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    Re: Usher fragrance is pure teen crap!

    I cannot agree more. I got a whiff of this horrid frag a couple days ago and about vomited. However, and I doubt many like this frag because well, I like just love it -I experienced Michel Germain...
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    For fans of Drakkar Noir.

    Wow. I went to my local Yankee candle dealer today and picked up a few tarts for my warmers. Well, one of the scents I picked up was MidSummer's Night. It's a black candle, or tart in my case. I...
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    Re: a very dangerous find

    Wow. That sounds cool. Unfortunately I'm in Tennessee and there is nothing that I know of like that around here.

    Say, I have never ordered anything from When you do order...
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    Re: Do you guys ever get pissed when...

    I know I have already entered my post which stays true to the topic, but you guys are having too much fun with this soda vs. pop debate. Lol.

    Here in the south it's called "Coke", plain and...
  5. Re: D&G PH, The Dreamer, Guerlain Vetiver...questions.

    Now that's what I'm talking about, Slim. See, I don't want to know if these 3 smell the same, or are they even similar for that matter -if they are, fine. I'm just curious how others think they stack...
  6. Re: D&G PH, The Dreamer, Guerlain Vetiver...questions.

    You say it wouldn't be the end of the world if I bought a sample or decant. Well, It wouldn't be the end of the world if before posting in a thread, people made sure that they were contributing...
  7. D&G PH, The Dreamer, Guerlain Vetiver...questions.

    Folks I really hate to start a new thread on this topic. I have searched the forum and I have found information on all three frags. However, it has not been information that "I" am seeking.

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    Re: Do you guys ever get pissed when...

    Heh. I have honestly never had it called that. However, in my line of work, with all the burly, friggin' hairy chested manly men I have had it refered to as "Foo Foo Powder".

    Ok, I'm sorry that I...
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    Re: Confused, please help.

    Dolce & Gabbana PH is about my #1 fragrance. It takes a lil time for it to evolve, but once it does it's a smooth tobacco that I haven't found in anything else yet. When I first apply it, it is quite...
  10. Thread: Leather

    by SternFan

    Re: Leather

    I may be the only one, but I get alot of leather out of John Varvatos Vintage. *shrugs*
  11. Re: Are There -- Be Honest -- Any Kenneth Cole Fragrances That Don't SUCK?

    I like Black pretty well. I have a bottle of it -I don't wear often, but when I do I enjoy it.

    Reaction is an ok scent, but reminds me terribly of Jolly Ranchers.

    Signature reminds me of a...
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    Re: Scented vs. Unscented Grooming Products

    I use a Lever 2000 body wash -hardly has any scent to it at all. Because of my severe dry skin I have to use Head & Shoulders for friggin' dry hair, daily, but the stuff I use has a very subtle...
  13. Re: Colognes smell different depending on whether you just showered or not.

    Usually I only apply a scent directly after a shower. On me, with my chip dry skin, it seems that the moisture from the shower helps the scent settle in a bit better. However, I have applied a spritz...
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    Re: Tobacco secented candles.

    Haha. Definitely I could smoke a cigar. However, I rarely do, and when I do it's usually outside. I do enjoy the aroma of a fine cuban cigar, but with smoking them comes the pungent smell of stale...
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    Re: how to put on aftershave in liquid form

    I know this is a tad off topic, but I'm curious. Is there any advantage to using a liquid aftershave? Personally I use an unscented balm made by Nivea. Doesn't interfere with my SOTD, soothes my...
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    Re: Fragrance thief caught in Atlanta...

    Sheesh. In a way it's kinda funny how the guy just would waltz in the place, take what he wanted, then leave without any struggle. I'll say aside from being a total loser, the guy had some set on...
  17. Re: Have you ever known when you put on too much cologne?

    When I first tried Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme this happened to me. I have since learned that one wide patterned spray to my chest, and one on each thigh is sufficient.

    As with most colognes I did...
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    Tobacco secented candles.

    Does anyone have an idea where to purchase tobacco scented candles? I have googled the idea, and came up with only one result -it was a $25.00 candle, and 6 oz. at that. No thanks.

    Thanks for any...
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    Re: First Fragrance

    Well, I have three that I altrnated. Aramis Devin, Paul Sebastian, and Paul Sebastian VSOP. VSOP has been discontinued, and I "think" Aramis Devin has aswell, however I found a bottle of Devin at...
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    Re: Tobacco & Leather note???

    Well, I have searched, sniffed, researched, etc til blueness in the face has occured. Without having smelled Aramis Havana, I can testify that Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme has the "smoothest" tobacco...
  21. Re: If same price would you rather buy in store or online?

    Personally, if I can find the fragrance I'm looking for at the local shops we have around here, I'll go that route. As has already been state, I too absodamnlutely HATE waiting for fragrances, or...
  22. Re: NEW: Kenneth Cole RSVP (with no ozonic notes!)

    I'll definitely check it out, but as others in this very thread have mention -I've kinda lost faith in Kenneth Cole fragrances.

    I have a few of his line that just sit untouched. Reaction, to me...
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    Re: Fragrance of the day, Friday, September 22

    Ahh. This is a good day. I'm off work today aswell as the rest of the weekend. Kicking back listening to Maynard James Keenan work his magic, and sipping a good bourbon is about all I'm doing today....
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    Re: New Fragrances from Italy

    Interesting. Pricey as hell however. Geez!

    I know this isn't entirely on topic, however I pulled this from the website that the author of this thread originally posted
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    Re: I put the frag on; it disappears

    I have dry skin also. It always chapped my hide when I'd apply a scent and it'd be gone within a matter of minutes. I did the; "Can you smell me?" test and found that it simply was disappearing.

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    Re: Whose More Into Frag -- men or woman?

    Oh lordy. This is a good question.

    As has been mentioned, I think fragrance is labeled as more of a femme hobby/desire -especially in the field I'm in.

    I work for a mining company. We do...
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    Re: Spraying with a shirt on or without.

    I normally do all my applications right out of the shower, after toweling off of course. I find that after applying the fragrance to my skin (chest area), it rubs off on my shirt a tad -just enough...
  28. Re: On average, how many times do you apply fragrance(s) throughout your day?

    Once in the AM before work, and once in the PM after returning home from work, exercising, and showering.
  29. Re: Can't find the beauty in "Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme"

    As a huge tobacco fan, I do enjoy D&G. However, as I have stated in another post; it's not "exactly what I am looking for" because it has more than just tobacco going on and I don't think tobacco is...
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    Re: Looking for something with more tobacco.


    Thanks for the wonderful compilation of options. I'll try to get my gal pal to go on a lil' shopping/experimental spree with me this weekend -(shouldn't be a problem, right? Shopping? Come...
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    Re: Looking for something with more tobacco.

    Thanks, Thrax. I looked for Aramis Havana on the Basnotes website, found it, read about it, etc. The scent reads out to be amazing. Unforutnately it says the fragrance is no longer in production??...
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    Looking for something with more tobacco.

    Folks, I really didn't want to start a new thread on this topic because I know how it irritates many forum members. That said; I have exhausted the search features of this community and still not...
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