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  1. Re: Anyone ever worry about possible adverse effects from fragrance on your skin over many years?

    In response to the question: "Name five chemicals used in Perfumery that easily pass through the skin" I can't.

    However, I suspect there are many hundreds, possibly thousands, of different...
  2. Re: Anyone ever worry about possible adverse effects from fragrance on your skin over many years?

    Although I tend to believe that most fragrance chemicals in reasonable doses will do little harm, the statement that these chemicals cannot go though the skin is much too sweeping. Lots of chemicals...
  3. Re: Discontinued Fragrances With A Dominant Sandalwood Note ?

    The question was old/classic fragrances, and although it's not technically 'discontinued', 10-20 year old bottles of English Leather are pretty easy to find, and back then English Leather had a...
  4. Re: Top 5 Inexplicably Cheap yet Good Fragrances for Men

    OK... Limiting it to 'inexplicably cheap yet good' and only 5 (which is not easy!)

    #1 Nicole Miller for Men - Keep seeing it at Marshalls, etc. for $10. Really very good.

    #2 Bijan for Men - I...
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    Re: Stuck Glass Stopper

    I continue to have success with this relatively simple method:

    Wrap the bottle and stopper in a paper towel, and go sit down someplace comfortable. This will take awhile. Grasp the stopper in...
  6. Re: How many of you are on a Vintage hunt, or were at some point in the past ?

    I wonder if Basenotes should consider a separate forum for the discussion of vintage and discontinued fragrances?

    I also collect vintage, and would definitely enjoy reading that forum!
  7. Re: Guys Who Wear Shalimar: Has Anyone Recognized it on You?

    Shalimar smells good to men and women. I'd guess that anyone knowledgeable enough to recognize Shalimar on a man would probably find it clever, intrigueing or amusing... or all of the above. No...
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    Re: collect the box or trash it?

    I like the boxes, and after a few accidents with tippy bottles, I only keep a few bottles out of their boxes at a time. Although a few bottles are really attractive, I don't display any of them. ...
  9. Re: What Is The Definition Of Masculine In Fragrance?

    "In general boys play with wood as they grow up".

    I had to stop there for a few seconds, as tears of laughter prevented me from reading any farther....
  10. Re: What Is The Definition Of Masculine In Fragrance?

    Of course, it's a spectrum, and there's a lot of middle ground (and contradiction) out there... but the overwhelming majority of 'female' fragrances' are florals, although many also involve fruit,...
  11. Re: How many of your vintage perfumes were secured after fierce bidding wars?Or on the quiet?

    I'm not that competitive, so I don't get much thrill from "winning" an auction. Most of my purchases on eBay have been BIN items. I guess I just prefer going to thrift stores and antique stores. ...
  12. Re: Are those matching deodorants that come with colognes any good?

    I've picked up a bunch of deodorants with gift sets, and I think they've all been pretty good. I have Light Blue, Everlast, Bijan, and a few others. Yeah, I shop at Marshalls a lot :)

    As far as...
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    Re: What is your favorite perfume bottle color?

    If the bottle is empty, almost any color is better than clear... unless the bottle is of very bright crystal, has a great label, or is in a very interesting shape.

    However, when there is perfume...
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    Re: Bandit in Clear Bottle?

    Actually, the bottle just has a simple black label. The black ribbon spreads diagonally across one panel of the box. Sadly, there is no indication of concentration on the bottle or on the box.
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    Bandit in Clear Bottle?

    I picked up a 1 oz bottle of "bandit DE ROBERT PIGUET" with a clear bottle, tall clear glass stopper, and black label. The box is white with a black ribbon "sash" across the front that says ROBERT...
  16. Re: Whats your favorite geometric shape for bottles? Whats your perfect bottle?

    Actually, I wish more masuline fragrances came in interesting (but stable) bottles. Vicky Tiel Ulysse is very attractive. So is Minotaure and Lolita Lempika. Do people 'hate' these?

    So I guess...
  17. Re: Interested in trying Mysore Sandalwood oil as a fragrance, what to expect?

    I am fortunate to have two old bottles of sandalwood oil. They are probably from the 1920's. They do have a 'buttery' aspect, but butter is not the whole story, of course.

    I also have bought...
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    Re: Buying backups, how often & how many?

    I buy a back-up of something 'new' when I really, really like it. That isn't too often. I bought a few extra bottles of Nicole Miller for Men and also B*Men. I got them because I liked them, but...
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    Re: What scent would "The GEICO gecko" wear?

    Hummer. The fragrance is cheap, but the insurance premiums are high :)
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    Re: Are You a Hoarder?

    I've always been a collector. Often, the enthusiasm leads to obsession and sometimes to hoarding. But plants die, sculpture gets covered in dust, and eventually you have to drink all that wine or...
  21. Re: Whats your favorite geometric shape for bottles? Whats your perfect bottle?

    While I appreciate the practicality of a non-tipping and easily stored compact square bottle, I love the Pi bottle. Actually, it was the fragrance that started me on this hobby. If it wasn't for...
  22. Re: Most Underexposed + Excellent + Inexpensive Fragrance

    OK, here's another one: Escada Homme is currently rated 44-8-0 on Basenotes, and rarely costs more than $15 at Marshalls. For the money, it's pretty hard to beat.
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    Re: Better options than British Sterling

    I'd say start simple, and this is not a joke... Aqua Velva Ice Blue. He will recognize and appreciate its delicious familiarity.
  24. Re: Most Underexposed + Excellent + Inexpensive Fragrance

    Very old, very inexpensive, and always satisfying: Tabac Original and 4771 Eau de Cologne.
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Vol. 2

    I got Declaration edt 1.7 oz for $39.99. Not as cheap as some things mentioned here, but a pretty good price for a great fragrance.
  26. Re: Brands Section - being updated - and Questionairre

    Actually, I like the current organization. I often use the directory search tool as well as the scroll down brands list. I also must disagree with your statement "A list of 300 fragrances in some...
  27. Re: Lanvin with red, blue and gold Labels... What do they mean?

    I think that's a pretty plausible guess. Thanks!
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    Re: My adventures with jammed stopper bottles...

    The fact that you can smell the perfume is a good sign. I think it won't be long now.

    Let it sit for a day or so, and then resume the light tap-tap-tapping on the sides of the stopper. A piece...
  29. Re: What's the worst female fragrance you've ever smelled?

    I don't know many niche frags, but I really don't like Spellbound, Tabu, and Sunflowers. All three make me want to run to the sink!
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    Re: Article: Comes a Steampunk

    [accidental duplicate post]
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    Yes, yes... these are awesome suggestions. I...

    Yes, yes... these are awesome suggestions. I might also add new hay, wet horse, fresh earth, burning stump, sawn lumber, and creosote. For botanicals, I'd pick lavender, rose, carnation, lilac, and...
  32. Lanvin with red, blue and gold Labels... What do they mean?

    I now have vintage Lanvin "Eau My Sin" with red label and also gold label, and "Eau Arpege" with blue label and gold label.

    I see the bottles with gold label all the time, but what is the...
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    Re: The ultimate Mr. Gordon Gekko Scent!

    I think Mr. Gekko would do well with Zino Davidoff.
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    Re: What you just threw away!

    Goodwill is a great charity. Now thanks to Gerbick, someone who would probably never aspire to own Silver Mountain Water will have it. But that's the essence of giving. You have to give something...
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    Re: What you just threw away!

    Ha... Threw way MI? Now that was very bold, and kind of expensive too. But I see that Adonis threw away Unforgiveable, which many people feel was a rip-off of MI. That's kind of interesting. ...
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    Re: Fragrance influence in the workplace

    Wow... what a great thread! I guess I'm surprised that folks in the culinary industry can also be frag enthusiatsts without getting criticized by the managament. And I thought the essay by Indie_Guy...
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    Re: Opium for Women vs. Youth Dew vs. Cinnabar

    Although these fragrances are pretty far from the masuline mainstream, I'd say that there's still a good chance a man could wear either Opium or Cinnabar successfully... as long as the dose was kept...
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    Re: What you just threw away!

    I see several in the Basenotes Directory, but I can't tell which have been disconinued. Didn't they used to put a an 'X' when it was discontinued?

    Did the Bogart go bad (or was it made that way?)
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    What you just threw away!

    Today I threw out a new bottle of Avon Black Suede. It was so awful, it actually made me angry! What have you thrown away?
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    Re: do any of u have the same problem i have??

    Actually, I'm a thrift store junkie. I think I'm in it for the hunt. I don't buy much new stuff (except at Marshalls) and I don't pay much attention to magazine ads, etc.

    However, I have read...
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    Re: Chaz by Revlon (1975)

    I picked up a bottle of Chaz two weeks ago. It's OK, definitely from a different place and time.

    I often see the fragrances of Jean Philippe at thrift stores. I'm not a big fan of that line.
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    Re: Worst/Best name for a fragrance?

    There are so many offensive, incongruous and absurd names, it almost doesn't seem worthwhile to try. However, I can make a quick summary:

    Offensive names are just wrong (several have are 'already...
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    Re: Male 'female fragrance wearers' honest

    A flower is not feminine to the farmer who grows them, any more than a campfire is masculine to the woman who cooks over it. Perhaps a three-fold way to divide this question is appropriate...

    1. ...
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    Re: This one is for the LURKERS>>>PLEASE READ

    I guess I'm a lurker. I frequently read the fragrance directory reviews, and sometimes I write a review, but mostly I just lurk in the forum.

    Although I have many frags, I don't have any big...
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    Re: Do reviews control YOUR nose?

    I think a lot of people are very suggestible. A lot of folks just don't 'think outside the box'. They are influenced by the name, the packaging, the color of the juice, the font on the label, the...
  46. Re: So who are collectors, and who are connoisseurs?

    I think maybe I am a little bit of a hoarder. But today, for instance I picked up the EdT version of something I already had as EdP... and I look forward to comparing them in a side-by-side...
  47. Re: So who are collectors, and who are connoisseurs?

    I feel like I middle the road.[/QUOTE]

    Do you ever buy 'women's' fragrances?
  48. Re: So who are collectors, and who are connoisseurs?

    [ I remember a Basenoter who had collected pretty much every vetiver fragrance ever made -- he was a collector.[/QUOTE]

    I read a thread here (or maybe in the female group?) about one person's...
  49. Re: So who are collectors, and who are connoisseurs?

    Actually, I read some of your previous posts (very enjoyable!) and so I know that you are on a quest :)

    Can you still count your collection on two hands?
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    Re: Canoe Questions

    Is the dark blue sticker older? I think my bottle has a silver sticker (not sure, but I know it's recent vintage).

    To be honest, I haven't looked at my bottle in a while. I don't think I'm a...
  51. Re: Pre-Basenotes Fragrance You're Still Proud Of

    Hmmm.... Of all the things I liked before I joined Basenotes, I still love 4711. It's just so bright and refreshing... like sunshine in a bottle. I think I will always love it!
  52. Thread: Gourmands!

    by Late-Hit

    Re: Gourmands!

    Is citrus a food? Is Eau Sauvage a gourmand?
  53. So who are collectors, and who are connoisseurs?

    The photos of people's collections were interesting! Some were very expensive and exclusive, and many were surprisingly small... and that got me thinking.

    I like picking up all kinds of...
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    Re: glass vs. plastic

    The issue is actually very complex. A lot depends on the plastic and the perfume.

    Overall, I would avoid using plastic containers for storage longer than a few months.

    Interestingly, the...
  55. Re: What Phases have you gone through while at Basenotes?

    1. Discovered a frag I liked by chance at an antique store. It was Givenchy Pi. I liked the bottle, too.

    2. Kept alert for new & vintage things wherever I went. Got some vintage Emeraude, a...
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    Re: What is the most AVERAGE fragrance EVER?

    The most average fragrance would be made of the usual and expectable ingredients. To be the 'most average ever' it would have to be the central mediocrity of the past 100 years or so. That's...
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    Re: what do you think a masterpiece is?

    A masterpiece has to be a work of great distinction, usually by someone who has perfected the art over a long period of time. But most of all, the 'masterpiece' has to be recognized as such, and...
  58. Re: Question for the guys -- do you like/dislike white flower perfumes?

    It's a funny category 'white floral'. Do people ever talk about 'yellow floral' or 'pink floral'? And if they did... what then?

    I assume that most folks realize that there's no relationship...
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    I thought it was a thoughtful touch for you to...

    I thought it was a thoughtful touch for you to publish all the fragrance briefs. Not many contests would do that, I think. Reading them is rally an education all by itself!

    Just the same, I do...
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