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  1. Re: Millesime Imperial CREED From Fragrancenet Smells Way Different from Neiman and Saks Testers

    Yea will, I actually have 2 MI's. The one from the split and a big bottle from a swap and they smell different, they big bottle is a little more salty but stronger while the decant is mild but seems...
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    Re: Bond No. 9 Montauk?

    Is it me or Montauk smells similar to I Am King
  3. Re: Looking for a masculine vanilla scent....suggestions?

    L'Artisan Safran Troublant
  4. Re: Went Testing Today and Confounded the SA

    Was it a taller then average female with blond hair who is usually at the cash register to the left of the Le Labo section?
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    Traveling With Fragrance

    So I have a problem. I purchased a travel atomizer for obvious reasons, and the first fragrance I put into the atomizer was Creeds Green Irish Tweed. Unknowingly I left it in for some time, and the...
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    Re: Bois 1920 ?

    Yea the classic smelled good but it faded way to quickly, and the extreme was pretty good, not my taste though. The agrumi smelled wonderful on my skin, nice tart berries, for the first 60 seconds,...
  7. Re: Do you ever just "settle" on one fragrance that you're satisfied with?

    I was just talking about this with some friends. Its like an obsession, you must keep buying new ones. I always check the fragrance counter even though I know whats there, its just a re assurance...
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    New Summer Fragrance

    So everyone I am looking for a new summer fragrance. I currently wear Versace Man Eau Friache because my girl loves it so much but I amlooking for something new, I don't like allure homme sport,...
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    Re: All los angeles basenoters

    My Email is

    Email me your schedules and from there I will pick a date and time that is suitable for everyone. Cannot wait!!
    My Name is Evan
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    All los angeles basenoters

    Are there any Los Angeles BNs who would like to conduct a sniff-athon?
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