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  1. Re: Fragrances that would have been more successful with different packaging

    Came to say this one...
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    Re: anything like Creed Spice & Woods?

    Join a split if you've not done so thus far. It's the way that I got Spice & Wood into my collection... lovely scent that I rarely wear though.
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    Re: A new Tauer: Lonesome Rider

    Last two posts made me do this... blind bought, can't wait.
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    Re: A new Tauer: Lonesome Rider

    So tempted... but this would be a total blind buy for me. I mean that in the rawest sense - never tested Lonestar Memories either.
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    Re: Describe your last purchase in two words...

    Roja Dove Vetiver Extrait: modern vetiver
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    Re: Scent Of Peace For Him By Bond 9 Any Good?

    Ignore the Aventus comparisons, it's not like it it at all and wouldn't be redundant if you had both in your collection. Projects well, universally liked in my experiences and pretty much has been a...
  7. Re: When your friends what to use your expensive cologne

    My friends tend to "steal" some from my bottles (read: They'll decant some from a bottle to take with them from time to time) but even they know that while I'm kind enough to give up some sprays; the...
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    Re: Neroli Portofino Acqua by Tom Ford

    Any follow up from the OP?
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    Re: Make up an exotic name for a Niche fragrance

    My goodness... this is genius.
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 25th January, 2016

    Byredo Oliver Peoples
  11. Re: Any fragrance similar to Royal English Leather?

    Came here to state just this.
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 23rd January, 2016

    Gucci Rush for Men
  13. Thread: Sweet Agarwood

    by gerbick

    Re: Sweet Agarwood

    Perhaps By Kilian's Cruel Intentions? A sweet rose/oud combo softened with vanilla. Most folks swear it's unisex but to my nose it's a sweet masculine.
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    Re: Tried Fahrenheit COLONGE

    I was not a fan of Fahrenheit Absolute nor Aqua Fahrenheit which were loved by this forum yet I loved Fahrenheit Parfum which was hated by this forum.

    Not trying to be contrary, but I'll still...
  15. Re: Can someone recommend a long lasting, well projecting, masculine, warm cologne?

    Whenever I hear "warm", I immediately think of Costume National pour Homme. Warm, long-lasting, killer projection... very likely to not run into else wearing it either, so unique as well.
  16. [USA] Re: Updated January 17th! Cartier, HdP, Ramon Monegal, Vintage Antidote & more!

    New bump, last one was December 6th

    Happy New Years!

    Thanks for looking! PM me if you're interested.
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    Re: Mont Blanc Legend Spirit 2016

    Either I'm losing it or goin' crazy; but this actually sorta appeals to me. I think I'm just in the mood for something that fits a certain style.
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    Re: Smells like vacation...

    For me, it's quickly become Bleu de Chanel EDT. I have a travel spray that I keep with me in my dopp kit almost always.
  19. Re: Does anybody a fragrance to honor a dead celebrity?

    Pulling out SMW for the man that sold the world... RIP David Bowie
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    Re: Most Disappointing Blind Buys?

    Dior Fahrenheit Absolute would be my worst blind buy. It just was way too "funky" for the first hour, but lovely afterwards. I decided to trade it away and came out a winner on that trade.
  21. Re: Ralph Lauren Purple Label = a lighter Aventus for daily wear

    I own both but I don't get any pineapple from Purple Label; which is one of my favorite fragrances of all time. It's closer to Polo Romance Silver but honestly, Bond No. 9 Bleecker Street (as...
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    My confession... I tend to automatically dislike anything with any hype from this forum. They have to really be extraordinary for me to change my mind.
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    Re: John Varvatos Platinum Edition - any good?

    Okay, I'll go against the grain. This is a better than the majority of the designers released at the same time and has decent projection. The patchouli in it isn't bad at all, and for once it's a...
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    Re: Today I bought December 2015

    Guerlain L'homme Ideal Cologne
    By Kilian Light My Fire
    Jean Patou pour Homme
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    Re: L'Homme Ideal by Guerlain - Eau De Cologne?!?!

    Saw this in Miami duty free. Found it immediately wearable, purchased a bottle. Let's see how it handles the Jamaican heat.
  26. Re: What are you going to wear for Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

    I wore Byredo Black Saffron. Got steady compliments by the lady seated next to me. She took a note on her mobile (immediately shushed too) which scent I was wearing.
  27. Re: Just picked up the best cologne I've ever had.

    I really like this one too. Kudos for finding that one scent that works with you - that's a damn good feeling. Enjoy it - in fact, you've inspired me to wear Dark Rebel today OP.
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    Re: What do you think Jack Reacher would wear?

    Old Spice... just seems right.
  29. Thread: Creed Epicea

    by gerbick

    Re: Creed Epicea

    I never got pine upfront on Epicea - it's third behind the clove and lavender to my nose. Only via overspraying (I'm a notorious under-sprayer, so for me that was 5 or 6 sprays) does the pine note...
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    Re: Cosmair Jacpot!

    I was about to congratulate the OP until he said how much he paid.

    Now I just want to rob him instead... lol

    Yep, jealous. Congrats bro, enjoy it!
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    Re: Patou pour homme reissue

    Just got my bottle... paid $3 less than ChuckW :p and I agree... this is a gentleman's scent that is a throwback type of scent that I actually might enjoy. I get the comparison to Devin and JHL, but...
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    Re: Tom Ford Tobacco Oud - Fake or Real?

    Couldn't find it; but I'll have to echo an above sentiment - get it from a legitimate source. You have too much to lose with so many Tom Ford fakes coming out of the blue lately - and those bottles...
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    Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute Reissue. Any changes?

    No difference to my nose whatsoever. A few other people have stated the same thing as well in other threads.
  34. Re: Seen at Walmart: a Polo Supreme Oud imposter

    Would have loved a photo. But you gotta give them props - they copied that one quickly.
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    Re: Aquatics during winter

    Yep. Colder weather makes me appreciate some notes that go unnoticed in the heat. Even though it's not an aquatic, I almost exclusively wear Silver Mountain Water in the Winter now. Wore Acqua di...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 7th December, 2015

    Creed Royal Oud... hadn't worn it in quite a while.
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    Re: Favorite Bond No 9 Fragrance?

    Scent of Peace for Him followed very closely by Riverside Drive.
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Found Paco Rabanne 1 Million 100ml for $39.99 - but I am not a fan of it. That and Salvatore Ferragamo F Black for $29.99. Outside of that, nothing else worth noting...
  39. Re: X-Mas 2015 what cologne is on your gift list ??

    I have no clue... in fact, been scouring these forums to see if anything captured my attention.
  40. Re: Who's gonna wear Creed to the new Creed movie?

    I'll have to admit... I totally lol'd at this. HA!
  41. Re: What are your favorite "suit and tie" fragrances?

    This has become my go-to fave for the last 6 years.
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    Re: Creed EROLFA or Pure White

    Own both, but Pure White is my choice. Way more versatile, has the clean scent that I tend to gravitate towards, wears longer than most people here that complain about longevity but it does have a...
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    Re: Byredo Oliver Peeples

    Bought this one blind, did not regret it one bit. The juniper comes through nice and crisp without smelling like gin, barbershop or something vegetal. It's got a sand vibe - yes sand - and it last...
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    Re: Thoughts on creed jardin d amalfi

    My vote goes to Sunshine Man.
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    Re: Thoughts on creed jardin d amalfi

    If you think that Pure White Cologne and Tobacco Vanille (WHA!?) are feminine, this will be ultra feminine to you.

    If you're looking for a "butch citrus", I'd say hit up other scents instead. ...
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    Re: Brutal Cedar scents?

    Hinoki by Comme des Garçon perhaps? Longevity will be the only complaint perhaps.
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    Re: The Noir 29 by Le Labo

    Okay, I'm not getting as much rose as Rose 31, but it's there. I'm getting a lot of roasted tea leaves - almost like a good gunpowder green tea actually - that comes off somewhat smoky, even...
  48. Re: Is the sprayer pre-attached to the new Patou Pour Homme Heritage...

    Oh, I cannot WAIT for your take on this.
  49. Re: At first glance, am I the only one who thinks Byredo might be pronounced like BURRITO?

    I will never I see this the same way ever again. It's going to slip out. I know it will.
  50. Poll: Re: Will Creed Millisime Imperial Make Me Smell Old School?

    I actually was joking. I couldn't fathom how Creed MI could be considered old fashioned/grandpa type of scent.

    And the Leather Oud has been traded from my collection for a while. I need to...
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    Re: Favorite By Kilian Fragrance? and Why

    Cruel Intentions followed closely by Straight to Heaven. Why Cruel Intentions - it's a woody/rose/oud combo that has a hushed projection that I truly enjoy and doesn't smell dated or harsh.
  52. Poll: Re: Will Creed Millisime Imperial Make Me Smell Old School?

    That's at least 250ml of smelling like an old fart. Enjoy!
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    Re: Question For those in the USA

    I just tell them what's inside, they've handled it accordingly. Only once did I have a true problem - had to re-box it while in line and then they'd send it. Not sure what that guy's problem was,...
  54. Re: Frapin The Orchid Man - new scent coming in October 2015

    Anybody else have an update on this? Very curious...
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 17th November, 2015

    Ambre Imperial by Van Cleef & Arpels
  56. Re: I notice I'm much more simple minded when noticing other's fragrances.

    I honestly wonder if folks do this for real from this forum sometimes. To the OP, I'm of the same mind and practice. Just keeps things simple.
  57. Re: People requesting me to stop wearing fragrance

    I lived in Japan and while there, I dropped wearing scents since it's an affront to their personal space; what little personal space they may have. Initially it was hard, but with some effort it's...
  58. Re: Interesting observation about Performance (BN9 ILNY For Him and Chanel Antaeus)

    Wait... you had "accidentally" layered the Bond with Antaeus? Quite the combo... did they pair well?
  59. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Equipage Geranium - not a bad scent at all but just not for me.
    Creed Royal Service - initially I could not tell the difference between it and Creed Original Cologne/Pure White Cologne.
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    Re: Today I bought: November 2015

    Van Cleef & Arpels Ambre Imperial
    Le Labo Noir 29
    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
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    Re: The Noir 29 by Le Labo

    Drseid, thank you for your review... I've yet to receive my sample but it's starting to sound like this will be bought by me regardless.
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    Re: Husband Hates Aventus

    Such a straight-forward description... sorry it wasn't for him, but love his description.
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Thank goodness I was not the only person to pick up that. It smells like not even good "grape", more like Wyler's (not even Kool-Aid, even cheaper) grape almost...
  64. Re: Varvatos Dark Rebel - Buy Now @ Full Price or Wait?

    I was disagreeing with your assessment. My point, that you're all too eager to overlook is that Audigier has a rum note, the very same type of rum note that you point out as "cheap rum" in Dark...
  65. Re: Varvatos Dark Rebel - Buy Now @ Full Price or Wait?

    We're going to have to disagree. The rum note is far superior to say Christian Audigier's rum note which I found overly cheap. I actually found it fleeting, but the one note that I keep smelling but...
  66. Re: A shocking fact : Creed is completely unknown in France's perfume shops

    You expected more from a forum of consumers?
  67. Re: Challenge of the Day...find info/ pics of This One... ? !

    It's official... Hednic is like a Wikipedia of scents; an asset to this community. You have my respect, sir.
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    Re: Is Joop! Homme meant to be like this??

    This constitutes being labeled a biohazard in most places. Wow.
  69. Re: Varvatos Dark Rebel - Buy Now @ Full Price or Wait?

    I bought it full price; wearing it today actually. I quite like it, longevity is a bit like the majority of the John Varvatos line (read: leaves quite a bit to be desired) but it's a great designer...
  70. Re: A shocking fact : Creed is completely unknown in France's perfume shops

    One man's trash is another man's Creed...
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    Re: NEW: Habit Rouge Dress Code

    They're sold out again... guess you got the last bottle! Hope that you enjoy it.
  72. Re: Tom Ford Private Blen 50ml/100ml bottles... reusable?

    You do have a great point...
  73. Re: Tom Ford Private Blen 50ml/100ml bottles... reusable?

    Unfortunately no...
  74. Re: Beyond Paradise & Paris Hilton for Men (blue bottle)

    A decent fruity cheapie perhaps could be Sean John "I Am King" or the "I Am King of the Night" flanker, but not the "I Am King of Miami" flanker - it smells a lot like John Varvatos Artisan where...
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    Re: The Noir 29 by Le Labo

    Gaiac 10 and Santal 33. Those were must-buys to my nose.
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    Poll: Re: Whats the verdict on Royal Mayfair?

    Great scent; not one for everybody but works great for me!
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    Re: The Noir 29 by Le Labo

    Okay, this encourages me. I like Rose 31, but I hate the cumin that comes on too strong every now-and-then. Hearing that they have their rose note in place, and some fig and citrus involved......
  78. Re: Why hasn't Tom Cruise been the "face" of a fragrance yet? We've got Depp, Pitt, Farrell, McConau

    Perhaps because he's so short?
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    Re: If you could only have one in a mixed climate

    MFK Pluriel would be my choice.
  80. Re: Royal Mayfair hit shelves at Creed Boutique tomorrow 7/9/15

    Right... and I was born in 1674. Lovely scent, no need for hyperbole in their marketing.
  81. Re: Ok, which one of you weirdos is this? (CH Men edition)

    I'll admit it... I totally lol'd...
  82. Re: Love BN9 Harrods Agarwood and YSL M7 so...

    I'm... not sure about this mix. But please share your experience...
  83. Re: Are fanboys like Youtube's Al hurting Creed's brand image?

    I seriously doubt that. But if you insist...

    As opposed to the gentrified, hipster types that are quickly taking over NYC as fast as they had in San Francisco?

    No more than you or I.
  84. Re: Anyone get a sample in mail of Creed Princess Oud?

    She owns Spring Flower, Royal Ceylan and Love in Black by Creed already. She says it's not as floral initially as Love in White, it's a bit more subdued than Love in Black, gives off a vibe that is...
  85. Replies

    Re: Creed Vetiver 1948 - Worth a blind buy?

    Own it; if you can get it for a decent price... buy it. As stated above, it's a fresher take on vetiver, some ginger, a bit of a barbershop vibe with some ambergris in the dry down but overall a...
  86. Re: Anyone get a sample in mail of Creed Princess Oud?

    Got it also from Creed... so two samples in the house now. The dry down is still the best part to me. But the wife likes this one.
  87. Replies

    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3


    Nothing really worth noting at my local TJ Maxx... Mont Blanc Individuel, not much more really.
  88. Re: Anyone get a sample in mail of Creed Princess Oud?

    Yep, but through the Creed SA at the local Neiman Marcus. The dry down is my favorite part.
  89. Re: Royal Princess Oud at the Creed Boutique NYC!

    Any idea on how this smells? Creed SA at my local Neiman Marcus pointed this out as a potential purchase for my wife.
  90. Replies

    Re: Blind Bought Tom Ford London - Opinions?

    This, exactly this. It's rarely talked about, but it's a dirty, yet clean type of scent. The notes list out like it'll be one incredibly "skank" scent: cumin, musk, oud, incense but it's honestly a...
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    Re: Need Armani Diamonds Black Carat for Him

    This should have been posted in Fragrances Wanted... but I'm assuming that since your account is under 1 year old and you're not a Basenotes Pro member, you couldn't do post in that forum.
  92. Re: Completely left field reaction to Dior Homme

    And I just spit out my tea... lol
  93. Replies

    Re: So you find Tom Fords wallet ........

    I'd ask him for a modern take on Djedi.
  94. Re: What else smells like the base of Virgin Island Water. Not the top. The BASE.

    +1 Cocobello

    It surprised me, but it was a good surprise. It starts at the lesser annoying parts of VIW (read: middle to base notes) and it's the first thing I thought of when I read this thread...
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    Re: Unpopular fragrances that you like

    I'm in that same boat as you. Love Ciel when I'm in the mood for a masculine floral. Hell... gonna shower and wear it tonight.
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    Re: Unpopular fragrances that you like

    Most of John Varvatos offerings... Artisan, Artisan Black, Dark Rebel, Rock & Roll Volume 1, 10th Anniversary... for designer level offerings, they smell nothing like what all else is out there. Just...
  97. Re: Am I the only one that at first glance at Tous' logo the thought of "boobs" comes to mind?

    Great. Now I'll never unsee that... lol
  98. Re: Nasomatto Black Afgano and Polo Supreme Oud smell the same.... did polo jack nasomatto?

    Can't say that I see the similarity between the two. There's perhaps a note or two similar in the reformulated Black Afghano, but it's not exactly the same to my nose. Both have a damp woods accord,...
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    Re: Today I bought...September 2015

    Not a busy month for me... finally decided to get the following:

    John Varvatos Dark Rebel
    Ralph Lauren Supreme Leather
    Cartier Heure Brillante
    Histoires de Parfums Veni
  100. Re: Which 5 perfumes do you consider to be the worst ever made?

    More of a South Carolinian colloquialism; an angry bandaid is one that's filled to the brim with puss/blood and has a stench to it that's unwelcoming like stale body fluids.
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