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    Re: What do you consider

    Not enough sales. Everything else goes on sale at some time or another: hard drives, clothing, peanut butter...why not fragrance? Can't the Bay have a 50% off sale once and a while?
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    Re: Fragrances spotted in movies!

    Was this the scene with Bond talking to M on the boat? I remember there was a bottle of something that looked like perfume...
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    Re: Health concerns regarding fragrance.

    Nothing if they are the same chemical. All materials are made from chemical compounds from atoms and all atoms are identical. Thus compound A isolated in nature is identical to compound A made in the...
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    Re: Plastic atomizer changing scent?

    Plastic does absorb and leak scent a bit. I think with so many kinds of plastics and lots of different kinds of fragrance you can never be too sure and thus should use glass...
  5. Re: What should i buy for my mother as a gift?

    You could also order 4-5 samples with a note on the card saying that you'll get her her favourite one.
  6. Re: Determining whether a fragrance is masculine or feminine.

    There are certain notes that many people regard as closer to one gender; if you really want to know you could ask the people around you as they are the ones that will be smelling it along with you....
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    Re: I wear what I like?

    A lot of people have notions about which smells are masculine and which are feminine. I think it's a good idea to wear whatever fragrance you want in order to play your small part in disrupting these...
  8. Poll: Re: End Perfume Scentism! - Is it all about the juice, or... does the label matter?

    Labels don't matter in that it's theoretically possible to have a great scent covered by a terrible label. But that doesn't mean that certain labels don't have a far higher success rate at releasing...
  9. Re: Your Motive/reason for having MANY Colognes

    When I took an interest in fragrances I set a limit at 5, and for sure I won't go over this unless someone gives me a bottle as a gift. I currently have 4 bottles, and for my last I'm going to be...
  10. Re: I'm surprised that the "Male Fragrance" board is so much busier that the "Female Fragrance" one.

    I think though that discussing fragrance is a little more unusual than sports, and personally out of my various interests fragrances are the least likely that I would bring up with any male friends;...
  11. Poll: Re: End Perfume Sexism - Should Basenotes Merge the Male and Female Sub-Forums?

    Sexism in perfumes would mean the disapproval of one sex wearing a fragrance for the other, and I don't think the merging would eliminated this, as rare as it already is! I like things the way they...
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    Re: Worst Fragrance Ever???

    Both Azzaro Chrome and Black XS actually make me gag a bit. But Black XS is really the worst fragrance I've ever smelled. I should note that I've not smelled most of the ones listed here.
  13. Re: Have you ever found a diamond in the rough?

    Five dollars? That's super amazing! Honestly.
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    Re: The actual popularity of fragrances

    Even 1/10th of the population is still a lot of customers...
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    Re: Think I'm Done with Creed

    This is not really surprising. It's such a familiar phenomenon in psychology that its part of a theory with a name: cognitive dissonance. In this case, people who have bought something expensive and...
  16. Thread: Safari

    by automorphism

    Re: Safari

    Personally I would never buy from a seller without feedback. There are others that do and don't mind the risk.
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    Re: versace pour homme grey market or fake?

    Thanks guys. After nearly four hours of testing I think I'm ready to call this one ok. The most likely explanation is probably that they just aren't official. Scary though!
  18. Re: Unbelieveable. They are trying to outlaw fragrace

    Hospitals I can understand, and how often do you go into a government building if you don't work there?

    Of course putting fragrance on the same level as cigarette smoke is ridiculous!!!
  19. Re: Have you ever felt self-conscious wearing a fragrance? (my experience)

    I am shocked every time I read this kind of thing on basenotes. I don't think I could ever wear more than 4 sprays, and usually I just use 2 sprays. I think most people can detect it at this mild...
  20. Re: Five( 5 ) fragances ( including " niche ") thet you never buy anymore, even for a gift

    Me too, I honestly love l'Eau D'Issey PH. Anyways. Maybe "hate" is a strong word, because I don't think I have such strong feelings for any fragrance. But here are some:

    - Quorum: way too heavy...
  21. Re: Green Irish Tweed vs. Cool Water (Similar?, Is GIT worth the price?, Cool Water inferior?)

    I would love to test Green Irish Tweed myself to see what the fuss is all about, though I would never buy it since I already have Cool Water and would rather spend money on something radically...
  22. Re: Fake Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey- Please Verify. Pics attached

    For what it's worth, even though there are already lots of comments, my bottle has the silver font as well.
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    Re: versace pour homme grey market or fake?

    Okay, so I still have the smell test going on (mine on left wrist, The Bay tester on right wrist), 2hrs 15minutes in, and they really do smell the same and I can't tell that one is stronger than the...
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    versace pour homme grey market or fake?

    So I got a bottle of Versace Pour Homme from I was wondering if this was either grey market or fake.

    Why I think it's suspicious: Please look at the four photos here:...
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    Re: What is your most used fragrance?

    Cool Water probably. I take many trips and I just take Cool Water with me, so I won't be too disappointed if my luggage is lost (it's the cheapest, not because I don't like it).
  26. Re: Ranking of the most popular scents on Basenotes

    Thanks for posting these! Even though some nice fragrances will inevitably be left out, there are some here that I'll see if I can try!
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    Re: what bottles have you FINISHED?

    I finished a bottle of Pi by dropping it on the floor, shattering it (this was in fact an accident, and I do like it). Does this count?
  28. Re: Any eau de toilette that is similar to Versace Pour Homme?

    You should test Acqua di Gio first, as to me it smells nothing like VPH!
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    Re: Your Top 10 To-Buy List

    Beyond Paradise Men (Lauder)
    Dior Homme Intense
    Fuel for Life Men (Diesel)
    Iris Silver Mist
    Sables (Annick Goutal)
    l'Homme (YSL)
  30. Re: Which fragrance house is the biggest a-hole? (measured by copying, overcharging, lack of supply,

    I feel this saying only really applies to saying bad things about individuals close to you so you can avoid hurting their feelings. I don't think anyone cares about the feelings of a company.
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    Poll: Re: Encre Noire

    I got a sample and I love it but I think it's something you have to test out first if you haven't. I have to be in a particular mood and situation to wear this.
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    Re: How long does a cologne last

    Well, for my better fragrances I put them in a small temporal freezer. Although it's a bit complicated in how it works (I'm not sure myself), basically it stops time itself so the fragrance stays the...
  33. Re: It's really getting to many mens designer scents just don't last, even many niche scents

    One thing you can actually do is experiment with someone you know well, by walking by them and asking them if they smell anything. If they are into fragrances you can get them to try and identify...
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    Re: The actual popularity of fragrances

    Where I work maybe 1/10 guys wear something, and I'm pretty sure one guy wears 15 sprays...
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    Re: Lauder scents that might work on guys

    Thanks! Maybe I'll check those out. Though I'm not really on the lookout to buy anything for a while. This was just a fun experiment with a gift
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    There was a time when I only had Givenchy Pi, which I find acceptable but not great, and Gilette Cool Wave splash. Back then I didn't know much about fragrances, but I thought I'd share that I got...
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    Lauder scents that might work on guys

    Hey guys! I was looking for some gifts for the various females in my life and I managed to find a set of four Lauder fragrances (looks like they are 10-15mL): White Linen, Intuition, Beautiful, and...
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    Re: 1.7oz or 3.4oz?

    Even though I don't have too many fragrances (4 + samples) I don't think I'd ever use the larger bottle size up. I seem to get great projection with only 2 sprays, and those smaller bottles will...
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    Re: Viva linearity!

    On some days I like Pi. To me it smells pretty similar all the way through.
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    Poll: Re: Leau D'Issey by Issey Miyake

    I bought this one blind because it seemed pretty safe based on the reviews. Guess what...I actually really like it. I like frangraces with a bit of sweetness though as I am realising....anyways, it...
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    Re: Fragrance story / scent etiquette

    I'll chime in - at least around here (Eastern Canada) women talk about such things regularly, and this kind of conversation is not too uncommon even amongst total strangers, but it would be quite...
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    Re: A summer scent, perhaps with citrus?

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I did try Allure Homme Sport at the mall and although it wasn't bad, I was a bit disappointed because it became pretty generic after a few hours. I went ahead...
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    A summer scent, perhaps with citrus?

    Hi ladies and gents. I've been browsing for a while, but this is my first post.

    I'm a guy and I am looking for a nice (not too expensive) scent for summer afternoons and evenings. I have browsed...
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