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  1. Re: Complete the Analogy: Cool Water is to Summer as _____ is to Winter

    Burberry London, dammit.
  2. Re: What Do You Wear Purely For Your Own Enjoyment, while you are alone...?

    I usually chose to wear a perfume I haven't worn in a while if I'm just at home.
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    Re: Versace Dreamer Fans.

    It's okay.
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    2 Word Reviews

    Just for fun describe a fragrance of your choice using only two words.

    Mine is D&G Pour Homme: Creamy tobacco.
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    Re: Teetering on the fence...

    Narciso Rodriguez for Him. It's a wonderful smell since it reminds of a shampoo I once used when I was a kid. So when I sampled it it instantly brought back memories. Although I liked NR for Him, I...
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    Re: regretted blind buys

    Horizon by Guy Laroche.

    I was on a roll blind buying a couple of frags here and there. I enjoy the rush of "picturing" how a scent would smell and then comparing it once I actually smell it. I...
  7. Re: Tell us about one fragrance you really want but have not purchased yet and why.

    Drakkar Noir used to be my "signature scent" in my late teens, back when I only had one bottle to wear. I've had a lot of good memories wearing this frag but for some reason I keep putting off...
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    Re: Versace Dreamer

    If there was only a way I could skip the top notes and go straight to the dry down then I'd probably enjoy it more.
  9. Re: My first "blind" (budget) Cologne purchase since my return to BN. Care to take a guess ?

    Drakkar Noir.
  10. Re: Which Scent has a lot of Booze in it? Rum,Gin,Whiskey You name it Baby..

    I got that vibe from Burberry London.
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    Re: Projection - overrated quality?

    Interesting thread. To me, strong projection is one of the least important aspects of the fragrance. I compare smell to interacting with someone. Just as I wouldn't like to speak to someone standing...
  12. Re: Which of your favorite fragrances have gotten the worst insults on Basenotes?

    +1 Aqua Fahrenheit.
    +1 Burberry Touch.
  13. Re: Best fragrance for the gym and just after

    I quit wearing fragrances while at the gym, but when I did one spray of Chrome Sport to the chest was good for me. After working out and taking a cool shower wearing Cool Water feels very refreshing...
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    Re: What is your most used fragrance?

    I try to rotate the few bottles that I own (hopefully aquiring some more soon), but within the past year I've worn Burberry Touch the most. However, recently I purchased Aqua Fahrenheit and I have to...
  15. Re: New poster and summer fragrances at Macy's/Sephora

    Thanks for the suggestions you guys. Looks like I have some sampling to do. :thumbsup:
  16. Re: Le Male, Code, or Bottled No. 6 to replace Cool Water?

    Out of your options I'd go for Le Male, however my recommendation goes to Burberry Brit. I really enjoyed wearing Brit this past Winter. Try sampling it if you can.
  17. Re: Which of my fragrances should I wear to Prom?

    Pi or YSl L'homme. Have fun. :)
  18. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Havane!!!

    Thanks Oupavoc.
  19. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Havane!!!

    I've never smelled A*Men or a gourmand to my knowledge, so is Pure Havane a safe blind buy or is it recommended someone like A*Men before trying this?
  20. Re: Do you spray the same amount all year round or depending on the season and the frag ?

    I usually spray around 2-4 times depending on the bottle. I'm more willing to spray 4 times if it's a lighter fragrance in the Summer, but that's about it. I have a bad experience spraying more than...
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    Poll: Re: how many frags do you own

    10 bottles at the moment plus some samples.
  22. New poster and summer fragrances at Macy's/Sephora

    Hello Basenotes! :smiley:

    I've been a longtime lurker here at this forum and finally decided to make an account. So hi everyone.

    Now for the topic: I would like to know if there are any...
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