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  1. Re: Fragrance Republic - Free Samples! 9/2/2014 CONUS

    Enjoyed the samples very much. Thank you! I also sent a PM regarding testing for my site...
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    Re: Byredo potency

    I got very weak projection from Oud Immortelle

    I've since done tests on a few other Byredos, including pulp, and have been quite impressed. I have not ...
  3. Re: Tuscan Leather, Immortelle de Corse, Costume National 21, etc!!!

    Few days left until I leave for Japan! Get em while they're hot!
  4. Poll: Re: Which scent should I wear tomorrow?

    Terre D'hermes as it's the least potent of the bunch. You don't want to be "that" teacher.
  5. Re: Good lord, I just tried a sample of A*men

    If you want strong... try wearing Angel. Smells better and it blew away the competition in my tests.

    86 inches of projection!!!
  6. Re: Suggestion: Green/Fresh/Citrus Cologne for the Beach

    Mugler cologne fits the bill perfectly
  7. Re: Major sample haul! But I bought vials. Advice? (and, a code if you're interested)

    Maybe just invest in a batch of those 2.5 ml sprayers and transfer? They really do come in handy.
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    Re: Fragrance Storage Solutions

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Also, to Doug: Do you mind if I add your method and picture to my blog post?
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    Fragrance Storage Solutions

    Hi guys!

    I wanted to let you know that I just blogged on my site about some cool fragrances storage solutions I have come across. Namely, sterilite plastic storage drawers, 378 magnum rifle round...
  10. Re: Bleu De Chanel Longevity and Projection

    I will be testing this fragrance in the next couple of weeks so I'll be sure to report the projection #s at that time :)
  11. Re: Relax and calming scent for bed ?

    I love pajama fragrances

    Right now I enjoy amber narguille
  12. Poll: Re: Help me choose a bond frag. (all thoughts welcome) POLL!

    Andy warhol but it has been discontinued
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    Re: A Walking Fruit Bomb cologne?

    Miles by Detaille Paris
    John Varvatos
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    Re: Encre Noire: Eau Hell No!

    I am very happy to have it in my collection
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    Re: New Bond No.9 - Take on Aventus?

    Very excited to try this!
  16. Re: My bottle of L'Air Du Désert Marocain leaked...

    You could even try e-mailing Tauer Perfumes and letting them know about your ordeal. Maybe they will take pity on your and let you do an exchange directly.

    If nothing else, at least it will alert...
  17. Re: My bottle of L'Air Du Désert Marocain leaked...

    Ask for a bigger discount that is proportional to the juice you lost
  18. Re: LOL @ everyone that complains their MI batch doesn't have enough watermelon...

    I'm going to return my bottle of MI because it doesn't have a watermelon note
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    Re: 'Soapy' and 'Clean'

    any '80s frag
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    Re: CDG Hinoki review


    That comment was rushed. I meant to say it smells like a Japanese hot spring :)
  21. Re: Men's Sample Pass Reviews Only-Readers and Comments Welcome!

    I apologize that it has taken me so long to get these reviews up. I was away on vacation and I've been trying to test everything as quickly as possible. I am finally finished, and I would like to...
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    Re: Longevity of fragrance

    If you want longevity, spray on your clothes. That's the only surefire way
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    Re: Hunting Tobacco Vanille
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    Re: Fragrance Madness - RESULTS

    Believe it or not, LIDGE scored higher in projection and lower in sillage in my tests vs. PM
  25. Re: Just found out Amen was reformulated in 2010

    If it's true, that would explain my less than stellar projection test results with A*Men.
  26. Re: Recommend a tea based fragrance for under $80

    You're welcome :)
  27. Inscents: I do plan on doing a revamp soon using...

    Inscents: I do plan on doing a revamp soon using manufacturer-produced fragrances, and I will be sure to do repeat testing this time around to ensure there are no discrepancies. Thanks for the advice...
  28. Re: Ok, I did it... I purchased my first 2 bottles of Amouage today

    how did you guys find out about these bottles??
  29. Re: Ok, I did it... I purchased my first 2 bottles of Amouage today

    Oh my... fantastic prices
  30. Re: Body Odor as a complement to a fragrance

    Body odor is never acceptable IMO
  31. Re: Suggestions for something new/celebratory

    Congrats on the job!!!!!

    I would say Aventus, and wear 10 sprays so everyone in your neighborhood can smell you :P
  32. Re: John Varvatos for men. A pleasant surprise.

    I very much enjoy this fragrance as well
  33. Re: Car with a built in perfuming system

    That interior............ my goodness. So much win
  34. Re: Looking for something that smells like after a thunderstorm

    Encre Noir?
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    Re: Need cheap long lasting cologne

    I can't comment on the longevity, but Mandarina Duck Pure Black has excellent projection and longevity, and can be found for quite cheap online.
  36. Re: Think I found a 90's version of Cool Water.

    It appears there are many on ebay right now. I wonder if they could all be vintange
  37. Re: Post eBay Fragrance Seller Feedback here!

    I highly recommend buying from Perfume4us. I received a bottle that had leaked, and Adam (who I believe is the owner) offered to either refund the amount of the bottle that had leaked, or send me a...
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    Re: Fragrance for a Job Interview

    I find it has a sweaty accord to it, which I don't find very appealing either. Although the EdT is tolerable for me.
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    Re: Fragrance for a Job Interview

    If you are going to wear something, make sure it has very mild projection. Golden boy is the least potent fragrance I have tested thus far:

    Terre de...
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    Re: Bond #9 New Harlem compliments!!

    New York Amber is terrific. Check it out
  41. Hi guys! I appreciate all the comments and...

    Hi guys!

    I appreciate all the comments and criticism. I thought I would quickly address some comments just to provide a bit more clarity as to what I'm trying to achieve.

    Fragrancebros: I shot...
  42. Re: Finally pulled the trigger and bought a bottle of MJ Bang.

    care to share the site where you purchased it?
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    Re: Miles by Detaille

    Just got my bottle of Miles....


    This stuff smells unbelievable. Easily in my top 5 for spring/summer, and an absolute steal at $35!!!
  44. Re: Need mid-range gourmand ideas!

    See if you can spend a bit more and get LIDGE. It oozes class and is extremely potent, so you're guaranteed your money's worth.
  45. Re: How long do your scents linger in the room?

    Pure Leather, L'homme, Pure Black, New York Amber, and Pure Havane have all performed well in my sillage testing.

    Pure leather lasted 73 seconds in one spot, which is by far the longest I've...
  46. Re: Victoria Secret Very Sexy for Him

    Very synthetic, but girls love it. It was my signature scent for years.
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    Re: Dior ambre nuit projection

    I tested amber nuit at 51 inches of projection. Very potent stuff!
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    Re: The scent of sun kissed skin...

  49. Re: Fragrancenet - Royal Oud for $120 on eBay

    Looks like that's the going rate for Royal Oud after checking out some other sites.
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    Re: Suggest a formal evening scent

  51. Espresso Royale - No one has tried this yet?

    Sounds like it has win written all over it. No reviews!?
  52. Re: Men's Sample Pass Reviews Only-Readers and Comments Welcome!

    Thumbs up dude
  53. Re: Men's Sample Pass Reviews Only-Readers and Comments Welcome!

    can't wait to get the samples.

    Maybe a spring/summer sample pass next? I need to update my wardrobe!
  54. Re: Best way to dirty up a fragrance?

    don't bathe
  55. Re: Tester bottles vs Retail bottles - strength ?

    I personally don't think there is a difference. But I will do some tests in the future and post the results as soon as I do :)
  56. Re: If you are worried about Longevity of your fragrances..............

    I second spraying on clothing.

    Aventus has nuclear projection but most people develop olfactory fatigue when wearing it. I would hate to be the person standing beside the guy who has been spraying...
  57. Re: Nemat International Musk Amber smells like Ambre Sultan by SL

    BTW, is this a good price for the stuff?
  58. Re: Nemat International Musk Amber smells like Ambre Sultan by SL

    I checked their site, bbut they only list "Musk Amber 500" is that the same?
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    Re: A sad day at Pell Wall

    Sorry about your loss Chris :(

    Maybe you will be able to make a fragrance in Jet's memory ?
  60. Sticky: Re: #8 Toronto Fragrance meetup - Sunday March 10th 5pm at GUERLAIN - Come Join Us!

    Bummed I'm missing this one too.... I'll get there one day
  61. Re: My order of LIDGE from Guerlain Toronto

    By far my favorite boutique when I lived in Toronto. Big thumbs up!
  62. Re: Noirdrakkar Reviews Erolfa by Creed

    Not to be rude, but why not just post your reviews in the fragrance directory?
  63. Re: My wife LOVES Creed Aventus, but it's getting a bit common here - alternatives?

    Take Yonge street.

    Problem solved :)
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    Re: First date choice...

    If you want her to smell you: Aventus

    If you want to tone it down, so she can only smell you when she's lying on your chest: Terre

    Aventus projects around 10x as much as Terre does
  65. Re: I might be obsessed with sampling.

    Likewise on your thoughts. Scent is such a powerful sense.

    Happy sampling!
  66. Poll: Re: Favorite Hermes (other than Terre d'Hermes)

    Ambre Narguile...

    wore it last night - so good
  67. Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Well done Aden!!
  68. Re: Pure leather instead of A*men?!? HELP

    Definitely PL sounds like it would be perfect for you
  69. Poll: Re: Your strongest fragrance - projection & sillage?

    So far of the around 40 or so fragrances I have tested, there are 2 that stand out

    1. Aventus: Projection - 72.5 inches, Sillage - 33 seconds
    2. Leather Oud: Projection - 66 inches, Sillage...
  70. Re: Rate my wardrobe and suggest more?

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    Re: Miles by Detaille

    This stuff sounds great!


    bah, I bit. $35 bucks for a tester :0
  72. Re: What do you think of these notes?

    Frankly, I'm frightened
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    Re: amouage memoir man

    I'm actually getting more into the drydown and it kind of reminds me of toothpaste :( Crumbs...

    well, I guess I should just considered it money well saved
  74. Poll: Re: Would You Be Interested In Participating In a Sample Pass?

    You know I'm always down for these :)

    Thank you for being so on top of things
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    Re: amouage memoir man

    Received a number of samples from a very generous BN member, and I am blown away by Memoir Man. Wow! It's like a dark GIT!!!
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    Re: Tax refund purchases

    I'm actually holding off purchasing fragrances for the first time in quite a while!

    ... we'll see how long this phase lasts :P
  77. Re: Federic Malle Vetiver Ext. or French Lover / First Malle Purchase

    Vetiver Extroardinaire is my favorite vetiver evar
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    Re: How many is too many?

    Ask Hednic. I think he has developed a good strategy :D
  79. Re: Men's Sample Pass Reviews Only

    I'm up for anything! Props for getting this going :)

    L'homme: I am the last victim in the circle, as juanderer has correctly stated
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    Re: New Haarlem - A steal of a deal

    Not too bad, but even at $80 I'd be on the fence about buying this fragrance. It's too damn sweet!
  81. Re: These projection/longevity "BEASTS" last less time on my skin than Dolce Gabana The One...

    Just body chemistry man. Be happy that aventus lasts as long as it does, because that one has the best projection of those you listed, and most people complain of poor longevity.
  82. Re: Dilemma - Bond No.9 Andy Warhol or Amouage Jubilation XXV?

    Never tried Jubilation XXV, but I LOVE Andy Warhol
  83. Re: Men's Sample Pass Reviews Only

    Can't wait to get them :):):):)
  84. Re: Guerlain Tonka Imperiale = cocoa butter + 1 Million

    I hated this stuff at first, but it's actually really nice. Sweet, but for a reason (I know that's a weird analysis, but that's how I feel)
  85. Re: **Eggy's swaps - Costume National 21, Cerruti, Hinoki - NOW LOCATED IN USA**

    Added L'essence de Cerruti and Hinoki!
  86. Re: Men's GIVEAWAY thread- NO REQUESTS ALLOWED! Revised 1/29/13

    Received mine as well. Forget BNer, FISS80 is one of the most generous people I have ever encountered! Thank you!
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    Re: New Haarlem - A steal of a deal

    Was this in Toronto by any chance?
  88. Re: What do you do with the samples you don't like, aren't going to use?

    Mens give away thread
  89. What activities enhance your fragrance experience?

    Hey guys!

    First of all, I wanted to let you know that I have changed my nickname. I used to be "Eggy". A lot of people liked my old name but hopefully the legacy will live on through the Smelly...
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    Re: Challenging Fragrances

    You don't find Leather Oud sweet?! It's like filthy honey to my nose.
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    Re: Mancera Black to Black

    If it's anything like By Caroline's "Back to Back", I'm not interested :P
  92. Replies

    Re: Best smokey frag?


    May be worth another try. I wish there was somewhere close by I could sample the exclusives...
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    Re: Best smokey frag?

    I find Tuscan Leather to be considerably smokey.

    Also, I have heard man refer to Chanel's Sycomore as being a nice smokey vetiver.
  94. Replies

    Re: Challenging Fragrances

    I agree on all counts!

    ... with the exception of Leather Oud. I don't find it challenging in terms of the notes, but definitely challenging in that it projects so much that you have to be careful...
  95. Re: Back To Black - By Kilian. Projection issues.

    I have yet to test this fragrance, but when I do I will report back with projection #s! I remember it being quite powerful when I wore it a while back
  96. Re: NEW fragrance Dark Obsession for men by Calvin Klein

    pppppppppass... although I'll test it anyway
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    Re: L'Occitane Eau de Baux!!

    I recommend spraying this on clothing to make the most out of the vanilla and incense
  98. Re: A cologne that will make her think of sex

    I love this thrad
  99. Re: David Beckham launches Urban Homme

    Urban Home?
  100. Re: A cologne that will make her think of sex

    pay a prostitute to have sex with you, then proceed directly to the party without showering.
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