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  1. Re: Any B'noters from the great Philippines? Anyone out there have experience with the brand BENCH?

    Hi! I'm from the Philippines and yes, I know that brand. :thumbsup:

    Let me see...It's a clothing line that releases fragrances endorsed by celebrities. I'd imagine their fragrances to be have a...
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    Re: what's TOO popular right now?

    Hey, fellow Filipino. :) I agree. Add to the list:

    - Kenzo's L'eau Par pour Homme
    - Bvlgari's Aqua
    - Lacoste's Style in Play

    It's an aquatic/citrus nation over here. The hot weather will kill...
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    Re: I aim to smell mean.

    Sex Panther. 60% of the time, it works every time.
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    Re: Help with Versace Eau Fraiche?

    Is there black rubber around the rim of the bottle?

    I got a fake Lacoste Style in Play once. I couldn't tell it was fake until later on. Eventually, the Lacoste Logo started to rub off, the...
  5. Re: Fragrances that give you olfactory fatigue..

    LOL! :) I couldn't help it. Come on, I'm sure you get excited with new fragrance purchases too, right? Your hand firmly holding a full bottle, fingers pressed against an unfamiliar spritzer.... You...
  6. Re: Fragrances that give you olfactory fatigue..

    It actually was fun to see the other guy in the elevator struggle to maintain a polite smile. LOL
  7. Re: Fragrances that give you olfactory fatigue..

    I'm new to fragrances and I wasn't aware of the term olfactory fatigue before having read it on a post here on BN. I bought my One Million a few months back and I was SO disappointed with it because...
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    Re: The MOST similar to Euphoria for men??

    I spontaneously bought Euphoria because it was love-at-first-smell (sprayed some on my skin then bought it after 10 minutes) We share the same longevity problem.

    I regret buying this for 2...
  9. Re: What fragrance should I wear on a shirt to send my long distance girlfriend?

    I second that motion. LOL
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