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  1. Re: Empty vintage bottle -- can I actually use it??

    if you have an antique silver overlay flacon, these can be quite problematic as these bottles usually have small cracks in between the overlays. You are better off getting a gorgeous antique Czech...
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    Re: Caron Perfume Bottle

    It is covered with gilded brass and genuine Swarovski crystals. These are the luxury flacons.

    Here is a similar one with the same lid style, from OJ and Cigs blog.

    Another limited...
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    Re: vintage/antique D'Orsay bottles.

    I'm sorry I missed this, they date to the 1940s, it's one of their early "treasure chest" presentations.
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    Re: Help with this Cologne Water

    looks 1930s-1940s
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    Re: Preemo

  6. Re: Help me figure out how old this Chanel No. 5 EDC is!
  7. Re: Help needed with vintage Chanel Bottle

    Starting in 1987, the words Paris/New York are added to all Chanel's Eau de Parfums.
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    Re: Caron Perfume Bottle

    Hi, can you repost the photos. I have a Caron perfume blog...
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    Re: need help to find out more...

    Most likely late 1990s-early 200s.
  10. Re: Vintage Guerlain 3 piece 2ml box set - Does anybody know more about this?

    Definitely late 1980s-early 1990s.
  11. Re: Share your greatest bargain ever. A silly thread to show off.

    I had to have my husband carry one end and I at the other, it was vERY heavy. But I was so elated at the finds, I wear Cher Uninhibited, Organza Indecence, Shalimar and Guess (original)
  12. I just signed it, I hope that the petition helps

    I just signed it, I hope that the petition helps
  13. Re: Share your greatest bargain ever. A silly thread to show off.

    Last summer at the flea market, I found a large plastic tote filled with vintage and discontinued perfume being sold by an ex-SA, I cannot remember if she said she worked at Nordstroms or Lord &...
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    Re: I need to know what Mae West wore

    From a 1930s issue of Radioland ..."Now you can use the identical scent which Mme. Gabilla of Paris blended for Mae West - loaded with - lure - dripping with sex appeal. There’s intrigue in every...
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    Re: Red lipstick scent?

    The pink room's parfum 1has a real vintage lipstick vibe to me, old 1950's type of powdery rose violet goodness..very nice
  16. Re: Antique bottle: Perfume, Cruet or Liquor?

    sounds like a liquor decanter...
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    Re: Determinng Authenticity

    Chanel does not sell testers or sell regular bottles of fragrances wholesale to anyone other than their own boutiques and authorized department stores. So if you are buying any Chanel from a...
  18. Re: Bill Blass 100 Proof Cologne, '60s?

    I also have this too, it came out in 1970. I think mine dates to the late 1970s, it says Bill Blass 100 Strength Cologne 1 oz. Its about 70% full of original juice. A woody, amber, spice mix with a...
  19. Re: Guerlain Vetiver box has Arabic writing on bottom

    Hi, I wanted to just add my two cents worth about the Arabic writing, a few years ago I purchased a bottle of My Insolence at Sephora, on the bottom of the box, there is Arabic writing.
  20. Re: Guerlain Bottle Mystery-Please ID this one

    Hi, in reference to the article someone pointed out on Guerlain, the "author" of that said article had copied my original information from an ebay guide I wrote up in 2007. I had emailed the Suite...
  21. Re: Please help me date this COCO CHANEL Edp 50ml bottle!

    Hi, it dates after 1986.
  22. Re: Help with dating of perfume bottles

    Hi, I would like to see a pic of all of the boxes, side by side, so we can identify them. The Guerlain bottle has been made since 1936, but Chamade came out in 1969, so thats when your bottle dates...
  23. Re: Vintage Parfum Chypre Bernard Lalande Paris, any info on this house?

    Bernard Lalande, active in the 1960s,possibly 1970s. Traded under the name S.A.R.L. Etablissements Bernard Lalande. He produced Men's Toilet Water, After-Shave Lotions, Deodorants for Men, and...
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    Re: Worth Je Reviens or Dans La Nuit?

    Hi, your bottle is for Dans La Nuit exclusively. It came in clear glass,clear frosted glass, cobalt blue glass, and frosted cobalt blue glass. Each bottlee was studded with stars. It also came in a...
  25. Re: Your greatest vintage finds! (I love these kinds of threads)

    A few days ago I went to my favorite local auction. This place usually has perfumes from house cleanouts and I was particularly happy to see a 3 oz nearly full bottle of Cher's Uninhibited, a bottle...
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    Re: Reconstituting Old Perfume?

    H, I have had great luck with vodka! I have used this medium for Guerlain's Dawamesk, Mitsouko , Caron's Farnesiana, and even Victorian era perfumes over 100 years old.
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