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    Re: King Kouros, I bow down at Your feet

    Admittedly, even though I wear fragrance primarily for myself, just the thought that other people will absolutely detest this has been enough to keep me from wearing it in public, as yet.

    I can...
  2. Re: Cheap alternative to REFLECTION MAN by Amouage?

    I agree with all of that.

    I tend to view Reflection as a vanilla-woody fragrance chiefly of interest for being much drier and less sweet than it might have been. If this aspect is what sets it...
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    Re: Divine L'homme Sage fans?

    I was just looking at the order page

    and realized the women's scents come in a multitude of sizes, including small travel versions, along with body...
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    Re: Divine L'homme Sage fans?

    I had been meaning to ask about the splash bottle, and now seems as good a time as any:

    Are their scents, including L'Homme Sage, better sprayed or dabbed?

    I emailed Divine about this, about...
  5. Re: Cheap alternative to REFLECTION MAN by Amouage?

    Sniffed Dior Hypnotic Poison for the first time today, and the drydown reminded me of Reflection Man. The former is perhaps a touch cruder, noticeably foodier, and devoid of that pink pepper note,...
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    Re: Divine L'homme Sage fans?

    I have a sample on the gay.
  7. Re: The curse of being a Basenoter - arrrghhhhh

    Or a restraining order. Probably worth the risk, though.

    Stylin, you should have struck up a conversation when her shields were down.

    What do you think about Jubilation XXV?
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    Re: Really Fruity Scents ?


    I am besotted with this.

    A caramellic peach/apricot/leather, which I recently realized smells a lot like properly ripe mango flesh.

    One of the happiest scents I know, with brains too.
  9. Re: Commissioning a perfumer for a project: what is the procedure?

    I don't think it is, generally, unless it is done in the Sale/Swap forum.

    With BNers living all around the world, it might be reasonable to give people at least a day or two to get around to a...
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    Re: Drakkar Noir clones

    Though I only sampled it once, I thought Aventus shared a certain something with DN, especially after the topnotes fade.
  11. Re: The curse of being a Basenoter - arrrghhhhh

    That sounds a bit like XXV's incense drydown, assuming you did not spill too much on your hands.

    But I'm sure you will remember to ask for clarification during dinner tomorrow night.
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    Re: The Razorpit

    bill, welcome to Basenotes.

    You may be interested in the following thread about extending razor life, especially as the method suggested therein lets you keep your fingerprints:
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    Re: Ducati For Men

    I still think it's cool.

    The_Cologneist makes a fair point about not writing off car/celebrity fragrances, but I do my best to try and like perfumes created by companies whose products usually...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Police - To Be

    I wouldn't want to begin to contemplate how such a thing came to your attention.

    Be that as it may, I can't help admiring the modest, even coquettish pose the skeleton has adopted on...erm, his...
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    Re: Buyer Beware - The Perfumed Court (dot) Com

    I am sorry your experience with them was not good.

    I tend to use TPC as a last resort, for a few reasons, but have had no issues with several larger orders in the past, as well as a smaller one...
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    Re: Ducati For Men

    That seems unlikely but awesome if true.

    Pininfarina designed the original Guerlain Homme bottle, as well as a host of other lovely and indispensible things, including some of the most...
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    Re: Le Labo Refills - be aware

    Glad to see Le Labo finally took you seriously. The free bottle was a nice gesture on their part.

    I still find the faux-apothecary aesthetic a bit much, but it's good to know there is some...
  18. Re: Commissioning a perfumer for a project: what is the procedure?

    Good question. I would like to know the answers to those questions, too.

    A few months ago, I was able to ask Sebastian Alvarez Murena, the guy basically in charge of Eau d'Italie and one of the...
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    Re: Ducati For Men

    No, never tried it. Blue juice always worries me. Love the bottle, though.

    What kind(s) of fruit and wood are we talking? Is it similar to anything you know of? And better?
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    Re: New Fragrance: Police - To Be

    These are the sunglasses people, right? Not the vaguely-creepy 80s band?

    I think the Prince of Denmark missed a trick not naming his own fragrance this...
  21. Re: Women in history and their fragrance choices..

    No but, if true, that is pretty impressive for someone whose olfactory receptors were...otherwise engaged for much the past two decades.
  22. Re: What fragrance gives you more confidence to help you approach a beautiful lady

    I don't know.

    "Hi, I'm ______. You're...tall and very pretty. Would you care to dance?" usually works for me.
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    Re: Kouros: The Truth?

    I'm feeling sleepy and my eyelids are getting heavy.

    I think I will buy Kouros.
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    Re: Caron Yuzu Man Test

    I sent you a PM. Awfully nice of you to do this.

    If you have any left, please let me cover the shipping cost.
  25. Re: Fragrances with wimpy topnotes that increase their volume over time

    Santa Maria Novella Ginestra (excellent stuff, btw) seems to do this, too; smells like nothing on the strip for the first few minutes, before slowly coming to life in the hours that follow.

    At the...
  26. Re: Women in history and their fragrance choices..

    If I recall properly, First Lady Dolly Madison was partial to an extract of verbena infused with gardenia absolute and a tincture made from the timbers of a pirate ship.

  27. Re: Men's Cologne Recommendation Please: Dry Green Animalic

    Well, ad copy can be like reading the list of ingredients on a cereal box; even if you understand what trisodium phosphate and maltodextrin are, there is no way to know if you are eating Cheerios or...
  28. Re: FRAGRANCE THREADS that should be avoided like the Plague!

    Google Chrome previews the first ten or fifteen words of the thread if you hover over the link with the mouse cursor so, if I expect I won't enjoy or contribute to a thread, I won't click on it.
  29. Re: Sweet Redemption (The End) By Kilian ~ New Fragrance

    Sounds delicious, if not hugely original, at first glance.

    I hope the "sweet" in "sweet powdery woods" will not provoke a massive pancreatic response.
  30. Re: Stetson - The daring complexity of a niche and the greatest pun of all-time in Men's fragrance

    Dunno, guess you'll just have to wait to find out.

    Stetson smells fantastic. I think if it was made to spec with better materials, it would end up coming off too powdery (if it isn't already) so...
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    Re: Le Labo Refills - be aware

    I must say, I am extremely disappointed to hear this.

    You can maybe forgive the overwrought lab aesthetic, the cutesy bottle personalization, and the minimalist fragrance names because...
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    That was brilliant, thanks for sharing.

    Who else wants to up sticks and move to Paris right now?
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    Re: Perfume A-Z Guide Top Ten Maculines

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    Re: JOOP! Homme on a first date ?

    I would recommend it for a first date, in small doses, assuming your date is with a Dalek.
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    Re: JPG Le Male

    Bigsly, forgive me for prying but what kinds of parties require you to smell good from behind?
  36. Re: Article: Short Back And Sides On The Rocks, Please

    Nice little piece, that.

    If you get a chance, tell them to sort out their American distribution. The US website carries only about half of the line's perfumes and seems perpetually sold out of...
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    Re: Sample Of The Day - June 2011

    Same here; I have sampled a lot of stuff recently but have only a bunch of half-done reviews to show for it. Bingeing recently on new-to-me spiced floral/fruit scents and revisiting several older...
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    Re: Parfum Satori from Japan

    That is some seriously aspirational pricing (over $1200 U.S. for 60 mL), which suggests that these are more about the bottles than what is inside of them. And lo, lots of copy about tea ceremonies...
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    Re: New Fragrances: Huitième Art Parfums

    Alright, I'm getting excited about these now.

    I don't have a problem with linearity, as such, even if the best examples such perfumes can grate after a time. But from an artistry standpoint, the...
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    Re: New Fragrances: Huitième Art Parfums

    The four that I definitely want to sample are Ciel d'Airain (pear, fig, olives), Fareb (floral, herbal immortelle), Naïviris (woody iris leather), and Vohina (peach lavender).

    I am intrigued by,...
  41. Re: Samples were mailed-- Basenoters to sample Ungaro Pour L'Homme I and II

    My samples arrived yesterday.

    They appear to be 1.5 mL vials which are currently about 2/3 full (so about 1 mL of fragrance), but I will require very little of that to get the basic idea. Will...
  42. Re: Looking for a berry scent with good projection.

    Get thee down to Aedes for a sniff of Parfums Delrae Bois de Paradis. That stuff is no joke.
  43. Poll: Re: Intimate Movie watching night, Help me pick! Hypnose - La Nuit - Pure Malt - Pi

    A wise woman once persuaded me that watching a movie is really just an excuse to make out. I still don't know how things panned out for old Che in The Motorcycle Diaries, but that night was...
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    Re: GUCCI discontinuations: THE WORD

    A bit harsh on Frida that, but one sympathizes.
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    Re: Damn! I spilled it!

    Over the past year, I have saved about a half-dozen sample vials from certain disaster by catching them in mid-air. The worst would have been a 4 mL vial of Aldehyde C-12 in my bedroom; had that...
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    Re: I think I've "retired"!

    You wear Chergui AND play guitar? The girls at school are going to *love* you...that is, if you ever manage to escape from the bio lab.

    It was good to hear from you. Stop by when you can.
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    Re: NEW YSL: Homme Libre

    Every time this thread is bumped, I think, "Nacho-ooooooo!". Nice bottle.

    "Sometimes when you are a man, you wear stretchy your room. Eez for fun".
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    Re: New Fragrance: Davidoff Champion Energy

    I never sniffed the original Champion but I am a HUGE fan of Guichard the Younger's work on the Piguet reissues (well, apart from Cravache).

    So even though this flanker sounds dull, I wouldn't...
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    Re: Spraying the chest question?

    I have never had staining issues with the scents I own, though I also tend to avoid spraying directly onto white shirts. Sometimes I spray a white/black A-shirt or white/black V-neck undershirt...
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    Re: Good Cologne Storage Idea?

    This could work out brilliantly, especially if you are willing to stick a fresh ice-pack in the cooler every 12 hours from here to eternity.


    On second thought, maybe just get the fridge.
  51. Re: Do Women & Men Wear Each Other's Fragrances?....

    What men's fragrances do you like on ladies?
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    Poll: Re: Rate YSL Kouros

    I only gave it a 9 because YSL are too busy L'Homming to release the parfum extrait Kouros deserves.
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    Re: gym scent

    1. It smells good and makes me happy. A single spray of Bandit to the shirt (ahem) works for me.

    2. Satisfying in small doses, not cloying. I had Le Baiser du Dragon from a sample on my arm...
  54. Re: What are scents that are pleasant to every person?

    Baby skin.

    I think about 1.5 billion Muslims and Jews might disagree. I know an old roommate of mine would; he used to become nauseous at the faintest whiff of the stuff.
  55. Re: What do you do with mystery decants, minis, samples?

    I have kept the two unlabeled samples I have, one of which I am convinced is a Hugo Boss scent. Thankfully, I don't like either of them.

    The idea of striking sample gold but not knowing what it...
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    Re: Spraying the chest question?

    Yes, I bathe once a week. No bottled fragrance can equal my unique natural mixture of sweat, oil, and grime. Women pretend not to enjoy it but I see right through their (fake) coughs and (lusty)...
  57. Re: New scent after a breakup? When he left, all the old ones made me cry...

    Why, I am appalled at the temerity of such a suggestion.

    [But seriously, buy me a drink and we'll see how it goes]
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    Re: This Wont Be Easy .....

    Eau de Guerlain.

    Even though the lemon vanishes eventually, it gets replaces by a mossy-musk accord that is perhaps even more interesting.

    johnjohn, how are the repairs on your house coming?
  59. Re: New scent after a breakup? When he left, all the old ones made me cry...


    Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere is a fizzier, more versatile update of the timeless classic, and well-worth sniffing if you have not already done so. Besides, no one does "I was too good for...
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    Re: Spraying the chest question?

    I was a fan of two to the sternum until recently.

    What I realized was that this means anything I apply later will clash with what I was wearing before unless I take (another) shower. I have taken...
  61. Re: Jean-Claude Ellena the nose behind Korres perfumes?

    Someone posted a thread on BN a few weeks ago announcing that Korres USA were no longer carrying the men's fragrance line, including Saffron/Amber/Agarwood/Cardamom, and whatever stock was left on...
  62. Re: I finally got my bottle of YSL Kouros...Initial Review

    So you won't be visiting public restrooms to conduct research anymore?

    Your preliminary findings were most interesting... :sad:
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    Re: Carven Homme smells like Oil

    Never smelled Carven Homme before myself but it seems an unlikely candidate for counterfeiting.

    I will insist, however, that you could do far worse than walk around smelling of Oil of Olay, upon...
  64. Re: All invited *** Sniff 'n' Speak Saturday, June 4, 2011 *** CITRUS

    I am being forced this evening to attend an engagement party (not my own, thankfully!) so I will probably end up nursing Lyric Man and a single malt for most of the night.

    I wore a spritz of...
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    Re: New Fragrances: SoOud Perfumes

    I spent some time with a few of these at Henri Bendel back in April. It was a long day and I sniffed a lot of things, but I did manage to try two of them on both skin and paper:

    I don't...
  66. Re: What would you wear to a waterpark?

    Winner. :grin:

    I would have suggested something that layers nicely with chlorine, body hair, and children's urine.

    Hugo Boss, I guess.
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    Re: I almost cried FAKE!!!

    I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

    The bottle looks brilliant but that name is just asking to get beat up: Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme Noir Absolu.

    Reusing bottles and names may...
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    Re: Bleu, I owe an apology to you

    This burgeoning campaign to get Bleu taken seriously might force me to try this again.

    I hate the both of you.

  69. Re: Men's Cologne Recommendation Please: Dry Green Animalic

    Robert Piguet Futur is a mean green chypre that shares some of Bandit's architecture, at least in the recent reissued version. Cold and dry at times, lush and wet at others. I have sniffed it a few...
  70. Re: Infatuated, Nine Bottles Later, Still Am I.

    [Clucking bell;] I should hope you are still infatuated with Ambre Gris, with that many backups on-hand.

    I must admit, the bottle is gorgeous. The next time you finish one, instead of tossing it...
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    Re: The deep end of the pool...

    Welcome! There is nothing wrong with long posts; that which is worth saying, is worth saying well.

    Well done on diving straight into the classics. As with painting and films, exploring the...
  72. Re: Surprising Celebrity Fragrance Preferences?

    Sébastien Chabal - Pour un Homme.

    PuH artfully marries lavender and vanilla.

    He subsists on a diet of opposition half-backs and small woodland creatures.
  73. Re: When perfume is entirely different on someone else's skin...

    LT/TS mention in Perfumes: The A-Z Guide that they don't want to believe in perfumes smelling differently on different people, but anecdotal evidence from professional perfumers and their own...
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    Re: Layering by accident

    I was sampling Guerlain Vetiver some time back whilst eating one of those coffee candies The Perfumed Court ladies send out with orders sometimes. This was most improbable, not only because I do not...
  75. Re: Infatuated, Nine Bottles Later, Still Am I.

    I have never tried it--missed out on the BN mini-craze about two years ago--but I'm glad you enjoy it.

    How have you managed to go through nine bottles already?! It has only been out for a few...
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    Re: House James Heeley - Opinions Please

    Well, yes.

    Still, I could have sworn there was a fancier name for them, involving "wood" or "block" or perhaps something painfully artsy.

    Maybe just my (overactive) imagination. Thanks.
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    Re: You can now 'Thank' users for their post

    I prefer the old-fashioned way of typing it out. More satisfying all around.
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    Re: Neroli Sauvage ......

    I'm a sucker for neroli, and I liked it better than any Creed I have tried to date, sans GIT and BdP.

    Surprisingly good longevity on paper, too.
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    Re: Whats your fav Acqua di Parma ???

    Colonia (original). Neroli (YAY), rose (yay), white musk (whoo).

    The days I wear this are suffused with sunny optimism and full of possibility.

    Iris Nobile is freaking gorgeous, though.
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    Re: Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs

    Thanks, mike.

    I'm not sure I want to see Rick James sweaty and shirtless, with a factice clutched between his thighs. Certainly not in his present condition.

    I must say, it is cool in blue. ...
  81. Re: Common mistakes that novices make. A list in progress...

    The boxes do offer safe storage for perfumes but, mostly, I just take a certain childish delight in opening the box of my SOTD every morning. I always feel the same mix of excitement and...
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    Re: My experience with Kouros

    So...thumbs up then?

    Seriously, that was awesome; dropping the kids off at my friend's pool will never be the same again.

  83. Re: What exactly makes Fracas that overwhelming?

    I don't think it's all that scary on its own.

    What worries me is the idea of encountering a woman, perhaps one not at all unlike Germaine Cellier herself, for whom Bandit is merely the tip of a...
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    Re: Jazz by YvesSaintLaurent

    I've nearly purchased Jazz on several occasions.

    Remembering that I don't lust after it the way I need to for a FB purchase invariably stays my hand.
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT - June 2011

    Congratulations. But don't you mean!

    MKK or CdR? :)
  86. Replies

    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT - June 2011

    My bottle of Aramis 900 finally arrived yesterday. Sampled twice, right price, very nice.

    Yes, and Kouros is pretty loud, too. :wink:
  87. Re: Common mistakes that novices make. A list in progress...

    Keep the boxes, keep them in the boxes.
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    Re: Aramis Havana Powerhouse?

    Yeah, I haven't gotten nuclear longevity with Havana (re-issue), either, but it lasts plenty long enough.

    Aromi is spot on about the "cacophony"; just take a look at the notes list. Seriously, it...
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    Poll: Re: Designer Frag World Cup - Japan

    I just hate that they hide, reformulate, or discontinue their best perfumes. The stuff Shiseido do retail widely in the U.S. is faceless dreck in comparison.

    Their approach to fragrance is...
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    Re: Thoughts on Eau de Guerlain

    While I enjoy Eau de Guerlain's dry citrus gangbang, its herbal qualities really make it a party. That austere, ethereal note of carraway seed in particular is not for everyone.

    Noteworthy also...
  91. Re: Which floral fragrance would you recommend for a younger person?

    Excellent piece of work on what must have been a pocket-change formula budget.

    May I never smell it again.
  92. Replies

    Poll: Re: What Would Mickey Mouse Wear?

    Daisy Duck.
  93. Re: New fragrance: Hussein Chalayan and Comme des Garcons - Airborne

    I saw this in the Scented Salamander link

    and thought, "Oh my, that Thierry de Baschmakoff has gone off the deep end, hasn't he?" :embarassed:

    The actual bottle...
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    Re: Citrus and woods ...... Oh my

    PdN New York. Twelve hours on skin. Sillage seems greatly reduced after about five, which is fine for me.
  95. Re: I visited a few public restrooms yesterday to get an idea what my Kouros will smell like?

    That sounded made-up so I had to Google it. Egads! How awful.
  96. Re: Can't wait for my latest samples..Parfums de Nicolaï, Nobile 1942...

    Sacrebleu, if I recall properly, shares a certain something (fuzziness? Frenchness?) with Chamade. I think you will enjoy it.

    Are you sampling New York for yourself or with someone else in mind? ...
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    Poll: Re: Designer Frag World Cup - Japan


    I am actually glad Shiseido didn't make the list, the bastards.
  98. Re: Im going to a Sweet 16 and need some help.

    The Dreamer is the one I like best of that lot.

    Also, a woman I know in her early-20s bought it for her boyfriend, broke up with him before gifting it, and now often wears it herself. I'm not...
  99. Re: New Fragrance: D&G Anthology "Le Fou" & "La Temperance"

    Thanks for posting.

    Who is(are) the perfumer(s) for these? And what are the odds either of them will be any good?
  100. Replies

    Re: The Blog format doesn't work for me

    Ten-thousand words is basically a novella. You were planning on regular blog posts longer than that?
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