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    Re: Paco Rabanne Pour Homme

    Just bought a bottle (made by Puig in Spain); more mellow than the vintage no doubt; (same stuff a.k.a. less punch!) Still wonderful, still timeless... love it.
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    Re: Most Sophisticated Fragrance?

    JOOP (the original). Perfect evening perfume for a formal occasion :thumbsup:
  3. Poll: Re: Paco Rabanne pour homme VS Azzaro pour homme

    These are two different fragrances and the only similarity they share is their unique personality and character that deserves respect.

    AzPH starts off with a riot of colours whereas PRPH starts...
  4. Re: Article: Book Review: The Diary of A Nose by Jean Claude-Ellena

    You're right!
  5. Poll: I've tried AzPH recently. It is a very serious...

    I've tried AzPH recently. It is a very serious perfume. I'm very impressed.

    Just ordered a Paco. I don't want to be missing in on the action ;)
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