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    New formula for Erolfa?

    Hey guys. I have a bottle of Erolfa that is about 2 years old and nearly gone. I recently purchased two new bottles. However, the new bottles smell somewhat different from the original. Many of the...
  2. Re: Where do you keep your fragrance collection?

    I rotate bottles from bathroom to boxes in closet.
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    Re: Sillage problems with Rive Gauche?

    I sometimes use the Intense version of Rive Gauche. No sillage problems so far.
  4. Re: What Have You Used So Far This Week ?

    Creed Silver Mountain Water, Chanel Allure Pour Homme, Creed Royal Delight, Creed Erolfa, Joy, Polo Green, Creed Neroli Sauvage
  5. Re: What scent will you be wearing when the clock strikes 2008?

    Depending upon the weather, either Creed Imperial or Erolfa.
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