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  1. Re: L'Artisan Parfumeur Winter Sale - Up to 50% Off

  2. Re: L'Artisan Parfumeur Winter Sale - Up to 50% Off

    I wouldn't get too excited about this. They're already repeating the issues they've had with previous sales (as I've found reading threads online). They charged me for my order of two items and then...
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    Where to shop in New Hampshire?

    Outside the malls where are good places to shop for fragrances in New Hampshire? Or more like a New Hampshire to Boston stretch? I just moved to NH a year ago and am clueless for ideas as to where to...
  4. Re: Early notice: Carine Roitfeld, ex-Vogue editor, launching fragrance?

    Yay! I love Carine. Since we know she eschews lipstick, I wonder if she'll wear some when she's out doing promo tours (if she does them)?
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    Re: Instead of Chanel N19

    Love no 19 too and grew up wearing it, the EDT, in the 90's. I think Anais Anais EDT, which I have also, is a good thing to try. Both have kind of a dry greenness and both share many of the same...
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    Re: Perfume Organs

    Beyooutiful! Very nice. I'm envious!
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    Re: 1961 AVON TV Fragrance Video

    "You'll walk in beauty." Yes, with a trail of passed out people behind you. Lol! ; )

    That was a lot of suggested layering! I cannot imagine how one would be able to focus on a Sunday at church or...
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    Re: Stuck Glass Stopper

    Try letting it sit in the fridge for a couple hours. The glass should shrink a bit. I have a vintage bottle of Le Dix parfum that I can only get the stopper off if it's been in the fridge. Pulls...
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    Re: How many is too many?

    Depends on what you're comfortable with. It's like collecting vs hoarding. You'll know if you have too many if you start feeling uncomfortable with it. You can always swap or give away and doing both...
  10. Re: Vintage Emeraude and L'Aimant questions...

    Ok, silly me. Looked at the labels again and it dawned on me that the L'Aimant just says Coty sooooo, I guess, it was pre Pfizer. Obviously.

    But I still want to know what time period was best for...
  11. Re: Which is your favorite Frederic Malle fragrance and why?

    Carnal Flower. The green opening makes me tear up a little bit in a good way. As a fan of tuberose I do love that as well as it's not stifling or overly creamy like Fracas but it's the greeness that...
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    Re: Favorite Rainy Day Perfumes?

    Being that I live in the Seattle area it's always a rainy day. ; )

    Usually it's things that I'm not totally comfortable with wearing out of the house or am still learning to love. Rainy days are...
  13. Re: Reconciling differing tastes in a marriage - 24, Faubourg vs. Cashmere Mist

    My husband is similar - doesn't know notes very well and is very vocal when he doesn't like something (though I don't get French whore comments I do get some frags compared to something I won't share...
  14. Vintage Emeraude and L'Aimant questions...

    I have a bottle of each and the label says Flacon Mist on both but the Emeraude says Pfizer and the other does not. Both have the gold crown cap. Can I safely assume that the L'Aimant is Pfizer? Also...
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    Re: Don't be this guy


    I bought my SO a bottle of that a few years ago as a joke. Smells ok but not for wear really. Looks humorous on the dresser!
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    Poll: Re: Brad Pitt on Chanel No. 5

    Nooooooooo!!! It was/is awful! It's like he's bored to tears but is doing it for a paycheck. Or he's reading off a cue card and bored as heck. He looks like he just got back from a week long camping...
  17. Re: Which scents chicks dig/females love/blah blah blah

    Almost anything with patchouli in it.

    According to my 17 year old nephew the girls at his school love Axe body spray. (Though as his aunt I'd love to take him to Nordstrom or a niche shop and...
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    Re: If You Could Only Own 10 Fragrances

    *whispers* Only ten? Oooooh, that's too hard...

    Chanel Coco EDT
    Caron Tabac Blond
    Kiehl's Musk EDT
    Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    Krizia K de Krizia
    Lorenzo Villoresi Dilmun
    Annick Goutal Eau...
  19. Re: Which masculine or unisex fragrances ladies do you wear?

    I wear some men's fragrances at home and out (with exception of the Uomo as it is really potent and a bit harsh IMO).

    Chanel - Egoiste
    YSL - Uomo
    Christian Lacriox - Tumulte
    Annick Goutal -...
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    Re: Opinions of Yankee Candle

    They're ok but so many smell average and either too fruity or too synthetic like others here mentioned. There are three that I like, and burn. One is Christmas Wreath as it does have a nice pine tree...
  21. Re: My Wife just broke her deceased moms perfume bottle..

    *sigh* What a wonderful story! That was so nice of you to do that for your wife! And you kept on the scent trail to find it! ; )
    Yes, please update and let everyone know how your gift giving went!
  22. Re: If I hate these fragrances, what else should I avoid?

    Revisiting this in response to my earlier reply. Just bought my first no. 5 this past weekend, the Velvet Body Cream, and bought a bottle of no. 22 parfum three years ago. Likes, and noses, do...
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    Re: Should I open my vintage Bandit?

    To update on my original post I decided to put the bottle up for sale last year. After the first application the frag goes flat and smells old and dirty and not a nice dirty. Leather frags are a...
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    Re: Question about AG Rose Splendide...

    Thanks for the replies!

    I'll email them. And if they don't have the cream scent in fragrance form then it's a total shame! The scent of the cream is so gorgeous! Like a slightly peppery rose with...
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    Re: Fendi Uomo -- Discontinued?


    Thank you for the detailed description about the American and Italian versions. I was given a bottle of this, it was my grandfather's, and now I can see that it is the Bethco version.
  26. Re: What fragrance can replace K de Krizia?

    Noir Epices from Frederic Malle. I have a bottle of both and they both smell almost identical.
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    Question about AG Rose Splendide...

    Are the scent of the Annick Goutal Rose Splendide EDT and the face/body Splendide moisturizers the same?

    Thank you!
  28. Re: What Scent Evokes the Strongest Memories For You?

    Errrr, that depends on the fragrance! Haha!

    Popular mid 90's scents like CK One and Sunflowers etc. make me very irritable and angry. Mostly aquatics - don't like and want to crawl out of my...
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    Re: SotD Friday, 21 December 2012

    Me too! Can't wait for this year to be over! Glad you made it and your year is done for awhile. : )

    Wearing no. 22 parfum and loving it.
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    Re: I'm not Cary Grant...

    Annick Goutal's Eau du Sud is really nice. Citrus, basil, patchouli, oakmoss and a little leather. Very clean and nice with a bit of power from the leather and oakmoss IMO. Great fragrance for all...
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    Re: Scents that teenage girls like

    Whatever their male friends are wearing. Or go to Sephora's website and look up the best sellers in the men's frag department.

    Honestly though I think you should wear whatever you like and help...
  32. Re: Teenager looking for a fragrance, thinking of Egoiste


    Get the Egoiste! It's a wonderful fragrance and most likely you will smell different from your peers. I'm a woman, mid 30's, and I started wearing Egoiste when I was 14 because I didn't...
  33. Re: So I Gave My Friend a Sample of A*Men and...

    I get the cat piss. A couple months ago I sniffed a bottle at Nordies and it smelled horrific. Like something stale and urinous and it was just the nozzle! Then I got how some people have a strong...
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    Re: Should I open my vintage Bandit?

    And then I remember that I'm not that good at describing scents! But I'll try my best.

    It's dark and mossy but soft and that's surprising as I've read it's almost masculine and can be harsh. I...
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    Re: Should I open my vintage Bandit?

    LOL! I think mrcologneguy said it best! That's totally something I'd say to someone. LOL!

    Arg. I have the bottle here and a pipette. *sigh* Part of the thrill is a) I found a bottle of unopened...
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    Re: Should I open my vintage Bandit?

    Haha! Enablers! ; )
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    Should I open my vintage Bandit?

    I found a bottle of vintage Bandit parfum,cord still uncut, along with the original white box and it looks to be from the 40's (white box display box with white box dome and a black satin ribbon...
  38. Re: What were your wardrobe additions for 2007?

    Coco parfum
    Une Rose
    Gap Grass
    Kiehl's Musk
    Inner Grace
    Celebration by Fendi

    and so on...
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    Re: Good musk!

    Musc Ravageur


    Perfect Veil

    White Musk by Amica (musk and violets!)
  40. Re: getting rid of the smell on your skin of testers you don't like

    I second the deodorant. Also dishwashing liquid and those silver bars of metal "soap" that you can get at specialty food stores.
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    Re: Scents that smell like BO?!? :o

    Pampelune and FM's Bigarade. Also i Profumi's Tobacco. I'm a fan of Pampelune and Tobacco but I'm too afraid to wear them out and about. : (
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    Re: Looking for ladies' citrus

    I'm a big fan of citrus fragrances espcecially in the Summer! Mandragore and Eau de Sud and Hadrian by AG are great. Also Stella Sheer and Ode a la Joie by Yves Rocher which, to me, smells like fresh...
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    Re: How to get samples at dept stores?

    Before I leave the house I spritz myself with a fragrance or when I'm at the store. I do this before I ask for samples. Then when I ask for samples I tell the SA's that I'd like a sample of such and...
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    Re: Do you spray your clothes?

    I spritz the air and then walk through it. I only do this though with really potent fragrances or ones that clash with, and/or change, on my skin.
  45. Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    I've had people almost choke when I said that I have 100+ bottles! I tell them that's nothing compared to some of the collections I've seen! Been told I'm wasting my money, that it's a frivolis habit...
  46. Re: If I hate these fragrances, what else should I avoid?

    I totally understand the No. 5 issues. I've tried to like it but for some reason it makes my throat close up and/or feel cotton-y when I smell it. I know it's a well loved classic but it just doesn't...
  47. Re: I'm a guy but I like women's perfumes better...

    Clinique's Aromatics Elixer
    Cartier's Le Basier du Dragon
    Caron's Narcisse Noir, Tabac Blond and En Avion
    Philosophy's Inner Grace
    Cuir de Russie by Chanel
    Fendi by Fendi
    YSL's Nu...
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    Re: what brought you to basenotes?

    Online search. Was so happy to find people here at BN who love fragrance and were knowledgeable about it.
  49. Re: Carnal Flower...Should I? Shouldn't I?

    I've not worn mine out of the house yet since I see CF as a warm weather scent. I did though recently give a freind a decant of it and she fell in love with it! Her BF loves it too. We went to see a...
  50. What to do when the SO hates patchouli?

    I got married a couple years ago and stopped wearing patch because my husband hates it. Of course NOW everything has patch in it to the point that I'm almost ignoring any new fragrance releases since...
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    Re: Did you like your mom's favorite scent?

    Yes! Her fave is Anne Pliska! I didn't realize till recently that my mother and I share a similar taste in fragrances. When I found out that AP has a patch note I almost fainted! I don't see her...
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    Re: Coco reformulated?

    Castorpollux- I looked at the bottle I got in '01 and I don't see any markings that say France. I bought that bottle at a department store in Vancouver BC on Robson Street. I think it was called...
  53. Re: Scare artists target Clarins/Thierry Mugler Parfums...

    Second syracusa's comment.
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    Re: Coco reformulated?

    Thank you all for your replies! :>

    Tink- I am very sure I was NOT smelling Coco Mademoiselle. I know the difference between the Coco and Coco Mademoiselle very well and they both smell very...
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    Coco reformulated?

    I'm so afraid to ask this question. If true then I am in trouble! LOL! ;>

    I bought a bottle of EDP in Vancouver BC on Jan. of '01. I'm almost out of that bottle so a couple weeks ago I tried out a...
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    Re: Carnal Flower alternative..

    I have a bottle of CF and Songes and I agree with the suggestion of Songes.
    Also for that fresh cut stem opening of CF I'd suggest Aveda's Joshua Tree if you can find it.
  57. Re: What are you giving your special person on Xmas?

    Bought DH is a bottle of Bulgari's Aqua for men. I can't wait till he opens his gift because he's going to smell so wonderful! :>
  58. Re: "married to yourself" holiday perfume gift

    I bought the new Betsey Johnson and the EDP of Creative Scentualization's Perfect Veil. I blame it on Christmas time giftsets and the "If I don't get it for myself then noone will." excuse. Thinking...
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    Re: New Chanel for Feb 2007?

    Oh I can't wait for this one! I read about it earlier today or yesterday (?). I do hope it's not going to have any patch in it even though I love that note to death. This will be a nice perk for the...
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    Re: women wearing men's scents


    I think that women can wear anything they want. I do think though that if they do they've got to keep in mind what they are wearing. If you're going to wear a very masculine fragrance...
  61. Thread: Honey?

    by silverdragonfly

    Re: Honey?

    L'Occitane's Honey Gentle Water is loooovely! Tried that one out a week or so ago and was in heaven the whole day! Very light and has a bit of floral also but I'm not sure of the notes.
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    Re: No patchouli...


    WOOHOO! Thank you so much! I am going to be so busy searching and sniffing those out! Yay!

    Thank you! :>
  63. Re: I spent $400 in 2006 on frags--and you?

    Um, too much? About $1,000 ish I think. It all started in February with my first bottle of L'Artisan, Mure et Musc, and spiraled out if control from there. Finally took the plunge into niche...
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    Re: women wearing men's scents

    The only men's fragrance I've worn is Chanel's Egoiste due to the lavender and vanilla. I didn't think about the gender thing again until reading Chandler Burr's article on gender and scent a couple...
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    Re: No patchouli...


    Drat! I wasn't clear in my post. He DOES hate Prada and Pampelune.

    I've heard of Borneo but is that available here in the US?

    Shadesofbleu it's funny you suggest Le Baiser! When we...
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    No patchouli...

    I need some help please! : )

    I'm a huge patchouli fan but my husband detests the stuff. It seems that, very sadly for me, that the past couple of years patch has been a note in everything! My...
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