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  1. Re: Hey - Get your act together!

    Can you let us know where is your store located? Do you have a website? Can you also let us know who are your suppliers? Thank you very much.
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    Re: Wireless Scenting

    Very interesting. A great application could be when online websites like or or any other perfume site can send binary data to your future scent diffuser letting you...
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    Re: The BIG list of online stores - your input needed!

    The interesting thing is that extreme perfumes has prices lower than fragrancex - so they are some kind of retailers. Thank you for your research and great info.

    regarding negative comments about...
  4. No. 1 by Clive Christian - $2,350 per 1oz?

    Have anyone tried No. 1 by Clive Christian? It's an extremely expensive fragrance; So I was wondering - is it really worth it?
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    Re: Shipping Perfume

    and what was the shipping service you used after all? USPS? Fedex could be an option too.
  6. Re: experience - for US posters

    I guess they are some kind of internet retailers of fragranceX. At least the prices are lower
  7. Re: experience - for US posters

    unfortunately they are a little too expensive comparing with extremeperfumes. I placed my order and I already received a tracking number. They shipped "my precious" via UPS :)

    Eau De Parfum Spray...
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    Re: APRIL!!! What did you buy?

    Bvlgari Eau Parfumee Au The Rouge for 19.99? From where did you get it? it was 1.7 or 3.4oz version?
  9. Re: experience - for US posters

    Thank you. I'll place a small order with them to see how they handle it:

    Juicy Couture 3.4 oz Spray for Women by Juicy Couture...
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    Re: The BIG list of online stores - your input needed!

    perfumemart seems too expensive.

    regarding - this forum is full of bad comments. However on resellerrations I found a lot of positive feedback

    I would recommend to the list...
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    I've read good and bad things about them on this forum. I've found myself another site with great prices: - did you heard of them?
  12. experience - for US posters


    I found a little time ago and I was wondering if anyone had bought from them.

    I saw a lot of experienced users here and I'd love to hear their opinion.
  13. Re: Osmoz - websites: modernized and improved

    too bad the forum community is rather small
  14. Re: Hey - Get your act together!

    I see have great prices for the creed fragrances. Do you know any other websites that have this kind of low prices?
  15. Re: Is a legitamate Creed Retailer?

    Can you please let me know if the prices from are good prices? I never bought Creed and I am searching for low prices.

    Thank you
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    Re: @ those with 10+ bottles

    I found this post somewhere on the net-it has more drastic measures to preserve a perfume:
    Fragrance compounds in perfumes will degrade or break down if improperly stored in...
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    Re: scent doesn't stay on skin?

    Please try this tips for wearing a perfume:
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