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    Re: The scent of spit and egg white...

    I would not say that healthy saliva smells in any way reminiscent of fish. Labdanum yes. Fish no.
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    Re: Basenotes Funniest Home Formulations

    I'll say "Let it age a few years or decades and anything will go" ;P
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    Re: L'artisan parfumeur dzing style

    Dzing! style?
    - Ginger EO, Pepper EO
    - Coumarin a likes (Tonka, Coumarin, Cinnamon)
    - Cresol a likes (Maybe bit of Narcissus work-a likes) - very very very small amounts
    - Suederal or any Leather...
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    Re: Black Tea Accord

    Can Nerolidol and leaf alcohol be substituted with something?
  5. Re: Any perfumer ever use putrescine or cadaverine in a scent ?

    Charogne is not that disagreeable :-D
    This is an interesting subject but I think the main contraindication is toxicity of these amines.
    Other interesting things to check out

    Phallus impudicus...
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    Re: Vinyl smell ?

    Safraleine again.
    If your perfume is purely conceptual and not meant to touch human skin or you have possibility to measure dilutions very carefully you can probably get Styrene monomer. It seems...
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    Re: Making Mystikal

    I think a synthesis of Mystikal could be ordered to a small chemical company making custom syntheses.
    It should not be more expensive than single GCMS of a fragrance lol. Specially when you'll...
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    Re: Making Mystikal

    I think it should work with hydrogen peroxide but i have no H2O2 near me right now to test. Potassium Dichromate is what we used on university to oxygenate alcohols to acids but the chemical itself...
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    Re: Making Mystikal

    I am interested aswell. I did a fast reaction. Water solution of Acidified 0,1 mole Potassium Dichromate doesn't work for my C-12 MNA or the difference in smell is too subtle. It changes colour from...
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    Re: Is this a Ambergris?

    Looks like a dead seasponge (with some of it's enviroments substrate) to me. It even has pores in it....
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    Re: Is this a Ambergris?

    Have You tried using a very hot needle to check if it melts?
    Hot needle test:
    1.Heat a needle and touch briefly to the surface of the item
    2.If ambergris, the surface will melt instantly; turning...
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    Re: Old Spice help

    Hmmm? I was thinking about recreating Oldspice scent too. Isn't Oldspice formula a modern citrusy approach to Nag Champa type of smell?
    I am probably wrong because i have no Nag Champa and Oldspice...
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    Re: Driftwood or Salty Accord

    I didn't try this one but check it out
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    Re: Anosmia and flat spots.

    I am somehow anosmic to great amount of musks: Galaxolid and Cosmone no way i could smell these.
    Ambrette seed oil - totally smellless. I know it should impart aldehydic fragrances in some way but...
  15. Re: Strange materials from my supplier (Boswellic acid,Salivia apiana, Larrea diviricata)

    The materials arrived. They are not very stunning nor pleasant to smell.
    Larrea diviricata - does not smell smoky at all. The smell is predominantly somewhat in the spectrum of herbal-celery and...
  16. Re: Strange materials from my supplier (Boswellic acid,Salivia apiana, Larrea diviricata)

    Whoah! As far as I investigated this is an urban legend. Salvia apiana does contain some thujone though - which may lay on the basis of such belief. Teens smoke a lot of strange things nowadays and...
  17. Re: Strange materials from my supplier (Boswellic acid,Salivia apiana, Larrea diviricata)

    Thank You for Your replies :)
    I see Larrea is something interesting and worth checking out.
    The plants are unfortunately dried material.
  18. Strange materials from my supplier (Boswellic acid,Salivia apiana, Larrea diviricata)

    Frankincense extract (40% Boswellic acid) - Used as antirheumatic remedy? Does increased Boswellic acid amount makes it better/worse for the perfumer?
    Larrea divaricata (dried plant material) -...
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    Re: New Baby Smell

    My answer will be ironic and should be not taken seriously:
    -PA Popcorn Flavor
    -PA Pocorn flavor with dimethyl Sulphide?
    -Nutty Pyrazine? :-))

    I think the smell is perceived quite differently...
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    Re: Group buy for GC/MS

    Psst. Light Blue is on Yahoo's perfumemaking files. It's in polish language but i guess it's easy to decode most of chemical names :-)) It also has the analysis of common ingredients used in...
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    Re: Standalone aromachemicals

    Cashmeran - I am half anosmic to it so not really.
    Vertofix - Maybe?
    Hedione - Not a standalyone imho.
    Dihydro Myrcenol - No. Not a standalone imho.

    Definitely try Norlimbanol.
  22. Re: Note identification Versace Bright Crystal

    A citrus note would be so strong/overpowering?
  23. Note identification Versace Bright Crystal

    Hello, maybe someone investigated it before me.
    I am looking for notes, accord or atleast any hints about an accord or note i smell in Versace Bright Crystal perfume.
    The note indeed smells like a...
  24. Re: Learning Perfumery: Classes and Schools

    Seems like The Grasse Institute of Perfumery is my thing.
    12 000 euros for the course...? Seems like i'll have to get
    a stable and good paying job in France before deciding to conquest the world...
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    Re: Powerful Arabian oud note

    I have an OUD reconstitution form PA. Particulary Oud (Aloeswood) Blend (F). I believe reconstitutions are smell equivalents of the originals so i have no problems with that but...
    I am suprised as...
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    Re: Supporting labdanum as base note

    I don't want to start a whole new thread. I already know how to support Labdanum as a base note from this one.
    Can You guys advise me a bit what would mix good with Labdanum i general?
    I have a...
  27. Thread: Berryflor

    by GuerlainJedi

    Re: Berryflor

    I can barely smell my sample.
    Almost never use it. Maybe it would be good as a modifier. Might try it the next time
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    Re: How To Fragrance Talcum Powder ?

    I would try Dimethicone or Cyclomethicone.
    What do You think guys? I think they are used widely in woman's face powdery make-up supplies.
    But this information is not from my own research and...
  29. Re: Thank you Graphite (And, So easy to order)

    Hello - i am also interested in what's happening ;-P
    Can i see the pdf?
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    Re: What make it sexy?

    Is this a joke? Cause i can't tell and i think i'll stop sleeping at night.
  31. Re: Had My First Sales Event-- my experience so far...

    Gratulations. The Bottles look interesting. If i was there i would check it out definietly!
  32. Perfumery Material preparation with Soxhlet extractor

    Hello - i've been recently interested more in material preparation than composing itself.
    In short: Are there any perfumery materials worth preparing by Soxhlet extraction? I know this technique is...
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    Re: Dried Human Saliva Scent

    I am sceptical about creating such a scent. If you have GCMS and possibility to get those all rare chemicals everything is possible but with typical perfumery materials there can only be a...
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    Re: Search recipes or formula of disigner

    Actually - An "Open source" perfume project could find it's fans.
    Let's say hipotetically - Giving away a formula in the perfume box - would probably be what some perfume nerds want. Big and medium...
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    Re: Search recipes or formula of disigner

    If you want to train your skill and creating a smell-alike here is a formula for Miss dior from the old perfumers apprentice website. I don't think it's there anymore. It's an approximation.

  36. Re: Any experience with ordering from CGherbals

    Me too. (80$ for 3 products or 140$ for one kg package)
    So ... for a retail buyer like myself it's too much.
    I got also a strange message/post? someone trying to smear the company - and this post...
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    Re: Hyrax Source Small Scale US

    Excuse me for a little OT but what does Hyrax smell like? I imagine it smelling like something like Civet or Castoreum but it seems different? Is it used in commercially available perfume at all?
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    Re: rectified cade or birch?

    Hermitage? It has this misleading name but... - seems like rectified birch tar
    They also stock cade but no idea if rectified.

    I am...
  39. Thread: Anti hero

    by GuerlainJedi

    Re: Anti hero

    I just realised how linear this scent is.
    Smells like lavender EO, without any harshness.
    There is probably Iso-E super in it (for cedarwood component)
    Don't know about lavender longetivity but......
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    Davana and "individualistic notes"

    It is said that Davana is used make individualistic perfume blends as it tends to smell diefferent from person to person and it has a special synergy with natural body smell.
    What are your...
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    Re: Negative emotions scents

    Details please! Millet tincture and agarwood seems obtainable to me. What is this smell like? Proportions?
    I smell many plants having the smell of Carob blossom growing also in middle Europe but...
  42. Re: A list of fragrance formulas i would like to see

    The scent was made (or distributed) by Polish company "PharmacF" (Known earlier as Pharmacfood). So it's something local
    The perfume's name was "Hey - Fresh" - it contained an interesting musk-lily...
  43. Re: A list of fragrance formulas i would like to see

    I have a perfume a would like to see gcms of. Suprisingly it's not niche or anything high end. It's a cheap no longer produced perfumed water for teenage girls - however - it has this distinctive...
  44. Re: How to stop fooling around with a formula and leave it alone?

    When I think if I should stop or add anyhting to my formula - I take a brake and take a whiff of some commercial perfume. Suddenly my stuff doesn't smell half as bad ;-D
  45. Re: A list of fragrance formulas i would like to see

    I am the basenote's weirdo always keen on looking into GCMS. Unfortunetly none of those You mentioned were released anywhere....

    Black Afghano is pure Norlimbanol ;-) This may be a joke but very...
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    Re: Clean Woods Like Norlimbanol

    I would say Okoumal. Those two have some similarities in smell.
    But personally i don't consider them clean :D
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    Re: Iso Gamma Super

    Timbersilk is Iso Gamma Super?
    Who would have thought the isomer thing is so important...
    I bet i won't be able to feel the difference...
  48. Re: Petitgrain, the natural that ruins everything

    Hmmm. I look at petitgrain like at Neroli without the sweet flower scent.
    That's why i would try to modify it with Cinnamon/Lime and Cinnamon like chemicals in the direction of Coca Cola scent....
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    Re: Feminine Musks

    Haha - i am partly anosmic to some musks so i asked my friend to tell me which is more womanly - Galaxolid or Cosmone - she said Galaxolid.
    From the musks i can smell i can say that i find...
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    Re: Ink accord

    Here's my Byredo M/Mink skeleton accord: (altough i wouldn't say MMink smells like Ink - maybe japanese Ink...)


    Equal parts - Patchouli could...
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    Re: Frankincense help please

    I'll add or rather ask my 2 cents to this thread...
    Some time ago i bought something called Olibanum Oil from my essential Oil supplier here in Poland. It was much more expensive than the other...
  52. Re: Any experience with ordering from CGherbals

    ... and SOCIAL MEDIA WRITERS! Don't forget them! ;-)
  53. Re: Any experience with ordering from CGherbals

    Thanks for the answer - do the smallest samples from come diluted or undiluted?
  54. Any experience with ordering from CGherbals

    Has anyone any experience with non-bulk ordering from CGherbals company?
    They seem to sell even 10 grams of their products - I have to make small supply of materials for ca...
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    Re: Heliotropine

    I belive had some of it available in like 10 ml bottles like few months ago.
    EDIT: Oh sorry - that's Helional what hekserij had. My mistake.
  56. Re: Ammonium bituminosulfonate and it's possible use

    It's an 10% ointment in vaselin and lanolin.
    I would make an extract before use - but that's kust theory. Haven't tried it yet.
  57. Ammonium bituminosulfonate and it's possible use

    Recently i had to cure myself with Ammonium bituminosulfonate.
    As you can read in the wikipedia Ammonium bituminosulfonate (ichthyol or ichthammol, CAS#8029-68-3 brand names: Albichthyol) is a...
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    Re: D-i-y or @Home Synthesis of fragrances?

    Are you sure guys this alcohol method is completely useless?
    What if ... what if. .. for example someone would use liquid butane for extraction to make concrete and than isolate the alcohol-soluable...
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    Re: Any perfumers with bad noses?

    I think i got the same problem (only 1 nosetril). Probably going to get it operated in few years or so.
    I don't think it affects the way I perceive smells. I am anosmic to most of the synthetic...
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    Re: Perfumers education

    Givaudan will answer - they're pretty serious and professional about inquiries.
    Atleast they answered me some time ago.
    They are looking for people who speak English mandatory, and French would be...
  61. Re: Had anyone ordered anything directly from PENTA?

    Well he has got some of the rare molecules , but his prices are still insane, even for 20g.
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    Re: Industrial fragrance

    Now i am totally interested in CdG Industrial series!
    It's a pity they are so rare novadays. I wish there were perfume that would imitate the smell of old videotape casettes. Any ideas what...
  63. Had anyone ordered anything directly from PENTA?

    I am looking for some rare nitriles and thio compounds for perfume. They seem only to be available from large manufacturers like PENTA. They statet on their website that:

    "There are no minimum...
  64. Re: Fragrances smokey and flowery like A*men

    Yeah, i saw/smelled it in the shop the other day and it has this flower note i really like in men's perfume. However it seems to be quite popular scent and it is not smokey at all to my nose.
  65. Fragrances smokey and flowery like A*men

    Hello, i am looking for a fragrance that is smokey and flowery like A*man but completely void of the gourmand notes. Love it's smoke and flowers but can't stand all the gourmand blast. Incense is a...
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    Re: Doing a 2nd take on perfume :)

    Hey fellow countryman.
    Just leave your prejudces against synthetics
    away and we may trade some of our chems or split shipping costs someday :-)
    Poland has no perfumery community interested in...
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    Etat Libre d Orange Butique prices?

    Hi, does anybody know how are the prices of perfume bought in ELDO brick and mortars butique compared to their Internet shop prices? I know only that when buying their perfume they give you some...
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    Re: DIY Birch Tar

    I was thinking about giving it a try while ago.
    But i think to make a fine perfumery grade birch tar, you would have to distill it one more time... or is birch tar the same what birch tar oil is in...
  69. Gotta try Truth or Dare!

    Gotta try Truth or Dare!
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    Re: Bvlgari Black

    The rubbery "black" note is cool
    The vanilla note is a big no for me.
  71. Synthetic musks, anosomia, safety and my perfumer's organ

    Another Musk thread! I was thinking for a while to stick it up under some other musk threads around here but then i decided not to. Oh well – I have some questions to the experienced people of...
  72. They even launched a campaign in my country...

    They even launched a campaign in my country (Poland) but here the perfume are advertised in Kid's television as a product for early-teenage girls :-) I bet these frags are nothing new.
  73. Re: What is the Nitrile used in Secretions Magnifiques?

    What's the CAS ID on that Marenil?
    Is it this chem
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    Re: Metallic Accord !!!

    Dang, i wanted to create a metallic accord too. It ended up with me getting only the C12 MNA Aldehyde - which doesn't smell metallic for me at all. Rather like a evil lemony like of smell that should...
  75. Re: What is the Nitrile used in Secretions Magnifiques?

    Well there is a discussion about SM on the yahoo perfumerygroup where Aromachemical Maritima was mentioned. I guess that's not a nitrile but can be an important part of SM fragrance.

    M/Mink uses...
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    Re: Perfume recipes

    Digging up this thread.
    Can someone who smelled/saw more than me can help me decrypt thise smell alike names from the mentioned russian website?
    Ameriage - Amarige by Givenchy?
    Bochard - ???
  77. Buying rare/expensive essential oils off Ebay

    I am in process of completing my "basic begginers" perfumers organ.
    I am getting pretty frustrated about one thing. The prices of Tuberose, Rose and Orange Flower essential oils/absolutes....
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    Re: The smell of bread?

    When it comes to replicating "food smells" - I have always wondered if you could use some of the flavour chemicals in the fragrance. It seems there are enough widely available fragrant and flavour...
  79. Aroma chemicals listed on the perfume package

    Hi. Soon i'll be giving a try to the DIY world of perfumery. I am reading a lot of articles, posts and even a book about perfume.
    There are many people who want to recreate their favourite...
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    Re: Place where you do not wear fragrance

    PROTIP: The only place where you should not be perfumed at all is a Perfumery so that new frags you're smelling don't interfere with your old ones you wear :-)
    However I use a little amount of...
  81. Re: New Sub-forum Suggestion - International Airport Duty Free Shops

    I support this idea! (hope it's still to be considered).
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    Duty Free Shops on Airports [US]

    Hello. European here :-)
    I have few questions about perfume that i can buy on US airports in the Duty Free Zone.
    I'll be in transit through Houston so i would be really happy with information about...
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