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  1. Re: PRICE DROPS! only $120 Tom Ford Splits: Oud Wood, Tuscan Leather, Neroli Portofino, Noir de Noir

    ^ replies on the way!
  2. Re: PRICE DROPS! only $120 Tom Ford Splits: Oud Wood, Tuscan Leather, Neroli Portofino, Noir de Noir

    damn, sorry guys! I have windows open to you two right now and was working on the messages. Gimme a minute and I'll respond. Sorry!
  3. Re: PRICE DROPS! only $120 Tom Ford Splits: Oud Wood, Tuscan Leather, Neroli Portofino, Noir de Noir

    Quick weekend bump....
  4. Re: (International) Tom Ford Splits - Neroli Portofino, Noir de Noir, Tobacco Oud, and others!!!

    Hey guys, sorry about the PM delays. Big backlog in the inbox. I'm working through everything and will have replies and decants out to everyone within a few days!!!

    Everything you see there in the...
  5. Re: (International) Tom Ford Splits - Neroli Portofino, Noir de Noir, Tobacco Oud, and others!!!

    ^^ PM sent!
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    Re: ATTENTION all Dolce&Gabbana owners.....

    Anyone have an explanation on the SEVEN digit batch codes? I have a 75ml bottle with "5318121" on the bottom and not quite sure what it means based on the above explanations...
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    Re: Legit Check on my Tom Ford

    ^ Yeah I've been reporting tonnes of those on eBay. 100ml 'tester' white box bottles from Russia sold by accounts with zero feedback (or 10 feedback for $0.99 items) and in some cases 100ml's of...
  8. Poll: Re: On average, how many sprays do you usually use?

    one or two chest, one wrist, one back of the neck. Give or take. So about 3-4. Depends on the scent though.
  9. Re: (International) Tom Ford Splits - Neroli Portofino, Noir de Noir, Tobacco Oud, and others!!!

    ^ reply has been sent :vrolijk_26:

    Also did an update to the amounts left for each flacon and added an Oud Fleur split for super cheap (found a good deal I'm passing along)
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    Re: Is the Demeter house any good?

    eh they're fun little adventures. I find many synthetic and generally not very long lasting even when oversprayed.
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    Re: Guerlain bee bottles

    the boutique in Toronto is also good. JamieLee is the new manager there. I was just chatting with her a few weeks ago about these bottles actually.
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    Re: Opinions on Tuscan Leather

    Your nose knows you better than Luca+Tanya (with all respect to them)
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    Re: Color of the juice

    i quite like this one...
  14. Re: Introducing myself and some recommendations needed

    holding the bottle is like holding the body

    if you fall in love with the body first and only then get to know what's on the inside, you may or may not still love the body but if you don't love...
  15. Re: (International) Tom Ford Splits - Neroli Portofino, Noir de Noir, Tobacco Oud, and others!!!

    Oops, sorry I missed that one Jeff. PM response on the way!
  16. Re: Introducing myself and some recommendations needed

    phew long thread haaa. Quick points

    - I'd suggest ordering samples first, then only getting 10ml decants of the ones you like and only after that getting full bottles. Seems like you're still...
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    Re: House of frapin

    haaa totally came here to say Caravelle Epicee and that it's a totally overlooked one. It's super dry spicey and stinky so if you're into those dirty musks and things like L'Artisan Al Aoud etc then...
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    Re: Tom Ford Private Blend on eBay?

    yeah bit of a minefield there.

    1. If it's from Russia or Turkey, don't buy.
    1b. Check their sales history. If it's 10x $0.99 charms and then they suddenly show up with a stack of Tom Fords......
  19. Re: Article in New York mag on Tom Ford and cocaine notes...

    wow, 8 year thread bump...
  20. Re: Out of curiosity, how does one date a Frederic Malle perfume?

    I guess mine are pre 212 becuase they all have manufacturer / expiration dates etched on the bottom
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    Re: The Quest For THE Vetiver Cologne

    an oldie -
  22. Re: Things Dior Sauvage wishes it could be

    Things Dior Sauvage wishes it could be?

    Well received by Basenotes!
  23. Re: What is your favorite fragrance bottle cap/bottle top?

    oops, errr +1? :-)
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    Re: Neroli-ality

    +1 to Roja's.
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    Re: New By Kilian Pearl Oud

    Just got the email. My issue is this. Yes Kilian has beautiful packaging, good quality ingredients, etc, and eh even for 50ml at $250-300 it's borderline overpriced (ok, it IS overpriced but...
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    Re: Best Polo (Green) knockoff

    I think Italian Cypress is a modern take on it, adds a fuller richer set of notes and it still smells like 80's hairy chest but smoother.

    If you want Polo, there's really no replacement for it,...
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    Re: Good news from a legal perspective

    Let's say you sold a 50-100ml of alcohol/stabilizers etc and a separate side container or vial of the 'base' which could be added together by the buyer and given a shake... that way you didn't sell...
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    Re: The Quest For THE Vetiver Cologne

    wow, what a great adventure! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these.

    +1 to MPG Route de Vetiver
    Zegna Haitan Vetiver
    Vetiver Tonka

    I'd like to add two that have been...
  29. Re: What is your favorite fragrance bottle cap/bottle top?

    surprised nobody's mentioned these ones, my favorite - L'Artisan
  30. Re: Your favourite Armani Fragrance - and why?

    Bois D'Encense, Ambre Soie and Encense Satin. Also Rose D'Arabie and Royal Oud are very good.
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    Re: Question About Fragrancenet

    Yeah it's pretty common for these type of retailers to not know which ones they're showing versus selling. From their perspective it's just item #5923582 or something. Maybe email or call or buy from...
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    Re: Fake Creed on Ebay - Aventus

    whole bunch of sellers from Russia and Turkey with 10 feedbacks for $0.99 trinkets suddenly showing up with a bunch of $100-300 Creeds and Fords in plain white 'tester' boxes. Yeah... I've been...
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    Re: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather... Discuss

    Totally worth it. A bold rich manly scent. Reminds me of a guy with slick backed hair, sharp suits, wad of cash in hand, and a jet waiting. It's flashy money and power all the way. Not always the...
  34. Re: Anyone else get a lot of A Men in Intoxicated by Kilian?

    that was my first thought when I smelled it. commented about that to the SA and she looked at me with a look like 'well I can't really say no...'

    nice (expensive) packaging, so maybe it's Angel...
  35. Re: Creed's Official Stance on This Batch Nonsense

    ^ exactly
  36. Re: Sonoma Scent Studio: A (light) Complaint

    A few years ago I was smelling through samples from various lines and when I hit her stuff I was really impressed. So impressed I actually emailed her to say wow great job really good work.
  37. Re: Sonoma Scent Studio: A (light) Complaint

    yeah sounds more like a symptom of being a single operator. +1 to just email her directly
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    Re: My Family Does Not Like Santal 33

    1. Go easy on the trigger for this one, like 2 sprays only. That may help
    2. IMO, it's better as an ambient aroma, not a personal scent, which is why I prefer this as a candle or to be worn on...
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    Re: G'bye Italian Cypress

    Wow, if this is true it sucks. One of my favorites from the line for sure.
  40. Re: What was your first fragrance that you bought for yourself that was marketed for women?

    Forgot to add Jicky, though it's really only a modern day feminine. When it was released it was made for men, so not sure that really counts.

    I'm surprised Sahara Noir is marketed for women
  41. Re: What was your first fragrance that you bought for yourself that was marketed for women?

    I don't do the 'gender bender' much, not for any philosophical reason but just becuase i'm not a big floral guy anyway. But I do own a few.

    I own Chanel No. 5 but the Eau Premier version, which I...
  42. Re: After 20 years testing - these are the best

    well, definitely an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

    I agree that a few of those are really great scents (Aventus, Dior Homme Intense), though I find it hard to believe that out of what a...
  43. Re: Any others who thinks that Oud Wood by TF is one of the best ever made?

    Definitely a solid scent, I wouldn't go so far as to say it's the best out there, and honestly I'm actually surprised that out of all your test (1000?!), that list is what you settled on. Not that...
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    Re: help a husband out

    or Noa?

    Also, how old is she and when did she start wearing it (give us at least a decade it came from) and general hint about the type of smell
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    Re: Tom Ford private label

    eBay or something? As long as it's not from Turkey or Russia and in a white 'tester' box, so far so good.
  46. Re: what is the most similar to Oud Woods by TF

    Please take my comment here very seriously. Buy the black bottle with gold label. The grey bottle has a reformulated juice, I'm certain of it. I've smelled a LOT of this stuff over the years and have...
  47. Re: Hey guys I'm back after a long hiatus. What is/are the new hip fragrance(s)?

    how long you been gone?
  48. Re: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather vs Montale Aoud Leather

    While I give credit to Montales for being sledgehammer scents in terms of projection and longevity, I often feel like they're just not well balanced or have enough 'moves' going on. Value for money,...
  49. Re: Spoiler Alert! (hiding parts of a post when you quote)

    hello, is this thing on?
  50. Re: This Aventus sub forum has been a suprising success

    Aventus huh, wait is that like a new one? I haven't seen any discussion on the main pages about it.

  51. Re: How long does your interest in a fragrance last

    hell, I spend so much time sampling I barely ever wear anything from my collection


    now crying
  52. Re: Is the original Acqua Di Gio still better than all its flankers?

    Somewhat for nostalgic reasons but I still like the original the best.

    And the Profumo one's not bad actually but I haven't given it enough wearings to state a fuller opinion on it.
  53. Re: what is the most similar to Oud Woods by TF

    From Montale? None that I know of. Their oud style seems pretty different.

    Ford's Oud is pretty nice, and I think somewhat unique in that it's that warm wood smell with a hint of smoke, nothing...
  54. Poll: Re: Sorry for another thread of Amber based fragrance selection.

    Tough call... I'm somewhere between Ambre Narguile and Amber Absolute, totally different takes on the same concept.

    PS - Prada Amber really doesn't belong here, it's only amber in name. No idea...
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    Re: This Just IN - CD Sauvage Hits Retail

    I recall lemon, pine, oakmoss, wood, pepper, rosemary... a lot of overlap with Eau Sauvage if I recall
  56. Re: Anyone heard of this? $15/mo. cologne subscription service

    sounds a bit like scentrunk?
  57. Re: Is it just me, or does Terre d'Hermes just OOZE sexuality?

    what he said :smiley_up::wink:
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    Re: This Just IN - CD Sauvage Hits Retail

    Just tried this yesterday actually. For those of you in Toronto, I was at Shoppers Eaton's Center and they had a rep/demo there with the bottle.

    1. Nice bottle too I think (a mini...
  59. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - AMBER ABSOLUTE come and get it!!! - 50ml $130 shipped

    ^^ Thanks Mike! :wink:

    gav225 - I'm sending you a PM now. Short answer is yep, international shipping is no problem.

    In general guys you can always just PM me for details, not that I mind...
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    Re: Dior Mitzah is back?

    my hunch is that it's still discontinued and this is back stock that a bunch of retailers returned to them and they're just selling it off. Could be wrong but seems doubtful to me that they'd disco...
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    Re: Ambre sultan

    Not feminine, no, but there are a lot of more masculine ones out there though. Ambre 114, Amber Absolute, etc. I mean maybe Ambre Russe is a bit fem and Ambre Precieux has a strong vanilla, so those...
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    Re: Just acquired Grey Vetiver...

    Agreed! I think it's really excellent stuff. Perfectly poised, has just the right number of moves and they're all very well balanced. Easy to wear and enjoy any season/occasion and reasonably priced...
  63. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - AMBER ABSOLUTE IS HERE!!! - 50ml $130 shipped

    ^^^ PM sent!
  64. Re: Okay, who has just waaaayyyy too many flankers?

    Boss Bottles... there's got to be at least 4-5 of them
  65. Replies

    Re: opinions on VERSACE BLUE JEANS?

    little dated but one of the first bottles I ever owned and wore so it nostalgia factor for me. Definitely a solid cheapie in my opinion.

    I personally like the drydown the most. So wear it in good...
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    Re: Best byredo

    yeah I was wondering that too actually. I mean they've got some good scents in the line but have been around for a while and rarely were discussed much. I think the most common criticism is the price...
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    Re: Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud

    I feel like this one may be looked back upon years from now as a classic or at least one of the better "Ouds" of this era
  68. Replies

    Re: Best byredo

    Pulp for uniqueness and fun

    Gypsy Water for wearability

    Bal D'Afrique for compliments
  69. Replies

    Re: Tobacco vanille vs herod

    I've smelled Herod and it was ok, but not as good as TV
  70. Re: YSL Opium Pour Homme EDP still available in some markets?

    I could be wrong as it's been a few years since I looked into this but I believe you're right. It's not that it was discontinued but rather just isn't available anywhere in North America. Seems, well...
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    Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute

    It's coming back baby! (reformulated)
  72. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - AMBER ABSOLUTE IS HERE!!! - 50ml $130 shipped

    Thanks Krooze :beer:

    Saw your PM Mike, response is on the way!
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    Re: Chocolate smelling perfume

    L'Instant de Guerlain and Feve Deliceuse for more like a cocao and for a very sweet dense chocolate note try Montale Chocolate Greedy or Mugler Angel Men
  74. Replies

    Re: Apple brandy

    gonna go try this one out at the NYC boutique next week, pretty excited. Sounds promising but just can't blind buy these. I'm a little worried it's going to have a great opening and then more or less...
  75. Replies

    Re: Hi from Sydney

    some +1's here... my first thoughts were exactly the same. Terre D'Hermes, Grey Vetiver, Green Irish Tweed, and Bleu de Chanel, etc.
  76. Re: My body does not allow perfume to last, what do to do?

    and not to get all snobby/elitist here, but also a point which may be that some of the scents you're trying aren't all that strong to begin with. Although some of the ones you mentioned are pretty...
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    Re: Royal Mayfair: Ridiculous performance

    1. Give it a few tries and see if you change your mind
    2. In my experience, Creeds tend to do better in hot weather, or at least with warm skin, they need the boost. So anything dry or cool and many...
  78. Replies

    Re: A couple of Memoir Man questions

    +1, go for it! I'm enjoying my (recent) bottle!

    PS - HP12 is some good stuff - try some HP18 if you haven't already :thumbsup:
  79. Spoiler Alert! (hiding parts of a post when you quote)

    please please please may I make a suggestion? I so rarely start new threads but I think this is a feature that would be helluva useful for the forum here...

    So if you take a look at other forums...
  80. Replies

    Re: Another PM error

    serious question, but why is there such a tight restriction on inbox message capacity for new users? I mean I guess there's got to be a list of reasons to pay for membership, but it seems more like...
  81. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - AMBER ABSOLUTE IS HERE!!! - 50ml $130 shipped

    hello, is this thing on? :vrolijk_26:
  82. Re: Please provide an objective explanation as to why Creed seems to be the most hated/loved house o

    ^ Great explanation, I agree. Same thing happens with Boss and Styleforum.

    Whenever there's a community of people deep into the details about something and someone excitedly shows up looking for...
  83. Re: Tom Ford for Men or Guerlain L'Instant

    I think LIDG is the better scent, but I think the Ford is a little more versatile. So if you have 4-5+ bottles already, then add the LIDG, but if you need one all rounder scent for any season,...
  84. Replies

    Re: Recent beastmode purchases

    Slumberhouse, like wow, seriously wow. My spray samples projected for days after I used them, just whatever was left on the nozzle after using them was strong enough to smell them.
  85. Replies

    Re: Tom ford amber absolute pre order

    Just an offer here for the community... I have the ORIGINAL stuff available in a split for the regular split prices (temporary price drop). You could wait until the new one gets released, check to...
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    Poll: Re: Byredo for Birthday

    I have a few from the line...

    Gypsy Water - great call, easy to wear and enjoy

    Sunday Cologne - a fairly classic scent, a modern minimal version of it, and nice sweet anise addition, so if you...
  87. Re: Received rancid GIT from Beauty Encounter

    with these online discounters, they're often reselling someone elses stock, so yeah it's hit and miss. On the one hand Creed's are SO much cheaper through them that I think it's definitely worth...
  88. Replies

    Re: Decanting & exposure to air?

    may I suggest, that if you have a flacon, Creed (especially those 500-1000ml ones), Ford, Le Labo, whomever, consider spending $10 and buying Wine Preserver, it's a mix of heavy airs that push out...
  89. Re: Amber Absolute re-released for 6 months at Neimans!

    Anyone else get their nose on the 'new' version yet? I know there are tester bottles floating around already and y'all be big timer VIP's so no doubt someone's got their hands on it by now!
  90. Re: Anything similar to Herba Fresca but more robust?

    So... what did you decide?
  91. Re: What's up with ridiculous international shipping charges on ebay?

    some explanations

    1. it's a typo, he meant $17.00
    2. it's a scam which is dumb because eBay will never let him get away with it
    3. he wants to offer 'international shipping' but doesn't really...
  92. Replies

    Re: Eau de Baux

    wow, blast from the past thread.

    I'd say Baux is a little bare bones, sort of a dry crisp ashy cypress wood opening and after a few hours settles into a soft warm light vanille scent. Not a...
  93. Thread: hello

    by Master-Classter

    Re: hello

    Hello Hello!
  94. Re: Tom Ford Black Orchid being marketed to men

    I believe it was originally marketed as a womens fragrance when launched but for at least the past few years they've put it there but been open to men, meaning SA's are told to say well sure it's...
  95. Replies

    Re: Is "budget oud" an oxymoron?

    in a sense, most of the fragrances we're talking about are watered down vague echos of what perfume use to be anyway. the idea of walking into a store and spending $50-100 on a pretty bottle and...
  96. Re: Please provide an objective explanation as to why Creed seems to be the most hated/loved house o

    I suspect it's mostly becuase there's just so MUCH Creed discussion that everyone is sick and tired of hearing about them. They have a fairly large line, certainly plenty of winners in there and most...
  97. Re: Amber Absolute re-released for 6 months at Neimans!

    So my take on it is that Ambers are usually thick sweet spicey and resinous etc, and with Amber Absolute for example, it's very dense, potent, and leans heavily towards spices and frankincense,...
  98. Re: Etro Sandalo - which bottle is older / vintage?

    Yeah, exactly, ok so original bottle oval paper label dark green box, second version (mine) is square paper label and red/purple box, and new one is white shiny label with white box and black lines....
  99. Replies

    Re: Decanting & exposure to air?

    yeah it's nothing to worry about. If you can open the bottles then use a pipette, if not, then spray into another atomizer. In your case becuase it's a flacon you're opening, either pour or use a...
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    Nice collection there gm92!
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