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    Re: Opening Day

    Gotta wear it again then. I wore new socks today, they will need to have some time off before i can trust them again.
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    Re: Opening Day

    Viking for gametime. I may get unfavorable scent memories here.. lol.
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    Re: Looking back....

    2010 musc ravageur. Only one. Would never spend that much on anything ever again. Grand Soir straight from mfk online, i respect their sample program and wanted to support the company for that.
  4. Re: A strifeknot appreciation thread :)

    Appreciate him muchly! Strifeknot is great. Gets the top stuff for everyone.
  5. Re: What Is Your Top Five As Of Right Now!

    I love these, since i feel like my tastes just keep evolving.

    1. Gucci Guilty Absolute
    2. Yatagan
    3. Sauvage EDP
    4. Third Man
    5. Fahrenheit P
  6. Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    Im not a huge Aventus guy. Its my first bottle, had a decant before but thats it. I didnt ask about any batch codes or anything since its all the same to me without experience to most of them. Seems...
  7. Re: I finally tried Rasasi La yawuam homme

    To rasberryish and too strong. Used to own a bottle, and some decants. Still have maybe about 5ml. Value is fantasric surely.
  8. Re: cant believe what i saw at sephora

    I dont like to spray my skin when im out. If im almost sold on a frag, maybe one spray. Otherwise 1 on a card.
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    [CONUS] Re: NSAM sales:

    New bottles
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    Re: Sillage and Longevity

    Red vetiver is often said to smell like tdh. Havent tried it. TdH eau intense vetiver goes like 20-24 hours on me, powering through showers and such. I havent heard anybody else agree with me though....
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    Re: A quick hello and SOTC

    In before hednic! Welcome. Burberry London will be recomended. I had longevity issues with my fragnet bottle, but it does indeed smell like fall.
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    Re: Dior Privee Eau Sauvage?

    I was thinking balade fake accident
  13. Re: Latest Caron for Men - Nuit Fraiche!

    Anyone sample it yet?
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    Re: Opening Day

    I think so. Though im not sure. Just gotta not really wear it any other time so i dont get sick of it. 4 times a month will put it in my "most worn" monthly post. I have attempted like crazy to keep...
  15. Re: Versace Eros VS Eau de baux for casual everyday

    Eros. You are young, enjoy it.
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    Re: In defence of Dirty English

    Ordered an official sample from fragrancent. I tried it a bunch of times, i smell nothing. Wife smelled nothing. Idk. Only thing i ever couldnt smell was molecule 02 and this. Or i got agua in a...
  17. Re: NEW Andy Tauer L'Air des Alpes Suisses

    Whoa. Seems cool!
  18. Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    My new aquisitions. Viking and Aventus less than half full, so not breaking the bank, but dang. They are nice.

  19. Re: Creed Aventus Clone = Club De Nuit Intense By Armaf ?

    This. I'm not a great person to ask, because I think they are closer than most people. Yes, it is most definitely a clone of Aventus, I don't think that is in question. The question becomes how...
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    Re: 6 new Paco Rabanne release?

    Copying Mugler Cologne
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    Re: Opening Day

    MN Vikings, tortured fanbase. And I think all season I will be wearing Viking by Creed. Just fitting.
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    Opening Day

    If you care about football, it is opening Sunday. What are you wearing for the games?
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    Re: Most overrated fragrances

    Commes des Garcons Wonderwood and Blackpepper. Not that they are bad, just overrated.
  24. Re: The dilemma of either buying a unique, daring scent or a crowd-pleaser is killing me. Can't deci

    While I understand the draw of the one that smells good to most, I also believe you should get the one that smells good to you. If you are going to be a fragrance enthusiast you will probably grow...
  25. Re: Latest Thierry Mugler - A*Men Ultimate!

    I cannot abide that bottle. Sadly, this will be a pass for me, though I will definitely sample if I get a chance.

    Found this online.
    A*Men, MUGLER's first men's fragrance, launched in 1996,...
  26. Re: Are We Too Hard on Fragrance YouTubers?

    Lol. 100%
  27. Re: Costume national Homme - is it any way similar to Amouage Interlude man?

    I dont find them similar. Interude is a sledgehammer incense frag with background sweetness, Costume National is a dry citrus clove spice thing. Both are very strong, but Interlude feels thicker and...
  28. Re: Are We Too Hard on Fragrance YouTubers?

    I think we are a bit too hard on them in general. My wife has tried to get me to start posting youtube videos. I'm pretty sure it is just because she is sick of hearing me talk about them and wants...
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    Re: Dark

    None to me. I guess maybe one of the Dior Parfums?
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    Re: In the hunt for my next

    Eau Sauvage Parfum is citrus aromatic and long lasting. I often hear Nio described as a long lasting citrus but I have not tried it. Terre d'hermes Eau Intense Vetiver is an aromachem citrus to me...
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    Re: Kouros longevity

    This fragrance is the longest lasting thing I have tried. Easily 24 hours and over on skin. Too long, generally speaking. Putting this on is a commitment.
  32. Re: What's on top of your wish-list right now?

    Lupin Dandy
    Obsession (preferably vintage)
    Jubilation XXV - decant is getting low
  33. Re: Two Latest Men's Azzaros - Ginger Lover & Wild Mint!

    The Ginger Lover looks very interesting to me. The note breakdown has me thinking ginger flavored declaration or costume national home. That name is terrible though. Nothing becomes a classic with a...
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    Sauvage = Baccarat Rouge 540

    Lately, I've been thinking that Baccarat Rouge 540 (EDP in particular) is something like the female version of Sauvage. They do not smell alike. But are synthetic and pleasant. Both last forever,...
  35. Re: Becoming a niche snob... anyone else?

    I do not consider myself a snob of any sorts. I'm very salt of the earth, come as you are. But I was recently at a Sephora inside a JC Penny. I didn't see anything that drew my attention at all. ...
  36. Re: My wife hates Baccarat Rouge 540 :(

    My wife likes it... not on me. She said I smelled like a woman. But she liked it on her. She has worn it quite a bit now. She prefers the extrait to the edp. Both smell fantastic on her.
  37. Re: Are We Too Hard on Fragrance YouTubers?

    I've never left a comment positive or negative. I tend to "vote with my feet"
  38. Re: How would you rate/review a perfume if .....

    I try to remove myself. Example, Jicky. Smells like old women and babies. But, it does seem to be quality. Smells more composed than the average grab from the womens section. I went Neutral. ...
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Parfum Identification

    Full bottle with box. Ebay auction. I had a sample of 2017. Wore it to work yesterday. It was awesome. Very happy with it.
  40. Re: What to wear as a wedding guest

    T Rex by Zoologist

  41. Re: No-Buy September (formerly No-Buy August)

    Nope. I'm out already. Maybe no buy October.
  42. Re: Dior Sauvage EDP for hot tropical weather?

    In my experience the edt and edp are pretty equal in longevity. But I get like 20 hours out of both in moderate weather, so I don't know. Anything stronger than these is usually unwieldy to me,...
  43. Re: Dior Sauvage EDP for hot tropical weather?

    Sauvage would work well there. It works everywhere, everyweather. It is good.
  44. Re: JV x NJ: The New King of Compliments

    It is so often intoxicating when the fairer sex casts a fanciful glance or word in your direction. It can bring the strongest man to his knees. I suppose I'll smell it if I see it again, I had...
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Parfum Identification

    Thank you everyone for your help. I just got my 2012 Eau Sauvage Parfum. It is fantastic.
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    Re: The Fragrances We Would Buy Again

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    Re: One choice for... Vol 12.5

    Well, it is not a citrusy airy affair, but a lavendar clove. IMO any season frag. Not cloying or anything.
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    Re: You smell like an old man

    They are judging you on your frags, you are judging them on theirs. Wolves dont concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.
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    Re: One choice for... Vol 12.5

    You have to choose a parfum for:

    - Your spouses father on a date: PS Fine Cologne
    - Your worst ex: Marc Jacobs Daisy
    - A new laundry detergent for a major company: APOM
    - To recommend to Hednic...
  50. Re: Looking for an everyday cologne, any suggestions?

    +1 Explorer, +1 The One. The only issue generally speaking with the One is that the performance sucks, but if you don't mind the performance of La Nuit, it should not be an issue for you. Also, the...
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    Re: Pineapple Vintage Intense Gold??

    I feel like a clone house needs to be cheaper than the original by a wide margin to justify their existence. If I'm spending 120 dollars on a fragrance anyway i'll just pony up for the real deal.
  52. Re: Anyone here going to CANCEL Dior for their sauvage ad?

    naw, diors my jam
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    Re: Your Most Worn August 2019

    Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci
    4 wears

  54. Re: Dior getting blasted for new Sauvage campaign

    I will respect them much more if they dont cave. Im offended by the people who are offended.
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    Re: Hello

    Can I just ask why you don't just buy AdG Absolu or Invictus Aqua if you want something that smells like them? They are like the same price as Hawas.
  56. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

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    One choice for... Vol 12.5

    You have to choose a parfum for:

    - Your spouses father on a date
    - Your worst ex
    - A new laundry detergent for a major company
    - To recommend to Hednic (that you think he doesn't have)...
  58. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    reading this thread through is like following along with each of the posters fragrance whims. It is quite awesome. I am going to have to follow this a bit better.
  59. Re: Your style, as presented in picture form

    When I'm not at work I look like this, unless it is too hot for a sweatshirt,

    then maybe this
    sans hat and shoes, with either superstars or steel toe boots
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    Re: Acqua di gio profumo vs Kouros

    Good question, and I suppose I don't have a good answer. I've never gone in search for a beast mode aquatic. My first thought was something from mancera or montale, and Slayerized seems to have...
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    Re: Is current dior homme fine?

    I do not have experience with the older version, but the newer version performs just fine for me. Lasts pretty good, and I quite enjoy the smell. I own all DH, DHI, and DHP and I think this might...
  62. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    I read the reform comment as tongue in cheek.
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    Re: Acqua di gio profumo vs Kouros

    I have not noticed any similarities. Not even parts. What store was carrying Kouros in 2019? Kudos to them. OP, I also find AdG Profumo to be of middling performance, though it is said to be...
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    Re: The New Armani Code PROFUMO

    I just smelled this this last week for the first time. I liked it. I was surprised, because I dislike Absolu. What I read as norlimbanol basically got added to absolu.

    As for Armani Code...
  65. Re: A Dramedy - L'Heure Bleue and a Salad Spinner - share your tragedies and redemptions

    This was a fantastic thread. Possibly my favorite post ive read. Kudos on your ingenuity, thrift, and story telling capabilities.
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    Re: what are some best jeans?

    I wore lucky, diesel, true religion, mek, guess, rock revivals, back when i cared much. Now straight levi signiture. Ive got a short torso, so oddly proportioned, perfect fit and cut is essential.
  67. Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    All killer, no filler.
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    Re: Skankiest Of Them All ?

    +1 marlou. Not super close.
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    Re: Elie Saab Oud thoughts?

    Performance id say average as well.
    So i pulled out my MFK oud samples, Silk and Satin extraits and Oud edp. Oud edp is sweeter and more rounded. Would not have considered oud edp sweet, but in...
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    Re: Elie Saab Oud thoughts?

    Not particularly off the top of my head. I'd have to side by side, but I was meaning more the actual ingredient used was of a similar ilk, the oud in it, which smells so vastly different from scent...
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    Re: Elie Saab Oud thoughts?

    Wearing a sample of this today. It does seem to have a similar oud to the MFK Oud line.
  72. Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    Thank you muchly, everyone! As for the finger painting, I can't take credit for those masterpieces. I'm simply the curator, lol.
  73. Re: Amber Fragrance similar to LDDM or ACDD

    Interesting. I don't think I've smelled anything with real ambergris that I know of, so I don't have any clue what the profile smells like beyond its approximations in a total composition. Id...
  74. Re: Burberry London Packaging has changed

    That would be my hope. I think the flannel looks cool, but it is just so unweildly. When I would try to spray it it would slide ever so slightly in my hand down, and it was just unnerving. Or,...
  75. Re: Burberry London Packaging has changed

    Anybody know if the bottle changed?
  76. Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    My humble little corner of the house.
  77. Re: Amber Fragrance similar to LDDM or ACDD

    I feel like one of the distinguishing charectoristics of LDDM is that it is an amber, but is dry. Usually ambers are more wet and buttery. Maybe kinda sorta Obsession?
  78. Re: Are any niche companies basically a scam?

    I think it is an interesting question initially. But a lot of those mentioned I just look at as overpriced or something. I was thinking like some little known brand, almost more like the Dua model,...
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    Re: What to try next after Aventus

    Which batch have you tried? You know, I hear the XO19 is supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  80. Poll: Re: Which one for fall/winter? 21 y.o.

    DHI is the best fragrance you listed, but I don't really think that is what you are asking. The performance of CDNM is far above the others I have tried. I have a 2019 DHI, it is not weak. At this...
  81. Re: No idea where to start? First Post. Help?

    It seems like that is a good list. If you need to start, it is good to start with all the favorites and narrow your tastes down from there.
  82. Re: Perry Ellis 360 red or Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man

    Armaf. That is a great fragrance for a high school student. Just go somewhat easy on the trigger, it is deceptively strong.
  83. Re: NEW : CALVIN KLEIN Eternity for Men Eau De Parfum

    I'd probably smell it if I saw it, but eh... I always kind of thought of eternity as polite unexciting nothingness, and kind of seems like a bizarre fragrance to go for a higher concentration of. ...
  84. Re: My opinion on several mainstream fragrances

    I don't muchly agree either, but I agree that I enjoyed reading your post. Musk is awesome. I'm on your side there.
  85. Re: Labels, taglines, whatever they are called

    Thanks for this!! lol
  86. Re: What do you spray on the sheets before bedtime

    I don't spray sheets. Many times I'll spray my wrists with something though, that I'm smelling as I fall asleep performing the same function. And pretty much anything would be up for it. Whatever...
  87. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    I guess id say EDT and EDP fairly equal. If youre looking for performance first and foremost just get either of those.
  88. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    Well, gave it a try at macys. Two sprays one forearm. I had a bit of smelling previously, so i wasnt free and clear. But heres what i thought. In the opening i felt like there was some sort of egg...
  89. Re: Which frags signal "he is a nice guy but refuses to be that to me"?

    I dont get it. Basic cold distant is where ill go, Narciso Rodriguez for him.
  90. Replies

    Re: Mainstream houses

    I'd say they are the top two. Guerlain is great, but as others have mentioned, they are fading, and occupy a sort of middle ground classification wise. Hermes is good. Tom Ford I pretty much...
  91. Re: Pros & Cons of spraying fragrance on shirts

    Pros - lasts a bit longer, especially if I get really hot and sweaty
    Cons - If I change shirts, or go shirtless I cease to be scented if I was spraying shirts exclusively.
  92. Re: New Dior Fahrenheit EDT Formulation for 2019 # 12948/A

    Hmm. Super interesting, will follow this with interest. It was great, so hope they just made it even better.
  93. Re: Watermelon fruity fragrance for summer?

    I haven't smelled MI, never piqued my curiosity.
  94. Re: Guerlain Homme EDP: Advice needed.

    Id say that if you enjoyed home leau boisee you'd probably like homme edp. It does have a mojito vibe. Imagine smelling like a mojito, in a classy Guerlain type way. That is what it is to me. I'm...
  95. Re: Watermelon fruity fragrance for summer?

    This was my first thought. Reaction seems melony to me. That would be my description if someone asked me how it smelled. Melony.
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    Re: The ultimate go to scent

    That was how I read it as well. Imagining that you are a woman and want to smell something from your wardrobe on your man. That actually seems like a more interesting thread. Asking men what they...
  97. Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    Sweet. You are going to have to give us some thoughts on how they hold up. I wish I'd done this over the years.
  98. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    My local Macys had no idea.
  99. Re: Fragrances for a hoodie and jeans type of guy

    Anything. I would wear anything in my wardrobe with a hoodie. That is not much to go on. If forced to answer id say hoodie style is casual, comfortable, not challenging, and not usually in extremely...
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    Re: Manly fragrance help

    Hmmm... cant find anything about this. Was this a joke or is that a real fragrance?
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