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  1. Re: Which is the best CITRUS fragrance (for men or unisex)?

    hermes verte is good, but it lasts for what seems like 30 minutes. clinque happy is pretty nice too.
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    Re: Broken Bottles

    Something crushed my box of burberry london in my moving truck a few weeks ago. Heartbreaking.
  3. Thread: Givenchy Pi

    by traaaaan

    Re: Givenchy Pi

    I used to wear Pi a lot. But it's been almost 2 years since I've worn it. I dunno what happened, it just got too boring and linear.
  4. Re: Should price even matter when reviewing niche scents?

    Price is a big consideration. BUT make sure you put it in the review that you are factoring it in.
  5. Poll: Re: Poll: Do people really want "lighter" scents?

    I want a light scent that is new! (from a non-niche company!) I have nautica voyage, bulgari aqua marine, a small decant of erolfa and burberry brit. With the exception of erolfa's drydown they all...
  6. Re: How and when did you get introduce to the fragrance world ?

    I had a big date back in 2005 and decided to get something to smell nice. I walked into macy's and got a giant ass bottle of armani code with matching deodorant. I still have the bottle and do wear...
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    Re: Do you dress the part?

    I feel that a person's scent is part of their image. A business person does not go to work in surf shorts and a tank top so he shouldn't be wearing virgin island water to work.
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    Re: Should you age out of certain scents?

    Personally, I think yes a person should "age" out of scents. 5 years ago I wore nothing but nautica voyage. As my nose became more "mature" I realized how generic it smelled and started sampling new...
  9. Thread: Spicy!

    by traaaaan

    Re: Spicy!

    Don't laugh but I like carlos santana for men. It is like spiced apples. No arabic influences but it is shockingly good for a celeb scent.
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    Re: S o t D: Monday, November 2, 2009

    Been reading the site for a while but I finally decided to post.

    Today I am wearing a light application of Bulgari's not exactly fit for the weather as it is a bit chilly. I miss my...
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