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  1. Re: What do you do with the original box/presentation

    I throw them in the recycling bin where applicable.
  2. Re: Article on frankincense from BBC - demand is destroying the trees

    Great article, cheers for the link. Enjoyed reading the NYT one too.

    I want to try that frankincense gelato now...
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    Re: Dior Spice Blend

    Vetiver is still available in some regions, isn't it? Need to get my nose on this. I love Mitzah and Bois d'Argent to pieces from the Privee line, and have a soft spot for a few of the others.
  4. Re: Does Miller Harris do a lemon heavy fragrance?

    Citron citron might be what you're after. I've not tried it but seen it in TK Maxx here a few times recently. I really enjoy the M&H perfumes I own, especially Vetiver Insolent.
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    Re: looking for a sparkling fragrance

    A lot more lower-tier than previous suggestions, but Versace Blue Jeans is a fizzy aromatic cola to me.
  6. Re: Do You Prefer A Certain Bottle Size oz’s?

    If price per millilitre was the same (or even close), I would go for the smallest size bottle available as a rule, at least with new perfumes.
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    Re: Gucci Memoire d'une Odeur

    I saw this in town today but didn't smell it. Will give it a try soon though.

    Yes, light florals are all the rage in parts of Asia like Saudi Arabia and so on :lolk: You need to have a word...
  8. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    Not arrogant, but the argument is flawed the more you think about. It also undermines the opinion of anyone who doesn't have that frame of reference who does love an 80s powerhouse. It also means...
  9. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    Are we confused whippersnappers then?
  10. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    I should have ended that with a bland "YMMV, of course". No offence intended, I've always tried to be nice about stuff I don't like but this seemed like the right place to open up a *little*....
  11. Re: Am I expecting too much from a cologne?

    A perfume's strength obviously fades over time once applied. For it to be strong enough to fill a small room four to six hours after application, it would have to be ridiculously strong from the...
  12. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    In no particular order:

    Burberry London for Men - Scarce was bang on the money, it's a sickly Christmas candle. Wasn't so sweet back in the day but I gave it away back then too. And the ultimate...
  13. Re: Best Ultra Cheap Beastmodes - Fresh, Clean & Masculine, Shower gel vibe.

    Adding Moschino Forever Sailing to the pile of suggestions above.
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    Re: Omg omg omg dior Fahrenheit parfum

    I love all the Dior blokey parfums, I think they're really well done and could easily have been entrants into the Privee line or whatever it's called these days.

    For me: DHP>ESP2012>FLP>ESP2017...
  15. Re: Which one? Fahrehnheit EDT, Absolute or Parfum ?

    They're still very different scents. Trust us on this one.

    I love all three (and Fahrenheit Cologne) for different reasons but would go for the EDT if pressed. Current version.
  16. Re: Super popular super hyped releases that you haven't tried?

    I'd be surprised if you hadn't without realising it! It leaves a very distinctive trail. It's also probably the one I would say to try, if you asked for just one suggestion. It has plenty of admirers...
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    Re: Neroli Fragrances

    I really enjoy this one. I quite like the flankers too but this is the one to try for neroli with a bit of weight behind it. Gets very positive reactions too if that matters.
  18. Re: Bentley Momentum Intense or Lalique Hommage Voyageur

    Own and enjoy both but neither are fragrances that I would use as a regular wear. The Bentley is very (deliberately maybe) synthetic and has its moments but it has a metallic ring to it that I have...
  19. Re: Does anyone remember Neal's Yard in Covent Garden London & their lovely colognes?

    I thought they did still but could be wrong. There's one in Birmingham too.
  20. Re: I really like forests. Does Knize Forest actually smell like a forest ?

    Agree with Polo and also Encre Noire if you can avoid being influenced by the histrionics about it being gothic and stuff like that. It's a breezy cypress and vetiver scent that's great worn outside....
  21. Re: Can there be such a difference........

    Someone's perception of a fragrance may be influenced by how many sprays they have used and, possibly more importantly, where they spray. You can bet that some people who report a perfume as having...
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    Re: Timbuktu or Dzjongkha ?

    I own both but if I had to only own one it would be Timbuktu.

    They're both incensey vetivers but different - Dzongkha can be almost chalky or milky on me, and it is very dry with iris underpinning...
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    Re: Any houses on your “no buy list”

    I steer away from Creed because of their endless bullshit. Way beyond the usual marketing rubbish.
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    Re: In a moment of mad inspiration

    I'm with you on this. Might change my mind in the future but I wasn't taken by it. Would rather wear Jicky.
  25. Re: Bentley Int. vs. Valentino Uomo Int. vs D&G The One EDP: Choosing a Signature Scent for Universi

    Bentley for Men Intense would be a clear winner from the ones you listed. And I would probably recommend Dior Homme over Dior Homme Intense ahead of the Valentino - simply because Dior Homme would...
  26. Re: Dior homme parfum VS Dior homme intense VS Valentino intense.

    I agree - and I find DHP to be a lot more versatile than DHI. DHI for me is a fragrance for a night out, whereas I can wear DHP at any time. The only reason I don't is because it's not widely...
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    Re: Trussardi python vs fahreneit 32

    Fahrenheit 32 is a quality fragrance. Not similar to others in the line though so if you haven't smelt it before you could be in for a surprise. Vetiver on a not too sweet vanilla base. I love it but...
  28. Re: UK Summer Scorcher - What are You Wearing?

    I went with vintage Cool Water this morning. 20 degrees here now but 83% humidity. Think it's going be a vetiver this afternoon. Might just go for Inhale perfume oil by Lush - the lighter part of...
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    Re: Explain your icon

    Mine is me, taken a couple of months ago.

    Previously it was Winston Churchill famously making the "V-for-victory" sign with the palm facing inwards, which normally has a very different meaning to...
  30. Re: UK Summer Scorcher - What are You Wearing?

    Ended up going with Chanel's No.19 EDT which was a good choice to start with but feels a bit too powdery now for the heat.
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    Re: What was it ?

    I've seen comparisons on here before between the Guerlain and Chanel's Coromandel.
  32. Re: UK Summer Scorcher - What are You Wearing?

    I might wear it this afternoon after a shower. Not worn it yet in "proper" heat.
  33. Re: UK Summer Scorcher - What are You Wearing?

    And for people not designed for it either!

    My sister lives in Perth and I think she's bonkers for willingly submitting herself to that kind of summer heat.
  34. Re: Should I even bother with Fahrenheit?

    I don't think there's a flanker that I haven't enjoyed, at least from the ones that I've tested. The Cologne is worth a sniff too IMHO
  35. Re: Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense - Sillage/Projection & Longevity.

    It was a strong one on me. Gave it away and have been missing it ever since.
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    Poll: Re: Rose/Oud Frgrances

    I voted Oud Palao as to me, it's a nastier (in a good way) Oud Ispahan.

    Also agree that Goddess by Lush is a great one. A lot of naturals in this including oud and a lovely osmanthus note that...
  37. Re: UK Summer Scorcher - What are You Wearing?

    I'm not built for summer at all, I'm happiest in the period mid-autumn to mid-spring and don't own a proper heavy winter coat as I never need one! I've been working from home all week and think I'll...
  38. Re: The Ralph Lauren Supreme Polo line is a bit of an underrated gem...isn't it?

    The oud from this line is the only one that really caught my attention but not enough to get it and I haven't tested them in depth. I prefer the similar offerings from Gucci and Versace that you...
  39. Re: I want my morning scent cloud to hang around all day, darn it

    Hope it works for you! Spraying more is often not the answer when people think that fragrances don't last on them.

    I think the risk-averse IFRA would have banned or restricted a lot more stuff...
  40. Re: Should I even bother with Fahrenheit?

    You say destroyed city, I say floral leather :lolk: This thread reminded me that I recently picked up a vintage miniature of this. Am giving it a wearing now on what's forecast to be the hottest UK...
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    Re: Question about Chanel Pour Monsier

    There are two versions - it was reformulated and rereleased in 2017. The original, 2012 version, is hard to come by now in most regions and is all about vetiver and myrrh. Both are called Eau Sauvage...
  42. Re: Civet. Please explain this note, and share your favorite fragrance that features it up front.

    Current is fine, according to Luca Turin here.
  43. Re: I want my morning scent cloud to hang around all day, darn it

    I'd bet that on the days when you spray behind your ear, this makes you go nose blind pretty quickly. I wouldn't mind betting either than the two to the neck could be doing the same. Try five sprays...
  44. Re: Tell me about the last compliment you received

    1) The fragrance you were wearing - Calvin Klein Reveal Men
    2) The situation you were in - browsing plants at a local garden centre
    3) Who made the compliment - a woman nearby who complimented me...
  45. Re: Looking for something different but versatile

    Lalique Hommage a l'Homme would work as a versatile oud for both daytime and evening - the oud is very quiet. It's one hell of a classy scent that could easily be someone's signature.
  46. Re: Recommendation for someone who LOVES Tuscan Leather

    Came here to recommend the new version of this by Guerlain, Bois Mysterieux, which is a lot more affordable and definitely something worth trying if you like Tuscan Leather.
  47. Re: Choose and Rank Your 10 Favorite From This List

    Suprisingly tough for me, and is it bad that I felt guilty about leaving some out?! My favourites are a mix of "occasional" stuff that doesn't get worn a lot but sometimes is the only thing I could...
  48. Re: "Best" masculine-appropriate Amber frangrance?

    I would suggest trying M7 Oud Absolu even if you're not sure it will have the elements from the original that you like - to a lot of people on here it's extremely similar and I find it more ambery...
  49. Re: If Recommending One Fragrance For A Beginner To Start With (Given Our Experience And Knowledge)?

    This is a mantra for life, really :thumbsup:
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    Re: Factice's

    Imagine having a lifetime supply of Shalimar parfum, what a result!

    As a rule though, I would rather have (another) big houseplant than a factice in the house!
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    Re: Online auctions question

    It could be down to a non-payer as mentioned above, or the seller might have more than one item to sell but doesn't want to list in bulk for whatever reason.
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    Re: Best Franck Boclet

    I own Tobacco and Vanille and they're good, especially Vanille, but I never seem to want to wear them.
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    Re: Most enigmatic fragrance

    Yeah, was from the Bullring! I also recently picked up both Encre Noire flankers from there and have seem Hommage and the Voyageur flanker there (but I own those already).
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    Re: Most enigmatic fragrance

    I got my 2014 bottle of Or Black from TK Maxx a few months ago for fifteen quid :lolk:
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    Re: What's worth noting at the moment?

    Cartier Declaration Parfum if you haven't tried it already
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    Re: Your guilty pleasure fragrance

    No shame involved but for me:

    Versace Blue Jeans - aromatic vanilla cola

    Burberry Touch for Men - some days I get mainly pepper, some days tonka, or violet...gets an inordinate amount of...
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    Re: Powerful Cologne Type Frag

    Dunhill Icon is a modern cologne on EDP steroids.
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    Re: Most enigmatic fragrance

    Depends on how you define enigmatic when it comes to perfume, but I guess my SOTD Fahrenheit Absolute could be a contender anyway.

    I need to dig out my sample of this again, I remember really...
  59. Re: Pick Top 5 Most Masculine Fragrances You Have Smelled?

    As said above, I don't think it's changed. It's still a modern classic to me: a sheer veil of smoky, rooty vetiver over musk. I find Encre Noire to be pretty versatile and it shines on warmer days...
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    Re: Fragrance as Pre-workout?

    There's no consensus, it's just that the ones who don't wear it tend to shout louder about what is the "correct" thing to do than those who do it, ha! Have a quick search and you'll see some of the...
  61. Re: Pick Top 5 Most Masculine Fragrances You Have Smelled?

    My mother wears this and she's 72, ha! I don't find it masculine at all even though I love it. I think Its flankers, both the Extreme and Sport version, would probably lean more masculine in my...
  62. Thread: Armaf

    by crashtestbrummie

    Re: Armaf

    I didn't click with Aventus so haven't smelt it enough to comment. The base is the usual Creed ambroxan-masquerading-as-ambergris, right? If so then I can see why the clones smell different in the...
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    Re: Modern Masculine Lavender Fragrance

    The lavender fades fairly quickly on me with this one, and them I'm left with a peppery tonka with a background hint of lavender. Still nice enough, though!
  64. Thread: Armaf

    by crashtestbrummie

    Re: Armaf

    I think norlimbanol is just one of those things that most people are fine with (hence it being used so much) and some people aren't. Not sure it reflects badly on the nose of someone who isn't...
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    Re: Awesome Flea Market deals!

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    Re: Strange Article - Thoughts?

    Seems to be British English mainly and it's not really in current use, at least not around my neck of the woods.

    I don't think that happened in all honesty.
  67. Re: New York Times: "Could this be the end of frankincense?"

    There's a study linked in the article that was published on but you have to pay to access the full study. The abstract for it reads:

    "The harvest of plant parts and exudates from wild...
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    Re: Strange Article - Thoughts?

    It reads like an article specifically meant to troll users of sites like this, ha. Written by one John Thomas, no less, which is slang for the male genitalia for those who don't get the reference.
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    Re: Cardamom fragrance recommendations

    Yeah, definitely dense and probably worth trying when it's cooler. I might wear it today to see how it feels on me on a warmer day.

    I personally don't get too much of the gourmand aspect but it's...
  70. Re: why do "incenses" perfumes smell totally different?

    You can pick up frankincense essential oil for next to nothing, and the same goes for myrrh. To understand it better, you can buy both in resin form to burn at home - I do mine on charcoal disks....
  71. Re: New York Times: "Could this be the end of frankincense?"

    I'd still disagree.

    1. If by farming you mean planting new trees, there's mention at the end of the piece of plantations in Oman and nurseries in Somaliland.
    2. It's not truly in danger yet. They...
  72. Re: Hard to describe scents that are a bit 'futuristic' but still mass pleasing and enjoyable

    Givenchy's Xeryus Rouge was the first thing that I thought of. Still smells as 'out of time' as it did back in the mid-90s when it came out. The Dreamer by Versace is another one like that, as is...
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    Re: Cardamom fragrance recommendations

    Definitely the two Kenzos mentioned above. Also Voyage d'Hermes but I would take the EDT over the EDP. The Declaration perfumes by Cartier have cardamom as a signature note for the most part,...
  74. Re: New York Times: "Could this be the end of frankincense?"

    Have you both actually read the article? I don't see anything here designed to incite fear (maybe I'm just not a fearful kind of bloke!) nor do I see much here that's subjective.

    Mature trees are...
  75. Re: 'Merica! Your Most Patriotic Scent for Independence Day

    This made me laugh out loud. All of it.

    Ha, just a bit:

    Top Notes
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    Re: Leather for Summer

    I think Fahrenheit shines in the heat, with Aqua Fahrenheit being another option with a nice cool leather. Also, Guerlain's Bois Mysterieux (formerly Songe d'un Bois d'Ete) works nicely in warmer...
  77. Re: Best purchase you made in last 6 months?

    Vintage Paco Rabonee Pour Homme from the 80s
    A miniature vintage Fahrenheit
    Vintage Le 3eme Homme by Caron
    Inhale, Exhale and Goddess, all by Lush, and also their Stayin Alive in vintage - a...
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    Re: Decant got skunked in car

    I keep a couple of Lush solid perfumes in the car in case of emergency. Suppose they could, in theory, melt, but not likely in a standard English "summer".
  79. Re: Decaration....without the cumin note.

    Does it have to be a flanker? Agree with the comments that it's worth trying Declaration l'Eau or Declaration Parfum if you want to keep it in the family, but it would be worth smelling Narciso...
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    Re: Vanilla

    Interesting read. Lush use a natural vanilla in a lot of their products and have some relevant articles worth browsing:
  81. Replies

    Re: "Oilyness" In Fragrance

    Definitely with these two.

    Also, I get this with Dior Homme Parfum, Feve Delicieuse and Eau Sauvage Parfum 2012 - and possibly also from Fahrenheit le Parfum as boozy sometimes feels oily to me....
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    Re: Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera

    That's brilliant. And it's shaped "as a lightning". Think it's been through a translation programme!

    Can't beat a bit of obscure tonka though.
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    Re: T K Maxx

    Birmingham Bullring TK Maxx has 50mls of a couple of Laliques in stock for £15 - Encre Noire Sport and Hommage a l'Homme.

    Anyone in Birmingham should also pop into Selfridges - they're clearing...
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    Re: Hipsters and Fragrance (do they mix)

    Not wearing deodorant isn't really a big thing if you're wearing a decent anti-perspirant, surely? Did this survey cover this or is this a word-of-mouth thing?
  85. Re: Mellifluence thread (if you like Sultan Pasha you’ll love these)

    I've got a few of his attars from a few years back. I love the Maryam myrrh-based one and he does a lovely osmanthus one ("kinmokusei"). I also picked up some oakmoss extract from him and aged...
  86. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    Need a vintage bottle of Heritage EDT for your splits, mate? :vrolijk_1:
  87. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    Add "middle of the road" and "nice" (as in the damning-with-faint-praise British usage) to that list and we have it well covered. Now I'm going to go and wash it off and put something on before bed...
  88. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    Yeah, I tried the current version a few months ago - I often have a cheeky spritz of something from the Guerlain counter when I'm in town and gave it a whirl more out of absent-mindedness than...
  89. Re: Not sure if this is the right thread? But who knew Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy?

    EDT or EDP?
  90. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    I like the rose and saffron versions better than the original but I like the latter too. I don't really get a feeling of poorer quality materials with these but accept that it's generally subjective...
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    Re: Perfume that lasts all day (???)

    You can get 1740 in 15ml bottles which is ideal. And I have 100ml of the Kenzo and I think that will still be in existence at the end of the century!
  92. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    Some good stuff in here already, although some stuff too that I would class as good in the cheapies category but wouldn't go near paying full retail for. Much as I love some Bogart scents, for...
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    Re: What would you wear to the Cricket?

    I'm close to the Albion ground and it's a nightmare when they're playing at home and I've forgotten! I've also made the mistake of driving past Edgbaston at the end of a series...
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    Re: What would you wear to the Cricket?

    This! Encre Noire if it's raining or the Extreme flanker if not.

    I lived in Headingley when I was a student and wasted a few afternoons down at the cricket getting genteelly stocious on bitter. I...
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    Re: Good vanilla scents for layering

    The body spray is decent too - think it's twenty quid for 200ml here. It's darker than the perfume with more of a caramel feel to it. I'm planning on sampling it on my skin this weekend when I'm not...
  96. Thread: Booze

    by crashtestbrummie

    Re: Booze

    Adding Guerlain's Homme EDP (formerly Homme Intense) for its mojito/rum note.
  97. Re: Notes breakdown for Hommage a L'Homme

    I quite like the Voyageur flanker of the Lalique; it's quite different though. All about patchouli and vetiver with a dry papyrus note. I saw it randomly in TK Maxx the other month!

    Think that...
  98. Re: Using a Fragrance For Things Other Than Spraying on Yourself?

    I do a few of the above and some other ones:

    - spraying on bedding, especially lavender or woody scents

    - spraying on radiators

    - spraying into an oil diffuser with water. Works better with...
  99. Re: Notes breakdown for Hommage a L'Homme

    I love The Dreamer and I love the Lalique, which I'm wearing today because of this thread. If I had to choose, I would go for the Versace as it gives me a pleasure that the other doesn't quite match....
  100. Replies

    Re: Dior Homme Intense 2019

    The main one from the DH line for cocoa for me is the original formula DH EDT. It's almost the star of the show on my skin.
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