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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT >>> June 2009

    L'Occitane - Vetyver

    Went into the store and knew what I was looking for as I heard so much good about this one and I knew I was going to like it, even though you can't really judge a scent from...
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    Re: Montale, from hate to love?

    I only tried two montales, the black oud and chocolate greedy.

    Both are very intense, yet chocolate greedy I loved from the 30 seconds after the first spray and until the point of any physical...
  3. Re: What fragrance do you spray all over your bed and pillows?

    Not a custom for me, as I've done it only a few times - with Amouage Gold Men, as I was just getting aquainted with it. That wonderful floral scent made me feel great, rich and relaxed, it never gave...
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    Re: Curious: Why does ANYONE order blind?

    The main reason I buy blind is that locally (the country I live in) sells perfumes that sell most. I'm sure not a single Montale or Amouage bottle was imported by a merchant that has an actual store....
  5. Re: The One cologne the ladies love the most and your relative age

    Pi, 20-30 years.

    I think you should like your cologne and it should be one that boosts your confidence. In theory, if you knew rotten cabbage would attract more girls, you'd smear that on...
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    Re: Hyrax Hyraceum

    Fascinating, but I'm still waiting for at least half-scientific proof that pheromones really work, i.e. increase your chance with the ladies. So far there's only been assumptions, it may work, it...
  7. Re: Testing Fragrances Using the Card Provided

    I always disliked testing frags by trying to smell them from a paper card. To me they always smell weird, plus it's generally not a good idea to try very many perfumes in one day. Perhaps the cards...
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    Re: Please, tell me your current favourites!

    Givenchy - Pi - ladies love it and so do I
    Amouage - Arcus - beautiful, masculine, fresh, decent, classy
    Cristiano Fissore - Cashmere - makes me feel sophisticated/quietly confident

    I also own...
  9. Cristiano Fissore - Cashmere men's - my impressions

    A while ago I found a EU site that's got samples, so I picked a few suggestions from basenotes forums and then some other, pretty random ones - Cashmere was one of them as you might have guessed.
  10. Re: Your favourite fragrances seldom mentioned on basenotes

    Arcus Amouage - my favorite summer frag, fresh, citrusy, manly, and very sophisticated, meaningful. If the Gold is heavy, flowery and sweet, this one is sort of opposite, I suppose that's what the...
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    Re: My visit to Luckyscent: Its all about Chocolate

    I don't think I can, too small market, I suppose. I think I my eyeballs would rocket out of my sockets if I ever saw any Fragonard colognes here. I have developed a tendency to buy things online from...
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    Re: My visit to Luckyscent: Its all about Chocolate

    I was lurking here for a while, but now I had to register just to tell you this:

    Chocolate Greedy smells like angels ought to smell. Nothing else comes to mind. When you spray it on, however it's...
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