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  1. Re: Paco Rabanne La Nuit - EdT vs. EdP vs. Parfum

    I have La Nuit in all three forms, and the talc, since it's my favorite perfume ever. The parfum is by far the best (as you would expect)- the emphasis is almost entirely on the animalics, and it's...
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    Re: When Perfume doesn't make nice company...

    I'm definitely the person you're all talking about. Youth-Dew was one of my first perfume obsessions, and I discovered it in summer. I'd take a bath with the oil, then apply the lotion, then the...
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    Re: Another Top Ten List Thread

    1) Thierry Mugler Angel
    2) Estee Lauder Youth-Dew
    3) Schiaparelli Shocking (vintage)
    4) YSL Kouros
    5) Dior Poison
    6) ELDO Secretions Magnifiques
    7) Clinique Aromatics Elixir
    8) Dana Tabu
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    Re: Today I Bought - November 2010

    "It smells absolutely heavenly; rich, viscous, deep and sort of sneaky, without that punch-in-the-nose effect the EdP has, much smoother and much dirtier. This stuff is carnal. I suppose it could be...
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    Re: Today I Bought - November 2010

    I've spent FAR too much on perfume this week. On Wednesday, after reading that Luca Turin described it as "Tabu sprayed on a horse", I had to have some Paco Rabanne La Nuit and I managed to win a...
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    Marc Jacobs Bang deodorant

    I was roped into buying the Bang gift set because it came with a ridiculous windbreaker and balloons when I had only intended to buy the smallest bottle of the perfume. The deodorant in the set,...
  7. Re: How about a "Inexpensive & Admired By Me" Thread?

    I get a HUGE kick out of my dirt-cheap bottle of Red Door. I seem to be among its few fans, and even prefer it to the more acclaimed 80's gigantirose, YSL Paris. One spray has a lifespan on skin of...
  8. Re: Which fragrance do you think has the best commercial/advertisement?

    Egoiste is definitely the best perfume commercial ever. All the Querelle-inspired Gaultiers are brilliant, particularly the one with the man and woman kissing in front of the Fassbinder-ish neon...
  9. Re: Niche-ish Designer Scents (Current Reformulation)

    You're absolutely right about these- I'd include White Linen in that group as well, because its electric overdose of aldehydes goes so far past the point of "prim, clean American fragrance" that it...
  10. Re: Test your fragrance knowledge with this 8-question quiz about the color blue in perfumery

    I got a 5/8. I can't profess to know anything about current Avon perfumes...just the ones that came in Winnebago or poodle or octopus-shaped bottles from the seventies.
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    Re: I want a projection monster scent

    I once walked past a grizzly man fixing his car on the opposite side of the street on a windy day. From where I was, approximately twenty-five feet across the street from him, I could clearly...
  12. Poll: Re: Poll: Favourite Designer & Non-Niche Scents for Men

    Kouros is the greatest masculine of all time, in my opinion.

    There are plenty of designer masculines that don't get any love because of overexposure. The original Polo is still STUNNING and...
  13. Re: Niche-ish Designer Scents (Current Reformulation)

    I'll second Bang, which has that dry woody quality that I smell in so many niche fragrances. Its bottle is definitely Comme Des Garcons-worthy, as well.
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    Re: Men and nail polish

    I wear nail polish from time to time, and have since ninth grade. I don't dress in a particularly "alternative" way either. I think it's a feminine luxury that mean can easily pull off. Yes,...
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    Re: Aromatics Elixir de Clinique

    Seeing as Aromatics is a Lauder scent, I highly doubt it's been toned down. It is without a doubt the strongest perfume I have ever encountered, and can be TASTED by people ten feet away if it is...
  16. Re: What typically female scent would you not like on a man & vice versa?

    I wear Tabu, JPG Classique, AND Aromatics Elixir. The drydown of Classique is more or less the same as Gaultier 2, which is marketed as unisex, Aromatics is a stronger version of Aramis 900 for men,...
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    Re: Opium: EdP vs. EdT

    Personally, I think Opium is even BETTER in summer heat than in winter. Big behemoth come-hither orientals just BLOSSOM with a good layer of sweat.
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    Re: which one do you consider Sexy perfume

    Oh, I meant wearing something MARKETED to the opposite sex.
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    Re: which one do you consider Sexy perfume

    A female friend always spritzes on my Kouros when she comes over and I find it incredibly sexy. Gender reversal in perfume is always sexy, however, because it indicates that the wearer is...
  20. Re: My confusing relationship with Gaultier Classique

    I think Flowerbomb smells much more like Classique than Angel. Angel has an earthiness about it because of the patchouli that Flowerbomb and Classique don't have. Does Flowerbomb have patchouli? ...
  21. My confusing relationship with Gaultier Classique

    The first perfume I bought for myself, strangely enough, is one that I rarely wear. Right as I was getting into perfume I was also heavily exploring the career of Jean Paul Gaultier and found that...
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    Re: which perfume has the long lasting fragrance?

    Vivienne Westwood Boudoir lasts AGES on skin. I've applied it in mid-afternoon and smelled it the next day, and its alleged honey/pussy qualities really come to the fore.

    Both Wrappings and...
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