was wondering if the Boss Collector's edition (silver bottle) is the same scent as Boss Bottled??? I know Tommy released a 10th anniversary edition and it wasn't exactly the same as the...
  24. Re: Aqua Di Gio vs Green Irish Tweed vs Cool Water

    1. AdG
    2. GIT
    3. CW
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    Re: allure sport vs Armani code

    allure sport is way better!
  26. Re: Pl. could you help me with some suggestions on seasalt/fresh/marine/herby scents for men?

    I was just gonna say what supperman said! +1 Creed MI or Sean John Unforgivable Multi-Platinum if you can find it.
  27. Re: Acqua Di Gio: Why real men would never wear it

    AdG is the best! Take a look at Sephora, look at which characteristic is brought up the most in reviews. That is why lots of guys wear this stuff! There are probably lots of annoying guys who wear...
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    Re: Sweet smell of Cottonwood?

    I actually live a couple miles from Little Cottonwood Canyon. Right now there is cotton flying around in the air like crazy. I haven't really noticed how it smells though. I saw that Kenneth Cole...
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    Re: CREED Sublime Vanille

    I just got my sample today and it smells sooo good! It is extremely wearable. It smells like the most delicious vanilla frosting. I hope they start selling it in smaller bottles.
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    Re: Swiss Army Mountain Water

    I ordered a sample from Scented Monkey a while back. I don't really remember it that well. All I can say is that being a fan of the original Swiss Army, I had the full intention of buying this and...
  31. Re: is there any scent that smells like SILVER MOUNTAIN WATER?

    Unforgivable makes up for it
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    Re: Acqua di Gio issues

    Trust your nose! I recently came across a fake SMW and I immediately knew. The bottle was duplicated very well though. If you have owned AdG that long and this particular one doesn't smell the same,...
  33. Re: is there any scent that smells like SILVER MOUNTAIN WATER?

    definately not I am King!
  34. Re: True Religion for men smells alot like...

    It's pretty good. I was actually reminded of Kenneth Cole Signature and Rocawear 9IX. One of my friends told me it smells like licorice, which is a pretty accurate description. Longevity is much...
  35. Re: The Breakdown PE 360 Red vs Paris Hilton Just Me

    That's funny, I would rank Unbound 4th in my previous list. I have actually had someone tell me they hated it! AdG is better than all the clones. Everyone has their own opinion, but I would at...
  36. Re: Anyone here who has ordered Creed MI from fragrancenet In the last month or two Help!

    Lot# C3309P01...........smells incredible!
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    Re: Scent Me - 21st Birthday Party

    exactly what Geikamir said, MI
  38. Re: The Breakdown PE 360 Red vs Paris Hilton Just Me

    I actually bought Just Me before I even tried AdG. I kept hearing how it was a clone, so I decided to try AdG. AdG is the original and it is better imo. Just Me doesn't have that great melon...
  39. Re: What fragrance would Edgar Allan Poe wear if he were alive today?

    I think he would enjoy a hip hop scent.....Unforgivable, I Am King, Rocawear......
  40. Re: The Breakdown PE 360 Red vs Paris Hilton Just Me

    I have had all three. This is how I rank them:
    1. AdG
    2. Paris Hilton Just Me
    3. 360 red

    I got rid of 360 red and I have bought multiple bottles of Just Me. I think Just Me is better. They...
  41. Re: Are there any "sport" fragrances worth a damn?

    Allure Homme Sport
    Beckham Signature
  42. Re: The top 3 best fragrance houses in your opinion

    Creed, Chanel, and Victoria's Secret
  43. Re: David Beckham 'Signature' - what are people's opinions?

    love it!
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    Re: Hypnose Eau Fraiche

    Hypnose Homme Eau Fraiche is way powdery. That's all I remember about it. I bought it at TJMaxx thinking it was the original Hypnose. I ended up giving it away. I am a fan of Hypnose Homme though.
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    Re: Had fragrances stolen from me.

    If you can steal a botle of cologne from a friend, then you are capable of anything!
  46. Re: "It's like falling in love with one particular dollar bill." Do you agree ?

    I think Purple Label smells really similar but is much better. I would wear PL, but I wouldn't wear RS. RS has an earthy, dirt smell to me. I think Luca Turin compared it to dollar bills because...
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    P Dizzle

    So I just bought Creed MI. Last night I was reading about it and I googled it. I found this article. It made me laugh so hard.
  48. Re: What cold weather frag can I get past my Citrus obssesed wife?

    Hollister Socal
    CK Euphoria
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    Re: SoCal is it as strong as Fierce?

    Ya SoCal lasts all day on me too. Sometimes I'll even use just 1 spray. One of my favorites!
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    AE True for Him

    I was just wondering if anyone has smelled this yet?
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    Re: HEAT WAVE!!! Suggestions?

    Sunset Heat is my favorite summer scent. I get compliments almost every time I wear it.

    You probably have already smelled AdG, 360 red, PH Just Me, Unbound, and True Religion. I

    really like...
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    Re: Swiss Army Mountain Water - ?

    I was really interested in this one and couldn't find a thing about it. So I ordered a sample. I'm a big

    fan of the original, but i don't like this very much at all. I wanted to really like...
  53. Re: Please Rate: Halston Unbound, Issey Miyake, Perry Ellis 360 Red, Versace Blue Jea

    Ya I get complimented a lot. It smells soooo nice.

    I bought mine at for $13.99, 3.3 oz. definately worth it.

    I just wanted to see what your style was. I'll have to try body...
  54. Re: Please Rate: Halston Unbound, Issey Miyake, Perry Ellis 360 Red, Versace Blue Jea

    Dudester, I wore Unbound to work today just to test it out.

    I was complimented within the first 5 minutes of being there!

    What are your favorite colognes?
  55. Re: Please Rate: Halston Unbound, Issey Miyake, Perry Ellis 360 Red, Versace Blue Jea

    Unbound is very safe for every day, and it would be great for summer.

    I have a bottle of Unbound and still don't have a botttle of AdG.
  56. Re: Please Rate: Halston Unbound, Issey Miyake, Perry Ellis 360 Red, Versace Blue Jea

    Unbound is pretty good. I've had a couple ladies say how good i smelled.

    I bought it blind and don't regret it at all. It exceeded my expectations.

    I would say it's masculine..... It smells a...
  57. Re: Please Rate: Halston Unbound, Issey Miyake, Perry Ellis 360 Red, Versace Blue Jea

    I have smelled all four and I would choose 360 or Unbound.

    Both are similar to AdG, 360 has more of a cola smell and Unbound has a sweet floral smell.

    I have tried to like Issey, but it just...
  58. Re: Started new job, need new scent...

    Another one I really like is CK Euphoria.

    I think it's perfect for a shirt and tie look.
  59. Re: Started new job, need new scent...

    Ya I like Just Me better. PH for men is good though.

    It's fun telling people you're wearing Paris Hilton too.
  60. Re: Started new job, need new scent...

    BR Slate, PH Just Me, and Sunset Heat are my favorites to wear to work.

    They are simple, smell good, and almost everyone likes 'em.
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    Re: If I Like AdG What Will I Like

    I love Aqua di Gio and I love to wear Fierce.

    The heading of the original post is "If I like Aqua Di Gio what will I like"

    It is "something different" from AdG and it smells good.
  62. Re: Fruity Cologne : What was this guy wearing????

    I thought of Sunset Heat when I first read this.
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    Re: If I Like AdG What Will I Like

    PH Just Me
    Sunset Heat
    True Religion
  64. Re: Escada Sunset Heat - Blind Buy, Safe?

    It's one of my favorites! I bought it blind and I love it.

    It's the same type of scent as PH Just Me and 360 red, just lots fruitier.

    fruity, gets tons of compliments.

    just read the...
  65. Re: Do You Think Unbound Really Resembles Acqua di Gio?

    I think unbound smells similar to the fruity part of aqua di gio. 360 red and PH Just Me have the cola

    like smell that aqua di gio has, while Unbound doesn't. I actually used Unbound before...
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    Re: Kenneth Cole Reaction T-Shirt

    I was at the mall when this first came out, and my cousin said she would pay for half of any cologne I

    wanted. The SA was trying to get me to buy T-Shirt, cause it was brand new. I was very...
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    Poll: Re: Creed MI fake?

    I wish I was kidding!

    Seriously I have authentic samples, which I got straight from the tester at the mall,

    and the ones from fragrancenet.

    they are different, I have them with me right...
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    Poll: Re: Creed MI fake?

    I bought samples of GIT and SMW from there and they were fakes.

    So it is definately possible...

    I would go smell MI straight from the tester at like Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom.
  69. Re: True Religion for men - I tired it and I liked it

    I bought a bottle of True Religion last week. I think it's nice. The ad of the surfer is kinda funny, but it is perfect for this scent. Scentimus described it well. It has a very nice fruity...
  70. Re: My first Creed experience: Imperial Millesime

    jasonx where did you order your sample from? I ordered samples of GIT and SMW and they looked exactly like the picture of yours, with the Creed paper. Both of my samples were 100% fakes. A couple...
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