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  1. Re: How long does a fragrance linger on clothes

    I always try to avoid getting fragrances on my shirts, because I usually like to get a couple wears out of them before I wash them and I might not want to wear the same fragrance the second time. ...
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    Re: Legit? K-Mart Armani Code 2.5oz $37.50

    In this context, we mean The Bay as in the Hudson's Bay Co. in Canada. Well, at least that's what I mean.
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    Re: Fresh vetiver without citrus

    If you don't want anything interfering with your vetiver, why not try some vetiver essential oil?
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    Re: Legit? K-Mart Armani Code 2.5oz $37.50

    I wouldn't say the Bay or Sears are a big step up from Kmart/Walmart. As a matter of fact, my local Walmart carries more of the scents that I like, personally (YSL RG & Opium, Burberry Brit). The...
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    Re: Today I Bought: JUNE 2010

    Darn double post.
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    Re: Today I Bought: JUNE 2010

    Animale Animale for Men
  7. Re: Do you ever feel embarrassed talking about fragrances?

    I'm not embarassed here, but none of my friends are really interested in fragrances so I don't bother them with it.
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    Animale Parfums

    Does anyone know if this company is still producing anything? There seems to be lots of their product available from retailers, but I was trying to find their website and nothing came up.
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    Mixing EOs and Carrier Oils on skin

    I've just ordered some essential oils and am trying to figure out the simplest way to wear them. I was reading this thread in which some recommended against wearing just the EOs and, instead, to...
  10. Re: help me find a trusty fragrance to wear for a long time...

    For some reason, as soon as I read 'trusty', I thought Grey Flannel.
  11. Re: Do you ever crave a fragrance, buy it, THEN....

    That's what happened with me and LL Au Masculin; hence my signature.
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    Re: Cologne for 18 year old

    Might want to give Burberry Brit or Beat a shot.
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    Amplifying particular notes

    I did a quick search to see if this topic existed and didn't come up with anything. My apologies if it's already been addressed.

    Does anyone have any experience with amplifying particular notes...
  14. Re: Which post 2000 scent will become a classic?

    +1 for Rive Gauche PH.
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    The purpose of multiple sprays

    Before you yell at me for posting a question that's already been answered: I was able to find threads on how many sprays people use, and where they spray, but not any about what mulitple sprays...
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    Re: How Can I Tell How Big My Sillage Is?

    Wouldn't sillage off of a Kleenex differ greatly from sillage off of skin? The hand test seems interesting.
    I find the main concern with sillage is hours after the spray, not within 30 minutes of...
  17. Re: Cheap Alternatives for a student on a budget

    As a Canadian student, Walmart has treated me pretty well for fragrances. YSL Rive Gauche ($25), YSL Opium ($30), Burberry Brit ($25).
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    Re: Online Shopping from Canada

    I just had a positive experience ordering a Travelo travel spray bottle from Fragrancenet, shipped to Ontario. I'll likely be making some cologne orders from them in the future.
  19. Re: The mens cologne selection at your local Wal-Mart...

    I think it was just Opium and Rive Gauche here. I was pretty surprised about both, I couldn't find either at The Bay or Sears here. I think the Sephora here carries RG but not Opium pH.
    I was...
  20. Re: The mens cologne selection at your local Wal-Mart...

    Does anyone know if Walmart changes the cologne they carry ever/often? I just bought a bottle of Opium pH that I love and I want to make sure I've always got a supply.
    Not sure if I should stock...
  21. Re: Very cool atomisers ~ FLO & Travalo! Anyone used these?

    The refill options on the Flo look great. Being new to fragrances, I'm a bit wary of removing the top of my original bottle.
  22. Re: Very cool atomisers ~ FLO & Travalo! Anyone used these?

    I've ordered both of these, I'll post a comparison between them once they've both arrived.

    Cheapest I've found the Flo for is straight from the manufacturer at:...
  23. Re: The mens cologne selection at your local Wal-Mart...

    I just picked up a 30ml Burberry Brit for $25 here in London ON Canada. A good deal considering a 50ml is $66 everywhere else (Sephora, The Bay, Sears and, a bit surprisingly, Shoppers Drug Mart)....
  24. Re: What hairstyling product (wax/pomade/gel/etc.) do you use?

    +1 more for American Crew Fibre. Love the smell and I like that it doesn't really feel like there's product in your hair. I've also picked up some Layrite Pomade but haven't tried it yet as the...
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    Re: What to buy at Sephora

    We just got a Sephora here in London Ontario, the selection looks pretty good to me. I'm feinding for a bottle of Burberry Brit.
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