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    Re: I don't smell Aventus on me whatsoever.

    I don't know anybody who hates aventus . I mean how can anybody hate this stuff? The only thing to hate here is the price . This fragrance really stands out . I get random compliments just walking...
  2. Re: What fragrance was so bad you HAD to wash it off?

    Le male is the worst in my opinion....smells like a hooker on the job
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    Re: what scent won't you buy again?

    Wtf??? Are u serious?? Aventus should be in top 5 of any guys collection .
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    Re: Another Aventus question

    I bought a creed GIT from them and was smelling way different than the one at neiman . The cap was loose , the paper work all in Arab and on the back was written "toilet water" instead of eau the...
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    Re: Is this normal??

    I really feel that I crossed the Line having bought 40 + bottles of cologne in 4 months but hey I love it . I do have more bottles than all my friends and family put together. It doesn't bother me...
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    Is this normal??

    Recently I discovered that I have a new hobby. Collecting fragrances. Let me start by saying I was that type of guy that used one cologne for every occasion (Armani code). For my 26th birthday I got...
  7. Re: Baffled by how Creed Aventus is such a compliment getter...

    Aventus is a wonderful scent but it sucks on longevity and price . I can't find any other downturn. Love this one though....
  8. Re: Baffled by how Creed Aventus is such a compliment getter...

    Aventus is the scent of God. Jesus is wearing GIT and the Holy Spirit wears Terre d'Hermes!
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