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    Re: GQ's Vetiver recs

    Not bad, some interesting choices there to help break the bros out of their usual routines.
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    Re: If only it lasted longer?

    No kidding, probably 3/4 of frags I've tried I pass up because they don't last.

    I'd love to wear old school eaux de colognes and bay rums in summer but I can't be arsed to refresh them every 45...
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    Re: Job Interview

    Nothing imo. It's a job interview, not a fashion show.
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    Re: Your opinion of Montale's Dark Aoud?

    As a fan of oud frags, I find Montale's Dark Aoud to be harsh and awful. I hate to smell it, much less smell like it.

    Much prefer Kilian Pure Oud.
  5. Re: Anything like Noir de Noir, with a bit more "man" to it, maybe a touch more chocolate?

    I haven't tried it but I hear the Armani Privé Rose d'Arabie is a more linear version of NdN - I like NdN's opening a lot but the sweet drydown is a bit feminine for me.
  6. Re: Niche Summer Fragrance: no citrus, no cologne, no barbershop!

    +1 on trying Geranium Pour Monsieur, too much mint for me but perfect for summer.
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    Re: Can I please have some help with Montale?

    I don't like the Montale ouds at all, Dark Aoud in particular will highlight the sharp, metallic nature of whatever "oud" they're using which to me smells like a wood shop where someone left a thick...
  8. Re: Suggestion: Green/Fresh/Citrus Cologne for the Beach

    Try the classic colognes like Chanel and Acqua di Parma.
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    Re: Thoughts on Signature Scent: Good vs Bad?

    Personally I think it's more fun to wear different frags to suit the occasion, your dress and your mood, but certainly there's nothing wrong with a signature scent. Unfortunately I haven't found one...
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    Re: My enthusiasm is waning

    A Creed subforum would make Basenotes a lot more interesting place.
  11. Re: I just smelled Green Irish Tweed and Aventus.

    GIT is a good, safe work scent for people who think that spending $200 than the price of Cool Water will lend them an air of sophistication. I think Aventus is a great unique frag with very good...
  12. Re: Recommendations for men's ambergis related scent ?

    Try different ambers to see which kind you like; Hermes l'Ambre des Marveilles is a good choice as is Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan and the Hermesessnce Ambre Narguille. There are probably lots of good...
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    Re: Thoughts on Bond No. 9

    In summer I like Fire Island because it smells just like the Bain de Soleil I used to wear as a kid, and my wife loves Coney Island as it's a fun and unique combo of margaritas, candy floss and...
  14. Re: According to my Macy's SA, only old men buy Thierry Mugler

    I think if a 50+ year old man walked by me and I smell A*men on him, I would literally stop, turn around, and think seriously about asking him what he was wearing just to be sure.
  15. Re: Ordered 5 colognes, dislike all of them, need advice please!

    It sounds like you have a taste for high price tags, not high quality.

    Creed definitely has you covered. Looking forward to your 10/10 review of GIT to go with your 2/10 review of Cool Water.
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    Re: Does Age Define Taste?

    No but there's definitely a correlation between age and experience, and experience and taste.
  17. Re: Do you have frags from the same house as your clothes?

    Yeah, I have a few Tom Ford Private Blend frags and wear a fair bit of Tom Ford. I'd say his clothes and his frags have some similarities, namely that sex is often front and center.
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    Re: Good cheap cologne to apply after PE?

    Agreed, that stuff is nuclear strength, odorless, and won't stain your shirts. Accept no substitutes!

    As for what to wear after gym class, I'd say the same stuff you put on in the morning? Get...
  19. Re: have you been assumed of being a smoker just by wearing a tobacco based fragrance?

    Lots of frags that smell like tobacco leaves and pipe tobacco, but I've never smelled any frag that smelled like a cigar or cigarette, or a person who was or had just smoked a cigar or cigaratte.
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    Re: Tom Ford Noir

    Yeah I own and love NdN so Noir smells pretty good to me, it's just not in the same league as NdN which I don't mind as it's much cheaper.
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    Re: Will Creed make me come off as a snob?

    Snob? No, but it will make you come off as someone new to the world of fragrance and who's spent way too much money on a slickly marketed package.
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    Re: Name some "dry" fragrances you love.

    Bois d'Encens.
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    Re: Questions for fragrance lovers

    Me neither, first world problems!

    I guess I've spent about $3k total on my current collection of ~15 bottles.
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    Re: Invasion Barbare

    Brilliant nugere. No-go for me because for 99% of people out there, it just smells like another old $15 fougere .
  25. Re: Which perfume house uses the best/worst quality bottles in comparison to their price tag?

    Worst packaging/bottle/sprayer compared to price? Creed, hands down. Caron isn't great but they typically cost 1/5 to 1/10 as much as Creeds.

    My personal favourite packaging is Armani Privé, the...
  26. Re: If you could only choose five vintage scents to complete your collection, what would they be?

    Original formulations of:

    Givenchy Gentleman
    Guerlain Vetiver

    And finally, Iris Gris.
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    Re: creed royal oud review

    whoops wrong thread
  28. My Bois d'Orage and Sycomore are too heavy for summer, "lighter" green recos?

    I'm a big fan of fresh green frags and have been wearing Bois d'Orage and Sycomore a lot this winter, but on a recent warm day the Bois d'Orage I was wearing really radiated a bit too much for my...
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    Re: Full sprays vs Half sprays

    Depends on the frag, I use something like 6 full sprays of Bois d'Encens but for Bois d'Orage I use 3, one on my chest and 4 1/2 sprays on my wrists and neck, otherwise I blow people out of the room!
  30. Re: What in Invasion barbare is it that I can't stand?

    For me it's the powdery drydown but that wasn't something unexpected given the style of frag.

    I don't mind the price or the accolades as it really is the 83 Lafite Rothschild of barbershop...
  31. Re: Received Creed Aventus without LOT no. - but it smells great !?!

    It's a fake. Send it back and hopefully learn a lesson about buying products from a company with absolutely no quality control and distribution control whatsoever.
  32. Re: Is Concentre d'Orange Verte similar to Lime Basil & Mandarine?

    I have the Hermes and Malle frags and neither smell like lime and basil really. All of them vanish like a fart in the wind if that's important to you.
  33. Re: Which designer scent sends you running for clean air?

    A*Men, Pi and One Million, not because they're bad frags per se, just that the guys who wear them apparently have no sense of smell.
  34. Re: Which fragrance did you love at first sniff then hate it on the second?

    Bond Little Italy. Heavy orange opening, godawful synth musk base.
  35. Thread: Rose 31

    by usedtowork

    Re: Rose 31

    Can't beat Une Rose for day and Noir de Noir for evening imo!
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    Re: I'm mad at you, Monsieur Givenchy!

    It's been reformulated, like my beloved Gentleman which now smells like an ashtray to me.

    Never blind buy a Givenchy.
  37. Re: So simple, so obvious et sooo enjoyable! Tell us about yours :D

    Bois d'Encens. I don't know about obvious but it's very simple, wonderful, and stays close to my skin, so it's just for me.
  38. Re: Need some suggestions, "new" to the little world of fragrances.

    Since you're new to fragrances, I highly recommend the beginner's forum.
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    Re: Winter frags in summer

    Try and see, on me for example a frag like Bois d'Orage becomes radioactive in the heat, so I tone down to Fou d'Absinthe or Guerlain Vetiver instead.
  40. Re: It is King - The ultimate attention getter cologne

    Wow it's been almost hours since a Creed astroturfer posted an Aventus thread! Thanks OP!
  41. Re: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino - cheaper / better alternatives

    I didn't want to buy NP, but I ended up doing so anyway just for the longevity.
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    Re: Incense Confusion?

    Yeah it's a bit of a shame because I'm almost allergic to rich incenses like Coromandel and Avignon, but I love the dark dry down of Bois d'Encens, so I can never blind buy an "incense" frag.
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    Re: Worst Niche Line And Why ?

    I guess you're not a Creed astroturfer or fanboy! :laugh:
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    Re: Your Top 3 favorite Diptyque & Byredo ?

    Pulp is the rare (unique?) fruit frag that doesn't vanish in an hour on my skin, plus I love the way it smells.
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    Re: Rose D'Arabie and Oud Royal by Armani/Prive

    The third one in the series is Cuir Noir.
  46. Re: Cheap scent similar to Tom Ford Noir de Noir

    I hear from my discount frag lady that the Queen Latifah one is a dead ringer.
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    Re: Anything close to a forest?

    I love Bois d'Orage but imo it's not too foresty past the opening, on me it dries down to a sweet grass and petroleum which is wonderful but not evocative of a forest in my opinion. Sample before...
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    Re: Chanel Coromandel and Guerlain Habit Rouge

    If incense and citrus smell the same to you, you could save a lot of money and wear drugstore frags! :D
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    Re: Do you wear an incense cologne?

    I like rich incense frags like Coromandel and Avignon but I don't like to wear them; for me Bois d'Encens is much preferable as it's a bone-dry incense with a great unique opening.
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    Re: Worst Niche Line And Why ?

    I doubt that's the reason, after all most of Chanel's fragrances are feminine but they don't garner vocal hatred.

    The herd of Creed astroturfers and fanboys here on Basenotes need an enemy to...
  51. Re: Any high quality coconut scents similar to Creed Virgin Island Water from Amouage, Bond No. 9, e

    It sounds like he's looking for a more pure, higher quality coconut than the mud in VIW.
  52. Re: Coromandel from Chanel Les Exclusifs - For Men?

    Coromandel is a big incense bomb and IMO incense is incense, it's not masculine or feminine these days really.
  53. Re: If you're not a fan of "x" note, what is a fragrance you love DOMINATED by this note that you ha

    Vanilla in Tom Ford NdN.
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    Re: Worst Niche Line And Why ?

    Creed, hands down.

    Way too many frags most of which are subpar, ridiculous prices, lousy quality in the bottle/packaging/labelling, scam marketing, zero quality control, extensive astroturfing,...
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    Re: To Creed or not to Creed

    Another Creed circlejerk thread, this time from a days-old account.

    They aren't even trying anymore.
  56. Re: Original Vetiver by Creed (compared to Thierry Mugler Cologne)

    OV would be ok if there weren't a hundred excellent vetivers already on the market.

    Since there are, OV is objective crap by comparison, and ludicrously priced given the ingredients.
  57. Re: If there's no stamp of "creed" on the atomizer cap is the fragrence fake?

    Does it smell Royal?
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    Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    This thread has 16 pages.

    No fragrance is worth working this hard for.
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    Re: Kouros Question (Am I missing something?)

    Your disappointment isn't surprising as I've never heard Kouros described as an incense. Try Chanel Coromandel or Heeley Cardinal.
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    Re: FREDERIC MALLE: Which one is the best?

    BdO is much, much, much greener than Spice and Wood. Sample both side by side.
  61. Re: What were the 3 biggest impact/revolutionary designer fragrances for you?

    RL Polo as the first men's fragrance I really liked, RL Safari as the first men's fragrance I really loved and made my signature, and Tom Ford Noir de Noir for expanding my horizons so far that I'll...
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    Re: favorite ginger scent...

    Tilda Swinton for me.
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    Re: GIT vs SMW for Work

    Every Creed perfume is perfect for every occasion so go nuts.
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    Re: Montale Black Aoud - Peak Performance

    Rose and oud is a nice combo imo but Montale's harsh oud is a turnoff to me. Une Rose + Pure Oud is a magical combination, or substitute Noir de Noir for Une Rose for a devastating evening combo.
  65. Re: What would upset you the most if it was discontinued?

    I have a few liters of fragrance at this point, so realistically I'll never run out of anything.
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    Re: Best chanel for men

    Sycomore for me.
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    Re: Seeking an incense fragrance

    +1 on Bois d'Encens. Remarkable frag, utterly distinctive, very exclusive.
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    Re: How to apply cologne while wearing a suit?

    Sides of your neck above your shirt and back of your hands gives you 4 sprays without touching your clothes. Even if you wear the same frag all the time I wouldn't recommend spraying work clothes as...
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    Re: Azure Lime......and sporty fragrances.

    Citrus notes by definition will disappear quickly. Cheap frags by Royall and St. John's for example will deliver as much lime longevity as TF at a fraction of the price.
  70. Re: Whats everyones favorite By Kilian fragrance?

    Pure Oud but I have some Extreme Oud coming.
  71. Re: 25 y.o guy looking for the "right" fragrance

    Montale Aoud Cuir d'Arabie. Exclusive, masculine, buttery smooth leather scent.
  72. Re: What is a must have to add to my collection?

    You have a lot of modern scents for young guys and girls. Try a classic, manly fragrance like Yatagan, Paco Rabanne, Azzaro Homme, Polo etc.
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    Re: 28 and would like a new nighttime cologne.

    28's a tough age, the women you're interested in aren't girls anymore (no citrus/aqua), but they're not full blown women yet either (no leathers/aromatic fougeres). Regardless you want something...
  74. Re: Anyone surviving on only decants and samples?

    Yeah the economics of 100mL or even 50mL bottles don't make sense if you have more than a half dozen or so frags, unless for some reason you're planning to wear them and nothing else for the rest of...
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    Re: M7 Original Blind Buy?

    Normally I would say always sample first, but for a popular vintage frag like M7, you can easily resell it if you don't like it.
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    Re: Name a gourmand better than New Haarlem.

    Guerlain Double Vanille
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    Re: By Kilian's Back To Black smells like...?

    I get honey and powder mainly. A few other things happening in the opening but they disappear quickly.
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    Re: Best fragrance you have ever smelt?

    Noir de Noir. It's extremely different from the butch frags I usually wear, and there's just something in the opening (grape? cognac? chocolate?) that hits me like a bullet to the brain whenever I...
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    Re: Those great little decants from Luckyscent

    I bought a 50 pack of small sprays from Accessories for Fragrances for about $30. Transfer the vials into those.
  80. Re: Cant resist spraying colognes on!!! SMELL ADDICT

    People must think I have some sort of disorder as I'm always sniffing the backs of my hands and wrists out in public. Last night I had Bois d'Orage / Sycomore on my hands and Pamplemousse Rose /...
  81. Re: I need to attend a wedding soon. What should I put on?

    Informal? Classy? Young/old? Long service? All-night dance?

    Out of respect for the people in the pews and at your table, I'd wear Bleu or GIT until the dance starts, then hit the men's room for a...
  82. Re: Not in Front of Other People: Spraying Perfumes is an Intimate Matter

    It's a toilette activity, like brushing your teeth, applying makeup or trimming your nails. It's natural to want to do it in privacy.
  83. Re: How many sprays of Le male if im going to be in a house?

    No more than a dozen.
  84. Re: Fragrances with Longevity and Good Projection

    Kouros is the scent for you.
  85. Replies

    Re: Creed - Quality or Con

    Increasingly, a Creed-only forum appears to be the only answer!
  86. Replies

    Re: Creed Aventus with Black logo real?

    It's spoiled, pour it down the drain, crush the bottle underfoot, and learn to never again buy perfume from a niche house that lets any old store resell their wares. That bottle could have been...
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    Re: Creed - Quality or Con

    They punch way above their weight. That said if you like the juice and don't mind the price, go for it.

    This is a great idea.
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    Re: Some thoughts on "that Cologne guy"

    I'm a smoker but I don't know anyone including me who likes the smell of second hand cigarette smoke though.
  89. Replies

    Re: Some thoughts on "that Cologne guy"

    If I'm going out for the evening, you better believe people are going to smell me!

    However, if I'm going to work with the same people I always work with, I pick the fragrance that I want to wear...
  90. Re: Help finding a new men's signature fragrance (mid 30s)

    I love Bois d'Orage but on me at least it projects like a beast in the heat. People walking by are transported to a sweet green jungle.
  91. Re: What is the ultimate most macho alpha male scent ever created?

    For me, Yatagan and Kouros for very different reasons.
  92. Re: Pick your day and night fragrances for a warm climate.

    Summer stuff I'm wearing this year will be Neroli Portofino, Fire Island, Bigarade Concentree, St. John's Bay Rum, Pamplemousse Rose and one of the Jardin series (I can't decide which). I had a great...
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    Re: creed royal oud review


    If you say so, I own By Kilian Pure Oud and Montale Dark Aoud and while those are two very different frags, you can tell the wood used is at least from the same family, while Royal Oud's...
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    Re: Suggest something similar to Antaeus

    For a different scent that has similarities to Antaeus - similar vintage, complexity, projection, longevity, and impact in perfume history - try Kouros.
  95. Re: Help finding a new men's signature fragrance (mid 30s)

    Armani Bois d'Encens would work well in that dry, dusty Arizona heat. I wouldn't call it complex but it's definitely sophisticated, very exclusive, and you definitely won't end up smelling like a...
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    Re: Leaked Creed samples ...

    I'd like to hear more opinions on what to do when you receive damaged merchandise in the mail. Maybe someone should start a poll!
  97. Re: Suggestions for earth/wood/evening-wear fragrances suitable for younger people?

    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is woody but with spices and citrus as well, fairly young-ish in my opinion. Frankly if you're comfortable wearing Rive Gauche I don't think there's much you can wear that will...
  98. Re: Tuscan Leather or Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

    I find TV projects unpleasantly like a beast in summer heat, while TL to me dries down to something that smells like TL minus the leather. Overall I guess I prefer the tobacco leaf in TV since there...
  99. Re: Best aquatic head turning fragrance? Niche or Regular...

    I don't find many aquatics last and project as much as I like, but in that regard I've had good results with Tom Ford Neroli Portofino EDP.
  100. Re: Please recommend some Spring/Summer scents for me...

    I prefer simple, fresh, fairly cheap scents for summer, and in that regard I think Jean-Claude Ellena at Hermes is the master. The Jardin series, the orange and grapefruit concentrées, Terre, Voyage...
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