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    Re: Penhaligons

    +1 for buying Penhaligon's scents online. Testers can often be found for under $45, and if you're patient, you can find them for under $35. I love love love Castile. Endymion is great too.
  2. Re: Le male, still worth today?

    If you like Le Male, that's what matters. The only way to know if it lasts on your skin is to try it.

    I heard the moon is made of blue cheese.
  3. Re: What fragrance in your collection has collected the most dust, but deserves to be used tomorrow?

    Do you mean Prada Amber Intense? That's a good one!!!

    EDIT: ...or do you mean Prada Intense for women? I keep forgetting that exists. I should try it sometime. Reviews seem to suggest it has...
  4. Re: Sauvage vs Rive Gauche vs Opium pour homme(edt/edp)

    #1. Rive Gauche
    #2. Opium Pour Homme EDP
    #3. Almost anything else, except stuff like AXE.
    #4. Not wearing any fragrance at all.
    #5. AXE.
    #99. Sauvage

    On the other hand, if you actually meant...
  5. Re: Have Grey Vetiver, would Terre D'Hermes be redundant?

    TdH is definitely not redundant if you own Grey Vetiver.

    I agree.

    I also think these two scents differ in terms of personality, though both are more professional than casual. I rarely...
  6. Re: One House For the Rest of Your Life

    I have a sample. I think it's a miss for me. There are some things about it that I like - especially the rose. I'm beginning to realize how much I enjoy a masculine rose! ...but there's also a...
  7. Re: One House For the Rest of Your Life


    Castile -- Endymion -- Levantium -- LP No 9

    I own the first two. I'd pick up the second two.
  8. Re: Whats so good about Creed Spice and Wood?

    That's such a great description. You nailed it.
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    Re: How is Royal Oud?

    Royal Oud is a fantastic scent.

    Those who smell with their eyes may get hung up on the name, the house, and whatever else. It has a black label. Does it smell black? It has a flask shaped...
  10. Re: What is your ultra long lasting and highest projection fragrance of all time?

    Interlude Man.

    1 spray = 24+ hours.
    2 sprays = 24 hours with big projection.
    3 sprays = too much, too much, whoa too much.

    And here's the thing: the sprayer on my bottle barely puts out any...
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    Re: Creed bottle caps


    As we all know, the house of Creed dates back to the creation of the wheel in Mesopotamia. B.C. actually means Before Creed. Or so the fanboys would believe. Don't get me...
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    Re: Phases

    I agree. There's a bit of a cheap amber bomb trend, especially with scents aimed at teens, but that seems to be on its way out. I think it peaked a few years ago, thankfully.
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    Re: Phases

    We're in the fake wood/fake incense chemical nonsense phase. Sadly.

    20 years ago, the chemical du jour was calone. It was the sort of aquatic, sort of fruity smell that was used in half of...
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    Re: Your most worn October 2018

    Worn at least twice:

    Castile by Penhaligon's
    14 wears
  15. Re: Parfums De Marly - I've Done A Complete U-Turn On This House

    I did a U turn on this house pretty early on.

    Initially, I was impressed, especially with Herod, but I liked Godolphin too. But the more of their scents I tried, the more it seems like they're...
  16. Re: Q: Woody / citrus winter scent for man in his late 40's?

    Have you tried Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver? It's big on citrus, in a good way, and it has a long lasting woody base. Another Tom Ford that might fit the bill is Tom Ford Noir... especially the EDT...
  17. Re: They should have caught on...but didn’t (+ my thoughts on Burning Barbershop)

    I'm amazed that I'm the only one who raves about Castile by Penhaligon's. That stuff is amazing.


    Too many people try to smell with their eyes instead of their nose. I don't care what...
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    Re: Top 10 Favorite Men's Scents

    Castile, by Penhaligon's
    1725, by Histoires De Parfums
    Royal Oud, by Creed
    Aqua Universalis, by MFK
    H.M. EDT by Hanae Mori
    Prada L'Homme
    Petit Matin, by MFK
    Tom Ford Extreme
    Bergamote Soleil,...
  19. Poll: Re: MFK: Apom vs Amyris vs Lumiere Noir

    Wow. Not for me.
  20. Poll: Re: MFK: Apom vs Amyris vs Lumiere Noir

    Amyris would be an all time favorite for me if he tweaked the base, removing whatever the harsh chemical is (it might be Norlimbanol). Granted, it's used very lightly in Amyris. In fact, it's used...
  21. Re: Maison Francis Kurkdijan APOM Homme

    I bought APOM direct from MFK's online store in late 2016, and I'd agree with your assessment. It's great, but it's sometimes too powerful, which is why I don't wear it more often. I easily get 12+...
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    Poll: Re: Which is your favourite?

    OH! In that case... Hanae Mori HiM EDP is definitely better than the EDT.

    I hate the names of Hanae Mori's scents for men: H.M. and HiM, both of which come in EDT and EDP versions. The names...
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    Poll: Re: Which is your favourite?

    Hanae Mori makes 2 scents for men:
    H.M. and HiM - each in EDT and EDP concentrations.
    I assume you mean Hanae Mori H.M. EDP?

    I'd recommend Hanae Mori H.M. EDT over the EDP. The EDT smells...
  24. Re: searching for very clean soapy laundry washsaloon scent

    OH! How could we have forgotten Gendarme? Good call!


    Gendarme hovers somewhere between soapy and clean laundry, perhaps leaning more toward the clean laundry side depending on how...
  25. Re: searching for very clean soapy laundry washsaloon scent

    Castile by Penhaligon's is my all time favorite scent. It smells like really REALLY rich soap. Testers can be found online for around $40, and they usually even come with caps.

    Aqua Universalis...
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    Re: Amouage Reflection Man

    Not even a little, and that's a good thing :thumbsup:

    Reflection Man is much more mature - but it's not at all stodgy. Eros is a clubby amber/vanilla bomb. Reflection is a spicy floral scent...
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    Poll: Re: The Battle of the Amouages!

    I need to give Epic another try at some point. I had a sample years ago and I got great feedback when I wore it, but for whatever reason, it didn't click with me enough to buy it when my sample ran...
  28. Re: Maison Francis Kurkdjian - AMYRIS pour homme - what's the deal with Fragrancenet MSRP?

    This thread needs to be locked.

    The OP is in a one man battle against the world because he doesn't understand what MSRP means.

    This thread was pointless the moment the OP declared himself a...
  29. Re: What are in your opinion the best designer fragrances made in the last 10 years?

    Prada L'Homme (released in 2016).
    Grey Vetiver (released in 2009).

    I'm tempted to say Terre d'Hermes Parfum (released in 2009), but it's just a reworking of the EDT, so it's not very original...
  30. Re: Maison Francis Kurkdjian - AMYRIS pour homme - what's the deal with Fragrancenet MSRP?

    Show us where fragrancenet claims to use MSRP as the basis for their retail price.

    I'm going to take a wild guess here. You're in your late teens, just entering adulthood, and you're frustrated...
  31. Re: Maison Francis Kurkdjian - AMYRIS pour homme - what's the deal with Fragrancenet MSRP?

    You're a victim?

    If you don't like fragrancenet, don't buy there. I only buy there if I can't do better somewhere else, and I usually do find better prices elsewhere (but not always). As others...
  32. Re: Bleu de Chanel—An Aquatic?!

    From, here's Chanel's website from 2010, the year Bleu was released:

    It's always been classified by Chanel as a woody aromatic.
  33. Re: What are some cinnamon / tobacco / musk fragrances?

    If you're considering scents like Herod, Burberry London, Tabac Rouge (a very nice Tobacco Vanille style scent!), I'd also encourage you to check out this underrated gem:

    Tom Ford Extreme

  34. Re: Bleu de Chanel—An Aquatic?!

    By the way, here's the final word on what kind of fragrance Bleu De Chanel is:

    Woody aromatic. Citrus and woods.

    Source: Chanel.
  35. Re: Bleu de Chanel—An Aquatic?!

    That's Tobias from Arrested Development :thumbsup:

    The original three seasons of that show were ridiculously good.

    I don't mind people pleaser scents. In fact, I love 'em. But I can't take the...
  36. Re: Bleu de Chanel—An Aquatic?!

    Regardless of whatever purely fictional notes they're listing, the ingredient being abused the most these days is norlimbanol. I've seen it listed as at least 5 kinds of wood, as well as incense,...
  37. Re: Bleu de Chanel—An Aquatic?!

    Bleu is not an aquatic.

    Just because of the word blue people think it must be aquatic? It's not. Neither is Montale Blue Amber, by the way. I'm sure there are other fragrances with blue names...
  38. Re: Maison Francis Kurkdjian - AMYRIS pour homme - what's the deal with Fragrancenet MSRP?

    Do you know what the S in MSRP stands for? I'm guessing you might not.
  39. Re: How long did it take you to come to a comfortable collection realizing others are a bonus?

    For me, there's never been any stress about this hobby.

    It took me three years to build a wardrobe I really love, and then another two years to refine it, though I never actually intended to do...
  40. Re: Suggest some Jo Malone fragrances to try

    154 Cologne is definitely worth a sniff. I like it. It seems like it'll be predictable - another take on the eau de cologne style - but it's actually pretty unique. Citrus, nutmeg, lavender,...
  41. Re: Cologne subscriptions (Scenteor & SentBird)


    I haven't tried any of these yet, but I've been tempted by Scentbird. I did subscribe to a samples site years ago. I can't even remember the name of it (it was something generic like...
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    Re: CK One but less floral?

    Not necessarily. CK One projects for ages on me. I wore it the other day, and I'm pretty sure it was still projecting well past 6 hours. I was surprised. I wore it intentionally because I had a...
  43. Re: New: Clementine California from Atelier Cologne!

    That's my issue with it too. It turns into chemical nonsense.

    I keep hoping Atelier will release a brilliant scent with a big citrus top over a smooooooooth woody base, but they seem to spend the...
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    Re: CK One but less floral?

    HHhhmmmm... you could be right. It might have been another flanker. And, really, that'd be my advice for the OP: research the flankers to see if any fit what he's looking for.
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    Re: CK One but less floral?

    I wish I could remember which CK One Summer I tried. I thought it smelled like a citrus version of the original, but I could be wrong. It definitely wasn't one of the tropical years.
  46. Re: Cuir De Milano or La Yuqawam ?

    I haven't smelled the Dua scent you were asking about, but I've tried a few of their others, and wow are they bad. Inexcusably bad. Shockingly bad. There was a thread where a BNer offered to send...
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    Re: Alcohol colognes at work

    Definitely. If you don't feel comfortable wearing something, choose something you're comfortable with.

    My approach to fragrances for work is the same as my approach to clothing for work. I think...
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    Re: CK One but less floral?

    Yes! I was just about to suggest that one.

    Also... you might want to consider CK One Summer.
  49. Poll: Re: Have a date tonight need help me choosing a cologne

    Step #1: Don't think of her that way.

    I voted for Layton, but I think I should have gone with YSL L'homme. That's such an underrated gem.

    EDIT: Uhm... or maybe for that scenario, Jazz Club? ...
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    Re: Tauer bottles, question?

    The cap is waaaaaay too tight for my bottle of LDDM. I never use it. I'm afraid I'll break the bottle by trying. It's a wood cap though, so I could probably sand down the inside to help it fit,...
  51. Re: Your Most Worn September 2018

    Hhhhmmmmmm... I wonder why it's greyed out. Are you using a mobile browser or an app? I just tried it with Safari for iOS and it works, but I haven't tried it using an app like Talkatap or...
  52. Re: Your Most Worn September 2018

    I know that feeling! I had to PM somebody to ask how they did it. That's the only reason I know how, which is why I tend to post instructions each month to help others out. It's confusing - but...
  53. Re: Your Most Worn September 2018

    Here's a step by step guide for desktop, not mobile - but maybe if you try it you can figure out which steps can or can't be done using mobile browsers. The most important part is at the end: you...
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    Re: Lavender

    Definitely! 1725 is my pick as well.

    I'd also recommend Endymion by Penhaligon's if lavender, coffee & sandalwood sounds appealing. It's excellent.
  55. Re: Your Most Worn September 2018

    Castile by Penhaligon's
    9 wears

  56. Re: Best bang for your buck purchases of all-time that exceeded your expectations?


  57. Re: Best bang for your buck purchases of all-time that exceeded your expectations?


    I paid $40 for a 100ml tester with a cap, but even if I'd paid the full $130 I'd still recommend it. I'm like a broken record with this one, but for me, it really is that good.

    #1. ...
  58. Re: The drydown of Invasion Barbare is a dead ringer for . . .

    I'll be curious to see what others have to say. I have a feeling most of the responses will be more about how the opening of IB smells, or at least the first few hours, when it's projecting. I'm...
  59. Re: Does Baccarat Rouge cause quick olfactory fatigue?

    I think you might be right about that. I don't feel like I get big projection with Baccarat Rouge 540, but I do feel like it's quite substantial and it really hangs around: low to moderate...
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    Re: MontBlanc Individuel

    Individuel is very long lasting for me. 3 sprays & I'm good for the day. I might go with 4 in winter.

    My advice would be to only buy Individuel if you're running low on Original Santal. The...
  61. Poll: Re: Which of these Francis Kurkdjian do you prefer?

    You can get samples there too. :thumbsup:
  62. Poll: Re: Which of these Francis Kurkdjian do you prefer?

    That's a tough choice.

    I haven't tried Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait, but I find the other three to be excellent. They're totally different scents for totally different styles and occasions though. ...
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    Re: Y Edp

    The base is junk - it's harsh chemical nonsense - and the scent is accurately named.

    Seriously... why?

    YSL saved a name like Y... for this? Really? ...Wow. What a wasted opportunity. It's...
  64. Re: MFK travel case? "Globe Trotter" ...Does anybody here own one?

    It looks like they've changed that set:
  65. Re: Which of the three do you prefer?

    Wow, that's a tough call. They're all great choices, but they have nothing in common, so part of it comes down to what you need and why you're looking at these particular three.

    I'd choose Ambre...
  66. Poll: Re: CDG Wonderoud vs Creed Royal Oud

    I sampled Wonderoud and didn't care for it.

    Royal Oud, on the other hand, is easily in my all time top 5 among scents by any house. To say that it's outstanding is an understatement.

  67. Re: You hit the lottery! YAY YOU! ...what's your fragrance splurge?

    That made me grin. What a fun idea.
  68. Re: How vintage is this Fahrenheit?

    Awesome! That's what matters.

    Every now and then I have thoughts of trying to track down a vintage bottle. It would be fun to smell a late 80s batch to see how the scent has changed through the...
  69. Poll: Re: Fresh scent vs Sweet,heavy scent


    Is Sauvage listed here as being fresh? It's a chemical bomb.
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    Re: Light woody autumn scent?

    Royal Oud.

    You may need to buy a sample online. It's outstanding for these reasons:

    Yup. :thumbsup:
  71. Re: Help to find a new fragrance

    This is absolutely Step One:

    Hopefully, you wouldn't order a 6 month supply of some kind of food you've never tried. What if you don't like it? Fragrances are the same way, but they're also...
  72. Re: Looking for a Powerful Soapy Scent

    Castile by Penhaligon's is my all time favorite. It's expensive in stores, but it can be found online for around $40 - even less if you wait for one of those ebay 15% to 20% sales. At those prices,...
  73. Re: Great Daytime Fragrances for the Fall

    Tom Ford Extreme smells like fall to me.
  74. Re: You hit the lottery! YAY YOU! ...what's your fragrance splurge?

    There's a Perfume House here, but not how you're thinking. Somebody turned their house into a giant niche perfume store. It's called The Perfume House, and it's kind of wild. I assume the upstairs...
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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme I

    There are now THREE totally different scents named Gucci Pour Homme. The 1976 classic (I've never tried this one), the 2002 woody masterpiece, and now they've renamed 2008's "Gucci by Gucci Pour...
  76. Re: You hit the lottery! YAY YOU! ...what's your fragrance splurge?

    Oh, no... they're cool. He just misunderstood when she gave him the ticket. She said to cash it in but he thought she meant she had a feeling they'd be cashing in, y'know? I mean, really... if...
  77. Re: You hit the lottery! YAY YOU! ...what's your fragrance splurge?

    I feel that way too. I haven't bought a new scent this year, and that seems wild. I never expected to stop buying, but I got to a point where I'm really happy with my wardrobe (mostly thanks to...
  78. You hit the lottery! YAY YOU! ...what's your fragrance splurge?

    Story time: This happened to me a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind.

    I was sitting at a pub with a friend. He asked "What would you do if you hit the lottery?" I'd...
  79. Re: Did anyone see Anna Kendrick on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night?

    I'm a writer, among other things. If I'm writing fiction, I'll wear something that suits the character I'm writing about in order to help put me in that person's mindset. If I'm writing...
  80. Re: Parfums de Marly Pegasus scent...?


    Almonds, vanilla, and norlimbanol.
  81. Re: Parfums de Marly Pegasus scent...?

    I agree that it's not a summer fragrance. I'm shocked by some of the heavy stuff people wear in the summer heat. I was walking to the post office the other day and found myself a few paces behind...
  82. Did anyone see Anna Kendrick on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night?

    Forget the day-drinker stuff... it's her perfume comments that piqued my curiosity. If the video starts at the beginning, move it forward to 3:28:

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    Re: Best of Basenotes v2

    Wait - WHAT? There's some stuff missing!

    Where's the link to the thread asking what to wear when taking grandma to a cage match?

    What about the thread by the guy who oversprayed so much the...
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    Re: Best of Basenotes v2

    Due to his untimely passing, the hair gel industry is expecting to take a nasty hit - unless the rumored Flock Of Seagulls reunion becomes reality. Nothing less can save it.
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    Re: Ladies ! If I were a ....

    I assume you're ok with men answering since you posted this in Male Fragrances Forum (P.S. Welcome!!!).

    1: Royal Oud
    2: ...See note below...
    3: Terre d'Hermes
    4: 1725

    My take on wearing...
  86. Re: Best Of 2018 Male Fragrance Releases So Far

    I feel this way too.

    I never intended to stop adding to my wardrobe, but I haven't bought anything new since fall, 2017. And I'm shocked by that, but I shouldn't be since I don't have anything...
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    Re: your top 3 cheapies under 70

    Castile - Classy and clean. It can be found online for under $40, but if you're patient, you can get it for closer to $30. I got my 10ml for $40 and bought a backup for $32 if I recall correctly.
  88. Re: Best Of 2018 Male Fragrance Releases So Far

  89. Re: A classier version of D&G The One?

    Royal Oud.
  90. Replies

    Re: Creosote Quiz

    Something with that fake wood / incense chemical nonsense (norlimbanol)?
  91. Re: Looking for a signature scent

    SAME!!! ...6 years ago.

  92. Re: Your Turn-Offs In A Fragrance?

    +1 for vanilla bombs. And tonka bombs. That's a turn off for sure.
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    Re: Terre d'Hermes EDT & EDP

    100% this.

    I own the Parfum and I wear it year round, but I think the EDT wears a bit better in warmer weather. I used to prefer the Parfum, but I'm starting to come around to the EDT to the...
  94. Re: Straight to heaven @ Reflection

    Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by "before notino went down dirt cheap"? Did the price drop even lower than $125 for a 100ml?

    I go through phases with Reflection Man where I can't get...
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    Re: New Daily scent

    Prada L'Homme is a very different scent than Prada L'Homme Intense. I greatly prefer the original. I think the Intense is good, but the original is fantastic. I'm not a big fan of Prada L'Homme...
  96. Replies

    Re: New Daily scent

    Before you settle on Dior Homme Eau, I'd recommend you try Prada L'Homme. They're not the same, though some folks find them similar (I disagree though), but Prada L'Homme is excellent. I think it's...
  97. Re: Looking for a signature scent

    OH!!! You VETOED my all time favorite, Castile!?!? NO HELP FOR YOU!

    ...kidding, of course :thumbsup:

    Here are a few ideas:

    Creed, Royal Oud. Think of it more as a sandalwood/cedar sort of...
  98. Re: Your Turn-Offs In A Fragrance?

    Absolutely, but we see it here in this forum all the time, too. We often see threads where people only care about projection and longevity, not smell, as if to say they don't care what they smell...
  99. Re: Your Turn-Offs In A Fragrance?


    Please let this harsh fake wood era come to an end soon. That garbage smells so harsh they often list it as multiple notes, usually wood and something like incense, metal, or some fairytale...
  100. Re: Tom Ford Oud Wood + Noir de Noir + Tobacco Vanille in 2018

    Let your nose be your guide. Smell them and decide.

    I have a decant of Noir De Noir from 2014, I believe. It's OUTSTANDING. A few months ago, I had a date who enjoyed it so much she went to...
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