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    Not sure if I like it. .

    Just bought a bottle from Dollar Tree for a $1

    I'm not sure if I like it. The opening is very familier, for me it seems like the blue counterpart to Brut which i'm not a fan of :undecided:

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    Re: Which cheap summer scent best?

    nautica voyage
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    Poll: Re: Axe body spray

    The issue with body spray's or deoderizers is that there scent doesn't linger for any noticeable amount of time. It's merely something to freshen up with or to offset natural body odors and they do...
  4. Re: Nautica Voyage - What a great scent...

    Great scent, not overly "blue" or strong either. Linen,beach, summer rain is how i describe this but i'm actually surprised at the positive longevity for many people here, on me it really only lasts...
  5. Re: Designer houses that are not well regarded in BN - any worth trying?

    Realities for men!

    It is admitted by D&G lovers that it smells eerily similar, has excellent longevity and costs less. Despite all of this those very same people give it a mediocre review! It's...
  6. Re: your TOP summer scents for REAL HOT WEATHER

    I'll do a budget take on this topic:

    Nautica Voyage - I agree with the others who mentioned this. This is a safe summer fragrance so that may cause a few to scoff but I can't see anyone not liking...
  7. Re: My best blind by so far " Kanon Norwegian wood"

    not a powerhouse scent at all btw and it stays close to the skin

    definately worth it at the prices it can be had
  8. Re: My best blind by so far " Kanon Norwegian wood"

    great price, decent longevity - a nice daytime scent all year round and or a warm weather fragrance that will stand-out amongst all the blue and aqua stuff out there

    simple sweet sandelwood,...
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    Re: Kanon Norwegian Wood

    Suprisingly great. I liked it as well, at least enough to do a review about it on the directory.

    Lasts about 4-5hrs worth of projection on me so I don't think it's that bad when it comes to...
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