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  1. Re: Which of my niche scents should I wear to a job interview?

    In my humble opinion, Endymion.

    And good luck to you on your interview.
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    Re: Atomiser Bottles

    I've purchased from here in the past:
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    Re: I don't understand eau sauvage

    I'm in with the group that dislikes this scent. It's definitely not my style; however it happens to be a lot of people's favorite here at BN.

    Tastes differ. I think it's fine to discuss that. But...
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    Re: What fragrance would Moses wear?

    CK Escape
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    Re: Creed Pocket Atomizer

    I'd personally say that the price drives it into useless territories, not the amount. But that's my take - I'd rather have the cheaper Malle 10ml travel sprays but they're not refillable as I'd...
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    Re: Which scent would you break the bank for?

    Creed Windsor and Creed Pure White Cologne were my top expensive purchases. I've not endeavored to go past their price points... nor have I found a reason yet.
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    Re: Steve Jobs, The Fragrance

    Let's add fuel to this dumpster fire...

    Supposedly he had bad hygiene...
  8. Poll: Re: Should the mods delete posts about what a religious leader would wear?

    It's just frivolous discussion; usually amplified only by active participation. I find many posts here at BN more offensive than this sudden rash of ignorable posts based on historical figures -...
  9. Re: How can you tell if a fragrance is too "mature" for you?

    I'm personally not a fan of "retro" scents - read: any scent with powder like the majority of the Guerlain stock. Those type of scents always signaled "old man" vibe to me. There are some...
  10. Thread: Am I cheap?

    by gerbick

    Re: Am I cheap?

    Nope, not cheap at all. The refills are the only way I'd purchase the Killians after learning of that here.
  11. Re: Male fragrances you would enjoy smelling on a female

    Xerjoff Mefisto - my woman sprayed some on her and it fit quite well. Surprised me more when she said she liked it more on her than me. Guess I'm about to lose that bottle.
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    Re: why so much distaste for drakkar noir?

    Man, that's taking me back... that was my early high school scent (late 80's, early 90's).

    I hadn't seen a rampant amount of distaste for Drakkar Noir here - I've seen some other scents hated more...
  13. Re: Lutens Iris Silver Mist - the Holy Grail for the Wealthy Only?

    Here we agree.
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    Re: Why do you collect fragrances as a hobby?

    Wow, some pretty ranging answers. Thanks for entertaining my inquiry.
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    Re: Pick one Le Labo and tell me why, please

    Santal 33 and Gaiac 10 are the two that I purchased from this house. Santal 33 - I do not get that "dill" scent that some folks get, so please test this one before buying, and Gaiac 10 which is a...
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    Why do you collect fragrances as a hobby?

    Just a general question that I'm starting to find myself more and more curious as to other perspectives as I only have my own perspective.

    I'm glad I have that out of the way; please forgive the...
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    Re: Byredo - Help me with the line

    So far, I've only liked Baudelaire. A bit smoky, a little bit of leather, some currant and patchouli... and it's not a bad scent at all. Been something I've worn heavily during the colder weather...
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    Re: Light, Airy Masculine Floral

    Besides Amouage Ciel (+1), I'd say Creed Millesime 1849 then Helmut Lang EDC would be the next two things I'd recommend.
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    Re: Diptyque 34 boulavard st germain

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    Re: What else do you collect apart from perfumes?

    Transformers (Masterpiece and Generation 1 only)... I'm just a big kid at heart.
  21. Thread: Mark Birley

    by gerbick

    Re: Mark Birley

    Hate to bring up such an old thread; however instead of starting a new thread, thought I'd add my two cents here.

    Bought a bottle from Barneys for half-price and I remembered liking this one, but...
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    Re: Diptyque 34 boulavard st germain

    Love it all the way to the dry down... and each time I wore it, I picked up a different vibe.
  23. Re: Chinese characters on Amouage Epic Man box translation

    This made me really laugh out loud.
  24. Re: Is there any fragrance you use exclusively at home?

    The moment I found myself doing that with Purple Patchouli, I figured it was time to get rid of it. Nobody, and I mean nobody, liked that one save my wife.
  25. [USA] Re: Spring Cleaning Sale! VINTAGE Helmut Lang, Ralph Lauren Silver & Others

    Weekly Bump - More designers will probably be added, some more niche (or near niche). Don't forget my Trade thread!

    Thanks for perusing my thread!
  26. [US + CANADA] Re: Spring Cleaning! Kenzo, Atelier, ELdO, Serge Lutens and More!

    Weekly Bump - More designers will probably be added, some more niche (or near niche) - in my sales thread, I have some vintage Helmut Lang, they're up for great sounding trades. Please offer up...
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    Re: Beware of this person

    My suggestion; do not purchase from eBay. You're here at BN, feel free to look at the splits here, PM them for information in regards to shipping to Australia and research their user feedback. Three...
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    Re: Beware of this person

    Actually, I did something somewhat similar. Took my Silver Mountain Water with me to Nieman Marcus and the Creed rep was there and she agreed with me that the top notes had indeed weakened. The box,...
  29. Re: Currently, are you satisfied with your collection?

    I'm very satisfied, but to be honest I've found myself replacing certain scents, finding some that share the same vibe (e.g. Green Irish Tweed and Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Garrigue for instance)...
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    Re: For Fans Of Guerlain L'Homme Ideal...

    No access to Scorpio in the US unfortunately.
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    Re: Beware of this person

    Not trying to rub salt into your already hurting wound; but in the future never buy from unknowns with shipping that would make me think twice with only PayPal as the mediator. Mind you, I'm not in...
  32. Re: Starting from how many sprays will make people get offended?

    This ^

    I picked up a lot from my time in Japan where scents are more muted as not to offend. I still tend to be a conservative sprayer. And in the US, it differs from region to region actually....
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    Re: Manipulation of Fragrantica Ratings???

    Got it. The threads have been deleted but what I saw on Google's cache, it was innocent enough. Why don't you try those questions here at BN instead?
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    Re: Manipulation of Fragrantica Ratings???

    What's the username? This sounds way too curious, whitesky.

    And it sounds like they've IP banned you. Which... is pretty harsh for what's been stated here.
  35. Re: Starting from how many sprays will make people get offended?

    My personal opinion? I'll assume that you're wearing a shirt and a blazer. In that case, two sprays to the chest, one to each forearm. I'm personally not a fan of sprays to the neck, in that case...
  36. Re: Stuff you overhear or are told while testing Fragrances

    Wow. I've heard some of the hyperboles with some of the Creeds very early on (years ago) but once the SA's realize that you're after the fragrance as it fits you and not as how it may have smelled on...
  37. Re: Do you have back ups of low production perfumes?

    Nope. I like to live on the edge. I can live with the memories and move on to find a new possible conquest.
  38. Re: Starting from how many sprays will make people get offended?

    Just for my own curiosity, what's BdC? Bleu de Chanel or something else?
  39. Re: Starting from how many sprays will make people get offended?

    I'm a definite conservative sprayer. The folks that are on this site tend to be the kind of folks I'd avoid - 10+ sprays of stuff that honestly would singe my nose hairs past 3 sprays.

    It truly...
  40. Re: A FAKE THIERRY MUGLER A*Men Pure Havane? Help me to answer this question

    Your version is the newer release. You're fine - the cigar wrapper was the first release.
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    Re: Today I bought: January 2015

    Tom Ford Plum Japonais (been on the fence for this one)
    Mark Birley for Men (on sale at Barney's right now, half price - no joke, January 18, 2015)
    Creed Vetiver Geranium (finally, been on the...
  42. Re: First visit. A couple of questions. RE: patchouli, Marc Jacobs Bang, Terre d'Hermes eau tres fra

    TdH Eau Tres Fraiche is rather long-lasting on me. It's as masculine as any citrus based (initial notes) scent can be with the standard woodsy dry down from what you'd expect from TdH. I liked the...
  43. Re: Is this paranoia or are my suspicions legitimate?

    This made me truly laugh way too loudly... off to explain this one to the wife.

    Wow. Not that what you want is a bad thing, but not sure how somebody couldn't smell Aventus with 2 sprays to...
  44. Re: Is this paranoia or are my suspicions legitimate?

    What is your goal in regards to projection? Honest question...
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    Re: Tonight I realized I'm in a fragrance rut

    Hi there CologneJunkie... can I suggest Dior Fahrenheit Parfum? A good bit of vanilla, some typical Dior dry down, and has all but the petrol note of the original. I'm actually a fan of this one...
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    Re: Is this what heaven actually smells like?

    I'll definitely agree that it's sparingly shown some love here at BN; but it's one of my tops when I'm looking for totally fresh and clean. I also like the Prada Vetiver Infusion d'Homme version as...
  47. Re: Tea for Two was on the US L'Artisan website...

    Well, this settles it... I'll not be buying from this website for this particular product in the least. Customer service, or the lack thereof, can alter your perception of a company with wide...
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    Re: For Fans Of Guerlain L'Homme Ideal...

    I get what you're saying; actually agree. But BN would need to be equally vigilant on multiple threads of other kinds as well (e.g. Aventus praise threads). And if anything, we tend to revisit...
  49. Re: What scent or cologne would you like to be remembered by?

    Apparently people around me think that Tuscan Leather is my signature scent... when I rarely wear it though. Past tense, I was a huge Ralph Lauren Safari fan (god knows why).
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Aramis Gentleman on clearance, the rest was a lot of stuff I'd never purchase like the Beverly Hills Polo Club fragrances. Saw an overpriced Cartier Declaration ($69.99) but that was about it.
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Ultra Zest (new for 2015)

    I just cannot imagine citrus on top of the standard Amen base at all, in fact it scares me. I'll still test this if it's made available in the US, but I'm not seeking this one out.
  52. Re: Scent of Peace vs. Manhattan-ADVICE NEEDED!!

    Own both, love both... but if I had to pick between the two, I'd say Scent of Peace for Him barely by a nose (pun unintended). But I will say one thing... Manhattan performs better in warm weather...
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    Re: Holy Moly (No. 2) - F Ferragamo Black

    I actually liked Black a lot; however I just couldn't pull the trigger on a bottle. Glad the OP is enjoying it - it's quite an enjoyable fragrance.
  54. Re: Tom ford private blend tobacco vanille ebay question

    ^ This.
  55. Re: Fragrances that disappeared before our very eyes..

    Gucci Rush. I had two bottles, now down to one and it just disappeared out of the blue.
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    Re: Vetiver Geranium Unisex?

    To be honest, I felt this one was more masculine than feminine until my wife wore it. I noticed the citrus and florals upfront first, but the drydown was still rather masculine to me.

    It's a...
  57. [US + CANADA] Re: Spring Cleaning! Kenzo, Atelier, ELdO, Serge Lutens and More!

    Weekly Bump - C'mon, I want to get rid of this stuff. Spring cleaning is in effect!
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    Re: Your "biggest regret" purchase?

    Amen Pure Coffee (1st release)
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    Re: Name 1 OVERRATED frag and 1 UNDERRATED Frag.

    I came here to say just exactly this ^^
  60. Re: Guerlainade vs. Creed's Base: Polar Opposites?

    I prefer Creed over Guerlain, vintage or not.
  61. Re: Classic powerhouses, will they ever make a comeback?

    Just not a fan of that era nor style for the most part. Exceptions exist but they're rare.
  62. Re: Classic powerhouses, will they ever make a comeback?

    Personally, I hope not.
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    Re: What do I look like I smell like?

    gonna buck the trend... Clive Christian X.
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    Re: What the heck do I do with my Kilian box?

    Now that's a great solution!
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    Re: What the heck do I do with my Kilian box?

    Keep an eye on the "Fragrance Wanted" forum. I've seen folks want a box a time or two in the past.
  66. Re: How do you feel about Byredo Mojave Ghost (2014)?

    On my try list, but seeing how it seems to lean feminine, that worries me with this line because when they lean feminine, it's a hard lean that I can't deal with usually.
  67. Re: Oud scents - Why do a lot of women dislike them so much here in the USA ?

    My wife doesn't like oud at all; but knows that I like it so she tolerates it to the point of no complaints from her if I tell her that I like it. Other scents go over better with her; for some...
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    Re: Amouag Ciel Man as Creed alternatives!

    I get no real similarities to any of the Creed's you've listed. It's a masculine floral, sorta in the same vein as Millesime 1849, perhaps the closest Creed to Amouage Ciel.

    Own it, I'm a fan. But...
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    Re: The very worst of 2014

    I'd like to echo that Michael Kors definitely was high up on my list; but I sorta had low hopes for it to begin with. Nasomatto Blamage was seriously disappointing... faith destroying in their other...
  70. Re: Any problems going through an airport with a bottle of Spicebomb?

    Nope, not one problem whilst flying from Munich to Kingston and then back to the US.
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    Re: How many sprays of Le Labo's Santal 33?

    2 sprays and I'm a habitual under-sprayer.
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    Re: What is the most you've ever sprayed at once?

    10 sprays of Windsor
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    Re: I am loving The Scent of Peace right now

    I love it. It actually plays well in cold weather too... which surprised me.
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    Re: Flankers you wish existed, but don't.

    Gucci Rush Intense (EDP)
    Guerlain Homme Tropical (caipirinha w/ pineapple wedge garnish vibe)
    Comme des Garcons Shou Sugi Ban (charred sugi wood)
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    Re: How is Creed Windsor?

    Keep an open mind about Windsor. I wasn't an immediate fan; missed the first batch, via a very nice BN'er was able to test both the original batch and the last batch... ended up buying it when Nieman...
  76. Re: Most unique greens. I'm talking greens that leave you speechless!

    Boudicca Wode. Smells like freshly bent, green branches.
  77. Re: I love Fahrenheit ! will i like Farenight ?

  78. Re: The only cologne that I cannot seem to replace is...

    Gucci Rush. Nothing is exactly a match for that scent.

    But I've no clue on your endeavors... but good luck. I commented in this thread so I can find it later... can't wait to see what BN finds...
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    Re: Unlikely fragrance finds

    Vintage Helmut Lang EDC & Cuiron in a local boutique that sold tailored suits and whatnot for pennies. Literally.
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    Re: Bond No. 9 launches new Attar collection.

    I can only imagine their already somewhat impressive longevity now becoming something of a legend with "attar" level concentration. Guess I'd buy something like this if I wanted to smell like a...
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    Re: Looking for Richard James

    Awesome news.
  82. Re: Helmut Lang Reborn. The original iconic scents, available again!

    Due to travel, I missed out on the coupon despite signing up - tried my purchase on November 1st. Now? I'll probably get a backup bottle of Cuiron, I have a 50ml (or two) of the vintage, but this...
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    Re: Jardin D'Amalfi vs. Pure White Cologne

    I have both, love both. Pure White Cologne is actually my fave, but Jardin d'Amalfi is a solid take on a tangerine note that's just stellar. If I were you, I'd look into buying both as a decant here...
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    Re: Who is who on Basenotes: post a pic...!

    bah, why not?

    Me and the boy at Folly Beach. He has a solid ability for detecting individual notes at his young age.
  85. Re: A little help appreciated - Bad experience on marketplace...

    The key reason I use Basenotes Market area is how the input and feedback of people I consider my peers has helped me thus far. Hearing this story, and OP I'll be honest you're showing a level of...
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    Re: Fragrances that enhance sexual performance.

    This made me snort laugh. Twice. LOL
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, November 2, 2014

  88. Re: If current popular/common scents were to become discontinued would your opinions change on them?

    I've gotten to a point now that even my all-time favorites will one day run out. That's fine. There's something new that'll capture my attention; the path and enjoyment of discovering new things...
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    Re: Bond No 9 Cooper Square

    Santa Fe! That's what it reminded me of - just couldn't place it. Boozier slightly on the top notes, but yep!
  90. Re: Just ordered: Creed Millesime Imperial Perfumed Oil

    Own it and Aventus perfumed oil. Love them both and if you follow what Hednic above states about using the oil then applying the Millesime Imperial cologne spray (normal, alcohol based version) your...
  91. Re: Do you like a cologne enough to try to steal it? If so which cologne would be worth it for you?

    Nope. But I've never stolen anything.
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    Re: Silly hypothetical question just for fun

    Well... when you say it like that, yeah it sounds disgusting. But real civet is rarely in use now, it's the synthetic stuff for the most part.
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    Re: Silly hypothetical question just for fun

    10 sprays of 1 Million? That's a normal Monday afternoon for some BN'ers. You'd need to go for something more bracing.

    10 sprays of Kouros, hot summer day, then work out. That's worth $500.
  94. Re: Idiot Alert - Yes, Im talking about ME for buying a bottle of Vintage Cuiron two months ago -

    bah, regret for something like this is not worth it. Your enjoyment of Cuiron drove you to find a 100ml bottle, you found one, you purchased it and you seem to enjoy it. It's in your house, in your...
  95. Re: Helmut Lang perfumes available for purchase on offical HL website!

    Great news... I had recently found vintage bottles of Helmut Lang EDC and Cuiron for cheaper than these prices; but I'll still buy the Cuiron since it's quickly become a favorite of my wife. Even if...
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    Re: Whats The Big deal With Guerlain...

    Not a fan, have yet to find one scent in their impressive listing(s) that I've kept for more than one season. It happens... there's other houses where I just can't find a scent in their collection(s)...
  97. Re: According to Roja Dove: Five scents to drive women wild

    Thanks. Been trying to figure out why it matters?
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    Re: Amouage which one?

    Memoir Man for me... it's a lovely, "darker" scent. Absinthe (really wormwood) done right.
  99. Re: Don't stone me to death for asking but what do you guys think of Armani Mania?

    Prive line? Or standard? Armani Emporio has gone from a scent I smelled everywhere to rarely smelled and it's been a scent that's been good to me. Armani Mania (original formulation - I'm clueless...
  100. Re: Don't stone me to death for asking but what do you guys think of Armani Mania?

    I'm a huge fan of hushed scents, Armani Mania being one of them. I still have a bottle of the original release that to me, I'd class it as a hushed woodsy scent with close sillage and projection but...
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