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    Re: eBay: A nightmare for sellers too

    That's the icing on the cake, seeing as how much they make off seller fees, but don't back them up when there's an issue.
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    Re: eBay: A nightmare for sellers too

    It seems the businesses are using it more than private sellers. They have the resources to handle returns and won’t be as adversely affected by bad buyers, but it’s a lot more hassle dealing with...
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    eBay: A nightmare for sellers too

    I've been culling my collection quite a fair bit (taking decants of stuff I still want, and selling the bottles) and have used eBay for this (mostly) as it means reaching a wide audience and a quick...
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    Re: Pricing discontinued fragrances?

    That's probably the solution, though it might encourage artificial-inflation where greedy sellers start bumping up the going-rates through figures they've picked out of the air. From then on, the...
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    Pricing discontinued fragrances?

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum to post this question. I looked at Marketplace first and couldn't actually find any sub-forums to post this.

    I was wondering how people selling their bottles...
  6. [UK] Re: Private collection clearout - various fragrances for sale

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    Re: A good attractive claasic cologne

    Gres Homme de Gres or Caron Le 3 (aka Third Man) come to mind as classic, masculine fresh fragrances without the risk of offending too many. They both tread slightly into the same old-school aromatic...
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    Re: Current Fragrance How Many Sprays?

    About 8 sprays of Dunhill Icon. Not sure if this has been watered down or if it's just my nose, as 8 sprays does seem rather high.
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    Re: Discontinued and Hyped

    Ha ha. After going on a recent eBay clearout, I can relate. Whilst not "hype beasts", I did sell a few things that were discontinued or harder to find (including my two bottles of MIP). I did add a...
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    Re: Discontinued and Hyped

    And that's before we even go down the rabbit hole of specific batches, and what those may be worth
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    Re: Discontinued and Hyped

    You're right. And it's easier to dispense with the hype if you've experienced a fragrance whilst it is in production. MIP is nice enough, but after being lucky (?) enough to grab this whilst on...
  12. [UK] Private collection clearout - various fragrances for sale

    Hello All

    I have a short list of fragrances for sale below. A mixture of niche and others, including Olfactive Studio, Bond No 9, Villorisi, Parfumerie Generale, etc.

    I may be open to bulk...
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    Re: Izzy wizzy, your favourite Issey?

    L'eau Bleue is a favourite, and is nicely blended, complex beyond it's cheap price tag. It manages to veer toward "ginger ale" notes, without falling into sugary gourmand territory, and stays fresh...
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    Re: Frapin Paradis Perdu

    This was fairly enjoyable, and I did appreciate the sharp-green nature of this scent, but ended up selling mine on. Like many Frapin fragrances, it suffered from subdued performance that didn't...
  15. Re: Which fragrances have you bought backup bottles for?

    I've accidentally obtained a backup of L'Occitane Vetyver completely unintentionally. It was meant to be a present for my Dad, bought ahead of time whilst it was still on the shelves. For whatever...
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    Re: Hard-core patchouli options

    I definitely liked Patchouli Nobile from the OP's original suggestions.

    Though not famed for doing "pure" scents, Montale's Patchouli Leaves is a pretty faithful rendition of "pure" 'patch (or at...
  17. Re: Best / Worst / Most Expensive Blind Buys

    God, I forgot about that one. Could be my worst too. I had to hold my wrist at arms length when testing this out. I'm partial to some dirty-hippy "head shop" scents, but this was too much for me.
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    Re: Today I bought February 2018

    Notino had some stuff on clearance, including these for a steal:

    Mancera Lemon Line


    Hermes Concentree d'Orange Vert

  19. Re: Which YouTube Fragrance Reviewer do you most / least share taste with?

    Most shared taste: Gent Scents or The Fragrance Apprentice.
    Least shared taste: Jeremy Fragrance and - oddly - Betawiblood. The latter I do subscribe to and respect, but his tastes can veer into...
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    Re: To: The Scentbird Youtube Ad Guy...

    Are people still wearing those scoopneck t-shirts? I thought even the sleeve-tattooed protein-heads had left those behind in 2014. Is it time to bring out my frag-talk bingo card yet?. If he uses the...
  21. Re: Best / Worst / Most Expensive Blind Buys

    Though I'm usually cautious by nature, a lot of my wardrobe favourites have been blind buys (albeit informed by extensive review-searches). As a result, these have felt more rewarding to wear, the...
  22. Poll: Re: Which Thierry Mugler A*Men fragrance do you prefer?

    Though I do like Pure Malt, Pure Havane wears better as it's more nuanced and less bombastic, making it much more versatile.

    However, had the poll included B*Men or Pure Leather, I may have - only...
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    Re: Atelier Tobacco Nuit

    I own Tobacco Nuit and have tried Journey. MIght be my memory playing tricks, but I'm guessing that Journey is a bit more "oriental spices" and less tobacco-y than the Atelier. They're both a little...
  24. Re: Looking for a beast fragrance, long lasting and crisp smelling

    +1 for De Bachmakov and TF Grey Vetiver.

    I've also finally discovered how nice Dunhill Icon actually is, which might be what you're looking for. I'd always passed this one by before, thinking it...
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    Re: Need some plum frags

    Gold Leather was the first one that came to mind when thinking of plum. I found this a little feminine, so ended up selling my bottle on. The plum and booze were definitely the most prominent players...
  26. Re: What’s the smokiest whiskey perfume you’ve ever tried?

    The first thing that comes to mind with peaty scotch is medicinal notes, rather than anything sweet, so it all depends on whether you want smoke, medicine, or booziness.

    Although not a whisky...
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    Re: Scents with strong rubber accords

    Yet another vote for Bvlgari Black.
  28. Re: Closest fragrance to Midnight In Paris - VC&Arpels EDP ?

    I'd also suggest Bvlgari Black. It's not identical but I'm yet to find a directly identical clone of anything in fragrances. However, the Bvlgari does a very good job of coming close to that.
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    Re: Today I bought January 2018

    Finally back in stock at Notino, so a purchase was mandatory.....

    Franck Boclet Tobacco

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    Re: Ethics And Fragrance

    Great post. It's a difficult one to broach around here without throwing the cat amongst the pigeons. I'll try my best to tread carefully, so here goes....

    After recently deciding to go vegan, I...
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    Re: Nice little score...

    These kinds of right-place, right-time finds I can only dream about, though I recognize the adrenaline-buzz from my days spent at vinyl fairs. Nothing like it.:2vrolijk_08:

    I wonder if those...
  32. Poll: Re: Which Niche Fragrance House Is The Highest Quality And The Least Synthetic?

    Disclaimer: Though I've smelled a number of releases from all the houses apart from Carner, I haven't smelled every single release from all (so my vote isn't that comprehensive). So that being what...
  33. Re: Suggestions for petrol/gasoline or chemical smelling fragrances

    I came here specifically to say Lonestar Memories. That stuff is a seriously hefty performer, and ideal for anyone not averse to tarry, medicinal aromas.

    Others I might suggest are Mugler's Pure...
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    Re: Miller Harris Fav - Please Stand Up!

    Yes, you're correct. I'd missed La Fumée Alexandrie from my list. Intense is on there.
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    Re: Miller Harris Fav - Please Stand Up!

    Bit of a Miller Harris fan myself. Glad to see the OP mention La Fumee. I own La Fumee Classic, which - as far as I understand it - is the same as La Fumee from 2011 (the other four (according to...
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    Re: What else from Mugler?

    +1 for BMen, too. Although it hasn't passed you by yet, I would get yourself a Kryptomint sometime soon. It's one that I think is greatly underrated, and - because of that - can see this one being...
  37. Re: Don't Get Ferragamo Uomo--Buy L'Artisan's Noir Exquis Instead

    I certainly prefer Noir Exquis. The differences between the two really are night and day. Where I found Uomo to be a synthetic approximation of coffee and generic "Sweet Note" (TM), Noir Exquis...
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    Re: Today I bought January 2018

    Following the lead of a few Basenoters' recent purchases, I also decided to grab Nobile 1942 - Patchouli Nobile

  39. Re: Your favorite bottle(s) in your collection?

    I like the Mancera bottles. Something oddly satisfying about the smoothness of the cap screw mechanism. Other ones I enjoy are:

    MIdnight in Paris - the starlit design is great if you hold it up to...
  40. Re: Openings you dislike, dry downs you like...

    Hmm. Never really met an opening I didn't like. Though I suppose Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris qualifies. The initial blast of salt can be a little overpowering at first, but then becomes a lot...
  41. Re: Has there ever been a flanker of a flanker of a flanker?

    I think flanker of a flanker is as far as you might get, as I'm not sure how you could go further than that (err, La Nuit De L'homme Intense-Intense?).

    Some of the Bvlgari Man flankers could also...
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    Re: Midnight in Paris back in stock?(U.K.)

    You'll be fine. Guess they still haven't spotted the glitch then. I discovered that too when I bagged a Cedrat Boise for £35, purely as I hadn't emptied my basket before the price jumped. It let me...
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    Re: Today I bought January 2018

    Strictly cheapie purchase this time, on two Azzaro flankers that I've been curious about for a while:

    76526 76527
  44. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    Bel Ami Vetiver.: Every bit as good as people say it is.
  45. Poll: Re: La Nuit De L'Homme vs Allure Homme Edition Blanche

    Wondering the same. Though polls could be used to decide a personal purchase, the concencus round here - I imagine - is that they shouldn't.

    But, I digress: Allure Homme Edition Blanche
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    Re: Midnight in Paris back in stock?(U.K.)

    Yes, the price jumps can be huge. Sometimes it can work in your favour though, and they often stay low for at least a few days. I've picked up Montales for about £30-ish, only to see the same one...
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    Re: Midnight in Paris back in stock?(U.K.)

    Think I'll pass at £82. It was nice enough at a mid-range designer prices, but it was never worth that much, and the price-gouging is getting ridiculous. I have some EDT left, and will be happy to go...
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    Re: Give me your 3 favorite Tobaccos

    Franck Boclet - Tobacco
    Phaedon - Tabac Rouge
    Miller Harris - Feuilles de Tabac

    plus, an honorable mention for Demeter Pipe Tobacco (purely for how realistic it is - an excellent true "tobacco...
  49. Re: L'Artisan Parfumeur - what is that common ingredient I can detect in many of their releases?

    OK. I wonder if it's just those particular sweet/gourmand-esque releases from this house that I have :confused:. Either way, it may be an excuse to exclusively wear L'Artisans for a week or so .
  50. L'Artisan Parfumeur - what is that common ingredient I can detect in many of their releases?

    Does anyone else know if L'Artisan Parfumeur scents use a common base or set of ingredients, as I often find a common "waxy" / Play Doh note running through a number of releases I have tried....
  51. Re: Can anyone describe Slumberhouse Kiste for me?

    For a really commercial version, the closest I've smelt thusfar would be D&G The One EDP. Of course, the Slumberhouse has a lot more facets and nuances going on, but that should give you a rough...
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    Re: Today I Sold/Swapped/Binned

    I've set aside the following for eBay:

    Atelier Cologne Gold Leather - A little feminine for my tastes (too much fruit, not enough leather)
    Carolina Herrera CH Men (2013 pre-reformulation) - Just...
  53. Re: £30 Debenhams Voucher - What should I buy?

    Debenhams appear to stock Terre de Hermes as well as Mugler Pure Malt and Pure Havane. Although not discounted from what I can see, all of those are definitely ones worth owning. Though not...
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    Re: Today I bought December 2017

    Excellent gifting skills from your Bro:tekst-toppie:. This one's a real winner (and the performance is fantastic too - that bottle will last ages). Best blind buy I ever made.
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    Re: Today I bought December 2017

    It's discontinued now, though I'm sure some can be found on ebay (mine was still cellophane-wrapped at a decent price).

    It's primarily a toasted-hazelnut gourmand, and I enjoy those kind of scents...
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    Re: Today I bought December 2017

    Managed to track this down for a good price: Pierre Guillaume Praline de Santal

  57. Re: Next safe, versatile, mature fragrance purchase--suggestions please

    If you like the Tom Ford, De Bachmakov by The Different Company might appeal to you. It has that same fresh, biting citric note in it, and is perfect for work situations (or around people who don't...
  58. Re: Dior Sauvage vs Chanel Allure Homme Sport

    I tend to agree with this sentiment. I would personally consider stuff like Allure Homme Sport so beyond safe as to smell a bit non-descript. One thing I might consider is branching away from any...
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    Re: Is Bleecker Street really fresh?

    I've not (knowingly) had a mislabeled sample from Notino (the UK site), but it does sound like you got one of Bond No 9's more full-gourmand scents (I can't suggest which though, as I have only tried...
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    Re: Is Bleecker Street really fresh?

    I'd say Bleecker Street is slightly green. Not really fresh as such, though it has certain characteristics that make it fine to wear in warmer weather. I mainly get violet leaf from this one.

  61. Re: Most expensive frag purchase with ZERO regret?

    Bond No 9 Bleecker St (100ml bottle too, as it was becoming hard to find in the UK so had to pony up the money for what I could get).

    Although BN9 prices are exorbitant, there's nothing that...
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    Re: Mens designer powdery fragrance?

    I'd suggets the EDT version as it'll serve you well and can still be found at reasonable prices.

    Not so sure, as Infusion d'Homme could easily be said to be soft and powdery. When I think of...
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    Re: Great fragrance but bad name

    Cedrat Boise isn't a great name. I mean, what's so interesting about the capital city of Idaho?

    Versace's Metal Jeans might also make the list. I mean, who wears jeans made of metal? Knights?
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    Re: Smells like a barber shop in church

    Trumper stuff is excellent, though I strongly recommend sampling Eucris in case you're considering buying that blind. It's well-liked but a lot more polarising than their other releases. I happen to...
  65. Re: Don't know how to go about choosing a great fragrance for my guy - how do you do it??

    As someone who's only been at this 2 years, I can say that tastes do develop and you will start to recognise patterns. I did this by looking at the note-pyramids in reviews, and comparing the common...
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    Re: Great fragrance but bad name

    Armani Code isn't really a name that screams "smell me". It would have been better suited to the mid-late 90's where everyone was obsessed about the cyber possibilities of the Information...
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    Re: Great fragrance but bad name

    Chocolate Greedy by Montale has always inexplicably annoyed me. It just gives me a mental image of a kid with chocolate smeared around his mouth
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    Re: Great fragrance but bad name

    It is definitely nice (a sightly gourmandy version of YSL Opium Pour Homme). But yes, you're right about the name.
  69. Re: Best fragrance that smells cold/chilly?

    Mugler Kryptomint gives me that effect, as the "icy" mint is very dominant in that regard.

    Sauvage might also qualify, though my passionate dislike of Dior's Golem-like creation runs right to the...
  70. Re: Winter Rotation Go To’s, Top Winter Fragrances

    (channeling Jessie from The Fast Show) 'Dis winter, oi 'ave mostly been wearin':

    Lubin Idole
    Phaedon Tabac Rouge
    Parfumerie Generale Bois Blond
    Serge Lutens Jeau de Peux
    L'Occitane Eau de...
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    Re: Is Trumpers Eucris Wearable In 2017?

    I imagine this might be more wearable than you think, but possibly still limited to certain (mostly smart or cold weather office settings).

    I own this, but admittedly haven't worn it properly yet...
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    Re: Today I bought December 2017

    Gres - Homme de Gres.

  73. Re: Rarely used but still must haves in your wardrobe

    D & G The One
    Penhaligons Sartorial
    Pure Malt (it's hard to wear subtly, but I know it's worth keeping)

    ...and sad to say I don't wear Dior Eau Sauvage nearly as much as I should.
  74. Poll: Re: Are you a signature scent or a "rotation" person? POLL.

    Variety is a guiding aspect for me. No same scent worn consecutively, and that's the way I prefer it. The only exception is if I'm on the cusp of selling something on, but want to "test-drive" one...
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    Re: Niche Fragrances in Birmingham

    Birmingham is my nearest city, so this is of interest to me. Would be surprised if there wasn't eventually a niche boutique opening somewhere, as the nearest other cities stocking niche houses would...
  76. Re: London Right Now: What's New and Exclusive at Harrod's / Other?

    Bloom Perfumery in Covent Garden seem worth a visit, and definitely seem to be geared toward niche enthusiasts. They stock a unique range, including a lot of Pierre Guillaume, Olfactory Studio,...
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    Re: Today I bought December 2017

    Montale Patchouli Leaves. Finds that perfect sweet spot by taking "dirty" patch and tidying it up just enough (but not too much).

  78. Re: Why are DESIGNER and CELEBRITY fragrances frowned upon...?

    Advice is to take them on a case-by-case basis. There are many (most, in fact) that are simply nothing more than extended merchandise for the celebrity. A revenue stream. And this shows through the...
  79. Re: What are your favourite Coffee fragrances?

    Surprised not to have seen Montale Intense Cafe mentioned yet. More "roasted" coffee than milky, but an excellent creation.

    Sounds like Bond No 9 I Love New York for All (original, black...
  80. Re: Problematic Issues of Gender in Fragrance Industry/Community

    Possibly an aside, but I always found it curious that women have historically been underrepresented in the world of Perfumers, especially since the female fragrance market has always been the bigger...
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    Re: A warm gentle fragrance?

    Perhaps Dior Homme might be one to consider. DHI get's talked about a lot, but perhaps it's more subtle brother may be the more subdued fragrance you're looking for. There's now a few Homme flankers,...
  82. Re: Perfume that reminds one of London - in a good way

    Another suggestion might be Richard E Grant's 'Jack' line, which seem to draw on London-centric themes. I own Jack (original) and it's a really smooth honeyed-citrus scent (albeit a little pricey).
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    Re: When people look back on the 2010s..

    Fragrances have always been marketed on prestige, but I would say the boutique, niche approach would be a standout, especially in the latter half of the 2010's. It would appear this decade's...
  84. Re: L'Occitane Eau Des Baux (Eav des Bavx) EDT to be discontinued ...

    Pretty sure we've had one discontinuation - and re-release - of Eau de Vetyver already. Even if the rumours are true, I sense a resurrection in Eau Des Bavx's future.

    Somehow, I fell out of love...
  85. Re: SEEKING cheapie incense fragrance with longevity and sillage?Does it exist

    I have also seen Montale Full Incense discounted on Notino (over here at least). Perhaps something like Zirh Ikon might do the trick. I personally found the performance a bit lacking, but it's so...
  86. Re: Fresh,Citrus,Herbal,Lemony,Fresh,Barbershop, Italian Style Fragrance With Good Longevity?

    Maybe I'm reaching a bit, but Caron Le 3 / Third Man might work. It is somewhat different (less-sharp, very slightly floral) from the classic citrus cologne of Uomo, but does offer a take on the...
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    Re: Lemon in summer

    I do find myself steering away from things like sharp citrus or mint in colder weather. When the cold comes around, I crave rich scents like gourmands, leathers, and orientals to counteract the...
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    Re: NEW - Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Parfum

    I ordered the EDT by accident (thinking I was ordering the EDP), so decided to get a sample of the EDP to test side by side. I found the differences to be imperceptable at best. Perhaps the...
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    Re: notino uk?

    Ordered a bunch of times from the UK site (some orders over £100) and never had a problem. They use DPD couriers too which means the delivery-side is also hassle-free.

    I fully intend to use them...
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    Re: Thoughts on Black Tea by Murdock

    I thought I'd chime in as I'm baffled by the reports of poor performance for Black Tea. I found this to project very well and last at least past the 6 hour mark.

    I actually bought mine online from...
  91. Poll: Re: Dead Horse Question: How do you feel about Attack of the Clones?

    B (but with a dab of A thrown in). If a scent really is remarkable, it's better quality nuances will shine above the clones that have been created around it. So it doesn't matter how many copycats...
  92. Re: Ten Questions about scents, tastes, and more

    #1: What's the most expensive scent you wear regularly?
    Bond No 9 Bleecker Street. Never wear often enough to justify what I paid so hopefully I can make some splits from it instead.

    #2: What's...
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    Re: chewing gum and toothpaste smell?

    Mugler Kryptomint really fits this description most closely for me. Cartier Roadster is a close second but I find the vanilla is something of a departure from a pure undiluted mint. If you want that...
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    Re: Soapy scent with great projection?

    Prada Amber Pour Homme would be my best suggestion. It follows a similar thread to Id'H, though it's a little "thicker". Can be picked up relatively cheaply.

    Also, when you say "soapy", do you...
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    Re: Good everyday casual fragrances?

    Vetiver fragrances might be good starting point. Most vetivers - if not all - are pretty inoffensive, but come off more natural than generic sport or aquatic scents.

    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver and...
  96. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split? 2017 thread

    For any UK splitters, I am interested in the following, in 10-20ml split (please note, I can guarantee signing up to a few of these but not all at once: it all depends on what is available):
  97. Re: Beaufort 1805 - Smoke, Gunpowder, Blood, Brandy, Wood, Sea Spray -- anyone tried this?

    Surprised no one has mentioned Vit et Armis yet, as I've found that to be a stronger release than the few other Beauforts I've sampled. Very smoky and acrid, but in just the right way.
  98. Replies

    Re: T K Maxx

    Nothing interesting happening for a while now. Did see some Stash in my local one going cheap, but didn't pick up as I'm holding out for the Elixir Oil version.
  99. Replies

    Re: NEW: Odur - Pinus!

    I'm a bit hesitant to ask what sizes are available
  100. Re: Lubin Idole: worth paying top dollar for if you already own Bentley Intense?

    It seems like it might be worth going for, especially as some have suggested there are little or no similarities at all. At the very least, it sounds like it has a character of it's own. I have heard...
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