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    Re: Have any of you tried Adolfo (1978) ?

    The original Adolfo for women is a tuberose perfume similar to the original Chloe. Adolfo does have a green thread through the floralcy of the tuberose.
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    Re: Osmanthus - a revelation

    I love osmanthus perfumes and many have already been mentioned. I want to add "Kinmokasei" by Ayala Moriel, a natural perfume that truly smells like osmanthus with its dried apricot-tea scent....
  3. Re: Knize 10 pronunciation: German or Austrian basenoter help?

    k nee sheh That is the pronunciation that was used by the company when I contacted them. They pronounce it the Czech way, not the German way.
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    Re: Azzaro (1975) Eau de Parfum

    Originally, there was an Azzaro and also a flanker called Azzaro Couture which was slightly different but not as readily available or popular.

    I still have the edt and parfum of Azzaro and the...
  5. Re: It surprises me that the Male Discussion forum outnumbers the Female forum...

    Basenotes was the first perfume forum I ever posted on and that was back in 1999 and as far as I know, it was the very first of its kind. It was all male then but there were some women who joined in....
  6. Re: Impressions of Tubereuse Lei, by Ayala Moriel

    Have you tried Ayala's Schism? It's another favourite tuberose perfume of mine - a dark tuberose perfume that evolves and changes, a characteristic I love in perfumes. Ayala is a master at creating...
  7. Thread: Eau de Joy

    by Hilda_Rosa

    Re: Eau de Joy

    I have vintage Eau de Joy, Joy parfum and Joy edt. They are all variations of the fundamental Joy green top, jasmine-rose heart and civet- sandalwood base with each strength emphasizing different...
  8. Thread: Caron

    by Hilda_Rosa

    Re: Caron

    Aimez-Moi and Pour Une Femme are both rose centred perfumes (as are many Carons) But whereas another rose perfume, N'Aimez-Que Moi is a dark rose, Aimez-Moi is lighter with an anise and candy-like...
  9. Re: Why weren't Jean Patou Perfumes more popular?

    It was Jean Kerleo who was in house perfumer for a number of years and if i recall, responsible for Sublime and others.

    I own about 25 Patou perfumes a mixture of old and new. I've often wondered...
  10. Re: London BN perfume tour next year... UPDATE: This will now be the official BN annu

    I would be interested in coming so please put me on the list.
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    Re: seeking peachy fragance... literally

    The peachiest perfume with a splash of gardenia and base of vanilla is Pink Manhattan by Sali Oguri
  12. Re: Recs for something powdery, soft, pref. Italian?

    Santa Maria Novella Melograno

    Lorenzo Villoresi Teint d Neige (maybe 'too' powdery) and Musk and a third one - Dilmun 9citrusy and powdery)

    i Profumi de Firenze Talco Delicato
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    Re: Armani for Women (1982)

    I have Armani Classic parfum. It is an animalic leathery chypre, quite intense if you over apply it. But very sexy if you just dab it lightly. And yes, it is rare since it was discontinued but has a...
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    Re: the Ultimate Rose Fragrance?!?

    Just a few to add:
    MPG Rose Muskissime
    Caron Rose
    Caron pour une Femme -(rose and incense)
    Caron Parfum Sacre
    Holzman & Stephanie - La Parisienne- roses and linden
    La Rose de Rosine - rose and...
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    Re: Lilac perfume?

    The Rochester Lilac gardens in New York State have a Lilac perfume that was commissioned by them to be sold only by them and it is the best reproduction of the smell of lilacs that I know of....
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    Re: what do you think of Dune, by Dior?

    The Dune parfum is very similar to OJ Tolu. I am not sure if it is the amber or the tolu that comes through in both. The Dune parfum is very rich and warm and quite different from the edt or edp. No...
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    Re: Mimosa scents

    I love mimosa scents and have many. I distinguish between perfumes that have a mimosa note in them often adding a green element to other sweeter florals and perfumes that are more mimosa solifores...
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    Re: Sexy Female Creed Frag?

    The original Gianni Versace is a chypre perfume with an animalic base, a great perfume. Most of the suggestions are perfumes with much sweeter modern notes. Many Creed perfumes are straight florals...
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    Re: Guerlain's Liu vs Chanel no. 5

    It's the contrast and the attraction between the plum, the rose, the oakmoss and the leather notes that makes Parure so interesting for me. The extrait was magnificent and really brought out the rose...
  20. Re: testing two classics late at night: 1000 and Coco - both parfum

    The parfum for Sublime is discontinued although some is still around both in liquid and solid form (although I prefer the liquid!).

    Mille de Patou also has osmanthus in it to give it that sweet...
  21. Re: Top Ten Old-Fashioned, Non-Modern Fragrances?

    This would be my list:

    Narcisse Noir
    L'Heure Bleue
    Chant d' Aromes
    Eau de Soir
    1000 de Patou
    My Sin
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    Re: Low Sillage Fragrances

    I have worked for many years with someone who is allergic to perfumes as well as many other things. She was not trying to be controlling or to be mean. She did have strange reactions that I...
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    Re: Perfume and the memory of war

    The writer, Erin Solara, is American. She is the author of " "Women in the Line of Fire". She was embedded with the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and has written about these wars. This particular...
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    Re: your favorite discontinued frags

    There would be many in my list including Deneuve, Crepe de Chine, Chicane, Chypre, Sinan etc.

    But the most upsetting to me is the relativley recent diappearance of the Victoire Gaudin Daude...
  25. Re: How many fragrance bottles do you own at this very moment?

    I have been collecting perfume for about 40 years so I have a lot. I consider myself a collector the way that there are stamp collectors or wine collectors. I realize that I will not be able to use...
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    Re: kinda wish I was Catholic

    I have a small box carved out of rosewood ( and with other wood inlay) that I bought last month in northwestern Argentina. It is stunningly beautiful and very fragrant, especially in warm moist...
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    Re: Any fans of Parure?

    Parure is a classic Guerlain perfume and has characteristics in common with other Guerlain perfumes, just as you will notice a commonality in Caron or Chanel or Dior or Serge Lutens. Some of this...
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    Re: Who can tell me all about JICKY?

    You have been given a lot of the history and background for Jicky.

    I have worn it for over 30 years and it is one of my staples. I used to wear the cologne and the parfum. There was also an edp...
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    Re: Parfums Nicolai

    The last time I was in the shop there wasn't and that was not too long ago, but there may be now.

    She does have one called Fig Tea.
  30. Re: Your scent when you feel PRETTY and HAPPY beyond words :)

    It's probably La Chasse aux Papillons, Extrait de Songes or La Parisienne.

    I think it is the comobination of the smell of linden with jasmine, rose or tuberose that produces that 'happy' quality...
  31. Re: Going back where it all started: the Classic Guerlains

    My first Guerlain was in 1971 and I was already a fairly sophisticated perfume lover.

    The first one was Chamade and it was a gift from a someone who knew how much I loved perfumes.

    It was like...
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    Re: Clean scents

    The fragrances by Clean are very clean-smelling. Clean, Ultimate Clean, Clean Provence and Baby Girl
  33. Re: LA ROSE DE ROSINE - Is this authentic? YES! IT

    It is the real Rose de Rosine all right. It is the older presentation from several years ago. I have one like it that is about 7 years old and they were changing to the new box just after that.
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