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    Re: creed aventus review

    So how does this validate Aventus help getting you laid?
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    Re: creed aventus review

    Oh really? You know this because you got laid in the bathroom when you tested it for the first time?
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    [CONUS] Designer swaps - CONUS only

    Shoot me any reasonable offers. Not looking for cheap $5 fragrances, so those replies will be ignored.

    Specifically seeking:

    Dunhill Icon
    Polo Green
    Polo Red Extreme
    Diesel Only the Brave...
  4. Re: On a Buying Spree - looking for powerhouse crowd pleasers

    Lanvin Avant Garde
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    Re: Ultra male

    So.. FINALLY got my hands on a decant of this hard to find fragrance. I am not overly thrilled with it, but it is nice. It's a bit too immature though. I like my fragrances to have more woodsy bases,...
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    Re: Christmas fragrances

    I don't celebrate Christmas, so I don't really know how valid my comments are. Though I have been around Christmas trees, and Christmas parties at friends houses, and nothing quite evokes that smell...
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    Re: NEW: Nivea - Nivea Men!

    Wow it looks like Nivea listened to us when we had a thread about wanting this years ago. Maybe it wasn't a thread, but definitely some discussion.

    Well.. I love the smell of their shaving cream...
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    Re: Lacoste Elegance

    This is my SOTD for later today. It's one that is rarely spoken about. I think it's amazing, and probably one of the better gourmands out there. The cocoa/chocolate note is done perfectly, the...
  9. Re: NEW: Hugo Boss - Boss The Scent Parfum Edition!

    Obviously you don't know what iris is, lol.
  10. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I just recently bought it direct from Fossil site (on sale for $15 shipped). It's actually pretty nice and very underrated. I submitted a review recently, not sure if it showed up. It does remind me...
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    Re: Better Late Than Never

    Where is it 6 bucks? I'll blind buy it for that, I only see it for $8 and higher.
  12. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Damn, that's a steal. I have yet to find Kryptomint heavily discounted anywhere. I recently bit the bullet and bought a bottle from Mugler site for 80 bucks.
  13. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Haha true.. it's soooo bad! Smells like vanilla burning plastic.
  14. Re: NEW: Hugo Boss - Boss The Scent Parfum Edition!

    OMG make it stop. LOL

    The first 2 were horrible IMHO. Actually the notes look better in this one as it adds iris, i don't believe the first 2 had it.. and bottle looks hella nice.
  15. Re: The Official Creed Viking Thread - Part 2

    Rain forest? Now that sounds interesting.
  16. Re: cartier lenvol...father's day sale.

    Fragnet had 100 ml bottles for $49, but i think sold out now
  17. Re: The Official Creed Viking Thread - Part 2

    Still haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it's just overrated like most Creeds. Nevertheless, if anyone wants to sample swap, and has Viking, hit me up.
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    Re: Rogue man

    I had Rogue Man and sold it in a lot on an Ebay sale. It's a good fragrance, and yes it's similar to The One. To me it has a lot more leather in it though. I got rid of it because I already have The...
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    Re: Help me choose from these 2 :)

    Not really a fan of either, but I would choose the Dylan Blue. It's just more well rounded and much more versatile. Forever is kinda sour smelling before it finally mellows out, then it has a pretty...
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    Re: worst fragrance of all time???

    Never tried Secretions, but it would probably be the worst smelling. Grey Flannel used to be, but I'm building up more of a tolerance for it, and it's not that bad, but still very hard to wear.

  21. Re: Black is Black & Hot is Black by Nuparfums

    I recall briefly smelling this I think, at Marshall's unboxed, it was like 5 bucks for a big bottle. I remember it smelling like CK One Shock but more fruity.
  22. Re: Which fragrance says Outer Space to you?

    Midnight in Paris, just because of the bottle.
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    Re: Favorite Banana Republic Frag?

    BTW @RP.. I just saw on Ebay, they have quite an abundance of BW big bottles for around 23 shipped. I think I paid 25 shipped for mine about a year ago.
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    Re: Favorite Banana Republic Frag?


    BW was and on and off love for me, but ya, it's definitely the best from the house imo. I almost screwed up and sold my big bottle in a lot on Ebay recently, but then I removed it,...
  25. Re: NABEEL - Arab tradition spray- anyone tried this?

    Glad I have almost 2 full bottles of this fantastic fragrance. This is by far the closest to Tuscan Leather. I paid less than $40 for both bottles, shipped.
  26. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Prada Amber Intense
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    Re: Good everyday casual fragrances?

    Gucci by Gucci is my go-to for this category. It would probably be Fahrenheit, but the Gucci is more simplistic, and I think that's more of an everyday thing. Other simplistic every day frags: Hugo...
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    Favorite Banana Republic Frag?

    Just wondering what everyone's favorite is, from this obscure house? I think BR is better than Gap, Hollister, A&F, and most of the mall stores, in terms of fragrances.

    That said.. I have tried...
  29. Re: Discontinued fragrances - Please post your clones/alternatives!

    This is a cool thread.. I wanted to ask if anyone has a clone for Rive Gauche Light, or Rive Gauche, as I am down to the grind on those, please don't say Drakkar Noir lol.
  30. Re: NEW: Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male Collector Edition 2017 !

    Very cool bottle design/presentation.. tempting.
  31. Re: Anyone still wear Obsession for Men? I need something for the Holidays.

    Very few people who are into fragrances will dislike Burberry London, it is a wearable masterpiece, and it has this time of year written all over it. You can probably blind buy a bottle on Ebay for...
  32. Re: Narcisco Rodriguez Pour Homme EdT or EdP?

    I've only tried the EDT, but I must warn you, this is not a very good blind buy. Most people will either love it or hate it upon first sniff.
  33. Re: Why People Say Fierce A&F Smells Like Chanel Platinum Egoiste??

    Fierce is good, and I think still relevant, but I also think it's played out. It's gonna draw the "you smell like my ex b/f" comments, which.. if you like that, then by all means. Fierce still smells...
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    Re: New Bond No. 9 New York Nights

    Cool bottle. I tend to like Bond's bottles in most cases. The notes on this sound quite odd and that they won't mesh well together. Will have to see the reviews first.
  35. Re: L'Occitane BAVX possibly being discontinued.

    Eau des Baux was rumored to be discontinued years ago. It turned out they just rebottled them slightly, changing the caps mostly. I wound up getting 3 back up bottles, cause I loved it so much (one...
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 22nd October, 2017
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    Re: NEW: Tom Daxson - Riven Oak!

    Never heard of the brand, but the notes look great. Hope this gets in the directory soon so I can add it to my test list.
  38. Re: My New Favourite Fragrance Reviewer! She's Amazing!

    I've seen some of her videos, but never bothered to sub because she mostly reviews women's stuff. I find her very attractive and entertaining as well.
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    Re: this guy has lost it....begging really??

    I've always had my druthers about this guy. Furthermore.. I wanna say that I did not read all 9 pages of this thread, but only the first 2 and I saw no mention of this: Around 6-7 mins into the video...
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    Re: I can't believe I just bought..

    well.. the batch code turns out to be from April 2012.. and it smells as bad as I can ever remember lol.
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    Re: NEW: Jaguar - Pace Accelerate!

    I disagree.. because jasmine is usually a floral note that changes a men's fragrance completely. I think the floral heart in this one will be really good.. and the combination with other notes,...
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    Re: Favorite Penhaligon Fragrance?

    I get pure juniper..
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    Re: Favorite Penhaligon Fragrance?

    Wow no love for Juniper Sling? Gorgeous stuff, just lasts an hour tops :(
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    Re: NEW: Jaguar - Pace Accelerate!

    Just read about this one, notes look awesome!
  45. Re: LIDGE? And other suggestions please for my husband

    Romance was a good fragrance, as was Romance Silver, too bad they stopped making them. Gucci by Gucci for men is similar to Romance Silver, about as close as you'll get I think. Gets me a lot of...
  46. Re: Al Rehab ? which ones...roll on or spray???

    Choco Musk is the strongest frag I own, out of 250 bottles. Buyer beware lol
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    Re: I can't believe I just bought..

    I may have picked that up, as I didn't want the clutter of 4 oz of it on my shelf, and already having so many back up bottles of Bowling Green. So I got a 2 oz unboxed on Ebay for 10 bucks shipped. I...
  48. Re: How similar are Acier Aluminium and Royal English Leather

    I'm almost 100% sure that it's been discontinued. Thankfully :P
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    Re: I can't believe I just bought..

    lol this thread is hilarious.


    Ehh, I get bored. I've also been buying some more classic fragrances that tend to be out of my comfort zone.
  50. Re: drakkar noir/cesars men type fragrance but stronger??

    I find the roll-ons to be far more potent.
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    I can't believe I just bought..

    Grey Flannel.
  52. Re: How similar are Acier Aluminium and Royal English Leather

    This thread made me LOL.

    But seriously.. Royal English Leather is probably one of the most underrated Creed's (albeit it still smells pretty average to me), and AA is vile.. like spoiled banana...
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    Re: Most polarizing?

    IK this is an old thread, but as I was sniffing Grey Flannel today, I couldn't help but think, most polarizing fragrance ever? either that or Fahrenheit, right? Maybe Korous.
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    Re: Smelled my first Guerlain today.

    Guerlain is freakin awesome. even the modern stuff they make (despite a lot of negativity) is great.
  55. Re: drakkar noir/cesars men type fragrance but stronger??

    Cuba Black may be worth a shot, make sure you love lavender though.

    I also own Al Rehab Dakar roll-on and I think it's a worthy recommendation. It kind of has a pineapple like tinge to it though,...
  56. Re: Ferrari Bright Neroli - worthy addition!

    Thank you.

    Really digging the Hermes lately. Great quality scent.
  57. Re: Ferrari Bright Neroli - worthy addition!

    Fragnet has it now, but it comes and goes.. just not sure if it's worth getting if i already own Mugler Cologne, Orange d'Vert conct, Varvatos Artisan Black, and 4711.. any opinions?
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    Re: Bowling Green.. thoughts?

    I am gonna check this out soon. thanks.
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    Bowling Green.. thoughts?

    Today my SOTD is Bowling Green.

    At one point this was a pretty hard to find fragrance, and now, it's everywhere. I'm wondering though.. was it brought back? Or was it reformulated and brought...
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 7th October, 2017

    I highly, highly, highly recommend any lemon verbena lovers to check this one out, especially...
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    Re: Blind Buy Rampage

    To OP.. fragrances have come a long way since the days of Joop! and Cool Water..

    It's really not abnormal to own a collection like yours, or maybe even collections like some of ours. I know a few...
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    Wanted: Heeley Menthe Fraiche

    Looking to buy, not swap: Heeley Menthe Fraiche. Wouldn't mind partial bottles, but only if in Heeley bottle, not a split bottle. Not looking to spend retail price either.

    Entertain me with a...
  63. Re: Unsweet formal and classy perfume for men

    I recommend Gucci by Gucci. It gets bashed on here, but it's a great versatile masculine/modern fragrance. It isn't sweet, it's a little spicy. Gets tons of compliments, and is very alpha-male.
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    Re: Fragrance Feud thread

    -Gucci by Gucci

    -Acqua di Gio


    -Probably Joop! or A*Men, both in their vintage formulations.

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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 5th October, 2017
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    Re: Fragrance for Important Meeting

    GIT hands down. It's the most versatile fragrance in your wardrobe. It smells amazing, and refreshing. I would stay away from the older ones, like Azzaro pH and Polo, although they are both...
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    Re: Today I bought October 2017

    Bought quite a few bottles in the past week, but just bought these 2 today, which I am highly excited to add to my collection, as both have been on my wish list for a while.
  68. Re: Davidoff Good Life - Mesmerizing !!!

    I recently purchased a small bottle of Davidoff Relax, which I am looking forward to trying. Never tried Good Life, but it looks really nice. Not a huge fig fan though.
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    Re: Fahrenheit Absolute vs Versace Man

    I don't like saffron, so Fahrenheit Absolute. I don't think either are great though. I would seek after the also discontinued Prada Amber pH Intense, which is much better than the other 2 imo....
  70. [CONUS] Re: Bond No 9 Bleecker St 90/100ml Full Presentation

    Bump, still avail
  71. Re: Blind buy: Michael Jordan Legend or Ted Lapidus Altamir?

    I'd have to say the complete opposite. RM is smoother, more creamy, richer, smells more expensive (well smells like a designer frag).. while Legend smells like a Playboy frag. Legend is a lavender...
  72. Re: Blind buy: Michael Jordan Legend or Ted Lapidus Altamir?

    Legend is practically the same price as Rochas Man, You're better off getting Rochas, cause it's MUCH better quality. as for the latter, never tried it, but it looks boring.
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    Re: Baldessarini Ambre Oud 2017.

    Ultimate is pretty boring to me.
  74. Re: Versace Eros.......Is It Really That Bad??

    Has no personality imo. I love the bottle design though.. I've contemplated buying it just for the bottle, very unique looking, unlike the scent itself.

    Gets pretty good reviews on Youtube.. but...
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    Re: Favorite release of 2017

    Kryptomint (this one really got lost in the shuffle, but it's hella good)
    Gucci Guilty Absolute
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    Re: Thoughts on Geir Ness?

    thank you. I've been meaning to check out the Kiton line, but figured they kinda sound basic to me. I will see if ebay has any decants.
  77. Replies

    Re: Thoughts on Geir Ness?

    On a side note.. does anyone know of something very similar to Geir Ness, but darker? I really do like the floral notes, but I think when combined with that vanilla, is what gives off that perfumy...
  78. Replies

    Re: Thoughts on Geir Ness?

    Wow. I LOVE GhLB btw, great stuff. Curry, haha.

    I have H.M. as well, edt, not edp. Never tried the edp so can't make the comparison there, but I don't see much similarities to the edt. H.M. is...
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    Thoughts on Geir Ness?

    Ordinarily idc about what others think, as long as I like it.

    Today I wore from my decant of Geir Ness and got some awful feedback. The worst one was "why are you wearing a woman's fragrance?"...
  80. [CONUS] Re: Bond No 9 Bleecker St 90/100ml Full Presentation

    Bump, still avail.
  81. Re: NEW: Azzaro - Azzaro Pour Homme Édition Noire!


    Not a fan of cumin in fragrances.
  82. Re: NEW: Azzaro - Azzaro Pour Homme Édition Noire!

    Sounds guh rosssss!
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    Re: Sophisticated fall fragrance ?

    Bvlgari Man Black Orient
    Eau des Baux
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    Re: Baldessarini Ambre Oud 2017.

    This sounds good. I really like the original. I'll wait for some reviews to see if it's anything like the original. If it is, with oud added, might be a real winner.
  85. [CONUS] Bond No 9 Bleecker St 90/100ml Full Presentation

    I have Bond No 9 Bleecker that I just purchased from Amazon, paid $203 after tax (can show proof of purchase). I'm just not really feeling the fragrance. I decanted out 10 ml to keep for myself, so...
  86. Re: NEW: Salvador Dali - Sunrise in Cadaquès Pour Homme!

    I own Agua Verde from 2005 or 06 I think. It's really interesting stuff, very niche. Even a gamble in the niche world, as it's just very strange. Easily one of my least worn frags. It does smell...
  87. Re: NEW: Salvador Dali - Sunrise in Cadaquès Pour Homme!

    Notes sound good. Will definitely sniff this one.
  88. Re: Are high end candles $30+ a much different experience from TJ MAxx Calvin Klein

    I'm assuming you're referring to scented candles. If that's the case.. i have used everything from Creed to Diptyque, to Yankee, to Thompson Ferrier, and everything in between. In fact I have a...
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    Re: Your most "relaxing" fragrance?

    CK Be
  90. Re: Cheap cold weather scent recommendations

    Prada Amber Intense is a good one worth checking out. Not sure how cheap it is anymore.
  91. Re: biggest projection mens cheapie fragrances?

    On Wings, ya Bigsly is right lol, it's a tough one to get over. I bought a small .25 oz bottle recently, tried to wear it once, and had to scrub it off. There's something very unpleasing about it,...
  92. Re: biggest projection mens cheapie fragrances?

    No way. I have a bottle of Aspen on my desk right now, and it's not very strong at all. Maybe you meant vintage stuff?
  93. Re: biggest projection mens cheapie fragrances?

    Anything from Bogart
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    Re: Old School Niche ;)

    Italian Cypress comes to mind for sure. Sartorial, perhaps Amouage Epic man too.
  95. Re: Frags simialr to Terre D'Hermes: Citrus/Woody/Sharp/Dirty?

    David Beckham Homme
    Gucci Guilty Absolute
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    Re: A tale of two Tuscan clones.

    Arab Tradition is one of the biggest gems I've found in a long time. I have 2 bottles, just in case (fear of obscure cheapies like this going up in price or disappearing completely).

    I find it to...
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    Re: M7 oud absolu

    Original is much heavier on the cherry.
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    Re: Is Aramis Havana all that good?

    Off topic, but you sure you didn't mean Chanel Chance?
  99. Re: Already have Versace Pour Homme, Chanel AHS is AHSC needed or redundant?

    I find them different enough to own both. I have Versace pH, and I would probably buy AHS if it ever went on sale. To my nose, Versace is more aquatic, while AHS is more traditional citrusy sporty...
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    Re: Creed Spice & Wood

    I don't think it's similar to DH, I just think the woodsy note smells the same.

    You should really learn how to read people. I didn't insult TS at all. You're also wrong, because TS has said...
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