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  1. Could you guys please catch me up on what I've missed?

    I have been out of the fragrance game for the past year and I was wondering if you guys could catch me up on any noteworthy new releases? The last particular fragrance I remember being heavily talked...
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    Cacharel nemo deodorant spray

    Does anyone have experience with the deodorant spray in terms of does it smell the same ? Reason would suggest it is shorter lasting but I just want to know if it smells the same. Thanks
  3. What would you add or remove to this collection?

    Anything you think I should add or remove?

    Gucci Pour Homme II
    Kilian Straight to Heaven
    Boss Bottled
    Cachrel Nemo
    Creed OG Vetiver
    DG the One
    Molecule 01
    Burberry London
  4. I made a blog to answer questions for the "just starting out" category of people

    what do you guys think?
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    Upcoming colognes?

    Any rumors of some big flagship colognes coming out?

    Whats the next big classic gonna be?

    What is Gucci going to do after their Guilty disaster?

    Could there be a Gucci Pour Homme III to kick...
  6. Post a recommendation for my next cologne based on my tastes!

    For you experienced fragrance connoisseurs, I want to get another cologne but I'm not sure what. Here are my tastes. I'm 19 and in college.

    I've never really hated any cologne so I'm very...
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    Will there be a Gucci Pour Homme III?

    I feel like its mandatory
  8. Please recommend me a new cologne based on my current tastes

    Based on my taste, what cologne would you recommend I get next?

    Calvin Klein Euphoria - it was my first cologne, liked it, but in retrospect not that great
    Nautica Oceans- same

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