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  1. Re: Bal a Versailles doesn't smell right -reformulated?

    Parlux licensed Bal a Versailles to Genesis International Marketing Corp in Miami in 1998, in case that is helpful.

    I imagine there may be some decent Genesis bottles floating around out there if...
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    Re: Is this a real vintage Parfum Sacré?

    I have this exact bottle and it smells gorgeous, rich and incensy. I believe it's from the 90s. It certainly predates both the white box/glass bump bottle and the roundish bottles. And smells better...
  3. Re: caron parfum sacre - which bottle style to buy?

    As far as I can tell:

    The tall clear glass rectangular 1 oz EdP bottle with the black label and black cap is the most vintage and the richest, most divine smelling that I've found. From 90s. Comes...
  4. Re: Suggestion for fragrance similar to Creed ~ Angelique Encens

    Ah, I feel your pain. I don't think there's anything on the market that compares with AE. Vintage Shalimar extrait has a kinship, but that's no help for you as it's probably even more expensive. I...
  5. Re: Any Caron Narcisse Noir extrait connoisseurs around?

    Hi BayKAT,

    I urge you to try all the vintage formulations. The cologne and EdT can be had more cheaply online than the extrait, but they are much stronger than today's EdT and colognes. And fyi to...
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