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    Re: Just entered a dry, green stage.

    I've been there, too, kewart. I love Ma Griffe and Ivoire, nice austere (good word) green scents. But I like to mix them (odd as it may sound) and sometimes like to add a bit of Fendi to the mix to...
  2. Re: What notes/scents work well with your skin? Which don't?

    Gee Kat, it might be hard for you to extrapolate from us onto you. If that is your pic and coloring (similar to mine) this might help. I've found that when perfumes smell bad to me (and again this...
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    Re: Full bodied herbals?

    Kenzo Parfum d'Ete is round, green and sweet, very lasting.
    Sicily by D&G is a very full, herbal frag, not as sweet. I, too, love Guerlain's Herba fresca. It's light green, and minty, but doesn't...
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    Re: Warm Fruity Chypres?

    You might, if you can find it, try Libertine by Vivienne Westwood. White Jeans by Versace, and Deep Red by Hugo Boss, while not overtly chypre-y, are warm and fruity and might speak to you. Mitsouko,...
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