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  1. Re: I don't get you all sometimes, why buy something not wearable day to day?

    You wouldn't wear khakis and a collared dress shirt on a date, or cargo pants and a v-neck tee to a job interview... Doesn't you shouldn't own them period.
  2. Re: I have 15 samples in front of me. How do I try them out quickly?

    This is like asking "How can I read 15 novels quickly?"

    You can't.
    A fragrance on paper test strips honestly won't smell very close to how it does on your skin.

    Wear one on each hand every day...
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    Re: Rough, Manly Fragrances?

    Knize Ten vintage or the new one?

    *edit* It is apparently a point of contention as to whether this stuff has been reformulated or not?
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    Rough, Manly Fragrances?

    Word on the street is that things like Parfums D'Habit, Polo Green, etc... Have largely all been reformulated, and their modern rereleases have taken off a lot of the brutish "edge" that the original...
  5. Re: I need male fragrance recommendations based on some music and pictures I like.

    Drakkar Noir - Mysterious, dark, brooding, masculine.
    Polo Green - Masculine, rugged, rustic, outdoorsy.
    Crabtree and Evelyn Sienna - Rugged and very "Old-World European" scent, very smokey,...
  6. Did I buy a fake? Serial number mismatch...

    Hello Basenotes,
    I've been lurking for a while, and finally found a compelling reason to make an account here! ;D

    I have a mystery on my hands... I purchased a 50ml bottle of Acqua Di Gio from...
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