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  1. Re: Creed split III | Aventus | Original Cologne | Green Irish Tweed | Erolfa | Milesime Imperial +M

    C'mon guys just need 2 more for GIT, 1 more for MI. Let's make it happen!!!
  2. Re: Guys (or Gals) best way to have fresh breath all day???

    I use Listerine Pocket strips. They're super slim, light weight, and easy to always throw in a pocket and carry around. Not as bulky or noisy as mints. I've heard a tongue scraper can help too.
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    Best MANLY Home Fragrance Products

    So I'm currently looking for a new sexy, manly scent for my bedroom and the rest of my house. So far most of the home fragrance stuff I've come across is rather Jasmine-y or Floral Bouquet-y or...
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