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    do many guys wear Visa by Robert Piguet?

    this is billed as a feminine scent but i think i would be reasonably comfortable wearing it. do many of you guys wear this scent. The sales assistant in the store where i sampled it told me that a...
  2. Design & Motion by Bugatti - anyone got/tried this?

    I sampled this today and really liked it. I had sort of convinced myself that I would not like it even before trying it based on what it was and my perception of it etc which I know is probably very...
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    Re: Are Amouage scents worth it?

    Amouage is a woderful fragrance house in my opinion and their scents are complex and very classy and refined. i particularly love dia, jubilation, lyric and reflection and am currently sampling...
  4. Re: Your favourite Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrance

    Lumiere Noire Pour Homme is fantastic.
  5. Anyone tried/purchased any of the new Amouage Library Collection - Opus 1,2 &3

    I am a massive Amouage fan loving Dia, Jubilation, Reflection and Lyric so am very eager to try these three though they do seem hugely expensive even by Amouage standards. Anyone tried them yet? are...
  6. Re. Etro's Vicolo Fiori - do any of you guys wear this scent?

    I can't quite decide if it is that bit too feminine and sweet smelling on my skin or not. From what i have read about the scent, i think it is predominantly perceived as a ladies fragrance but i know...
  7. anyone know what has happened to the basenotes magazine?

    i took out a subscription for this a few months back and was expecting to receive the pilot edition and first issue proper sometime soon after that but have so far received nothing. i have emailed...
  8. Re: Angel Schlesser Oriental Edition? Anyone any experience?

    i got this fragrance from my perfumery of choice a few months back as the owner knows of my liking for oriental scents and had put it to one side for me. she certainly knows my tastes well as i...
  9. Any guys out there wearing Serge Lutens' Nuit de Cellophane?

    I sampled this the other day in a store and also picked up a sample of it and like it. I have also received a few positive comments on it whilst wearing it. the lady in the store said it was a unisex...
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    Re: What is your next purchase?

    Annick Goutal - Encense Flamboyant
    Ormonde Jayne - Zizan
    Perfumerie Generale - have the wonderful Coze, now going to try another in the line
    John Varvatos- Artisan, if it is half as good as the...
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    Re: Give Original Santal another chance!

    my opinion on this scent seems to change dramatically from one month to the next. when it came out i loved it but some months i can't bear to wear it as it seems to smell quite sickly sweet. have...
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    Re: S o T D - Sunday, February 15 '09

    Ted Lapidus Pour Lui
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    Re: SotD, Thursday- 12th of Feb 09

    Isfarkand by Ormonde Jayne. pure class.
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    Re: Best Ormonde Jaynes for men?

    anyone tried and tested the new men's fragrance from oj called zizan? i got a sample and think it is a good scent, not sure that it is in the same class as ormonde man but it is definitely worth a...
  15. Anyone purchased Ormonde Jayne's new men's scent, Zizan, yet?

    I had a small sample which I liked and quickly used up. just curious to know what others thought of it and if anyone has actually bought a bottle yet.
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    Re: SOTD Sunday, 11 January 2009

    Lyric by Amouage

    A class scent from a very classy perfume house
  17. Talking of scents 'cool' celebs wear, I know Bryan Ferry favours...

    Ormonde Man. It doesn't surprise me that he goes for such a different scent as this. I love it myself but I love Ormonde Jayne's other two male scents as well.
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    Re: Amouage for men, which one should I choose?

    in my opinion i think amouage produce some truly wonderful scents. dia, reflection, jubilation and the new lyric always get very positive comments when i wear them. for sure amouage products are very...
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    ormonde jayne's zizan

    having already got ormonde man and isfarkand in my collection, i was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my sample of zizan which arrived today and i am not disappointed, in fact i love it and having...
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    Hedo by La Perla

    just wondered what others think of this scent. i like it but am very aware of it myself when wearing it which i feel is never a good thing. the powdery element to this scent seems to linger...
  21. Re: Which, if any Amouage male scents are worth the high price?

    Amouage is a top class perfume house and in my opinion all of the following are great scents:

    yes they are undoubtedly expensive but i believe they are a cut...
  22. Re: Ever had a negative comment from a friend/stranger on a fragrance you've worn tha

    the comment was something along the lines that 'the guy next to me is wearing the most disgusting smelling scent'. obviously i know you can't please everyone, it is just you would hope never to hear...
  23. Ever had a negative comment from a friend/stranger on a fragrance you've worn that...

    you personally really like? how did/would you react to that? would it put you off wearing it again in future or would you just put it down to their poor taste? i experienced this recently when i was...
  24. Do you ever feel guilty about the number of fragrances you own?

    whether it is other peoples' comments that might make you feel a bit guilty or perhaps your own realisation that maybe you have too many scents that get you feeling a little guilty. i know i get that...
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    Lyric by Amouage

    what a superb scent this is. i managed to pick up a sample of this from my perfumery of choice and have been bowled over by it. i put two little sprays of the scent on early today and it is still...
  26. Has anyone tried the men's fragrance by la maison de la vanille

    they only do the one for men i think. i usually like fragrances with vanilla in them so am curious to get some feedback as i have yet to track it down in the UK.
  27. A lady in a perfumery this week told me that Rochas Man is being discontinued.....

    please tell me she is mistaken as it is such a great scent.
  28. Anyone tried the new Amouage men's scent yet and if so.....

    what's it like? i love dia, reflection and jubilation by this house so i have high hopes/expectations for their new fragrance.
  29. Anyone here familiar with Moai by La Maison de la Vanille?

    i was given a small sample in a store the other week and thought it was very nice, reminding me a little bit of Rochas Man. just wondered if anyone else here has tried it and what their thoughts on...
  30. paintrman, you are correct.....

    generale perfumerie do fuse their frangrances using a process along the lines of which you describe. i think the process helps the scent not to be too harsh as coze has very a smooth, yet very...
  31. If you haven't checked out Coze by Generale Perfumerie, then i suggest you should

    in my opinion, this is an absolutely classic scent with great staying power and it never fails to attract very positive responses from people. i am not too good at describing scents in detail in the...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    i never fail to get positive comments from females when wearing the following scents:
    Lalique homme(lion)
    Coze by Generale Perfumerie
    Dia by Amouage
    Reflection by Amouage
    John Varvatos(original)
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    Re: SOTD - Monday May 19, 2008

    Ormonde Man
    what a great scent this is, so very individual.
  34. Anyone tried the new Serge Lutens fragrance - Five O'Clock Au Gingembre

    i picked up a sample yesterday and my first impressions are that it's really nice. i'm not too good on detailed fragrance descriptions but like many Lutens scents it's pretty heavy/spicy/oriental in...
  35. do you have a fragrance/fragrances in your collection that you love one minute and...

    really find yourself disliking on another day. i am currently experiencing this with dior homme original and intense. one minute i think they are both incredibly sexy yet understated scents then on...
  36. the continued pursuit for 'the holy grail' of perfume

    i suppose there are many like me out there, we have our absolute favourite scents but just can't help ourselves continue to seek more out, searching for the ultimate scent....until the next one. it's...
  37. i have just discovered the perfumerie generale range for the first time

    and am presently sampling a few of the scents. at the moment i am enjoying the 02 Coze one. just wondered what those who are more familiar with the range than i am think of the various scents and...
  38. Is Dior Homme Intense very similar to Dior Homme?

    i have the original scent which i like and have seen the new intense version advertised though i have noot smelt it yet. just wondered if they are very similar or not and which is the better one of...
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    Re: Bois 1920 range

    hi healer, check your private messages for my reply to you with the details you require.
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    Bois 1920 range

    i have been sampling this new line in the UK(it is in a few select stores over here) and have been really impressed with most of them but for me so far, there are three that stand out from the rest:...
  41. who else thinks that acqua di genova fragrances are vastly underrated

    both the colonia unisex scent and the 1853 Men scent are both superb in my opinion and i cannot understand why either or both of these do not receive more mention here.
  42. Acqua de Parma Colonia Intensa, just wondered what people think of this new scent

    I picked up a sample today and my first impressions are that it is a very classy, clean fragrance that has excellent longevity. in some ways it is a quite feminine smelling scent but that does not...
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    Re: SotD Saturday August 25

    my SOTD is John Varvatos(the original).
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    Re: Serge Lutens - Gris Clair

    All i can say is that Gris Clair is one fantastic fragrance and it never fails to attract very positive comments.
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    Re: L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraiche : Anyone?

    i think this version of Issey is easily the best in the range, IMO nuch better than the original and the regulat Bleue scent. the mint note gives it an extra dimension, highly recommended.
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    Poll: Re: Hard choice to make . . .

    Lanvin everytime my friend, a class fragrance, for me the others are far too commonplace these days so be a but distinctive a smell good at the same time.
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    Re: SOTD Saturday 18 August

    lalique pour homme(lion)
  48. Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin(original) versus Au Masculin Fraicheur

    i have had both of these fragrances for quite a while now and my mind keeps changing about how i feel about them. i used to love the original Lolita but in recent times i have been a little too aware...
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    Re: stylish samples from Ormond Jayne

    Isfarkand is a wonderful fragrance and always generates very positive comments. everything about the ormonde jayne perfumery is class. if you visit the store the service is superb as is their mail...
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    Re: Courvoisier L'Edition Imperiale

    i posted about this fragrance a while back but got very little response to it. i like the fragrance but it reminds me a lot of cuiron bu helmut lang, as has already been mentioned. however, as cuiron...
  51. L'Edition Imperiale by Courvoisier - a wonderful fragrance

    i really can't understand why this fragrance has not attracted more attention on this forum. it is the best new scent i have discovered in recent times. it has great longevity and just gets better...
  52. Love a fragrance one day then hate it the next,anyone else experience this at times

    it seems to happen with me quite frequently and currently i am experiencing this with two fragrances that i fall in and out of love with sometimes within the space of 24 hours. the fragrances in...
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    Anyone tried Acqua di Genova for men

    i've heard it's very nice and apparently only available in the UK from Les Senteurs in London. feedback appreciated.
  54. Anyone familiar with/tried Acqua Di Genova EDT Men and if so.....

    what did you think of it. I have heard some quite positive comments on this fragrance but have yet to see or smell it.
  55. How many frangrances are there currently in the Serge Lutens collection?

    i read on this forum about quite a few i have never seen and in some instances, never heard of. are some just available in France or certain other countries. does anyone have the current definitive...
  56. Serge Lutens Daim Blond - do many men here wear it?, if so.....

    what reaction do you get to it from others. i am on the verge of buying this as it seems to be to be a unisex scent although i know some disagree. seems to have good longevity as well.
  57. I am thinking of trying one of the Lalique fragrances.....

    i have sampled Lalique pour homme(Lion?) which i thought was nice. is this recognised as the best of the Lalique male scents or are there better out there? i would be interested in hearing peoples'...
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    views on Pasha de Cartier Fraicheur Menthe

    i have recently purchased this fragrance and really enjoyed the fresh minty smell at first but i have become too aware of the smell on my own skin whilst wearing it and it has even started giving me...
  59. Serge Lutens fragrances - some advice please

    i have recently started wearing Gris Clair which i absolutely adore and am keen to investigate SL fragrances further. however, many in the range seem, i feel, to have a more feminine friendly than...
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