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    Re: Juice level in Tauer Perfumes

    Andy, thank you for taking the time to reply personally and offer an explanation. I appreciate the video you shared. It was nice to see that some items are still being handcrafted today. I will enjoy...
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    Juice level in Tauer Perfumes

    I picked up a new bottle of Tauer L'Air du desert marocain and the level of the juice inside seemed lower than I expected it. The level line is around 1.5cm down from the point where the left and...
  3. Dilutions for blending - how much total solution?

    It is fairly obvious that one would not want to dilute all of their source material, to say 10%, as they might later decide they want to use a stronger solution.

    Is there an ideal amount of...
  4. Re: Best Bottles for Essential Oil Storage

    It is a simple enough spreadsheet that it could be imported into Google Documents and made public with no save option for public users. I think it might still be possible for a public user to add...
  5. Re: Best Bottles for Essential Oil Storage

    I'm really enjoying everything all of you have to say about how you approach fragrance development. It is so interesting. This really is both a science and an artform, both technical and artistic....
  6. Re: Best Bottles for Essential Oil Storage

    I think there is probably a pre-formatted tag you can wrap that text in and it would display better. Update: the forum appears to be vBulletin, but doesn't seem to parse the "code" tag "The [ code ]...
  7. Re: Best Bottles for Essential Oil Storage

    For those of you using micropipettes, which size micropipette do you use most when experimenting and blending?

    I've started experimenting as mumsy described with "Willy-nilly formulas, sniffing,...
  8. Re: Best Bottles for Essential Oil Storage

    What size pipettes and pipette pumps do you use? I'm sure a wide variety would be beneficial for various tasks, but if one were purchasing only one or two to get started blending and experimenting...
  9. Re: Best Bottles for Essential Oil Storage

    Would you provide details on the micropipettes you are using? Are these the type that require disposable tips? SculptureOfSoul, how inexpensive if you don't mind me asking?
  10. Re: Best Bottles for Essential Oil Storage

    As Chris mentioned, most scale 'software' auto-corrects for tiny additions, does the My Weigh iBalance 101 (i101) handle small additions without auto-correcting? I've seen a number of suggestions for...
  11. Re: what is the best frag that comes in a black bottle?

    Best in black that I own, Comme des Garcons Series 3: Incense - Kyoto
  12. Samples - Sillage and Longevity?

    I've obtained a number of samples over the past year from a well known shop. While I've enjoyed them, many seemed to have a short longevity on my skin, fading quickly after the first two hours. For...
  13. Re: Need advice on diluting labdanum and cade EO

    Chris, I appreciate your explanation as I'm a new fragrance DIYer and interested in learning to dilute by weight.
  14. Re: Where to find Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque in US?

    Thanks. I somehow didn't find them.

    Any other places?
  15. Where to find Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque in US?

    I haven't been following the fragrance world closely enough and I was excited a year or so ago to hear Fumerie Turque was finally available in the US, however, it seems I didn't act quickly enough...
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    Re: Creating similar fragrances

    Doc: Perhaps my wording was misleading. I am not planning on duplicating Kyoto. I am guessing it is very difficult to duplicate complex fragrances. Instead, I would like to create something...
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    Creating similar fragrances

    I am new to the art of perfume making and I know I have much to learn. I plan on getting a starter kit to help with the learning process, but with that I would like to experiment and try to develop...
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