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    Re: Fake Creed Aventus

    We got the comedian club going in here, haha.

    Seriously though, congrats on your wedding.

    The easiest way I have been able to identify fakes from reals when it comes to Creed is by removing the...
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    Poll: Re: Terre D'Hermes EDT or Pure Parfum?

    Both are very good, but I'd lean more towards the EDT. Less is sometimes more and in this case I just find the EDT a bit easier to wear due to the sharper citrus and less earthiness.
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    Re: Do you really care for your fragrances?

    I'm also a collector of sorts. Yes, its a hobby, but I enjoy collecting certain houses that impress me.

    I will say that I do have a emotional connection with many of my fragrances, I have...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Had a cute young girl, probably still in high school, ask me what I was wearing at the gym today as she said I smelled pretty nice. None other than Acqua di Gio Essenza. Its rare for women to come up...
  5. Re: Quick question for those that own Perry Ellis 360 Red (or any 360 for that matter)

    Just got a bottle a few days ago to replace an old one that smelled "off" and was 3/4 empty anyways. No shrink wrap, just came in the cylinder.
  6. Re: have you been assumed of being a smoker just by wearing a tobacco based fragrance?

    Closest I got to a "is someone smoking?" scent is Lonestar Memories, but it smells of a more wood-fire than tobacco smoke.
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    Re: Wear what you enjoy. Oh really? A revelation

    I've only once choked out people around me and that was overspraying Norne, least they died happily in an enchanted forest, haha

    Learned pretty quickly that Slumberhouse stuff is potent and should...
  8. Thread: Tom Ford Noir

    by RunSun

    Re: Tom Ford Noir

    It's honestly not that bad, its nothing outstanding or revolutionary, but it is a good fragrance.

    Would surely get more praise and recognition though if it didn't have the Tom Ford name attached...
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    Re: Old Spice Hawkridge - Anyone Try This?

    Agreed, like it. Been using their Champion bodywash and deodorant for a while and still like them, but the Hawkridge body wash is really nice. Probably going to stick with the Champion deo stick...
  10. Re: Body Odor and Sexuality: Some Very Unexpected Effects!

    Logical explanation for the armpits smelling differently..."I'm not saying that it's aliens, but it's aliens."
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    Re: Bonds NEW alternative to Aventus???

    Don't worry OP, I'm not offended or anything, there can be multiple topics going on this fragrance.

    With that said, I'm still leaning that it will be leaning more towards a spicy/pineapple whereas...
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    Re: Invasion Barbare

    Well, my own personal update here. Got samples of both IB and Sartorial from Pens and gave them a couple wearings each. I actually found myself liking Sartorial much more in the end. Ordered a bottle...
  13. Re: It is King - The ultimate attention getter cologne

    You'll have to let us know, been getting stonewalled by Bond No.9 reps on trying to acquire a sample for comparison.
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    Re: Xerjoff Richwood... is it worth the 670$ ?

    Awesome story, always nice to put things in perspective and how fortunate we are to enjoy this hobby. Think I'll do something similar around Xmas time this year instead of getting a nice bottle of...
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    Re: Meharees L`Erbolario

    This stuff is great, can find it fairly often on Amazon from some reputable sellers. Don't think its popular or expensive enough to knock-off to be quite honest if you are worried about the...
  16. Re: Easy, cheap Summer scent for high school student

    Perry Ellis 360 Red
    Nautica Voyage
    Dsquared2 He Wood Ocean Wet Wood
    Diesel Green
    Guerlain Homme
    YSL Live Jazz
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    Re: Avon - Patrick Dempsey Unscripted II

    There was a Patrick Dempsey Unscripted I??? :huh:

    I won't lie, the name alone makes me think its going to be cheap and will only attract whiny fake female doctors.

    Guess I won't judge it though...
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    Re: L'artisan due to axe half it's frags

    They killed Tea for Two, they could go out of business for all I care after that move.
  19. Re: It is King - The ultimate attention getter cologne

    If you think its bad now, just wait till the Bond No.9 version releases. It will be crowned the greatest thing ever for panty dropping and compliments, than other companies will take notice, and it...
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    Poll: Re: Which gang wins this fight?

    Close one to me, but Dior wins on points in a split decision on the judges' cards
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    Re: chrome vs nautica voyage?

    Might be a psychological association since they are both aquatic in theme, color, styling, etc.

    I much prefer Voyage to Chrome. Although it is very synthetic, it does last seemingly forever,...
  22. Re: My Score of the Decade!!! Wax Sealed Vintage Tabac Blond!!!

    Whoa, amazing haul, vintage Tabac just seems like a completely different fragrance compared to the newer Tabac Blond you can get.
  23. Re: Bond No 9 I

    Zirh Ikon is amazing value for its money. I was amazed when I first got it on a whim that it not only had an attractive bottle and magnetic cap, but also smelled of much higher quality than its price...
  24. Re: Bought a fragrance today that I never thought I would ever own.

    It's not the greatest offering by Mugler ever, but its not a bad scent at all, I just think with the "Pure" name more people were thinking along the lines of Pure Havane or Pure Malt.

    With that...
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    Re: Musc Ravageur and Meharees

    Meharees has been my replacement for Musc Ravageur for a long time, primarily because I absolutely can not stand the opening of MR to the point where I was tempted to always scrub it off.

    Are they...
  26. Re: Large Bottle Purchase of Tom Ford's Private blend/ Question

    I also have not seen any 100 ml of IC, I just managed to "finagle" my way to getting two 50ml for the same price as a 100 ml bottle of other Private Blends, I can be very persuasive when faking my...
  27. Re: Which famous designer brand sucks in fragrances the most?

    You waited 5 years to post...THAT? :huh:

    Seriously though, if you removed the name Gucci and any memory of their actual good fragrances, you would be left with a line of fragrances that are...
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    Re: Worst Niche Line And Why ?

    Well, this topic is very subjective and it is pretty much based on personal preference, haha.

    I'll just again defend my selection of Kilian by noting that the quality of juice RECENTLY has been...
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    Re: The black sheep of Dior's Homme line...

    One of the few reformulations that I actually prefer over the original. The original is not a bad scent by any means, but it had a heady dose of ginger in it that I didn't care much for, the new...
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    Re: Any gamechangers expected this year?

    Pretty much identical to me, except throw in Creed's aquatic line (if true still). Bond No.9's take on Aventus may be a game changer for the casual community, we shall see if the doom and gloom is...
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    Re: Worst Niche Line And Why ?

    Ahhhhh, can't believe I forgot Agonist! But I guess in a way forgetting them is somewhat akin to their line of fragrances, completely forgettable, haha.

    Really overpriced for what they give, which...
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    Re: Worst Niche Line And Why ?

    I'm prepared for the onslaught of verbal lashings, but I'm going with by Kilian. Initially started off with some really good scents that were way overpriced in the line, like Straight to Heaven, Back...
  33. Thread: Slumberhouse

    by RunSun

    Re: Slumberhouse

    well, looking at that tweet it would be coffee AND whiskey. Could be quite interesting if Josh follows through on it.

    Could also possibly get you arrested on suspicion of DUI as well if it reeks...
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    Re: New Bond No.9 - Take on Aventus?

    Going to be interesting to see how they use juniper for sure.

    Also the jasmince, birch, and rose in Aventus is missing and instead there is cedwarwood and amber. The amber will definitely lend it...
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    Re: New Bond No.9 - Take on Aventus?

    Yea, I agree with you on some parts Kybid. I won't judge this Bond No.9 fragrance until I actually try it. I can get past the bottle and even past the silly name, in time. I actually do like Bond...
  36. Re: I have a question about buying a possible backup bottle...Bleu de Chanel

    Buy a backup 5 oz bottle or two from Chanel, should last you forever unless you use it every single day or something.
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    Re: New Bond No.9 - Take on Aventus?

    Zing, :laugh:

    Seriously though, with the new information that this will be an online only fragrance, it just makes it even worse.

    Unless samples becoming readily available, a lot of people who...
  38. Re: Whose Got the power: Chez Bond vs. Green Irish Tweed

    Prefer GIT personally, Chez Bond as others have said is softer too much so on my skin that it seems to almost vanish at times.

    Another version of GIT/Chez Bond that is a bit different, but lasts...
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    Re: New Bond No.9 - Take on Aventus?

    Trust me, that was my first thought as well, but it was posted today (April 5th). I even made sure to double-check that there wasn't an April 1st joke hidden somewhere on the webpage. This seems...
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    Re: New Bond No.9 - Take on Aventus?

    Here's the link to the news on its release

    I'd just like to add that I am nowhere near tech-savvy enough for...
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    Re: New Bond No.9 - Take on Aventus?

    It is called HTTP:/ etc. etc., they are trying to be clever and calling it a "Virtual" perfume. The name of the fragrance is the URL, crazy as it sounds, I know. The bottle is also suppose to be a...
  42. Re: Tom Fords Italian Cypress - So Impressed I Purchased It On The Spot

    I know I may be excommunicated from the Tom Ford Fan Club for saying this, but Italian Cypress is my favorite from his line that I own. The cypress note just "clicks" with me and my skin and it...
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    New Bond No.9 - Take on Aventus?

    Bond No. 9's new fragrance is named "HTTP://WWW.BONDNO9.COM". Releases June 2013.

    The first thing that came to my mind when looking at the notes is how similar it is to Creed Aventus. Now I'm not...
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    Re: No love for YSL Libre?

    Its not the greatest offering from YSL, but its not terrible by any means, in my opinion. However, as others have said, its just not unique or special and therefore while I may wear it a few times...
  45. Re: A mix of Frapin 1270, Dior Homme and L'instant de Guerlain ! AMAZING ! (Arabian version)

    Just an update as well, as I received mine to see what the hub bub was about.

    I honestly don't see much resemblance to DHI or LIDGE, it very faintly resembles Frapin 1270, but I have to wonder if...
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    Re: Invasion Barbare

    Damn you basenotes had to see what the hype was about and now my wallet will suffer once again, this stuff is absolutely great.

    Is LuckyScent the only place this stuff is available?

    Now I have...
  47. Re: Cologne experts what cologne smells like watermelon all day long

    Cereus #12 Pour Femme. Yes, it is listed as a feminine scent, but is a very fruity fragrance and has the scent of watermelon throughout it. I personally have not tried it, but a friend who has it,...
  48. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    rubegon, thanks for that wonderful bottle of Gucci Envy! Don't worry, you can always buy a probable knock off bottle on Ebay, I'm sure one is eventually bound to be the real thing once again, :)
  49. Re: Angel B Men for $15 dollars. shipping included. Crazy deal!

    Don't get me wrong, I do think they are legit. Its just that Firefox couldn't validate their checkout page and I'm just not willing to take that risk personally, but to each their own of course.
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    Re: Fragrance Madness - FINALS!!!


    Hmmm, tough choice, but I'm going for Pure Malt. It's like having two #1 seeds facing each other in the Finals.

    Can't honestly go wrong with either.
  51. Re: Angel B Men for $15 dollars. shipping included. Crazy deal!

    I got a number of security warnings on their website, buyer beware.
  52. Re: Calling All By Kilian Fans (And Haters): A 100% By Kilian Thread

    Straight to Heaven is my fave from this house and I completely agree with those who say it is a compliment getter. Also a big fan of Taste to Heaven, you would think wormwood would not work in a...
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    Re: Fragrance Madness Voting - FINAL FOUR


    I have TdH against Pure Malt in the Finals, I think Pure Malt may pull off the upset. Still a little bitter that PE managed to beat M7, haha.
  54. Re: GQ Article featuring CB I Hate Perfume: Invisible Monster

    Not a fan of CB I hate Perfumes simply because the longevity is just atrocious with the water-based versions. I own Burning Leaves, Winter 1972, and Russian Caravan Tea (which is not a replacement...
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    Re: What is today's "popular Basenotes fragrance"?

    Among niche houses, I think Slumberhouse has become quite popular. Slumberhouse has been mentioned on most fragrance article websites and has won several "best of" awards too.
  56. Re: Pick your day and night fragrances for a warm climate.

    I know I know, I have to be "that" guy, but Acqua di Gio is still a great summer scent it is just not unique as many others will be wearing it.

    There are several Creeds I like in warmer weather,...
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    Re: The Forum Has Changed in the last 5 years

    Personally, I believe that those who yearn for the past miss the "exclusivity" of Basenotes, meaning that they were one of the few who were truly interested in fragrances as a hobby and not as a...
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    Re: Fragrance Madness - SWEET 16

    Voted, upsets baby!
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    Phoenecia Perfumes - anyone tried this house?

    Note: Just a disclaimer, I have no association with this fragrance house or creator, I just have a love of niche houses in the United States.

    Surprise! Another niche house based in the...
  60. Re: Fusion Sacree Lui vs. Frapin 1697 vs. Speakeasy

    Have a sample of FSL and bottles of both Speakeasy and 1697. All of these are quite gourmand.

    FSL is the booziest of the bunch and the rum is quite pronounced to my nose, it is quite good and I...
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    Re: Will there be a Gucci Pour Homme III?

    Interesting for sure, since like many I've given up on Gucci for the most part.
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    Re: What would you name your own fragrance creation?

    Desert Phoenix
  63. Re: Help me identify this boozy fragrance! Is it Idole, By Kilian, what is it?

    I agree, the Luckyscent sample may have gone off. I have a handful that have downright changed color even though they have been stored in a cool, dry, and dark area for years. Don't think the vials...
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    Re: Creed Green Valley

    One of the best Creeds and I'm a pretty big fan of most of the Creed line. With that said, it is a very "green" and soapy fragrance that has smells more like a combination of GIT and Neroli Sauvage...
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    Re: Concert suggestions

    Thanks all for the suggestions, think I'll go with Pure Havane for the concert. Like My_pep_pep said, probably just gonna sweat it off among all the sweaty teenage hipsters anyways, haha
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    Concert suggestions

    A friend got me a ticket to see Muse tomorrow night, pretty excited, but have no idea what fragrance to wear. We'll be on the main floor by the stage and not sitting. Its also ridiculously hot in...
  67. Re: have you ever received a funny comment on a frag?

    Story time! So, a group of friends and I are meeting up to watch the Hobbit at its midnight premiere at an Imax theater. My group of friends is a they had all their kids...
  68. Re: New Fragrance: Giorgio Armani - Eau de Nuit for Men

    Sampled it at Neiman Marcus and found that it is actually not that bad, in my opinion anyways. It smells more like a version of Bleu de Chanel to me than anything else. Nothing amazing or...
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    Re: Pure Havane relaunch ?

    Now if only they would resurrect Pure Coffee for a while so I could pick up another bottle and avoid dealing with gougers like FullCollapse, haha, no offense.
  70. Poll: Re: Better Going Out Fragrance: Midnight in Paris or La Nuit de L'Homme

    Tough choice for me as I like both of these and would wear MiP in some situations where I wouldn't wear La Nuit and vice versa as well.

    I'd have to go with La Nuit just because I find it more...
  71. Re: Now that its pretty much spring what are you planning for your spring rotation?

    You people are lucky you get an actual spring, we'll probably hit over 100 degrees Fahrenheit by mid-March in Arizona.
  72. Thread: Slumberhouse

    by RunSun

    Re: Slumberhouse

    Yea, I've found with most of the Slumberhouse line that one spray is usually enough, two at the very most. I felt like I was suffocating people wearing two sprays of Norne the other day, one on the...
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    Re: Tropical fruits in a bottle

    Speakeasy by Frapin - maybe my sample from Luckyscent was off, but every time I have sampled it, it smells exactly like a boozy Hawaiian Punch to my nose. If you don't know what Hawaiian Punch is,...
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    Re: Tea for Two is back for Europeans

    As others have said, it boggles my mind that Tea for Two is discontinued while several, in my opinion, lackluster scents are still produced. In fact, if you look at their top 10, only Timbuktu and...
  75. Re: Fragrances for men similar to Aventus? But cheaper?

    Fresco is a super-watered down, synthetic, and linear version of Aventus. They share some similarities, but the truth is you get what you pay for.

    If you absolutely love Aventus, nothing will...
  76. Thread: Slumberhouse

    by RunSun

    Re: Slumberhouse

    Don't mind the price increase, don't mind eliminating some of the less popular options and I don't even mind the marbles...


    Eliminating bottle caps?!?!? I'm not really OCD or anything, but...
  77. Re: WOW!!! WOW!!! Must try line: Imaginary Authors from Portland, Oregon

    Thanks for adding them and another note, Josh tends to put a fragrance on sale every few months or so. So, it helps to join his newsletter if you are interested in the lineup.

    Right now he has...
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    Re: What will be your valentines day fragrance?

    I'm letting my girl choose as she'll be the only person I care to be sniffing me later into the night, *wink* *wink*
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    Re: Frapin 1270 just might out do DHI

    Absolutely love Frapin 1270 and I wear it when going out on dates, but the terrible longevity absolutely requires a little atomizer to keep along if you want it to last. My skin tends to make scents...
  80. Re: Fresco by Ilum Dean (impression and Review by noirdrakkar) - Worth the hype?

    It's a pretty decent daytime/office scent, not offensive if sprayed lightly and its nothing earth shattering or amazing, but for $30 its not too shabby.

    And even if you don't like it, you can just...
  81. Re: Fresco by Ilum Dean (impression and Review by noirdrakkar) - Worth the hype?

    It's a pretty decent daytime/office scent, not offensive if sprayed lightly and its nothing earth shattering or amazing, but for $30 its not too shabby.

    And even if you don't like it, you can just...
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    Re: Check out this bid soaring juice

    Its good, but masterpiece may be going too far in my opinion. I've only gotten a 5ml decant of the stuff, its definitely very nice, but not something I'd spend an obscene amount of money on.
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    Re: Yatagan or L'anarchiste

    Tough call, I'd lean towards L'Anarchiste though.
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    Re: How does Chergui compare to Pure Havane?

    I feel Chergui is the lighter cousin to Tobacco Vanille, if you find Pure Havane thick than I'm not sure either is the answer as I find the Mugler offering the lightest of the three and a good...
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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme - what is a fair price?

    I paid $50 for a 1.7 Gucci Pour Homme I, it should last me quite a while and I felt it was a fair price considering the relative rarity of the fragrance now.
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    Re: The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana

    Absolutely love The One, but even though its relatively inexpensive I absolutely hate having to carry around a decent size atomizer since the fragrance does not last more than 2 hours tops for me....
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, December 31, 2012

    Really torn on what to wear to a New Year's Eve ball tonight that will include many networking options, so I'm looking to "dress to impress" so to speak. Got the clothes, now just need the right...
  88. Poll: Re: If you can have only 1 full bottle of Amouage, which one of thes would you buy ?

    Jubilation XXV is just absolutely stunning to me, its rare for me to just smell something from a sample and immediately think I have to own it. Usually I'll give something multiple wearings, but I...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Got a compliment last night while walking on Mill Ave. in Tempe after the UFC fights, a random girl approached me and said I smelled great, like a fresh forest.

    She was a hippie chick and I think...
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    Re: Bertrand Duchaufour's Latest: Enchanted Forest

    Seems like every available form of blackcurrant was included, leaf, concentrated buds, and even the "air". To me that may be quite overpowering of the other notes, especially more delicate ones.
  91. Re: My first thread, and what a sad one... …goÔste reformulation? A Christmas tragedy by NorstrÝm.

    This would be sad news indeed as Egoiste is literally the only Chanel I care about, Bleu is alright, but nothing I'd lose sleep over if it suddenly vanished. Might have to try begging my overseas...
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    Re: Angel men x pure malt | lidge x dhi

    I also favor Pure Malt over the original A*Men which I am not a fan of.

    DHI and LIDGE are both different and would have advised sampling first as while DHI is fairly safe blind buy, LIDGE may not...
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    Re: The scent of power....

    Odin No.7 Tanoke, if only it lasted longer it would be my signature scent, but alas it is too short lived for its price.
  94. Replies

    Re: What to wear on NYE?

    Tough choice between those three, probably lean towards Aventus.

    As for myself, I'm going to a huge dinner ball at a local hotel, expected to be over a thousand people in suits and dresses there....
  95. Re: Need Help identifying this Cologne Bottle and Fragrance

    I know QVC has sold NFL team colognes over the years, as well as NFL team fragrances at places like Sears and JC Penney in the U.S.

    However, I have not seen a football shaped bottle before, but I...
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    Poll: Re: Bleu de Chanel vs Terre d'Hermes

    TdH by a landslide for me.
  97. Re: Which latest designer scent release did you try and think of it as FBW?

    Pure Leather and Spicebomb, I'd probably lean more to Spicebomb as the leather in the Mugler offering is pretty weak, but its not terrible.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Pure Leather and Spicebomb, I'd...
  98. Re: Which House Has The Largest Number Of Quality Male Fragrances: Chanel, Dior or Yves Saint Lauren


    I find YSL to be the masculine to Chanel's feminity, proceed to tell me now how there are unisex and blah blah blah, I still find the majority of Chanels to be aimed at females and YSLs at...
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    Re: Bond - Andy Warhol Parting Ways

    Not a fan, but just have to say I imagine there will be threads claiming reformulation, especially with the more popular Silver Factory
  100. Re: Smelled the most beautiful fragrance; Can't believe what it was!

    Agreed, this is the best way to enjoy Molecule 01, in my opinion. It tends to be almost non-existent when I wear it myself, but others do pick up on it.

    However, I buy primarily for myself to...
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