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  1. Re: Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle raising prices ;'(

    The € prices on the French version of their website seem not to have changed. Unless the website has not been updated, it's possible that the $ increase is due to a change in the exchange rate.
  2. Re: Price Hike for Editions de Parfums ... Again

    Looking at their French website, it doesn't look as though prices in € have changed. So, unless the website is not up to date, the price hike in $ is probably due to $/€ fluctuations.
  3. Thank you Persolaise, TricsMac, cacio and...

    Thank you Persolaise, TricsMac, cacio and Nathan214 for your responses to my comment. To answer your question, Persolaise, I'm not familiar enough with London perfume shopping since 2007 (when you...
  4. London is no doubt a shopping capital with lots...

    London is no doubt a shopping capital with lots of great places to smell perfumes. I would, however, take exception to your opening three paragraphs about Paris.

    "There are no multi-brand niche...
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    Re: My friend is traveling to France

    Hello mike 1990. I couldn't possibly make a suggestion as to what to purchase, but there are some things you can find more easily in Paris than elsewhere. I'm thinking of Les Heures de Parfum by...
  6. Re: Basenotes involved in Capitalistic fragrance marketing???

    I get your point Perfaddict. I'd just add that in a merged forum, you could see the gender of the members who responded to your BdP question so there would be no difficulty with getting both women's...
  7. Re: Basenotes involved in Capitalistic fragrance marketing???

    I don't agree with Perfaddict's view on this question. Why, for instance, would a lady's perspective on Tobacco Vanille be less interesting for a male reader ? In what circumstances would it be...
  8. Re: Cologne du Parfumeur by Guerlain - New Fragrance

    Yes, I have a bottle of Cologne du Parfumeur. I find it very pleasant and wear it especially after an evening shower, before going to bed. It's green, mildly floral and a bit musky. Not sure I'll...
  9. Re: Does Encre Noire smell anything like Uomo by LV?

    Well, I didn't have anything in mind, nor would I dream of hiding any pertinent thoughts! Generally, I don't like playing the "X smells like Y" game because, invariably, there will be differences. If...
  10. Re: Does Encre Noire smell anything like Uomo by LV?

    Hello FragDeck. It is true that you asked quite a few questions. I thought giving just one answer would be interpreted as replying to the principal question (i.e. that which you used as a title to...
  11. Re: Does Encre Noire smell anything like Uomo by LV?

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    Re: One Malle to pick???

    It is of course impossible to pick out a given fragrance for you, nor should you go with the fragrance that is most often mentioned on a forum! However, I can tell you how I made my choice, if that...
  13. Re: Need help with my 15 Scent ultimate collection

    Hello JLouisMi,

    I've imposed on myself practically the same constraints as you, my aim being to get a perfect 10. My method seems a bit different from yours, however. If you go to my wardrobe and...
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    Re: Sweet Vetiver?

    Sycomore by Chanel has a certain sweetness to it, softening the overall smokiness of the structure.
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    Re: Orange with Vanilla?

    There is also Patricia de Nicolaï's New York that seems to fit the bill and a whole lot more besides.
  16. Re: Interesting Enough to Consider, August 2010

    To try:

    As it is the holiday period over here, I've been trying quite systematically the big new fragrances about to be released on the market (Bleu de Chanel, Womanity by Thierry Mugler, Coeur de...
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    Re: Figs and other Fresh Fruits

    My favourite male fragrance with a fig leaf note on top and a fig wood note in its base is Dune pour Homme by Christian Dior. It doesn't get mentioned much on Basenotes forums but it is a very classy...
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    Re: The Big Wardrobe Wish List

    Hello Grant,

    I'm new as an active member on Basenotes and have just started organising my collection on the My Wardrobe page. Here are a few tentative suggestions to improve the service, on the...
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    Re: Etienne your post here!

    Thanks for this very complete list of suggestions DustB (Chris?). I'm working on my wardrobe page which should soon reflect the extent of my current collection (very modest) as well as my reflexion...
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    Re: Etienne your post here!

    Due to high popular demand, this is my first post on Basenotes. I'm now officially off the "louche lurker" list and starting a new life out in the open. Before I write more extensively about my likes...
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