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    Re: Strange issue with Versace PH

    I'll be honest, I'm a little leery of Fragrancenet too. I recently purchased 212 VIP from them, & it is very weak (much weaker than all the samples I previously had of the fragrance). Sometimes, it...
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    Re: Looking for some dirt cheap blind buys

    My favorite cheapies include
    Cuba Gold
    Cuba Royal
    Perry Ellis 360 Red
    Izod by Izod
    Ted Lapidus Black Soul

    just to name a few.
  3. Re: Looking For Bargain Bin Aquatic Recommendation

    Another really good & unique summer aquatic that can be found cheaply at these stores & online is Izod by Izod. Great cucumber/lime/mint top note with a unique drydown that includes saffron, cotton,...
  4. Re: what are your favorite crisp, sharp, dry ..almost medicinal scents.....

    Malle's Geranium Pour Monseiur & Mugler's Ice*Men fit that description for me.
  5. Re: Starting College! What Do You Recommend?

    If you really like Terre D'Hermes but are worried about it being too mature, then check out the new flanker Terre D'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche. It's a lighter, fresher take on that same concept. (still...
  6. Re: Is 1 Million more versatile than some of us give it credit for (myself included)?

    I have & love 1 Million & also find it more versatile than many here give it credit for. To me, that leather note in the middle is the roughest & most cloying part. Anyway, for this type of scent, I...
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    Re: Designer forest smelling fragrances?

    I get a dark forest kind of feeling from 50 Cent's Power. It has a mossy, earthy green vibe from patchouli, oakmoss, and artemisia. For a bargain bin designer scent, this one is definitely unique &...
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    Re: A day at the beach

    Another cheapie that I like is Eternity Aqua from C Klein. Nice watery, ozonic cucumber with a boardwalk/driftwood type drydown. It's an improved version of Polo Blue. Doesn't get much love here, but...
  9. Re: I am convinced that I am just an ordinary guy, and basenotes probable is too deep for me.

    I agree with what a lot of people have said. ("if it smells good, wear it") I have expensive niche fragrances I like & I have $10 cheapies I like. I wear what I enjoy & don't really worry about...
  10. Re: Millesime Imperial or Paco Rabanne 1 million??

    If you do like 1 Million, also look into Carolina Herrera's 212 VIP for men. It has that same vibe, but is a bit fresher & lighter & can work all year round (just spray lightly in summer). The...
  11. Re: Fragrances that got lot of love/attention in the past on Basenotes

    Lol! The most viewed fragrance in that archived page from 2003 was Davidoff's Echo. Talk about something that fell off the radar. I have a bottle I picked up for $12 at Ross a few years back....
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    Re: Why is Beyond Paradise for Men so hated?

    I think one reason it draws discussion is because of the glowing rating Luca Turin gave it in his perfume guide book. But yeah, commercially, I think it pretty much flopped. I have no dog in the...
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    Re: Why is Beyond Paradise for Men so hated?

    That may be the case. I know, I've seen it in the US on eBay for low $20s (50ml) & around $30 for 100ml.
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    Re: Why is Beyond Paradise for Men so hated?

    Also, for anyone wanting to give it a try cheaply (at least in the states), Beauty Encounter still has sampler vials of Beyond Paradise available for around $4. That's where I bought mine a year or...
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    Re: Cologne that Smells like an Art Store

    If it's that cinnamon/potpourri smell you like in the arts & crafts stores (like those scented pine cones & brooms at Xmas time), I'd definitely recommend Serge Luten's Rousse. It's the closest I've...
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    Re: Why is Beyond Paradise for Men so hated?

    I'm pretty sure it's been discontinued for awhile, but there's still loads of bottles available cheaply on eBay. I'm guessing they produced tons of it & it never was a big seller. Kind of reminds me...
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    Re: Why is Beyond Paradise for Men so hated?

    I saw where you liked the original Paris Hilton for men in the other thread. In that case, you might like Beyond Paradise as I can see some similarities in the tropical/melony opening and mossy...
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    Re: Why is Beyond Paradise for Men so hated?

    I have a sample & I'm the one who gets that tropical rainforest type impression. The opening is a weird, synthetic melon/tropical fruit type note mixed with what does smell like tropical vegetation...
  19. Re: Some impressions from my visit to Nordstrom and NM yesterday (ADP, Creed, Jack Black)

    As far as Jack Black goes, I was quite impressed with Black Mark. It is a red cedar dominant woody fragrance that reminds me of the smell of Christmas trees. (especially red cedar/spruce ones that my...
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    Re: Tropical summer scent

    Estée Lauder's Beyond Paradise for men is another. It's a different take on a tropical fragrance that reminds me of the smell of a dense tropical rainforest with flowers, vegetation, woods, & an...
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    Re: Update on frustrating Ebay policy

    I think this policy is silly & no one's business. Once a bottle is purchased, the companies should have no rights as to what you choose to do with it. (In that same vein, I also think the price/size...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite Jacomo Fragrance For Men?

    The topnotes are a bit annoying on this one (really strong & a bit dated violet leaf), but the mid & drydown are where it shines. The base has that ashy/birch type leather note, and it's mixed with a...
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    Re: The old book smell

    I kind of get the smell of an old used book or used music store from Ted Lapidus Pour Homme Black Extreme. It has that old aged paper smell that hits you when you walk into one of these stores. I've...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite Jacomo Fragrance For Men?

    I have Deep Blue & enjoy it. The drydown has a leather/birch type note that reminds me of Aventus. The top is a fresh fougere type scent with a heavy violet leaf note. If you like the opening of...
  25. Re: 212 vs 1 million vs armani code ultimate vs armani code

    Haven't tried Code Ultimate, but between 1 Million, Code, & 212 VIP, I prefer 1 Million. Something about that olive note in Code makes me queasy, and 212 VIP is similar to 1 Million, but the passion...
  26. Re: Any scents with leather that are appropriate for summer?

    L 'eau D'Issey Pour Homme Sport is a summer/citrus scent with a prominent leather note.
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    Re: Bath and Body Works Cologne

    I'm a fan of the Bigelow scents as well. Elixir White is definitely bottle worthy. And I also enjoy Bigelow's Mentha line of bodywash & lotion.

    As far as the regular B&BW fragrances. They're...
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    Re: Creed Aventus for 18 year old

    My son is 20 & Aventus has been his signature scent the past couple of years. He loves it & gets tons of compliments all the time.
  29. Poll: Re: As far as lemons go... Edition Blanche vs DHS vs Versace Eau Fraiche

    I'd also recommend checking out another Chanel over Edition Blanche. (Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport in the clear bottle). Much fresher take on the lemon note .
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    Re: JPG Le Male still recommended?

    I still enjoy it, but I'm also one who prefers Cuba Gold over Le Male. Not just that it's cheaper, but I think it has a nicer drydown. As far as Le Male goes, I much prefer the Le Male Terrible...
  31. Re: Spring/Summer Alternative to Perry Ellis Red 360

    I also like 360 Red & Live Jazz from your list. My other recommendation for a great, very cheap, overlooked, summer fragrance would be Izod by Izod. This one opens with Cucumber, lime, mint &...
  32. Re: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I REALLY want a bottle of Old Spice!!!

    Yeah, longevity is not a problem with Zero Plus. And it does kind of open up pretty loudly. That burst of cinnamon, spices, & rose is a little harsh at first, but the drydown on this one is by far...
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    Re: Reviews you just "don't get"?

    YSL's Rive Gauche comes to mind for me. Everyone raves about it's shaving cream/barbershop smell that's great for all ages. Sorry, I've tried over & over & all I get is "old man in a bottle" lol! It...
  34. Re: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I REALLY want a bottle of Old Spice!!!

    If you'd like a kind of modern version of that Old Spice scent, I'd also definitely recommend checking out Diesel Zero Plus Masculine. It's discontinued but easy to find cheaply online.
  35. Re: Andy Tauer L'air du Desert Marocain for cheap...

    I also agree on Izod. It's a personal favorite of mine in the summer. Cucumber, lime, & mint are favorite notes of mine, and they are used nicely in the opening of Izod. But what makes this one...
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    Re: Good fresh and green scent

    +1. Yeah, I mentioned Gramercy when I saw this thread the other day. If he's truly looking for the closest possible replacement, I think this is it. It is more expensive, but it's an older Bond & not...
  37. Re: COCONUT - what are your favorite coconut scents for men

    Although it's marketed as feminine, I really like Lavanila's Vanilla Coconut. I recently sampled Lavanila scents for the first time at Sephora, and this one, along with Vanilla Lavender, were both...
  38. Re: Found the smell, can find it in a cologne

    +1 on Heeley's Espirit du Tigre, if menthol is what you're after. While Heeley's Menthe Fraiche is more herbal mint, ED Tigre is more of an icy hot/wintergreen type scent.
  39. Re: Found the smell, can find it in a cologne

    I would check out some mint & menthol based fragrances. Frederic Malle's Geranium Pour Monseiur, Heeley's Menthe Fraiche, Lush's Dirty, and Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca are all mint based...
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    Re: Good fresh and green scent

    If you really enjoyed Davidoff's Good Life, then Bond No. 9's Gramercy Park is very similar & often compared to G Life. It's not cheap, but it's an older Bond scent & you can often find decent deals...
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    Re: Metallic scents

    Echo by Davidoff has a pretty strong metallic vibe. I often find scents with a significant amount of nutmeg to give off this sharp metallic note. (although they can also turn a bit sour). The same...
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    Re: Recent Blind Buy Disappointments?

    Yeah, it's the clear & silver triangle shaped bottle. Granted, it's not a masterpiece or anything, but for a cheap "clean/soapy" type scent, it's not that bad. It lists opening notes of citrus &...
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    Re: Recent Blind Buy Disappointments?

    As far as Ecko scents go, yeah, I wasn't impressed with the green, but I own & actually kind of like the original Mark Ecko fragrance. It's a very clean, soapy scent with some incense in the...
  44. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/10/14) Round 2: Versace Pour Homme vs Spicebomb

    Hard to choose as I like both of these. Kind of an odd battle too as I don't see any connections between the two. VPH is in my summer rotation & SB in my fall/winter. I could see VPH being a year...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite A*Men Flanker + A*Men

    To me, the original is far better than PM or PH. I like that bracing sharpness of the mint/lavender/tar that makes it more aromatic & is missing from the flankers. I'm probably in the minority, but...
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    Re: Looking for a nice aquatic fragrance

    I kind of enjoy cucumber notes in aquatics & a couple of decent cheapies that use this watery note well are Izod by Izod & Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua.
  47. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/8/14): CUBA GOLD vs MICHAEL JORDAN LEGEND

    Cuba Gold. One of my favorites, regardless of it's cheap price. And for my money, far better than Le Male, with a much nicer drydown. (just wish it was a bit stronger w/ more longevity).
  48. Re: which soaps/bodywashes do you think compliment everything you wear?

    I have two favorites. 1 Old Spice High Endurance Fresh. I love the lavender/white musk, clean laundry scent of this one in the morning.
    And 2., Everyman Jack Sandalwood. This one is very soothing &...
  49. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (3/29/14): Gucci Pour Homme II vs Body Kouros

    Out of these two, I prefer Body Kouros. I don't care for the green aspect of GPHII (the violet leaf). It seems to clash with the rest of the scent to me. For my tea fragrance fix, I'll choose Tea for...
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    Re: Stuck with smoky Aventus? Upgrade it!

    I am one of the few that agree. My favorite decant of Aventus was that really smoky, birch heavy batch from 2010 that Perfumed Court had samples of back then. To me, it's that birch that truly makes...
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    Re: So... Just sampled Spicebomb...

    I like Spicebomb, personally. But I prefer the opening & mid spicy/pink pepper accord over the rather bland, indistinguishable drydown. I don't really think it's cloying or particularly strong at...
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    Re: Green Valley a safe blind buy?

    Not sure if you've noticed, but if you're in the U.S., there's a person on eBay selling a 5ml decant for $13.99. Great deal & good way to sample. I had a sample a few years ago & personally I liked...
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    Re: Good cheap everyday winter scent

    My #1 recommendation & favorite for winter in that price range is
    Ted Lapidus Black Soul. Other good winter cheapies:

    Cuba Royal
    Cuba Gold
    Perry Ellis 360 Black
    Perry Ellis 360 White
  54. Poll: Re: Fragrances competition DESIGNER ---> (Round 1, pt.1)

    Don't really care much for these (haven't tried Orange though). But my favorite Boss scent, & the only one I own from the house is Boss Pure. It doesn't get much love, but if you enjoy ozonic,...
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    Re: The Weirdness of Old Spice

    That was hilarious! Seriously, why all the hate here. It was creative, catchy, modern & funny. Can fragrance ads not be goofy just like ads for beer, cars, chips, etc.? Why not. To most people...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I saw Fleur du Male at Ross yesterday ($34 for 75ml).
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, October 31st, 2013

    In celebration of Halloween -- Ted Lapidus Black Soul! Seems appropriate both name and scentwise. (doesn't hurt that it's a personal favorite of mine anyway :) )
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    Re: Welcome Home!

    Love having the vintage Basenotes back! Re formulation wasn't kind to Basenotes, Lol:). Dated or not, this layout is much easier and user friendly. I'll even accept the slower response just to have...
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    Re: 360 Green Perry Ellis?

    Could be in the vein of Montblac Legend, Fierce, etc., with the moss/tonka base and slight fruity top.
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    Poll: Re: Signature scent - narrowed down

    Out of those choices, I prefer Brit. I've never heard of a Lacoste scent called "Pure". Are you sure that was the name? Hugo Boss has a scent called Boss Pure (an ozonic clean aquatic). I do like...
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    Re: 360 Green Perry Ellis?

    There's a link on a Sear's sight selling this one too, so it must be legit. Hmm, I thought Perry Ellis had pretty much ended the 360 line. Maybe not? Anyway, I'm interested as I find 360 Red, White,...
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    Re: Summer Creeds Question

    Bingo, my thoughts exactly. I like many Creed's, but I just can't stomach that piercing, sour vinegar type top note in SMW. It's one of the few fragrances that literally is gag inducing to me....
  63. Re: Gucci pour Homme II - Possibly Discontinued?

    I just saw it on the shelves at my local Sephora this past weekend (tester and packaged bottles still on the shelf). So there are still a few floating around at retail. Also, if it does get hard to...
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    Re: Help a 33 year old with a signature scent

    +1 for Versace's The Dreamer. Wonderful clean vibe mixed with tobacco blossom and a bit of sweetness.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, if you'd like a fresher, aquatic type summer scent, Izod is a...
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    Re: Chili Pepper Vibe

    A couple of fresh/aquatic type scents with chili pepper and pimento notes thrown in are Tommy Bahama's Very Cool and Davidoff's Echo. Both have chili pepper mixed with nutmeg in the mid notes which...
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    Re: Gourmand Shoot Out, which one do I pick?

    Ok, I'm gonna be the odd man out, but my favorite out of those is 360 White. Out of all the Le Male type clones, this one is my favorite. Rochas is ok, I'm not crazy about Lolita, and I haven't tried...
  67. Re: Now that the hype may have died down... Spicebomb?

    Love it and its one of my top winter scents. It reminds me a lot of my other new cold weather fragrance this past winter (Ted Lapidus Black Soul). I highly recommend both if you enjoy sweet, spicy...
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    Re: CK One Summer 2013 = CK One Summer 2008?

    Tested this one yesterday at the mall. It's pleasant and does give a watery cucumber type impression, but the base smells exactly like an ozonic 90's female shampoo. Lol! Not that that's a bad thing....
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    My latest "wow" fragrance that I just sampled earlier today is Prada's Luna Rossa. Very impressed! I went back and got a sample which I've been wearing tonight, and this may be the mint fragrance...
  70. Re: How Many Cool Water Flankers Have You Tried?

    I have 2006's Summer Fizz and like it far more than regular CW. It has a fizzy effervescent citrus opening with a touch of almost powdery suede added to Cool Water's mossy base. The longevity is...
  71. Re: What would you wear to a Kentucky Derby party?

    And no one mentioned the obvious.. Demeter's Mint Julep. I actually own this one and it's not too bad. Kind of reminds me of mint, sugar syrup and cloves. No idea if that's what a real mint julep...
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    Re: Favorite mint note in a fragrance !?

    I just tried Luna Rossa today while in the mall and was impressed enough that I went back to Sephora and had them make me a sample. I love mint but have had hard time finding one that really hits the...
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    Re: recommend a green and leafy scent

    Bond No 9 Gramercy Park is very green with a sweet, smooth base.
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    Re: Guerlain Homme

    I like the mojito top note, but really dislike the base, which seems to heavy for the refreshing opening.
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    Poll: Re: Best summer fragrance

    From your list I would choose Aqva. Also, how about a sport fragrance to go with your two aquatics. That would add a more energizing scent to your lineup. Maybe Burberry Sport, Armani Code Sport, or...
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    Re: Nautica Voyage flankers?

    I haven't tried the new Gold flanker yet, but I was pleasantly surprised by the original Aqua Rush. It's one of those very clean, just out of the shower, detergent type scents to me. And sometimes,...
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    Re: Nautica Voyage flankers?

    I liked Nautic's Aqua Rush quite a bit. While not a Voyage flanker, it's one of my favorites from Nautica. Very fresh and clean, in more of an herbal/minty vein instead of fruity. The only Voyage...
  78. Poll: Re: Versace Pour Homme or Guerlain Homme For A Summer Scent

    Out of those two, definitely VPH. I don't care for the mid and base of Guerlain Homme at all (generic woody smell that's too heavy & sweet for summer).
  79. Re: Think I found a 90's version of Cool Water.

    I bought one of the older formulation script bottles awhile back, but honestly wasn't very impressed. It had a much more pronounced sour, ambergris type note (which I hate). I actually prefer the...
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    Re: Looking for Icy Citrus fragrance...

    +1. I'll second this one. I think Summer Fizz is by far the best from the Cool Water line. It's like a fizzy citrus version of Cool Water with a light leather/suede note added in the base that mixes...
  81. Re: What is that one cologne you can safely say "it is one of a kind!"

    Versace's Dreamer. I've yet to find anything else close to the same vibe as this one.
  82. Re: Paco Rabanne Black XS: Longevity and Projection

    I like Black XS as well, but my experience is the same as yours. I get really bad longevity/projection as well. I usually just re apply throughout the day, and also apply some to my shirt. There is a...
  83. Re: If you end up in hell, which fragrance will the devil make you wear for all eternity as punishme

    Any of those 70s/80s powerhouse fragrances. (Drakkar, Polo, etc.)
  84. Re: According to my Macy's SA, only old men buy Thierry Mugler

    I can see her reaction. (especially here in the U.S.). Most younger people here still gravitate heavily (probably 4 to 1) towards "fresh", "clean", "sporty" type fragrances. (ADG, Light Blue, etc)....
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    Re: Cool water or love and luck?

    Cool Water for me. But I prefer the Cool Water Summer Fizz flanker that came out several years ago over the original. I think it's the best variant on Cool Water that's came out.
  86. Re: What are your Hidden Gems? Scents you never hear about, but should!

    Mine is Ted Lapidus Black Soul. I mention it all the time, but it doesn't seem to get much attention. Probably the best blind buy I've made yet!
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    Re: "Cheapies but goodies"

    Perry Ellis 360 Red
    Perry Ellis 360 Black
    Perry Ellis 360 White
    Perry Ellis Portfolio Green
    Ted Lapidus Black Soul
    YSL Live Jazz
    Cuba Royal
    Versace Dreamer
    Paris Hilton Just Me
    Tommy Bahama...
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    Re: One Million without the leather note

    You definitely need Ted Lapidus Black Soul. I also love 1 Million (but like you, that leather in the middle is my least favorite part). That's why I love Black Soul even more. It's spicier/fresher...
  89. Re: Blind Buys - Which one's do you enjoy - which do you dislike?

    My most liked blind buy would be Ted Lapidus Black Soul. I love this one. (definitely in my top 5 now).
  90. Re: Is There An Inexpensive Shower Gel That Smells Like Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme Or Armani Code

    Not sure of one close to D&G Pour Homme, but my two favorites are Mentha from CO Bigelow (sold at Bath & Body Works), and Cool Metal from Axe. If you enjoy mint or menthol type bodywashes, these are...
  91. Re: Looking for a lemon/citrus fragrance for men

    +1 for Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne version (clear bottle). By far, my favorite in the entire Allure line.
  92. Re: Winter fragrances that do surprisingly well in the summer heat !?

    Most people consider Versace Dreamer as a winter fragrance, but personally, I think the floral tobacco notes and clean soapy notes work perfectly well in spring/summer. I don't really get that much...
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    Re: An Aura scent

    Versace The Dreamer does it for me. I don't care if I ever get a compliment or not with it, it just soothes and feels right.
  94. Replies

    Re: Versace Dreamer - Worth a Look?

    One of two fragrances I'd consider as my signatures. I absolutely adore Dreamer and that fresh cigarette note of tobacco blossom/flower. Wish I could find something else with that type of tobacco...
  95. Re: 1 Million by Paco Rabanne (2008) VS Dior Homme Inense by Christian Dior (2007)?

    Yeah, everyone here rags on 1 Million, but it's one of my favorites, and I'd choose it over DHI any day of the week. Also, if you like 1 Million, as others have suggested, check out Spicebomb. And...
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    Re: Best Celebrity Fragrance?

    I like Paris Hilton's Just Me for men (very similar to ADG & even closer to Perry Ellis 360 Red). I also enjoy Usher UR for men in the silver bottle as well.
  97. Re: Your favourite night out fragrance ( Winter only )

    Out of those, I'd probably pick La Nuit.

    Others I'd recommend; V&R Spicebomb, Ted Lapidus Black Soul, Paco Rabanne 1 Million, L'Occitane Eau de Baux, Perry Ellis 360 Black, and Versace The...
  98. Re: What 's similar to Bond No. 9 Coney Island?

    If you're willing to look at a feminine fragrance, I get a similar vibe from Mugler's Womanity.
  99. Poll: Re: Alright, Which one of these is the best choice...

    I would choose ADG Essenza out of these (followed by Dior Homme Sport). I don't care for Terre d'Hermes at all. (be forewarned, it's much more mature smelling than most of your other choices. If I...
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    Re: Affordable Alternative Too Creed AVENTUS.

    Nightflight is an ok fragrance, but no, it doesn't resemble Aventus at all. I really don't even get much pineapple in Nightflight. To me, it smells more like powdery lemon mixed with dryer sheets or...
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